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JumpJet Rex Hands-On Steam Preview

Jumpjet Rex RGN

Looking to try something new this year? Well take a look at the early access game JumpJet Rex, a pixelized 2D platformer where you take the role of a T-Rex in hopes of saving the universe and preventing the dinosaurs from going extinct. The main character in the game can be customized as you progress finding new items, loot, and coins. There are many ways to customize your dinosaur by either changing the color of it, modifying the jump boots you have, or even changing how your T-Rex buddy looks all together. The gameplay in JumpJet Rex is not like many others due to the fact that the main goal in this one is racing to the finish line in the shortest amount of time possible while passing through all the golden rings made available throughout the course.

Once you reach the end you are graded by how many times (if any) you died and by how fast you completed the course. Also, while you are going through these different courses there are secret areas you can find which will either give you new customization items for your T-Rex or tons and tons of coins which you can use to purchase new colors and boots with. Once you complete different courses and you achieve the goal of either a record time and / or completion without dying, you are awarded with a star for each task accomplished. After beating enough levels or collecting the right amount of stars you are then introduced a boss which you have to defeat using your jet boots. Due to it being Early Access, only 3 bosses are in the game although a wide variety of levels are there for players to challenge and take on. The difficulty level for this game also varies by gamer.

Jumpet Rex Boss

At the beginning of the game it’s pretty easy but as you progress the levels become strikingly more difficult and require a little more thinking as well as trial and error before they can be mastered.  If you feel as though you can’t do it alone there is also a co-op option so you can play locally with another player. This definitely seems to add to the challenge and thrill of the game due to the fact that you can challenge and race each other in these missions. JumpJet Rex was created and is still being worked on by TreeFortress Games and the early access game is available on Steam for only $9.99. To me, that’s a really great deal just because this game is already pretty awesome and its in Early Access still. So if you’re a fan of 2D platformers then go ahead and give this game a try.

Official Trailer:

Developer / Publisher: TreeFortress Games

Available On: Windows PC, Mac OS X, Linux (via Steam Early Access)

Played On: Windows PC

Preview Copy Info: Two digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Hands-On Preview.

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