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Everything You Need To Know About Destiny 2: Confirmed

Destiny 2 RealGamerNewZ Confirmed Rumor RE7 VR PS4 NEO PRO

News bulletins around the world rang March 27, 2017 as the perhaps infamous shooter development studio Bungie and publishing partner Activision | Blizzard confirmed the sequel to Destiny by a simple image reveal of the logo in grand gesture.

Destiny 2 will be “a completely different game” according to early reports and could support cross-play between the PC, PS4, and Xbox ONE playerbases – granted Sony and MS honor their word about allowing this type of connection to occur. The last game to do such a thing in a major way was Final Fantasy XI which enabled play between PlayStation 2, Original Xbox, and Windows PC players across an MMORPG experience that kept players engaged for years on end, expansions, updates, monthly fees, and new quests expanding and withstanding.

Destiny 2 Cross Platform Play Activision Blizzard Bungie RealGamerNewZ PC PlayStation 4 Xbox ONE

This in addition to other development ideas for the game could end up creating a success out of an IP many felt failed to reach its full potential while still serving as a flavor of the month for some and a dedication to others.

In Mitch Walters’ recent rumor mill post, this Destiny 2 Leaked Poster pointed to a September 8, 2017 release date.

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Rumor: Next Resident Evil to Support PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset #PSVR #PlayStationVR


Update: This rumor came true! Capcom announced at E3 2016 that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be Virtual Reality enabled on PlayStation 4 and launches January 28, 2017. The game will be playable with or without VR and a demo is already available on the PlayStation Store.

See video footage below of the demo in action:

With recent hardships quelling and productivity returning at the house of Capcom, gamers are about to get hit with a dose of Biohazard. Umbrella Corps for Windows PC and Sony PlayStation 4, the RE: Outbreak reminiscent multiplayer cousin of the survival horror experience we all know stateside as Resident Evil is releasing mid-June. This release is perhaps tolerated at best, feared by many and unexpected by some. While fans of the modern RE titles and those gamers with an open mind to experimentation will likely find some hours of fun in the title, the question we all want to know is: Where’s Resident Evil 7?

A source asking to remain anonymous once told RGN, “-wait until you see what they’ve been working on, you’ll see they’ve been busy,” in regards to a full entry in the Resident Evil series that can match the elements of what make the series great again in a modern age epic masterpiece which all RE fans feel has potential.


Image Credit: Sony London – PSVR Worlds 

Imagine seeing first-hand the world of Resident Evil with full immersion.

This source has been valid for many years disseminating information where fit and gave advance notice of the PS4K verified with worldwide leaks that have hit these past weeks. The following information has been provided over a long term span of time and may be subject to change as the project moved forward.

What we can expect from Resident Evil 7’s design aspects, and technical features:

  • Explore, aim, shoot
  • Less of a run and gun, more cinematic
  • Teach players a new format for how to enjoy horror and stealth shooter genres in VR
  • Marriage of Survival Horror and Stealth
  • True to the roots of Resident Evil series
  • Immersion as a first priority, Action still remains but is better balanced
  • PlayStation VR Headset support for virtual reality immersion
  • NEO (aka PS4K) settings support for higher resolutions of gameplay.

Umbrella Corps is set in 2015 after the events of Resident Evil 6 (perhaps the most hated game in the whole series) and provides a competitive multiplayer angle to the series. These side-content online experiences such as Mercenaries from RE4 and RE5 have always been a big hit. RE: Outbreak was respected in its own right as a standalone spin-off that only worked with a modem in the back of your PlayStation 2. The epic struggle for numbered franchise entries has always been to balance the classic survival horror feel with the shooter action pacing introduced in RE4. That isn’t required of Umbrella Corps, but it is of RE7, hence a lot of the anxiety in the Resident Evil fan-base over which development path the game is taking.

In comes PlayStation VR, capable of bringing virtual reality to the 30 million+ PlayStation 4 owners [s] and PlayStation NEO (also known as PS4.5 or PS4K) which was recently leaked after heavy rumors began to circulate as a rendition of PlayStation 4 capable of higher VR and HDTV settings including games at 1080P / 60fps and higher with upscaling to 4KTV sets. Although native graphics of the NEO setting on PS4 games from its release onwards will still be higher than PS4, they will likely not reach 4K on graphic-intensive experiences like Uncharted 4. The great news with that is PS4 games still work on both a NEO and PS4 the same way, the game would just have two different settings. to switch between.

PlayStation VR Headset PS4K NEO

All of this new technology is right on time to make the biggest difference in the world for some of our stale franchises too scared to change without time left to stay the same and tread water. Resident Evil is certainly one of those franchises. And so it should be as of no surprise that Capcom could be working to get things right with RE7 for the series, what their fans want in a true RE game, and the future of the video games experience.

This rumor comes at a time when titles like Madden VR are being discussed (Shouts Out EA Sports and HipHopGamer Inc., and Ubiquity Inc.) and true adoption of the PSVR seems destined. Capcom is already onboard with VR technology and has experimented with Resident Evil in many genres; Resident Evil: Dead Aim is a little known gem in the series (if you had the GunCon 2 pistol controller with thumbstick) which could be a pre-amble on what these design specs mean for Resident Evil 7. Recently Sony announced there were more pre-orders than expected and had to double production output to meet the newly visible demand for PSVR units.

Umbrella Corporation - Resident Evil 7 PlayStation VR PS4

Earlier rumors some years ago conflict with this news saying that Microsoft had attempted to approach Capcom with a deal for RE7 similar to the Dead Rising 3 contract agreement. With so much time being passed, and RE7 being a flagship entry in the series – it would appear this never materialized making this rumor all the more likely that RE7 will support PS4K and the PlayStation 4 VR headset whenever it is eventually revealed and heads toward launch. The wait could still be years.

RGN has reached out to Capcom representatives and will update this story when / if this rumor is confirmed or denied.

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RGN Daily News #81: Nightly News Edition

RGN Daily News 74 Large News Sites Trolling PlayStation Fans w Xbox Favoritism

A lot has happened today, between A New Witcher Gameplay Clip being released, Black Ops 3 Getting New Info, FFIV: The After Years being announced for Steam, Money for Mods being added to Steam, and Telltale Teaming Up w/ Marvel, this was truly an eventful day. That’s not all that happened though. You may have missed a lot of stuff. So here’s your Daily News breakdown of everything else that was big, today in written format and at night when everything is finally starting to slow down. First things first, any opinions I might express in this Daily News breakdown are mine and mine alone and may not reflect those of the rest of our staff – so bear that in mind. Now, let’s begin shall we?

MegaRan Drops a new Earth Day Music Single:

Crypt of the NecroDancer is out on Steam today with 20% Off and mini-documentary about it. It was revealed recently that you can also beat the game on New Game+ and New Game++ for extra soundtracks to unlock, which for this game, actually
makes a difference in gameplay as well. More Info Here!

Metal Gear Solid Online for MGS V: The Phantom Pain To Support 16 Players on Xbox ONE, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.

Conker’s Big Reunion releasing on Project Spark for Xbox ONE and Windows PC tomorrow.

Axiom Verge will release on Steam May 14, 2015 and PS Vita at a later date.

Galactic Civilizations III will release on Steam May 14, 2015 and exit Early Access.

Will Fight For Food Gets A New Launch Trailer:

A Dev Diary for Zombie Vikings is Coming Friday

TOXIKK Developers defend their game and release a new update. The company has stated that their smaller active playerbase was part of their plans and that they don’t want the game to be too widely embraced until after Early Access since right now it’s all about balancing the game out with the expert players who jumped in first and that they believe those players would scare away others.

Bloober Team still trying to put together the pieces of Basement Crawl as they work on the free replacement for those who bought it, called Basement Brawl, or perhaps just “BRAWL” now. A Multiplayer Trailer has released showcasing the progress of those efforts. That trailer is below:

Unreal Engine 4 still doing Twitch livestreams and offering better, cheaper access to indie devs than ever before while also pushing the quality of the engine and ease of use to a new level.

Electronic Arts stock prices slowly climbing ever since Star Wars: Battlefront reveal, but not as quickly as investors would like as news of half of its potential players being unhappy and distrusting with the game emerges online.

Overlord – Codemasters announces Overlord: Fellowship of Evil
Info: 2015 Release, New Trailer, 4 Player Co-Op, almost MOBA style designed hack and slash gameplay, PS4, Xbox ONE, PC.
“See what the Internet has to say about it LIVE”

Black Ops 3 News – Hidden Snapchat Clues Let To Black Ops 3 Action Trailer Reveal, the year 2065 is the game’s setting, bionic cyborg soldiers confirmed, most likely an evolution over exo suits, gameplay reveal sunday, double xp and double weapon xp friday to monday on black ops 2.
Info: “In the next 50 years, technological advancements will lead us into a world where only those who risk going too far, will find out how far we can actually go….” Black Ops 3 trailer says, “Mankind’s greatest mistake will be the inability to control the technology it has created”
“You already know this is a hot topic, speak your mind on it too”

Square Enix Announces Press Conference Plans for E3 2015
Info: June 16, in LA or Live on Twitch with replay promised on YouTube, Kingdom Hearts III will be talked about, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Final Fantasy XV will also be at the show, as well as the largely controversial re-release of
Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation 4 which simultaneously angered and excited fans when it was announced.
“Not much is known about the conference yet, but that won’t stop the world from forming an opinion about it”

New Mad Max Gameplay Trailer Reveals Further Details About The Upcoming Game:

Also, Earlier This Week: $5 spent within a Steam account now required for many actions such as adding friends or sending private messages to prevent spambots and hackbots running wild so often. free to play only players shouldn’t worry because free to play games pretty much contain their own friends and messages features anyways.

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Focus Home Interactive Reveals Pix The Cat – Steam Multiplayer Title for PC


A Quick Twitch Battle Arena Arcade w/ Puzzles, Missiles, Cats?, and 4 player multiplayer over Steam, Pix The Cat is presented by Pastagames and Focus Home Interactive as something you have to actually see for yourself. Seriously, just watch the trailer. I don’t know what is going on, but I know I want a part of it. This came out on PS4 / Vita but from the looks of things will have a much more technologically superior feel to it, because as everyone knows when you release a PC game you either bring your A-Game or it’s Game Over.

Release Date: End of January 2015 on Steam

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PC Gamer Deleting Their Articles, Failed To Disclose Ubisoft PR Ethics Violation

PC Gamer Ubisoft Ethics PR Journalist

Many articles which have been seen by hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of viewers have been deleted from the long-standing publication PC Gamer which has come under fire recently as a journalist who wrote about Assassin’s Creed favorably a large number of times has been discovered to be the perpetrator of a severe ethics violation. Despite the fact that the video games industry mainly goes unregulated to this sort of thing, nepotism and favoritism exists in all segments of business – eventually things can go poorly if proper disclosure is not made to immediately address bias.

It has been stated by many critics of PC Gamer’s actions to delete these articles that if connections between authors and their subject matter can be stated up front to the reader there will be no cause for alarm after the fact. Still, the fact that sales have been influenced by this author’s work without any reasonable warning of the bias that inevitably existed, PC Gamer has had their reputation tarnished and will be looked at with a skeptical eye from here on out. This case is the latest in a string of ethics violations that have been revealed after a massive outrage took place due to the poor quality of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity which released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC on November 11, 2014.

Below, the criticisms of Total Biscuit who was named Trending Gamer at The Video Game Awards in 2014:

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewz Does Not Condone Harassment of Journalists, Developers, PR, Gamers, or any other People. The names of the individuals involved in this incident will not be released at this website, hate messages can be directed to wedontreadthis@realgamernewz.com

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Mitch Walters on 20150118 and was last modified on 20150118 .

Metacritic Misrepresenting Xbox ONE VS PlayStation 4 Reviews

metacritic parody image credit to realgamernewz

It’s a story as old as time, a community-based web platform is created and rules are set for it – but they are not equally enforced and eventually a disparity forms between one side and another. Now, before the pitchforks come up at my neck, I’m not accusing anyone of anything but rather suggesting that an inevitable trait of community-driven sites that rely on the content of other sites to end up with loose sets of rules that are ripe for imbalance.

The imbalance this article aims to point out is not necessarily anyone’s fault, and we condemn any obnoxious negativity attached with the community’s reactions to this report. Let’s try and instead offer suggestions on how to open up the process and system behind Metacritic so that it may reform itself to be more clear and concise for the game industry it serves.

This has been a long time coming Metacritic staff, so don’t expect people to forget the powerful impact your tool has had on the industry (not always for the better) priming gamers to be quite reactive to such news of imbalance in your systems. Hopefully articles like this can provide the feedback needed to repair the somewhat broken scoring system in place at your website.

Xbox ONE:

The Evil Within – 80 Metascore

*Based on 55 professional publications’ reviews.

PlayStation 4:

The Evil Within – 76 Metascore

*Based on 21 professional publications’ reviews.

Problems discovered with this disparity upon first glance: Metacritic lists Game Informer’s The Evil Within Review in the Xbox ONE section even though a PS4 logo is clearly seen at the top of the Review with the bottom displaying “filed under” including “playstation 4” but not Xbox ONE. Sure, the Game Informer staff discloses that the game is also available on Xbox ONE among other platforms – but where exactly between Game Informer posting this Review and Metacritic putting it into their Metascore formula for The Evil Within did it become decided that Game Informer’s score counts for the Xbox ONE version and the PlayStation 4 version equally? This is something that needs to become more transparent and is only one small example. If a website can just upload one review and have their scores applied to platforms they never played it on, just how many reviews exactly and from what type of publications should we expect on each side before we call it fair?

IGN also has a Review that Lucy O’Brien wrote which displays “Reviewed on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One” rather than identifying with one console over the other. IGN’s reviews typically represent all platforms with a single score, unless there is a major issue. Metacritic chose to count this 8.7 as an 87 in the Xbox ONE side of things AND the PS4 side, making the exact formula Metacritic is using a bit unclear.

AusGamers has a 10/10 review which adds a 100 into the Xbox ONE version’s column, a website which reportedly (according to Metacritic) scores 60% higher than the average publication’s review consistently. Let’s not forget that the figurehead of AusGamers is married to EA’s Sydney, Australia PR Coordinator and that this very same website gave Simcity a 9.4/10 among some of the most extreme criticism in gaming history paired with customer service fails which even EA gave in and admitted fault to on numerous occasion. (read on about the AusGamers / EA connection on Reddit here).

It also depends on how many review copies the Publishers give out for each platform, for example the X1 version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has a score of 84 with 33 reviews so far and PS4 version has 83 with 22, so how accurate can Metacritic really be in the grand scheme of things without a more transparent and universal scoring system? Is it because the game is better on the Xbox ONE? We may never know unless Metacritic makes their system more balanced and transparent.

More to come soon on this… until then, feel free to do your own research and continue checking and double-checking big journo corps for corrupt / inaccurate reporting. Real Gamers Get Their News Real, Keep it Real, Keep it Gaming, Peace.

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“Hatred” Revealed – New Game Inspired by Retro PC Classic “Postal” Series

Hatred - Reveal Gameplay

What if I told you that Postal is coming back just with even more chaos, better graphics, and kill-shot execution scenes more gruesome than most homicidal action films from the 90s (most, but not all).

Even more enraged at life than ever, some dude is taking out his grievances with society and the world the only way he knows how – by killing everything in sight. Take a look at the trailer below which even shows gameplay and the clear inspiration / tribute to Postal (a game series from one of the golden eras of PC Gaming).

More to come as we follow the anticipated release of this creative title from development house Destructive Creations.

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Zombies in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? Yes, But No. Confirmed – Sort Of…

Call OF Duty Advanced Warfare

[Image Credit: Fan Art by SUPERsaeJANG]

Although gamers probably won’t get to play the actual Zombies survival multiplayer mode again until Black Ops 3 (currently rumored, and does not exist on official record), they will have to make due with what is being called the Exo Survival Bonus Wave in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (releasing for PS4, XO, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC on November 2, 2014).

Here’s an image of the enemies that appear in Advanced Warfare and have been sparking all of these Zombies rumors for the game:

Advanced Warfare Zombies COD

To be clear, it’s really not Zombies gameplay.

It’s a wave of zombies, that appear during a different game mode – that is not Zombies.

For those of you that are hating on me, you should thank me for saving you the $60 if you thought it was Zombies. COD: Advanced Warfare still shows promise as the development teams working on it have implemented many changes on the series formula – but an actual Zombies mode doesn’t exist, just a tease and hint of what may come in future COD games as well as a nostalgic tipping of the hat to Treyarch who is now the series’ ward.

This Zombies wave was discovered by dedicated Call of Duty fans who have obtained an early list of all achievements. For more information about the breaking of this story and how it became confirmed, check out GoodGameBro.com ‘s reveal published today.

COD: Advanced Warfare Trailers / Gameplay:

[Some Info Sourced: CODForum.com via GGB]

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Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 Gets Price Reveal on PSN Store

PS4 Grand Theft Auto V Price

The PlayStation Network Store has had a new update today as the PlayStation 4 edition of Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games has garnered a price reveal on the PlayStation Store itself, a digital marketplace provided on PlayStation Network by Sony. Check out the image above to see it for yourself. Shouts out to WorldsFactory for the find.

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RUMOR: Nintendo’s Next Portable System, “New3DS” Could Be Region-Free (Import-Friendly)

Nintendo New3DS

***UPDATE: Nintendo has confirmed that the New3DS will NOT be Region-Free and in fact will have the same Region-Lock technology as the Nintendo 3DS, disappointingly. The original unedited rumor follows below:

Nintendo recently revealed to the world that they will be releasing a brand new Nintendo 3DS called “New3DS” that has more RAM, a better CPU (Processor), more trigger buttons, a directional right analog nub, and exclusive game “Xenoblade Chronicles for New 3DS” coming alongside it this October in Japan but not until 2015 in North America. There will be a large LL (XL) version as well as a normal sized one both of which are bigger than 3DS and 3DS XL respectively by a small margin. New3DS also comes with a better 3D viewing screen according to Nintendo which will allow the display of higher resolution graphics and more wide viewing area for the 3D effect gamers on Nintendo handhelds currently enjoy.

A new Rumor has arisen, regarding the fact that New3DS could be the gateway to traveller’s getting the best of both worlds. Those who travel between the Americas, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc. on business may want to be able to purchase games on the go that work in their unit. Even more so, Import-Friendly gamers may want to pay the extra fees and shipping to get a game that only came out in Japan. Nintendo might be allowing a Region-Free setup for New3DS according to whisperings on Wall Street. If this turns out to be true, any New3DS game from any country could be played in a New3DS of any origin. Games and Handhelds would be universal for this transitional-gen of Nintendo New 3DS.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Mitch Walters on 20140902 and was last modified on 20140903 .