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Party Hard 2 Review

Party Hard is a unique serial killer simulator released in 2015 that attempts to combine dark comedy with enjoyable gameplay and gruesome, but calculated murder. The result was a huge hit with the Steam version of the game receiving very positive reviews from thousands of gamers. With a pixel art landscape, stealth objectives, and various strategies to enact in order to achieve your goals, players must take out certain members (or the entire crowd) of an ongoing party. This has to happen with the least disruption and panic as to avoid being caught by the police. Witnesses are also not good!

Tons of Easter eggs, hidden objectives, and secret interactive objects leading surprising and satisfying moments are present in the original and in the sequel. Party Hard 2 is different in a number of ways, and gradually provides more reasoning behind the events of the two games.

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Party Hard is a Game About Killing People & Getting Away w/ It While Dancing

RealGamerNewz - Party Hard - Murder Simulator - tinyBuild Games - Jesse Cox

Everybody goes through a partying phase, some never made it out of theirs. Luckily for you Party Hard from tinyBuild and Pinokl Games lets you take those mother effers out, because you’re just trying to get to sleep and everybody thinks it’s party central non-stop. Or maybe you just hate your neighbors? The dark humor possibilities are endless with this game, as players are tasked with committing murders under the guise of being just another party animal like the rest of them – all while trying not to get caught. Now if this sounds a bit much for you I assure you, continue reading because it gets even more awesome.

Scattered all around each level in Party Hard are various ways to end the lives of those who seek to oppose you by refusing to kill the party. Sometimes you might just stab somebody in a room when they are alone and walk off like nothing happened. Other times you might try and set people up for disastrous accidents that will not end well for them (or so you’re hoping). Coming to Steam and mobile platforms later this year, Party Hard just brings a hilarious offer to the table. Of course, none of this is meant to be taken seriously, and the pixel art should give that away from the get-go. But as far as gameplay mechanics, it’s one of the only titles where you can simply break out into dance at the push of a button, experience dancing bears, ganja conspiracy plots, and flaming limbo lines all together.

Recently at PAX East 2015 my favorite YouTuber Jesse Cox sat down and played the game. While at first things were pretty bizarre, and understandably so, the game’s charming mechanics won over audiences who tuned in live via Twitch as well as the broadcaster himself. Take a look below at that and be on the lookout for more as this game makes its way to full release (if the SJWs don’t write a hundred cry blogs about it first of course). Editor’s Note: You’re probably not getting it Australia. Just sayin’.

Extended Gameplay Video featuring Jesse Cox:

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