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Fans upset that rumored “New Nintendo Switch” could have exclusive 4K games in 2019

UPDATE: Inside sources reveal completely different Nintendo Switch specs rumor

Surprisingly, this story took an unexpected turn this week as sources for The Wall Street Journal of Japan came out with a release window for what is said to be the next model of Nintendo Switch consoles coming some time during the second half of 2019. In reality, this rumor is essentially three rumors in one. We have had a draft of this article since last Friday but waited on finishing it since there are more details needed and a general aura of confusion as outlets seem to confuse the various rumors, melding them into one.

On the one hand there are likely to be two revisions meant to silently replace the original Nintendo Switch hardware but look and perform identically. This is to reduce hacking of the system. One of those revisions has already been made and feature no new parts but instead a simple addition of code to microchips which were previously laying dormant in the Switch, perhaps waiting for this inevitable need to protect it against hardware exploits found within its main system chip.

However, the biggest and most exciting rumor is that of a “New Nintendo Switch” perhaps known to many in the underground as a Switch Pro said to house double the RAM as the original Switch, a 4K Graphics Rendering capability (while docked, 1080P in handheld mode), and increased CPU power thought to be enabling more third party titles to release for the Switch platform, albeit potentially exclusive to this new model.

And thus brings up the most confusing part of this rumor. Will Nintendo really split their ecosystem into two lineups of games? If so, how will fans react to it? So far mega fans like SwitchForce and their audience have been mostly against this possibility stating a feeling of “betrayal” if the rumors turn out to be true. Overall, much of the popular opinion is that this could just all be a little too soon, but did hackers force the hands of Nintendo?

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