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Pre-Gamescom 2018: Microsoft will announce new Xbox One bundles and accessories

It would seem the gaming world got a little too excited this morning when Microsoft vaguely hinted “all-new hardware” would be shown off at Gamescom 2018 only to later clarify that while this won’t be the reveal of Xbox Project Scarlet, the next-generation console expected to release in 2020 or 2021, instead they plan to announce a new Xbox One system bundle and new accessories (possibly including a rumored Elite Controller iteration that was alleged leaked recently).

This information was originally debuted in an article titled Xbox is coming to gamescom by Xbox media spokesperson Major Nelson, who himself started off as a self-made games journalist detailing news revolving around the original Xbox before eventually being hired on by Microsoft as a permanent figurehead to the brand. For those wondering, technically the event is meant to be spelled in all lowercase letters as per stylized renditions and logos, Major Nelson didn’t make an error it’s just the weird way the biggest gaming event in Germany likes to have their name typed out.

As for the leaked controller, nothing is certain yet but there are some details floating around the internet in the form of rumors as to what will be seen this August 21 – 25 when Gamescom commences.

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Nidhogg 2 (Xbox One) Review

Nidhogg 2 (stylized as Nidhogg II) is the sequel to the 2014 2D indie hit side scrolling game Nidhogg. After releasing last August for MacOS, PC, and PS4, Messhof has brought the hit party game to the XBOX One, releasing three days from today on July 19, 2018 for $15.99. The XBOX One version will feature the addition of two all-new XBOX exclusive levels: Messhoff Corporate HQ and the Elevated Train.

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EA Games executive Blake Jorgensen just sold $1.5 Million of EA Stock

According to SEC filings made Friday, July 6, 2018 which were sent to Investors today on July 9, 2018 Blake Jorgensen (COO & CFO at EA Games) sold $1,503,967 worth of stock market holdings in EA on July 3, 2018 (last Tuesday). This took place over two transactions in which 6,200 shares were sold at $142.85 each (for a total of $885,670) followed by an immediate secondary motion to sell 4,300 shares at $143.79 each (for a total of $618,297). Typically game industry executives have been known to sell off large amounts of stock market holdings in the companies they work for when their inside knowledge allows them to predict a future drop in value will occur (sometimes legally, sometimes illegally based on past court findings of executives at EA in particular).

Let’s take this opportunity to give an EA News WrapUp of some recent events that may be related to this disposal of securities and late filing on a massive release of shares from a loathed industry figure who has defended loot boxes in games, even as governments condemn and ban them through new laws, as well as suggest the death of single player games, and why he may think that EA’s stock market value could be heading for a decline.

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Mushroom Wars 2 (Nintendo Switch) Review

Mushroom Wars 2 is a sequel in the award-winning mobile real time strategy series by Zillion Whales. The game itself debuted on mobile platforms as well as made appearances on both the XBOX One and PlayStation 4 in 2016 and today released on the console-handheld hybrid Nintendo Switch.

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Graveyard Keeper Alpha v0.678 Hands-On Impressions

Graveyard Keeper is the in-progress graveyard management sim by Lazy Bear, the genius team behind the hit boxing club management simulator Punch Club. After spending the last few weeks checking out the alpha build, I’ve since fallen in love with the game and here’s some reasons why.

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VAMPYR Real Gamer Review

Vampyr is a decadent journey into the mind of a blood doctor turned newborn immortal. An enthralling tale from start to finish, Vampyr tests the morality of Dr. Jonathan Reid as he returns home from war only to find a plague-infested London filled with mysterious enemies and allies pressing influence upon his every move. In a unique position to find a way out of this epidemic, Dr. Reid will struggle to hold onto his humanity as increasingly powerful threats emerge to himself and the civilian populace. Within him a new war rages on, that of his desire to remain noble against his rage-fueled cravings to feed on the very innocents he’s trying to protect. Then again, no adult is completely innocent, are they?

The more you get to know the residents of each district, the more experience your character will gain if they are embraced and given their final kiss of death. However, you will also lose that resident’s quest offerings, some residents sell rare items you need, and dealing too many fatal bites to your population means the end of a district. Residents will likely die trying to escape as the epidemic consumes an entire segment of the city which will remain permanently damned. The long nights set a dreary stage for Dr. Reid who may sway between good and evil based on player choice, but ultimately keeps a relatively insightful perspective available for selection the majority of the time. It’s up to the player to decide the fate of this story, and you must live with the consequences of your actions.

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A Closer Look at Fallout 76 – Pt. 1

Many gamers have expressed doubts over the past week since the full reveal of Fallout 76 took place in Los Angeles during E3, the largest electronics entertainment industry event in the world. Bethesda Game Studios has released a lot of information about the game, but through a variety of channels.

The ambiguous nature of their reveal has done little to quell concerns that this new game will indeed be a quality experience. While we at RealGamerNewZ remain optimistic about the title, this skeptical outlook can be understood as a reaction to the fact that the game is a multiplayer online survival set in a semi-persistent shared world. Attempts at this genre have been lacking in the past, and even plagued by many issues that were repeated and remain unsolved issues in game design. Fans are worried Fallout 76 will suffer the same fate, although there’s evidence to believe that Bethesda’s approach will be better than previous entries in the genre.

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Shin Megami Tensei Liberation DX2 still accepting registrations for upcoming closed beta testing

While waiting for Shin Megami Tensei HD (the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch title thought to be a remake of the original SMT) revealed recently at Sakura Con to be in development, fans have a chance at participating in Shin Megami Tensei Liberation DX2 for the western audience on Android and iOS platforms this summer.

The Japanese version has already been available for some time, and those who have been using VPN services to play the game have reported it’s an excellent offering for fans of Persona and SMT series, harking back to the Devil Summoner themes of the franchise.

As an added bonus, anyone who signs up and engages in the beta testing period will be able to have their progress carried over into the full game when it releases. Also, upon launch of the worldwide version of Liberation DX2 augmented reality mechanics will be added to the game. Although not limited to this, part of the AR features planned includes summoning demons in the real world.

For those who are new to the franchise, SMT is related to Persona and vice-versa in some tricky ways that are hard to explain. Western crowds haven’t been able to get their hands on the full library of SMT titles, but that may be about to change soon. They are all various RPG games rooted in a unique and fascinating universe in which demons are summoned and utilized in a battle against an impending judgement day dooming mankind. Some of the major plot lines can also be found in the 2013 anime Devil Survivor 2 based on the Nintendo DS title of the same name from the SMT series.

In recent years, SEGA and Atlus have been working together tirelessly on the both SMT and Persona franchises with a 300 person staff for years, and look to bring the DX2 project full-scale this year with English language option, a full-length story mode, and more. For more information check out the Official SMT: Liberation DX2 Facebook Page and if you have a compatible device be sure to to sign up for the Closed Beta which begins in June 2018.

A Moment Of Silence Is Requested ~ We Mourn TotalBiscuit

Last Thursday a tragedy occurred as the world lost the #1 PC Gaming Critic John (TotalBiscuit) Bain who is survived by his brilliant wife and CEO of CynicalBrit, Genna Bain as well as their child and pets. His bravery to continue forward as the provider for his family and a powerful voice for pro-consumer industry standards in the all too often hostile and cruel video games business in the face of terminal illness has been an inspiration to many journalists, critics, and gamers for a long time.

John was open with his audience about suffering from colon cancer for many years which became resistant to all forms of chemotherapy last month during which time the disease had spread to his liver and disqualified him from other treatment options. Sadly, we all knew this day would come – although many of us thought there’d be so much more time left until it happened.

Firstly, we’d like to share some of TotalBiscuit’s messages to the world of video games over the coming years, and hope that *if* Genna Bain decides to continue the Co-Optional Podcast, TB’s views will continue to be represented by the likes of Jesse Cox and Dodger who were essentially his band-mates in a show that has held comradery with pro-consumer topics in video games for some time now.

TotalBiscuit himself has been known for standing up against censorship, false flagging attacks, online harassment, pre-order culture, pay to win micro-transactions, unfinished games, the inability to get digital game refunds (until recently) and a hell of a lot more. Anyone who has missed out on his content, his voice lives on. Over 2 million subscribers and a 2014 Trending Gamer of the Year Award can’t be wrong, check him out HERE. Some seriously deep messages that challenge and add to gamer philosophy and the culture of our business are contained in his videos in addition to tons of fun, light-hearted laughs, and highly expertise PC Gaming critique. I will seriously miss him as a critic and fan.

Secondly, we’d like to ask that those who had something against the gaming critic allow the fans, families, and friends of TotalBiscuit who have been affected by his loss to have a moment of silence and grieve. There have been a number of indiscretions made in light of this tragic event in which the name of a loved critic who has passed on has been invoked with negativity. One ex-Bioware developer, one current Bioware developer, and several developers at Blizzard, Treyarch, and Hello Games will have to live with their actions of speaking ill of the deceased simply because they cannot handle criticism of their work.

Fans, please leave those people alone and don’t harass these game devs who have abused their voice. Instead let’s all share our favorite TB moments over the coming years and let his lessons on the industry rise above the petty squabbles of critics versus executive old guard. Also, let’s all just keep the politics out of this and focus on the video games!

Devs, please don’t become one of those regrettable individuals and instead choose to say nothing at all. If you’re proud of the games you’ve made, let the games speak for themselves and let the critics have their own space. At least, if you’re going to criticize a critic, do it while they’re still alive and not spitting on the grave of someone, since you wouldn’t want them to do that to you.


Jon Ireson, RealGamerNewZ

Rest In Peace John (TotalBiscuit) Bain
Born: July 8, 1984
Diagnosed: March 23, 2014
Deceased: May 24, 2018
World of Warcraft Radio Host, StarCraft eSports Broadcaster, eSports Team Founder, Philanthropist, PC Gaming Critic, Gamer, Father, Husband, Son, and more.

Please take a moment to check out one or more of this small handful of highlights which only begins to represent the many contributions TotalBiscuit has made to the games industry:

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Entertainment Software Association president Mike Gallagher out of touch, defends loot box scandal

Perhaps one of the last holdouts on the notion that lootboxes aren’t gambling and are ‘A-Okay’, ESA Prez Mike Gallagher took it a step further at Nordic Game Conference at Malmö Central Station in Malmo, Sweden this previous week by championing the well-hated lootbox mechanic as a source of massive revenue increases. In a long-winded, inaccurate, dry speech given to attendees Gallagher argued that lootboxes never left players upset and never “took their money without giving them something”. Belittling government authorities that have banned lootboxes in video games such as Belgium and the Netherlands, Gallagher simply called these “the lowest common denominator” and sought out to discredit those bodies which have done the research and concluded their findings that lootboxes are dangerous items that will lead to long-term addiction and gambling problems for players of games which contain them.

Many journalists, gamers, and developers have often been on the side of self-regulation for the game industry, which Ghallager goes on to promote. However, the opening up of the conversation beginning with such an avid defense of lootboxes perhaps proves that the authorities currently in place to do such self-regulation can no longer be trusted to keep the best interest of gamers in mind. Gaming has always grown massively year over year, and without the help of predatory lootbox micro-transactions that cause addiction and gambling neural pathways to develop in the human brain. This attempt to combine fear of government regulation with defense of lootboxes proves that the ESA cannot be trusted as an ally to gamers anymore.

While a good amount of this mainly empty power-point presentation from Mike Ghallager argued against lootbox regulation, there were a few other strange anti-consumer points attempting to be made as well. Simply allowing predatory or poorly designed monetization systems to roll out in mainstream games then later be patched via feedback was trotted out as a worthy solution to the current problems of the industry. A label of “in-game purchases” that doesn’t specify lootboxes from micro-transactions or expansive downloadable content was also given as a reason why self-regulation is supposedly working. Video game addiction becoming a World Health Organization classification was brought up as well as USA’s research on the potential link between mass shootings and violent video games (which ultimately ended up undecided).

Ghallager attempted to paint the picture of an innocent game industry that did nothing wrong and was under attack by the big, bad wolf. In reality, Star Wars: Battlefront II destroyed the last remaining bit of belief gamers had in the industry to self-regulate and the ESA is now unable to defend itself against government regulation due to their refusal to hold EA Games and companies like it accountable for their misdeeds. In short, it has become impossible for the ESA to speak out against defamation of the games industry by the World Health Organization and be taken seriously since they have proven they are simply shills for large gaming corporations and don’t care about their own consumers’ well-being.

If Mike Gallagher truly believes the things he said on stage this week, then he’s part of the executive abuse of game developers and video game customers going on which is a plague on this industry. If he doesn’t believe the things he said, and is “just doing his job” as many claim, then he should resign to give some one with more spine a chance to stand up to the forces controlling the ESA through special interest funding deals designed to neuter their ability to represent real gamers.