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Rumor: Next Resident Evil to Support PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset #PSVR #PlayStationVR


Update: This rumor came true! Capcom announced at E3 2016 that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be Virtual Reality enabled on PlayStation 4 and launches January 28, 2017. The game will be playable with or without VR and a demo is already available on the PlayStation Store.

See video footage below of the demo in action:

With recent hardships quelling and productivity returning at the house of Capcom, gamers are about to get hit with a dose of Biohazard. Umbrella Corps for Windows PC and Sony PlayStation 4, the RE: Outbreak reminiscent multiplayer cousin of the survival horror experience we all know stateside as Resident Evil is releasing mid-June. This release is perhaps tolerated at best, feared by many and unexpected by some. While fans of the modern RE titles and those gamers with an open mind to experimentation will likely find some hours of fun in the title, the question we all want to know is: Where’s Resident Evil 7?

A source asking to remain anonymous once told RGN, “-wait until you see what they’ve been working on, you’ll see they’ve been busy,” in regards to a full entry in the Resident Evil series that can match the elements of what make the series great again in a modern age epic masterpiece which all RE fans feel has potential.


Image Credit: Sony London – PSVR Worlds 

Imagine seeing first-hand the world of Resident Evil with full immersion.

This source has been valid for many years disseminating information where fit and gave advance notice of the PS4K verified with worldwide leaks that have hit these past weeks. The following information has been provided over a long term span of time and may be subject to change as the project moved forward.

What we can expect from Resident Evil 7’s design aspects, and technical features:

  • Explore, aim, shoot
  • Less of a run and gun, more cinematic
  • Teach players a new format for how to enjoy horror and stealth shooter genres in VR
  • Marriage of Survival Horror and Stealth
  • True to the roots of Resident Evil series
  • Immersion as a first priority, Action still remains but is better balanced
  • PlayStation VR Headset support for virtual reality immersion
  • NEO (aka PS4K) settings support for higher resolutions of gameplay.

Umbrella Corps is set in 2015 after the events of Resident Evil 6 (perhaps the most hated game in the whole series) and provides a competitive multiplayer angle to the series. These side-content online experiences such as Mercenaries from RE4 and RE5 have always been a big hit. RE: Outbreak was respected in its own right as a standalone spin-off that only worked with a modem in the back of your PlayStation 2. The epic struggle for numbered franchise entries has always been to balance the classic survival horror feel with the shooter action pacing introduced in RE4. That isn’t required of Umbrella Corps, but it is of RE7, hence a lot of the anxiety in the Resident Evil fan-base over which development path the game is taking.

In comes PlayStation VR, capable of bringing virtual reality to the 30 million+ PlayStation 4 owners [s] and PlayStation NEO (also known as PS4.5 or PS4K) which was recently leaked after heavy rumors began to circulate as a rendition of PlayStation 4 capable of higher VR and HDTV settings including games at 1080P / 60fps and higher with upscaling to 4KTV sets. Although native graphics of the NEO setting on PS4 games from its release onwards will still be higher than PS4, they will likely not reach 4K on graphic-intensive experiences like Uncharted 4. The great news with that is PS4 games still work on both a NEO and PS4 the same way, the game would just have two different settings. to switch between.

PlayStation VR Headset PS4K NEO

All of this new technology is right on time to make the biggest difference in the world for some of our stale franchises too scared to change without time left to stay the same and tread water. Resident Evil is certainly one of those franchises. And so it should be as of no surprise that Capcom could be working to get things right with RE7 for the series, what their fans want in a true RE game, and the future of the video games experience.

This rumor comes at a time when titles like Madden VR are being discussed (Shouts Out EA Sports and HipHopGamer Inc., and Ubiquity Inc.) and true adoption of the PSVR seems destined. Capcom is already onboard with VR technology and has experimented with Resident Evil in many genres; Resident Evil: Dead Aim is a little known gem in the series (if you had the GunCon 2 pistol controller with thumbstick) which could be a pre-amble on what these design specs mean for Resident Evil 7. Recently Sony announced there were more pre-orders than expected and had to double production output to meet the newly visible demand for PSVR units.

Umbrella Corporation - Resident Evil 7 PlayStation VR PS4

Earlier rumors some years ago conflict with this news saying that Microsoft had attempted to approach Capcom with a deal for RE7 similar to the Dead Rising 3 contract agreement. With so much time being passed, and RE7 being a flagship entry in the series – it would appear this never materialized making this rumor all the more likely that RE7 will support PS4K and the PlayStation 4 VR headset whenever it is eventually revealed and heads toward launch. The wait could still be years.

RGN has reached out to Capcom representatives and will update this story when / if this rumor is confirmed or denied.

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Rumor: New Resident Evil Will Be Revealed at E3 But Isn’t Resident Evil 7


A while back rumors began to spreading through the web like wildfire, claiming that Capcom would be announcing Resident Evil 7 at E3 and exclusively for Microsoft’s Xbox One. Now a brand new rumor has surfaced stating that a brand new game in the popular horror franchise will be announced at E3, but it won’t be Resident Evil 7. Instead fans will treated to another spin-off similar to 2012’s ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’.

This fresh and interesting rumor dropped on NeoGAF gaming forum by the highly credible News Bot, with multiple sources confirming the info.

Here is the details that NeoGAF member News Bot shared with everyone.

  • It is not Resident Evil 7.
  • It will feature three returning characters from the series. One male and two female.
  • Two of these characters haven’t been seen in a ‘decade’ and one of them never had an appearance in-game.
  • It will be revealed at E3 2014.

News Bot went on to offer a bit of clarity in regards to the one character who never made an in-game appearance before.

“Regarding the one who doesn’t appear in-game, I should be a little more specific (because I’m sure someone would call me a liar for being to general). They are mentioned in games but are a background character with no “active” appearance yet. It’s not someone from the canon movies/comics.”

I shouldn’t have to remind anyone to remember to take this all with a grain of salt. Unless we hear this officially from the horse’s (Capcom) mouth, this should be considered a rumor and nothing more. 

Based on Capcom’s track record when it comes to releasing numbered Resident Evil titles, a spin-off instead of Resident Evil 7 seems more likely. If you look back almost a decade you’ll see that Resident Evil 4 was released in 2005 while Resident Evil 5 dropped in 2009 followed by Resident Evil 6 in 2012. That’s a four years between 4 & 5 and a three year wait between 5 & 6. Since 2005 Capcom has also released other RE titles including the main entries.

  • Resident Evil 4 – Gamecube (2005)
  • Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles – Nintendo Wii (2007)
  • Resident Evil 5 – PS3, Xbox 360 (2009)
  • Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles – Nintendo Wii (2009)
  • Resident Evil : The Mercenaries 3D – Nintendo 3DS (2010)
  • Resident Evil : Revelations – Nintendo 3DS (2012)
  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – PS3, PC and Xbox 360 (2012)
  • Resident Evil 6 – PS3, Xbox 360 (2012)

As you can see Capcom doesn’t rush out next their Resident Evil sequels so quickly. Instead they give the fans spin-offs, what-ifs and prequels before they drop the next numbered entry in the franchise. Let’s not forget the HD remakes and re releases of past games like Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X. So one would expect to wait a little longer before the publisher delivers Resident Evil 7.

Another thing to consider is the criticism Resident Evil 6 received from critics and fans alike. Despite going on to sell over 5 million copies, RE6 failed to meet sales expectations and earned mixed reviews from both sides due to the game being a bigger and relatively unwelcome departure from its horror roots, feeling more like a third-person shooter or action title than a survival horror game. Capcom has gone on to state that they are taking fan feedback into consideration and Resident Evil 7 will go back to its survival horror roots. The publisher will make sure the developer delivers what they promised with RE7.

At the end of the day it is just speculation, the next Resident Evil game could in fact be part 7, it could be a spin-off, a sequel to ‘Revelations’ or they could be no E3 Resident Evil announcement at all. As I stated before, take it all with a grain of salt until Capcom confirms or denies it, or E3 comes and goes.

Via: NeoGAF and MCV.

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Rumor: Capcom to announce Resident Evil for Sony PS4 at E3 2014


Photo Credit: Fan Art by RPGxPlay

It is expected that Capcom plans to reveal an important game on the E3 event, according to website Sankei Shimbun, which most likely will be Resident Evil 7. Not only does the article mention an important reveal, but it also specifies the sales expectation to reach beyond 5,6 million copies, as its predecessors has as well.

Resident Evil PS4 - E3 2014 - RealGamerNewz - DualShockers - Rumor

This raises a lot of questions for the fans of the series, which we are sure of can not wait to hear more about the possibility of another great horror game installment!

[Rumor Source: DualShockers]

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Resident Evil 7 Exclusive For Xbox One? [RUMOR]



A rumor has appeared on the internet, the place of all holiness and complete truth, that Resident Evil 7 will be exclusive for the Xbox ONE. Now, before I get into the rumor I will point some facts out. The only reason Dead Rising 3 exists is because Microsoft helped its development, that is why it was only on Xbox ONE. Dead Rising 3 went on to sell well (with over 1 million units sold in the launch month alone), received generally well reviews, and has become a big piece of promotion lately for the Xbox ONE and CAPCOM as well.

CAPCOM is also said to be in some serious financial trouble, not THQ-level trouble, but getting there; along with a few other companies. This rumor has started popping up all over the place on chat boards ranging from IGN to Gamefaqs. The rumor’s origin is unknown for now, but it basically states Resident Evil 7 will be produced for only the Xbox ONE, will be shown off this year at E3 2014, and will release sometime in the year 2015. This is all rumor but very well could happen due to the recent industry happenings I described above. Resident Evil is one of the most successful series in the world, a financial and critical success in most of its iterations. Stay tuned here as we keep our eyes pealed at this interesting rumor.

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