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RGN Community: Ubisoft Not a Sexist Company, Assassin’s Creed Producer is Female [It Just Never Ends: An Ubisoft Tale]

Jade Raymond

I didn’t want to do a blog on this. I was sitting in front of my laptop when this B.S. first came out saying to myself “this is just something that will never end, don’t do a blog on it, don’t, just don’t. There’s only been about 20 different sites talking about it and getting so much wrong, don’t bother.” Then after 2 days of not really hearing much, Eurogamer comes out with its contribution to “Ubisoft is sexist and is harming women” piece and I just had to say something.

I’m not gonna bother linking articles about this topic because I don’t want to destroy the brain cells of the rare few who still have common sense in the world. Instead I’ll just give you the gist.

Assassin’s Creed Unity doesn’t have a female main protagonist, and that’s apparently a problem. Never mind the fact that only one AC game had a female protagonist and it sold terrible, indicating that few people deemed it a good enough game to buy. Never mind the fact that AC games try to be as reasonably close to the historical time period as possible which means that women, traditionally, wouldn’t be Assassins. Never mind the fact that there have actually been female Assassins in games, and side stories like Embers.

No, the only way for this to NOT be an issue is if there is a main female protagonist in a main Assassin’s Creed game. Then, and only then, will Ubisoft START being a “progressive” developer, despite having an immensely diverse staff which includes Jade Raymond who was probably the most influential person in getting Assassin’s Creed, as a series, noticed in the first place.

So Ubisoft is sexist and patriarchal and misogynistic because Arno isn’t Arnette and you can’t make him so.

Ubisoft actually gave a really legitimate reason for this. Resources. See, people don’t seem to understand that AC Unity didn’t JUST start development. It’s been in development for years. It’s releasing in the fall so about 2/3 of the development has likely been finished already. Why would any developer scrap years of work?

Now, there were people out there that didn’t buy Ubisoft’s reason. A lot in fact. This prompted a FORMER animator on AC 3 to come out and say “Ubisoft could do this in 2 or 3 days” and caused an uproar. There is a huge problem with that though. What people are ignoring is that he said the only way to do it in that short a time is to just reskin the male model to look female and use androgynous movements.

Did you read that? Make a female protagonist by reskinning the male protagonist and using gender neutral movements.

Does anyone think that that would fly? OF COURSE NOT! Social Justice Warriors would pitch a fit. Remember when Anita Sarkeesian made a video about this very thing? About how it’s a negative and common trope to make a woman as much like a man as possible? Welcome to that solution.

Look, this isn’t an issue. I don’t understand how anyone who thinks rationally can see a problem here. These are games. They aren’t real life. Ubisoft have several legitimate reasons for doing this, but they only need one. They could have easily just come out and said “because we don’t want a female main protagonist.”

But that’s B.S. I can’t believe there are grown adults out there that actually think there is a concerted effort, by large development studios filled with women, to purposely not have a female protagonist in a game. As if Yves (Ubisoft’s CEO) gathers everyone together and says “Don’t even THINK about having a female lead in ANY of our games. As long as I live, that will NEVER happen!”

It wouldn’t have mattered what reason Ubisoft gave. The fact is that someone, with a full attitude of entitlement, just had to approach Ubisoft and ask why the main protagonist wasn’t female, or why you couldn’t customize your character to be female. The best answer, besides the resources one, would have been to explain how mechanics from Watch Dogs were implemented into the multiplayer and that’s a BIG reason why they couldn’t do that, but even that wouldn’t have mattered. People wanted to crucify yet another developer for something so inconsequential that it’s laughable.

There are people with degrees, honest to goodness post-secondary education degrees, foaming at the mouth acting like rabid dogs attacking Ubisoft for this. It’s sad, it’s pathetic, and there are toddlers with more maturity than this.

A character’s gender, race, orientation, hair style, favourite book, DO NOT MATTER UNLESS THE GAME WAS DESIGNED AROUND THOSE ELEMENTS! You will not have a better or worse experience with a black lesbian woman than you would with a straight white man. A good game is a good game is a good game regardless of that, and the same goes for a bad game.

If you want to criticize Ubisoft, then criticize them for trying to create a franchise style rather than their choice of gender for their characters. They are definitely marred in their own conventions, but gender is the most inconsequential of their offences in this regard. Just read the hilarious Games.on.net review of Ubisoft Game to see what I mean.

At the end of the day, if you’re unwilling to actually contribute to making changes in the industry that you want, then you have no right to complain that people who actually spend the money, and the time away from their families, to make these games make them in ways that don’t cater to you. The responsibility of Ubisoft is to make a game you’ll buy, and I still see women buying games with white male protagonists in them so Ubisoft must be doing something right.

Art is the expression of the artist, not the audience. Games are entertainment, not life. If you’re for the freedom to express yourself the way you want to (including your incessant whining about inconsequential minutia like what’s in between a fictional person’s legs), then you have to be for the freedom of others (even companies) to do the same. If you just want these companies to cater to your whims, then you’re actually for privilege and entitlement and YOU’RE what’s wrong with gaming.

RGN Community article submission by DragonKnight

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Grow Up Before Sexism + Hate Kills Gaming Culture [The State Of The Industry Address]

RealGamerNewz Sexism Game Industry Hate

If there’s one thing the video games industry is suffering from in this day and age it’s the terrible image that cases of extreme “WTF!” moments paint a picture to the public that gamers are immature, unintelligent, and lack a sense of moral / common sense. Unfortunately, this past year has not really helped the case at all. From multiple violent events being blamed on games, to actual situations revolving around games (such as a console being used as a weapon, consoles being the root of arguments leading to violence, and the list goes on). The many organizations that represent gaming to the press have been doing their best to battle lobbyists who would like to see video games fail to reach the point when they are recognized as art, despite breakthroughs in technology during development of Star Wars 1313 and increased cinematic themes in games like The Last of Us and Infamous: Second Son. Those lobbyists use moments like this against us, to make the gaming community as a whole appear much worse for society than is actually true.

But while on one front the gaming press battles stereotypes of violent gamers, within our industry our own artists, programmers, designers, writers, and public relations teams are also going through their own struggle. Female gamers conducting the same style of Podcast / Videocast / Review / News coverage that their Male counterparts have been surging the industry with for years now have ended up subject to unwarranted speculation on whether or not they are actual gamers or just “cashing in on their looks” as many seem to imply. Meanwhile those Females who make games go through something perhaps even worse as they receive a disgusting proportion of hate mail, threats, and public degradation usually of a sexual nature. What is happening to the industry? Are all gamers like this? Of course not! In fact, it’s probably true that most gamers are not.

“The only thing necessary for the

triumph of evil is for good men to do


Recently the show Game_Jam (a reality show about game jam development events) was cancelled and all of the events surrounding its filming have come to the surface through those who were involved as well as mainstream media. It all boils down to one Male ruining the entire project and wasting the budget of multiple companies, sponsorship deals, his own career and reputation, the man hours of development teams involved, the projects that will never be finished from that day, and should probably be liable for mental anguish for treating Female game developers like Flavor Flav’s latest date. This person was attempting to turn a reality show about developers making video games into a social drama painting women as inferior developers. When all parties involved were able to see this, they put an end by unanimously refusing to participate. But in this day and age, after all we’ve been through as an industry (especially the past year), the fact that someone that close to representing gaming to potentially millions of viewers worldwide still doesn’t understand our industry is dumbfounding.

The video games industry is one of the most diverse Entertainment industries in the world. The command of a good game eliminates the worry about borders in many cases, and has led to multi-national companies with even behemoths like Ubisoft admitting that working together with developers worldwide on each project is the future. Women and Men work side by side with every ethnicity seen and games are purchased by gamers who usually don’t even know where in the world their favorite titles were created but just that they are enjoyable.

IndieStatik’s Josh Mattingly started off this year by getting exposed for using Facebook to message industry professionals he was connected with through his website with sexual offers in exchange for information. Many have defended his explicit comments which you can Google search on your own, and it seems that the so-called “friendly” rapport that appeared to exist in text format (which lacks all contextual data such as the tones in a person’s voice or the look on their face) meant this was a conversation between two people that should have remained private and in fact was not inappropriate. But if a Female had been making sexual offers to a game company to try and get info for a website she owned, would those hordes of judgmental commentators really hesitate to defame her as total garbage? No, they would not hesitate. These people aren’t even looking up who a Woman is before dismissing her as irrelevant to gaming. If a Woman models or even cracks a smile in a picture then the vocal majority of some circles doesn’t even want them to be allowed to exist on the Internet. Wow.

Photo Of: Cami Magnuson

(Gamer, Editor, Writer, Vendor, Rep, Model, and more)

Cami Gamer Model

If you thought this person

isn’t an experienced gamer,

just because she is a Female,

then you’re part of the problem.

In other somewhat depressing news, the once highly respected Indie Game Magazine went through a completely unnecessary drama towards the end of last year. Reviews were being offered to developers for $50 a piece, and obviously this presents serious problems. How do you score a game that you know the development team paid to have reviewed? Even if you ignore that and be honest, what good is it for those who pay only to have their game torn apart and given a horrible score. IGM became the main focus of a portion of the industry for a small window of time as this debate raged and boiled, and the creator who was no longer with IGM put his two cents in that the publication was done for. During this time, many decisions were made that were absolute and utter failures. Half-apologies were released multiple times on inappropriate pages within the website and the moment of attention (5 seconds of fame) was completely wasted by those in charge as they lost their staff, brought in new people, and refused to let them run things a new way.

While on the surface we were told the site would have new management, the old management was backseat driving and this caused everything to be frozen in time at the exact moment when IGM needed to push out tons of great content and show the world that they are better than this controversy they had found themselves in. Instead, that opportunity was thrown out to poor planning and control freak syndrome at the highest levels of the publication. IndieStatik was even ragging on their fellow indie games website, and while our team may have some amount of respect for the work of both publications – I just can’t help but feel like jumping on the bandwagon to report on each other’s dirty laundry isn’t what the industry needs right now (hence why you did not see an article on RGN about either incident until this industry-wide thesis).

did either site

Did either site really benefit from talking about each other in this way?

YouTube circles which could unite and become successful infinitely quicker as a community all on the same team instead turn to throwing dirt on each other and staying on the same level. Are we really all so different? Maybe it’s just that as gamers our fingers are so fast at typing, our minds are so fast at processing and outputting thoughts, ideas, words, drivel, blabbering, ranting, and rambling. I mean, the length of this article and our Podcasts should be proof enough of that. It’s easy for gamers to talk, but if gamers (and even game industry professionals) are unable to stop and think about the people who their words effect then serious problems will continue.

Forcing ideas on what life should be or treating others differently because they are Female is not what the game industry represents. The video game industry and entertainment medium is the first Quantum Entertainment medium and is in the process of giving birth to Virtual Reality, the future… It’s time for gamers to grow up and start picking their battles better. Let go of the hate and prejudice, and just accept that this industry is for everyone – not just you.

Video Game Industry Growth

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Dragon’s Crown – A Reverse Argument

Dragon Crown - A Reverse Argument

Pictured above (click here to see full-size image) a clever meme creator has presented a reverse argument to Dragon’s Crown critics’ claims of sexism in the game.

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#LAAB – Mega Ran – “A Letter To The Boss”

MegaRan Final Boss

I did a new video for an old jam, “A Letter To The Boss.” Check it out! #LAAB – Mega Ran – “A Letter To The Boss”

Mega Ran. Teacher. Rapper. Hero. An emcee, producer, gamer and former educator, Ran travels the galaxy offering his unique blend of humor and hope through game influenced hip hop tracks.


Directed / Edited / Colorist: Adam J. Dunn @adamjdunn

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Heavy Metal – Retro Film Review

Heavy Metal Retro Film Review RealGamerNewz

First of all this movie is not safe for kids! So please respect yourself by watching it only in the presence of adults. There’s plenty of nudity both necessary and perhaps a little unnecessary, but the world that Heavy Metal depicts shows us that whether in a faraway future or distant past, evil has always been right there within us all waiting for the chance to grow stronger and control us completely. The world that Heavy Metal depicts is both a faraway future and a long forgotten past where alien and human society have merged on Earth. New York City is even more crowded than ever, with traffic backed up as far as the eye can see, and even the air is full of cars. This is a world where alien and human society have merged on Earth.

Ancient tales of the battle between good and evil are told as this film serves to introduced the universe of Heavy Metal that was later brought to an even larger and more defined vision in the film’s sequel. A mysterious green orb, which will later be detailed in the film’s many scenarios and its sequel Heavy Metal 2000, commands a little girl representing the new generation to listen to its many stories. This green orb has been many places, and seen many things. The film uses this storytelling technique to deliver a quantum experience that offers multiple realities which are all tied together in some way, and will eventually set the stage for an even larger story to be played out.

Heavy Metal is a franchise from the past. Its original release date was 1981 and while many reviewers bashed it, they didn’t know what they were witnessing. Back then nobody cared about reviews, nobody even saw them usually. Entertainment thrived in a person to person, word of mouth environment where every franchise stood or fell based on its worth as judged by the people you knew in life, not by some reviewers being handed a copy of everything for free (yeah I went there).

This film is a film that seems to have been misunderstood by a great amount of reviewers who watched it. While many find the themes of sex, violence, and the fragility of women (only to be later cancelled out by female characters playing strong hero roles later down the line) to be “sexist” and claim Heavy Metal is nothing more than a “juvenile b00bfest”, they have missed the point of this film entirely. These dark themes and extremely crude male characters represent the dark and the evil in the world we live in today. Heavy Metal is a parable with reality that shows the great amount of negativity and violent forces that dominate our existence.

These evils are painted to be everywhere and the film shows us that even the smallest thoughts inside of us need merely a small push from this green orb to turn what was already inside of us into the way we behave. The greed, lust, and overall disregard for human life that is shown in this film is the villain to be conquered and is perhaps the most well illustrated, well written, and most terrifying villain of entertainment history. This villain is known to many as the Loc-Nar and we are eventually taught (if we are willing to listen) that the female gender which represents life and light is in fact the most sacred creature to the male which represents human nature and the darkness which surrounds us when we are lacking in the care and knowledge of the ultimate consequences of our actions.

Heavy Metal was truly ahead of its time. The integration of humans with aliens as normal is a theme that has barely had its surface scratched in modern film with the exception of a few surprisingly deep films like The Fifth Element, District 51, and of course Avatar. Beyond that, the deeper overarching themes which lies beneath the literal actions taking place (if you are aware enough to read into them) approach the subjects of society, human nature, and morality in a way that is completely real and unrestricted by ‘politically correct’ standards set by our increasingly hypocritical entertainment industry and its massive audiences.

Final Verdict: With plenty of babes to lust over, a deep and meaningful message, amazing animated hand-drawn graphics, and iconic heavy metal music (duh) from the time period you just don’t get these days, and plenty of the devilish blood, guts, and gore that you’ve all become accustomed to in the modern era, Heavy Metal stands the test of time for revisiting film buffs and newcomers alike. Heavy Metal gets an overall score of 8/10 and its sequel Heavy Metal 2000 will also receive a review from RealGamerNewz Film section when we get the chance, until then scroll down for a preview and even a link of where to find the full film viewable now for free.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8/10

Watch Heavy Metal: FREE on Crackle

Review Copy Info: A copy of this film was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purposes of this review.

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