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Besiege Hands-On Steam PC Gamer Preview !

Besieged Game

Ever wanted to design and create a medieval siege weapon? Well now you can with the new game Besiege from Spiderling Studios. In this game you don’t control a weapon given to you, you create it. In order to create the weapon you have always desired you are to pick from a certain amount of items to build it and set it off into victory. Players can build everything from a catapult to a giant wall of cannons. When you first start the game you are given 1 of 15 scenarios. In the first one you are to destroy a simple house using any means necessary to destroy it although the game will recommend and explain how to use the wheels in order to ram your weapon into the house. So in the beginning there’s pretty basic mechanics. Besiege on Steam Early Access won’t just give you the same scenario every time. Sometimes players will have to destroy a structure, kill all enemies (or most enemies), and even move a certain object(s) from one location to another.

How are you going to complete these missions? Build your own siege weapon of course. Since this game is in early access it only offers the first 15 levels, a sandbox (still being developed but still playable), 33 items to use to build your weapons of choice and some include flying tools to utilize flight. There is an infinite amount of things you can build if you put your mind to it.

It does take time to build these siege tools although for me it was not too bad. For others though it may be a bit tiring. My opinion would be once you have this game updated more and more, allow steam workshop to be set in place so people can share ideas and test one anther’s siege weapons out. Because some people love games like this, but sometimes just not the building part.

Building mechanics are not the only thing this game has going for it. The graphics, UI, and the atmosphere of the game are amazing as well. The graphics are sleek and smooth to look at goes great with the UI of the game which is also sleek itself and easy to navigates. The atmosphere in the game has its own place in this game because it’s just the atmosphere I would expect from a sandbox builder, calm and peaceful. Music isn’t anything too special although some does play, so it doesn’t seem too quiet while your building your weapon of doom. Overall as an early access game I have had more fun with it than I thought I would, with all you can build and destroy it was an amazing experience. Check out my game play for Besiege down below and don’t forget to leave your thoughts on this great game.

Full 1080P 60 Frames Per Second RGN Video Preview:

Now Available on Steam Early Access

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