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Square Enix considering Final Fantasy VII spin-off compilation Tetsuya Nomura says

Recently Final Fantasy fans got teased with the possibility of a Final Fantasy VII compilation comprising of every relative title ever made. The idea was proposed by interviewers in Japan after an inspiration from the announcement of Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far exclusively released on PlayStation 4 last week. Among the names include rarities that even the most die-hard FFVII fans may have never heard of. Take a look at the list of potentials for yourself.

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Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far announced exclusively for PlayStation 4

Ironically there was an article back in January on a hardcore fan’s blog called The Story So Far but now that title is the name of an upcoming PS4 exclusive which will feature a compilation of Kingdom Hearts titles allowing players to get the backstory leading up to Kingdom Hearts III’s anticipated release on January 29, 2019 for PS4 and Xbox worldwide (and 4 days prior to that in Japan).

This move by Square Enix has garnered a little fan backlash from gamers who are on Nintendo Switch or Xbox One as well as some PS4 players claiming this was a “cash grab” since the titles are already available on PS4. However, the title is being offered at a heavy discount versus buying all of the games separately and makes for a great purchase if anybody hasn’t played the originals and does not yet own them on PS4.

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The Last Remnant Remastered Revealed for PlayStation 4 [Hi-Res Screens]

It appears that Square Enix is focusing on making bigger and better games that really nail the masterpiece goal they have for themselves. With salvaging Final Fantasy XV into something the world ended up loving, but not really calling a masterpiece, they perhaps have to realize how close they keep coming to doom by announcing many huge projects at once that take almost a decade to finish and look nothing like their original concepts.

In the meantime, while working on their next-generation of big games, there seems to be a steady flow of remastered content both unexpected and in demand coming from the studio including FFXII: The Zodiac Age as well as the newly revealed FF: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition and even a PS4 / Xbox / Switch homecoming upgrade of a mobile title now known as FFXV: Pocket Edition HD.

Imagine our surprise when Square Enix PR sent over a press release today detailing a December 6, 2018 release date for The Last Remnant Remastered on PlayStation 4. Being one of the turn based Xbox 360 investments into the Japanese RPG demographic that never made its way to the Sony side of gaming.

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Rumor: Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD releasing for PS4?

Update: Square Enix has confirmed this rumor and launched FFXV Pocket Edition HD for PS4 and Xbox with a Nintendo Switch version coming as well. The title is also subject to a 40% off discount right now. Below is our unedited rumor of the post and the new trailer for the game.

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FF7 Remake could take until 2021, launch on PS5, and have different name

Final Fantasy VI Remake was announced way too early according to Tetsuya Nomura (FF7 Remake Director, Director of the Kingdom Hearts series, and holder of many design and director credits throughout the Final Fantasy series). Although the team has stopped making their own game engines and now use Unreal Engine 4, there is mounting evidence suggesting that the title will not be done anytime soon and could look completely different from what has been seen thus far by the time it launches. And this wouldn’t be the first time a Square Enix game’s development has been like this, as Final Fantasy already know all too well…

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Octopath Traveler Launch Week Impressions

Octopath Traveler is a game designed by Acquire and headed by the producers of the much heralded Bravely Default and Bravely Second, two amazing RPGs on the 3DS. Fittingly so, this game has received some serious hype as a Switch exclusive for months before its release. Not only that, its unique style of art and old school JRPG feel were giving it serious buzz within the community. Basically from the get-go it was designed to scratch an itch that many have been craving for a long time. Suffice it to say, from what I have played of the game thus far, Octopath Traveler bsolutely does not disappoint.

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Huge Final Fantasy PC Gaming Sale on Steam

After FF fan Kyriya created a version for the Pocket Edition characters of Final Fantasy XV to make their way into FFXV Windows Edition, Square Enix is celebrating by giving half off of almost every Final Fantasy game on the Steam platform in addition to upscaling the work started by Kyriya and launching Noctis Pocket Edition Skin for FFXV Windows Edition (with Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto to come later).

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E3 2018: Kingdom Hearts III release date revealed by Square Enix

Today Square Enix tempered expectations before their E3 Press Conference tomorrow at 10AM Pacific Time by revealing the release date of Kingdom Hearts III. One of the longest waits in gaming history is soon coming to an end thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 development path Square Enix has chosen for their current lineup of games. Originally announced at E3 2013, but in pre-development since as early as 2006, KH3 has undergone a number of iterations and so much money, hard work, and love has been poured into the project that it’s surreal to think fans will soon get their hands on it.

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Best Game Score & Music 2017 – The Game Awards

Square Enix has really come a long way in the past few years in terms of winning back fan support since the split community during FFXIII’s launch and review period, particularly in the Western regions. With a successful 15th entry into the series, a new “World of Final Fantasy” side-line franchise, and more. Work is still steady in the works for a Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VII Remake as well.

NieR:Automata is one of the most beloved games among fans this year with The Game Awards awarding the title Best Game Score & Music 2017. This is very befitting for Square Enix as they’ve always had legendary soundtracks in their games as well as celebrated their music in orchestral concert tours around the world.

If you haven’t had time to check the game out yet, you owe it to yourself to hit that continue reading button below and view the trailer.

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Top 10 Final Fantasy RPG Games Of All Time

Final Fantasy Top 10 RPG Games of All Time - RealGamerNewZ

Happy Easter! Welcome to another RealGamerNewZ Top 10 List. This one comes near and dear to our hearts as we prepare a special meal and gather around telling tales of young and the old adventures throughout gaming’s vast universe. Today we will revisit some of our favorite games of all time, the gem of the Square Enix portfolio, and one of the top selling franchises of all time – Final Fantasy.

  1. Final Fantasy VI – PS3+Vita / *Super Nintendo – A realm perfected, a world of ruin, an evil empire, and an adventure of exploration with resilience in the face of adversity. The long lost and forbidden technology of Magic is finally explained to humankind, and its shameful secret revealed. Originally titled “Final Fantasy III” in the United States version, FF6 is a masterpiece that shows the peak design of the classic retro 2D JRPG genre and defines Final Fantasy mechanics as a franchise.
  • Noteworthy Features: Living Espers turn to Summons and Magic Artifacts that any character can learn spells from, Open World with much variety in locations made available through a steady storytelling process that gives the illusion of free roam. Airships and Gambling on to-the-death Battles in Coliseum are also featured. Memorable characters with well fleshed out identities coming together to play various roles in an evolving plot around the battle for ultimate power in a world under threat of being lost to madness.

2. Final Fantasy VII – Steam / PS4 / PS3+Vita – Open rebellion against a sinister rogue state engulfed in genetic engineering, a massive city floating above the sky and a vast overworld with hidden treasures abound. Memorable and universally acclaimed blockbuster of an experiment in disc-based classic retro 2D meets 3D JRPG genre FF7 is currently being remade into a modern day AAA experience, and the original is a must-play experience for turn-based RPG gaming fans.

  • Noteworthy Features: Materia Magic System, High Tech / Modern World Version of Final Fantasy is brought together by intriguing characters who each have their own weapons class of training and path of skills in addition to the Materia System. An entire subset of mini-games leads to a Gamers-style Casino suspended above a quicksand-filled jail.
  • There’s a massive overworld that slowly opens up to gamers across what was originally a 3 disc-campaign on the original Sony PlayStation and cinematic cut-scenes are introduced to the series while paired with exploratory scenes of 2D backgrounds and 3D models in addition to 3D battles taking place in ATB Turn-Based Combat.
  • This title told the tale that cemented Final Fantasy as a gamer’s go-to franchise for solid RPG gameplay systems and stories paired together, and the discovery of FF7 has also led many to retrace the series’ roots in search of gems from previous iterations.

3. Final Fantasy IV – *PlayStation Portable / *Super Nintendo – A time before time, where swords and kingdoms were a noble folk, mages and wizards were of confusion and mystery, and the secrets of the mystic creatures within and around the world made them that much more intriguing. Visit the moon, and reveal the secrets of the inner-earth in FF4, originally titled “Final Fantasy II” in the United States version, an incredibly well polished JRPG that can also be looked to as a defining moment for the Final Fantasy franchise.

  • Features: Guardians of the crystals, the redemption of a dark knight, towns and villages at the mercy of a kingdom and its overthrown ruler’s army, these are the backdrops for Final Fantasy IV. An incredible set of classic-inspired gameplay systems lead this story-based, combat-heavy turn based title by the original Squaresoft who also made FF7 and FF6.

4. Final Fantasy X – Vita / PS3 / PS4 – When we Sin, where does it go? What does it become? If it was all spiraling chaotically into a tsunami-breeding storm, would we stop and pay it attention then? Perhaps our Sin would simply wash over us again and again as we cling on, barely surviving, looking at the civilizations of ancient times left behind as wreckage for a foggy memory we attempt to remind ourselves of. Or is it all just a dream? Final Fantasy X brought the series to a higher graphical presentation while sacrificing some of its open world roots in exchange for a cinematic storytelling experience.

5. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – *PlayStation Portable – Another life, another time, the layer behind the story of the man we all looked to

6. Final Fantasy IX – PS3+Vita / Steam

7. Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII – *PlayStation 2

8. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest – *Super Nintendo

9. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call – Nintendo 3DS

10. Final Fantasy V – PS3 / *Super Nintendo

Honorable Mentions: Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Final Fantasy Tactics.




*Super Nintendo, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable titles are provided under the Bill Clinton Act of 1995 in which gamers who own a copy of the original game in physical format are allowed a 24 hour copy of the digital version (emulated) in order to provide backup playing in the event of a hardware failure on the original cartridge. You must own this game to play it.
**Where there are modern day re-releases or remakes that are of an acceptable quality, RGN has provided the link to purchase this game that way instead – however, some remakes of FF games have been deteriorating to the franchise due to the employment of mobile support for iOS and Android touch controls.

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Square Enix excited about the Nintendo Switch

maxresdefault (10)

Yoskue Matsuda, CEO of Square Enix made several statements in an interview with Nikkei. His statement follows “Our developers with a strong interest in the Switch are eager to challenge themselves to find new ways for people to play games. Having more gaming platforms available is a good thing for us. I really want the Switch to succeed. We’ll be developing new titles, and we’d like to port existing titles that the Switch can support often as we can. Nintendo creates a variety of new gameplay possibilities. I think other companies will comes up with some surprising gimmicks using the Switch’s unique capabilities. We have our own way of doing things, so we’ll be marrying the Switch’s unique features to the kinds of games we’re known for.” So we could potentially see plenty games hit the Switch from Square. In my mind ports of all the older Final Fantasy games would be ideal, especially ones like Final Fantasy VII which as a steam remaster from several years back. The future remains to be seen on what touches the Switch, titles like I Am Setsuna are perfect for it in one of your staff members opinions.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Releasing January 28 on PC


Tomb Raider fans who have been waiting patiently for the sequel’s release on PC won’t have to for much longer. Square Enix has revealed via tumblr post that the PC version will launch on January 28.

“The PC release of Rise of the Tomb Raider continues the positive momentum from our highly successful partnership and collaboration with Microsoft for the launch on Xbox One and Xbox 360,” said Scot Amos co-Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics.”

The PC version will be available digitally and will support 4k resolution and other additional features. The standard edition will cost $59.99, while the Digital Deluxe edition — which includes the season pass and future DLC, will be priced at $89.99.

Source: Tomb Raider Tumblr

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Square Enix Confirms a 2016 Release for Final Fantasy XV


At long last Final Fantasy fans now have an idea of when they’ll get their hands on the 15th numbered entry, in the long-running franchise. FFXV Director Hajime Tabata confirmed a 2016 release for the highly anticipated action-RPG in a new Square Enix blog post. Tabata states that development of the game is in its final phase and the team will focus allof its “effort and willpower” in order to complete it.

“I vow to you all that every member in the team will do their best to the very last possible moment taking responsibility and pride in their craft.We will do everything we can do to finish FFXV to create an experience we are incredibly proud of and one that you will enjoy and treasure. The whole FFXV team appreciates all of the support from each and everyone one of you this past year. I cannot tell you how much it means to all of us. We’d like to celebrate a wonderful New Year and as we approach the release of FFXV, I’d like to enjoy that moment with you all.”

No actual release date was given but we’ll be sure to update you once SE reveals it.


Source: Square Enix

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Life is Strange Gets a Physical Release for January 2016, Limited Edition Revealed


If you’ve been holding out for a physical release of Dontnod Entertainment’s ‘Life is Strange’, then you are in luck. Thanks to the overwhelming amount of requests from fans, the developer has announced that their game will see a retail release on January 19, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One in North America. The retail copy of the game will cost $29.99.

Dontnod has also revealed the Limited Edition, which will include a 32 page artbook (complete with unreleased concept art), the entire Life is Strange soundtrack, director commentary and the original score by composer Jonathan Morali. The LE will cost $39.99 in NA, 34.99 € in PAL territories, where it releases on January 22* for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

“The response to Life is Strange really has blown us away! To be able to share that experience with our fans in a traditional boxed format is something we’re really excited about and the decision to include the extra items for the Limited Edition is a direct response to fan requests,” says Luc Baghadoust Producer on Life is Strange

Life is Strange LE


Full Life is Strange track list:

1. Syd Matters – ‘To All Of You’

2. Jose Gonzales – ‘Crosses’

3. Angus & Julia Stone – ‘Santa Monica Dream’

4. Sparklehorse – ‘Piano Fire’

5. Alt J – ‘Something Good’

6. Local Natives – ‘Mt. Washington’

7. Bright Eyes ‘Lua’

8. Mogwai – ‘Kids Will Be Skeletons’

9. Amanda Palmer – ‘In My Mind’ (feat. Brian Viglione)

10. Message To Bears ‘Mountains’

11. Breton – ‘Got Well Soon’

12. Mud Flow – ‘The Sense of Me’

13. Foals – ‘Spanish Sahara’

14. Syd Matters – ‘Obstacles’

Original Score by Jonathan Morali

15. Jonathan Morali ‘Golden Hour’

16. Jonathan Morali ‘The Storm’

17. Jonathan Morali ‘Blackwell Academy’

18. Jonathan Morali ‘Kate’

19. Jonathan Morali ‘Timeless’

20. Jonathan Morali ‘Timelines’

21. Jonathan Morali ‘Night Walk’

22.  Jonathan Morali – ‘Max
& Chloe’

Official Synopsis:

Follow the story of Max Caulfield, a photography senior who discovers she can rewind time while saving her best friend Chloe Price.

The pair soon find themselves investigating the mysterious disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber, uncovering a dark side to life in Arcadia Bay. Meanwhile, Max must quickly learn that changing the past can sometimes lead to a devastating future.

You can pre-order the standard and Limited Editions of Life is Strange now.

* At the moment it seems as the Limited Edition is the only physical version of Life is Strange for PAL regions. Stay tuned for more info.

Source: SquareEnix

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[Updated] Lara Croft and the Blade of Gwynnever Releasing this November


Update: The novel’s release date has now been set to December 15th, 2015.

Original story as follows:

Everyone’s favorite Tomb Raider is back in an all new written adventure this fall, in Lara Croft and the Blade of Gwynnever. Due out on November 3rd, this standalone novel from Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent (Tomb Raider: The Ten Thousand Immortals), sees the return of classic Lara as she embarks on yet another perilous adventure spanning the globe. Dual wielding pistols and all.

Official excerpt:

After a ruthless competitor beats her in a race to recover a priceless antiquity in Sri Lanka, Lara Croft returns home to London. Nursing her bruises, she gets a call from an old friend in desperate need of help and learns that something truly strange has been discovered during a excavation beneath the City of London. Investigating, Lara witnesses something so spectacular it could rewrite the history of the British Isles—and perhaps even the world—but is drawn into a dangerous shadow world of espionage, conspiracy and black market trafficking. There’s too much at stake. Lara sets off on a globe-trotting mission to recover a precious antiquity that links the modern world to ancient myths and legends, as old foes and new threats gather to stop her finding the truth. What is the true secret of the blade, who can she really trust, and is this the one mission even she can’t survive?


Blade of Gwynnever’s storyline was written in conjunction with Crystal Dynamics, the developer of the Tomb Raider video games.

The novel is available to pre-order on Amazon.com ($10.59) at other select retailers.

Source: Prima Games

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