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Starhawk Devs Producing PlunderNauts For iOS Devices [HD Trailer]

PlunderNauts iOS

From the creators of Starhawk and developers of the Twisted Metal series as well as Warhawk on PS3 comes a more humble approach to the hearts of gamers, PlunderNauts for iOS devices. Check out the Teaser Trailer which also features Gameplay in the high definition clip below.

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Are Warhawk Servers In Danger? Dylan Jobe Says SONY Hasn’t Said So

Warhawk Best Multiplayer Game of All Time

In a casual conversation with a fellow Warhawkian over Twitter this evening @DylanJobe responded to our fears of Warhawk’s PlayStation 3 Dedicated Servers being shut down. For those of you that know me well you know that Warhawk is my favorite multiplayer game of all time. The topic came up as we were both discussing PlayStation 4 titles and our fond memories of the incredible Warhawk game.

Recently rumors had been circulating the PSN chat waves that Warhawk’s PS3 servers would be shut down “soon”. When asked by twitter user @keithelliott1 (known as AutoTranz to the PSN / Warhawk community) @DylanJobe replied from his official Twitter account with the following tweet:

Warhawk Dedicated Servers

Here are the PS3 Warhawk Dedicated Servers in all their glory.

Now if only the Warhawk community could get together and bring SONY to the realization of how amazing this title was, bring it back somehow for the next-gen, then I could die a happy man having seen nothing like it and nothing as good since I first began shooting stuff on DOOM.

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Best Buy Announces New Game Deals on Far Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed III, and More

The following games have been marked for sale at Best Buy stores during the week of 3/17/2013

Games for $54.99

  • Skylanders: Giants Starter Pack – PlayStation 3
  • Skylanders: Giants Starter Pack – Xbox 360
  • Skylanders: Giants Starter Pack – Nintendo Wii
  • Skylanders: Giants Starter Pack – Nintendo 3DS
  • Skylanders Giants Starter Pack – Nintendo Wii U

Games for $39.99

  • Halo 4 – Xbox 360

Games for $29.99

  • Far Cry 3 – PlayStation 3
  • Far Cry 3 – Xbox 360
  • Far Cry 3 – Windows
  • Assassin’s Creed III – PlayStation 3
  • Assassin’s Creed III – Xbox 360

Games for $19.99

  • Darksiders II – Nintendo Wii U (in-store only)

Games for $14.99

  • Darksiders II – PlayStation 3
  • Darksiders II – Xbox 360
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown – PlayStation 3 (in-store only)

Games for $9.99

  • Fable: The Journey – Xbox 360 (in-store only)
  • Adventure Time – Nintendo 3DS (in-store only)
  • Starhawk – PlayStation 3 (in-store only)
  • Saints Row: The Third – PlayStation 3 (in-store only)
  • LEGO Ninjago Bundle with LEGO Battles: Ninjago Video Game – Nintendo DS
  • The Trash Pack – Nintendo 3DS
  • Pokemon Rumble Blast – Nintendo 3DS  (in-store only)

Games for $7.99

  • LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 – PlayStation 3
  • Rabbids Rumble – Nintendo 3DS (in-store only)
  • Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue Special Edition – Nintendo 3DS
  • Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue Special Edition – Nintendo DS
  • Classic Games Overload: Card and Puzzle Edition – Nintendo 3DS
  • Rayman Origins – Nintendo 3DS (in-store only)

Games for $4.99

  • Nintendo Selects: Pikmin 2 – Nintendo Wii (in-store only)

Games for $2.99

  • uDraw’s Big Adventure – Nintendo Wii (in-store only)

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Is Starhawk Overflowing with Noobs?

They need to work on all the noobs in the game, it’s just rediculous. All people do is get in hawks, pick up cluster and destroy your base and team over and over and they put on their shield. They dont even give you a chance to rebuild. Then the other half of their team are coming over in jetpacks jumping and shooting everyone with rocket launchers at the same time, do you know how hard it is to get out of that?

If it isn’t the hawks, it’s the tanks and their missiles, too many people hack with both vehicles and it makes the game very less enjoyable. I’m so sick of the noobs, especially that clan “Terror Squad” that’s all they do is noob in the game, no one in starhawk likes that clan!!

It’s bad enough i always end up on the crappiest team anyway, but the noobing needs to stop, LBI you guys really need to lower the power on those hawks and tanks or create more defensive strength for razorbacks, sidewinders and defensive structures. I really leave matches with tanks because they just always manage to flood your base

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STARHAWK Evolution

The team over at Lightbox Interactive have been hard at work long after the final build and release date of their latest project STARHAWK. With multi-player now in full swing the they have been diligently reading, listening, and responding to player feedback trying to create a balance between vehicles, weapons strength, from every possible angle. While a fraction of the populous does not agree with with some of the changes that are being made you have to understand what exactly they are looking at and seeing to be able to form an opinion on whats getting adjusted.

On the surface it looks like they are just appealing the wolf cries by lowering weapons power on the hawks and raising the power on hawk defense as well as completely nerfing the tanks. But there is a method to their madness. The team doesn’t just change things that people are complaining about simply because they don’t like it. Dylan and his team are painstakingly going over every single statistic that is produced during game-play from how long it takes to gather enough energy to build a station and get to another base to how many bullets it takes to take out an enemy.

If you have played since the first day of release then some of the changes seem to hurt the game more then help in their defense we have all seen what happens when one team gets to the middle base and gets a tank station up first on a ground pounder map. It just is not fun to be on the opposing team in that situation. Once everyone gets used to the changes as the game gets finely tuned most will forget the changes even took place.

Instead of all the complaining that really only hinders your personal experience get involved with the process. Get on the computer and hit up any of these open sources of communication and let your concerns be heard! http://community.us.playstation.com/community/games/shooter/starhawk?view=blog site http://www.lightboxinteractive.com/blog/ , site or you can even speak to the man Dylan Jobe himself at https://twitter.com/#!/DylanJobe

Just because you don’t get a response doesn’t mean they are not hearing what you said you have consider the amount of posts and messages they are getting from fans and players but rest assured they are reading them all.

Everyone should be happy that this much work is going into a single game to make your hard earned money worth every penny spent. If you played WARHAWK you know what I am talking about. That game is still going strong after six years, how many games do you have that can boast that. It’s hard enough to keep peoples attention with a single title while other gamer are releasing every month. But you can bet that this game will still be around six years from now with the constant adding of free DLC and events like battle tournaments with prizes.

Here is what has happened in the last two updates as far as changes go:

First update 

B&B OutPost cost reduced from 8 to 4 Rift

Field Mechanic Skill now auto-repairs Hawks far more slowly

OX Tank HE Shell direct-hit damage reduced by 33%

OX Tank HE Shell blast damage reduced by 33%

OX Tank HE Shell now has slower rate of fire

OX Tank HE Shell accuracy has been reduced a small amount

OX Tank vehicle construction cost increased from 2 to 4 Rift

Hawk Cluster Bomb blast damage reduced 40% per bomb

Hawk Cluster Bomb blast damage area reduced from 30′ to 20′

Hawk Cluster Bomb blast damage fall-off increased

Hawk Shield damage absorption-capacity has been reduced by 50%

Hawk Cloak time has been reduced by 33%

Hawk Homing missile Max speed has been increased by 25%

Hawk Homing Missile target acquisition speed has been increased by 70%

Hawk Homing Missile thrust-delay reduced by 50%

Player Complaint System is enabled

SkillScore now factored-in for Matchmaking

Updated “Player-Danger” icons & logic for server-list

Auto-Turret dismantle now twice as fast


Build & Battle Outposts:

In the release version of Starhawk, the Outposts cost 8 Rift and we’ve reduced that to 4. This significant reduction will greatly help teams increase their team’s controlled regions on the map and even this one change should reduce base-ravaging by providing teams with more options for spawning locations.

Field Mechanic Skill:

There were some very savvy pilots who were using Cloak, Shield and the Field Mechanic Skill in such a way as to be almost unstoppable on the battlefield. While we applaud that kind of tactical use, it nevertheless resulted in very lop-sided engagements and we had to take action. Now, if you equip the Field Mechanic Skill, your Hawk will not auto-repair as quickly which results, in concert with the Shield adjustments, in a significant reduction in “invincible” pilots.

OX Tank & High-Energy Shell:

The OX Tank was very powerful, and rightly so… its a TANK! That said, it was a bit too powerful. Even our Tank-Divas here in the studio agreed. To help get the OX in better balance with the Starhawk’s overall combat economy, we are making a number of changes. Firstly, it now costs more to build the vehicle at the Depot. The Depot itself still costs the same. But now the OX costs 4 Rift when you build it from the control panel.

We have also made a number of changes to the High-Energy Shell. This is the fast, almost rail-gun like shell the OX can fire. We’ve reduced the damage of a direct-hit as well as the area of effect damage. Previously it not only had super-high direct impact damage, but it’s AoE was potent enough to make it simply brutal against troops — when the real role of the OX needs to be more about anti-vehicle and anti-structure. We also slightly reduced the accuracy and increased the time between the first and second shot so that it couldn’t be used as such an effective long-range-anti-troop-rail-gun.

We have not included any changes to the OX Tank’s Artillery shell at this time.

Hawk Cluster Bomb:

The Cluster Bomb was OP. There is no doubt about that. Sure it feels fun to rain death on group of enemies… but let’s be honest, we all felt a bit dirty doing it! We have decided to reduce the damage per-bomb *AND* shrink the area of effect of each bomb by 40% and 33% respectively. We have also added softer damage attenuation to the Cluster Bomb’s AoE to help make them still effective against Vehicles and Structures and not so focused on troop ravaging.

Hawk Cloak & Shield:

These two weapons really spice up the Hawk’s use on the battlefield but as we noted with the changes to the Field Mechanic Skill, there were also some changes that needed to be made to bring these weapons — and the Hawk in general — into better balance.

The amount of time a pilot can stay cloaked now has been reduced by 33%. This is still enough time for it to be used to get out of a sticky situation, but not too long such that a nefarious Hawk pilot can engage in perpetual *AND* invisible base-ravaging.

The Shield also got nerf’d and no longer can absorb as much damage before breaking. The reduction was pretty significant here and now the Shield only absorbs 50% of what it could previously. Again, much like in the Cloak situation, it’s enough damage absorption to give you a “out” if you’re in trouble but not long enough for it to yield degenerate bombing runs or dogfights when used in combination with some skills or other tactics.

Hawk Homing Missile:

This game balance update includes some dramatic changes to the Hawk’s Homing Missile and these changes were focused on one key goal — get the Homing Missile tracking its target faster and get it to impact its target faster. Now of course we need to make sure it’s balanced so we’re obviously not making the Homing Missile an instantaneous 1-shot kill!

So we’ve increased the thrust on the missile so that it has a higher top-end speed and the target has less time to scrub the missile. This thrust increase also includes a faster thrust activation time so when you do deploy a Homing Missile, the thruster kicks in far quicker and this gives it a “snappier” feel in combat. Lastly, we greatly reduced the amount of time the Homing Missile takes to maneuver towards it’s locked target. This isn’t the amount of time it takes to get a lock, but rather, the amount of time it takes the Homing Missile to steer and acquire its target while in-flight.

Player Complaint System:

We’ve also enabled a system that allows players to anonymously flag other players for moderator review. Our Moderator Team has a special Starhawk system that displays a list of all players around the globe, how many complaints have been filed for each player and what kind of complaint.

This allows players to help “police” the games and get our Moderators into their games to render judgements more quickly. Moderators can watch individual players and can join games even when the game is technically “full” or password protected.

To file a Player Complaint, simply select a player’s name from the Scoreboard and you will see a new “Player Complaint” item in the pop-up menu. Select it and you will be presented with a few options for the kind of complaint you want to file: Cheating, Harassment, Vulgarity and Bad Builder.

QuickMatch, Server-List & SkillScore:

When we launched Starhawk, we intentionally had SkillScore matching disabled for QuickMatch. This update re-enables this feature. If you select to join a game through Quick Match, the server will do its best to put you into a game that more closely matches your SkillScore — or more accurately a +/- range around your SkillScore.


We have also changed the way “Player-Danger” icons are displayed in the Server-List. Preivously, you would see servers in the list have 1 of 3 icons displayed next to the connection strength of the server: Pink Cake, Yellow Fist or Red Skull. These indicated the average SkillScore of the server. So you knew a server with a Red Skull was dangerous to you. However due to another issue, high-SkillScore players were still allowed to join “Cake” games. This resulted in lots of newbie players getting worked-over by the best of the best. Until this issue is resolved, we have disabled both Cake and Fist icons.

So now, you will only see Red Skulls in the Server-List to warn you that game is filled with players that are “better” than you. Although you should note that playing in a Red Skull server can yeild faster SkillScore growth due to you battling with players that have higher SkillScores — so the choice is yours!

Faster Auto-Turret Dismantle:

The auto-turret animation we shipped with was too long and resulted in players just getting ravaged by other turrets or players. The new dismantle animations is *WAY* faster and feels a lot better in the heat of combat.

Second update 

Fixed for the prominent Crashes & Locks

Added automated network disconnect error-reporting

Fixed missing sound FX for when missiles are dodged

Fixed XP display for players already at the first-tier level cap of 50

Fixed Server-List so it can scroll properly and display the full-set of global games

Fixed texture paging bug that sometimes caused a blank Uplink

Fixed the Sweet-Tooth’s awesome butcher’s blade accessory

Fixed the bug causing only 4 players to be allowed into your Homeworld

Fixed bug that caused the Clan Leader board to scroll incorrectly

Fixed Server-List filter on full games to work properly

Third update

Hawk Homing Missile now harder to dodge

LR3 Sniper Rifle no-longer damages the OX Tank

Bruiser Skill damage to buildings reduced

Home-Base spawn regions have been increase on ALL maps

Re-Enabled kick player feature for game hosts

Reduced Flak Cannon rate of fire

Significantly Reduced Flak Cannon damage vs Hawks

Increased Flak Cannon pick-up respawn delay

Increased Grenade pick-up respawn delay

Reduced Grenade pick-up ammo from 3 grenades to 1 grenade

FIXED team roster imbalance for Rifter team in ZONES

Rift Barrels now only respawn once per round in Co-Op

Hawk Homing Missile:
In the last game balance update we made a significant improvement to the combat effectiveness of the homing missile which was something that our player community was really wanting — but we feel we didn’t go far enough! So this update makes the Homing Missile approximately 50% harder to dodge.

What this really means to our hard-core Hawk pilots is that you’re now filling up your evasion bar at a slower rate when you’re dodging. You still need a full evasion bar to dodge a Homing Missile but it will be harder to achieve a full evasion bar. This also resulted in us scaling the evasion required for the Swarm Laser accordingly so that it still requires the same amount of evasion “effort” to dodge as it did prior to this update.

Home-Base Spawn Region:
We have been aggressively tracking “base-ravaging” as an issue that we’ll always continue to try and reduce. To help achieve this goal, we have increased the amount of “spawn-able” area for your home-base in both Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch.The reason for doing this is to help provide players that are respawning into their home base with more options and distance between any attacking enemy players. This now makes it more difficult for an attacking force to keep a team pinned in their home-base due to the increased surface area the attackers need to cover to induce”base-ravaging”.

Bruiser Skill:
When players had the Bruiser Skill activated, they were simply tearing down the structures way too quickly. To help fix this we have reduced the amount of damage the melee attack does versus structures when the Bruiser Skill is equipped. For example, previous it required only 3 strikes to destroy a structure and now it requires 5. Please note that the small auto-turrets still only take a single strike to destroy. A further adjustment was made so that with Large Turrets (Beam & Flak) now require 3 strikes when the Bruiser Skill is equipped.

Hawk Flak Cannon:
This weapon was very over-powered and our fans agreed. This update includes a significant set of changes to the weapon’s attributes. It rate-of-fire was reduced by 250ms and the damage it deals against Hawks has been cut more than in half. The respawn delay for the Flak Cannon pick-up was also increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

These are some pretty massive changes but based on player feedback, our own internal review and play-testing *AND* our combat analytics, a massive change was warranted.

Troop Grenade:
There were some really degenerate situations occurring where players could essentially be come “grenade-turret” by staying in a bunker and continually throwing grenades — never running out of them because the pick-up respawned so quickly. This drove us to change the number of grenades you get per ammo pick-up from 3 down to 1 as well as increase the respawn delay of the pick-up from 1 second to 5 seconds.

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Tristans Twisted World: Top 100 Games Of All Time

Me and some of my friends sat down and discussed this topic. We talked for a long time about this and also googled with are smartphones other peoples ideas on top 100 so it just is not our top 100 its mainly a big converse for which games had great storys or awesome gameplay or changed the way we play video games there may be some repeats but thats because the game is that good.





Half-Life: Counter-Strike




Metroid Prime


Deus Ex







Quake II















































































Now before we start the final 10 we will liketo honor some games that changed gaming but just didnt make the final cut such as Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare, The Elder Scrolls 1, some of the Final Fanastys and Kingdom of Hearts and Legand of Zelda Twilight Princess along with other games like Warhawk, Halo Reach, and Batman Arkham Asylum. But now heres the final 10 after a few pictures of great games that didnt make the cut.













 Theres our top 100 stay tuned for next years list if any really amazing games can change the list which something always does.

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Starhawk Architecture of Destruction + Multiplayer Love Gameplay Videos Released

Check out the new Starhawk videos. In Architecture of Destruction you get an even more action-intense look into the building system that happens live in the game during multiplayer battles. The game releases exclusively for PlayStation 3 in just a few days, May 8, 2012.



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Starhawk Top Ways to Kill Gameplay Trailer Released

Starhawk Gameplay Release Date Video

Starhawk, the PlayStation 3 exclusive war game with refined multiplayer online based off Warhawk as well as an all-new story-based IP complete with campaign mode, a deep plot with a message, and unique characters is now just 7 days away from release.

Dylan Jobe and the team at Lightbox Interactive have brought forth a new trailer today as us die-hard Warhawk fans count down the hours, moments, and seconds the game gets in our hands.

Whether this game is on your radar or not, you owe it to yourself to check out the following video:


Starhawk Release Date: May 8, 2012

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PS3 Exclusive Starhawk Story Trailer + Details Further Revealed by Lightbox

Lightbox Interactive has saw fit to show the gaming masses more of Starhawk. Today we are treated to a brand new trailer revealing more of the Story in the fresh single player mode of this unique war game. With guns in hand, bases to build, and the incredible views of treacherous outer space as the backdrop, Emmit Graves hits the long road ahead of him. Check out the video below:


GameGuru further reports:

“Fans will be pleased to know that the game’s Build & Battle mechanics will be fully supported in the story mode which is focused upon the war between the Rifters and the Outcast. It revolves around the fight for rift energy, known as ‘blue-gold,’ which is found on a distant space colony called the Frontier. Protagonist Emmett Grave will be on the lookout of this brother Logan who is leader of an Outcast warband.”

Follow the links for more Starhawk info: Facebook | Twitter

Stay tuned to RealGamerNewz for Starhawk Videos and more. If you’re deciding to give something new a try (or you’re a diehard fan), don’t miss out on the release date May 8.

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Starhawk Trophies List Leaked Early

Starhawk‘s multiplayer and single player trophies have been discovered according to a new leak being reported on by PSMania. There’s definitely a ton of fon to be had here if you are a Warhawk fan/veteran and as expected a lot of these trophies are achieved online. There are 50 trophies in total including 37 bronze, 11 silver, 1 gold and of course 1 platinum. Check out the full list below:

ARMed and Dangerous: Kill an enemy with the A.R.M. Tips
Annoying Little Fly: Kill a player flying a Vulture pack by ramming them with your Hawk. Tips
Ashes: Complete mission 8: “Ashes” Tips
Ballard’s Crossing: Complete mission 5: “Ballard’s Crossing” Tips
Build & Battle: Use Build & Battle for the first time in multiplayer. Tips
CTF Starter: Win your first Capture the Flag game. Tips
Curious Builder: Build one of every available structure in a single multiplayer game. Tips
Deadeye: With the LR-3 Railgun, kill an enemy from more than 2,500 feet away. Tips
Eagle Eye: Shoot down a flying Hawk with the Ox Heavy Tank. Tips
Family Reunion: Meet Logan face-to-face in “The Source” Tips
First Blood: Get your first kill in multiplayer. Tips
Harvest Season: Complete mission 3: “Harvest Season” Tips
Hat Trick: Destroy a fully-loaded Razorback with R-Sec proximity charges. Tips
Homecoming: Complete mission 1: “Homecoming” Tips
Long Bomb: Kill an enemy with a Tetranite Grenade from at least 200 feet away. Tips
Making An Entrance: Detonate the rift bomb in “The Pit” Tips
Man vs. Machine: Defeat the mech in “Harvest Season” Tips
Mancake!: Kill an enemy by dropping a structure on them. Tips
Mech My Day: Shoot the pilot out of a Hawk while it’s on the ground. Tips
Minor Miscalculation: Kill an enemy with his own R-Sec proximity charge. Tips
Out of the Saddle: Shoot the driver, passenger, or gunner out of a Razorback. Tips
Prospector Starter: Win your first Prospector game. Tips
Ready Up: Use Build & Battle for the first time in the campaign. Tips
Rear Gunner: Shoot down a Hawk with the Razorback turret. Tips
Rest In Peace, Logan: Complete the campaign on Normal difficulty or higher. Tips
Saboteur: Destroy an enemy vehicle with the Welding Torch. Tips
Sever: Complete mission 9: “Sever” Tips
TDM Starter: Win your first Team Deathmatch game. Tips
Takedown: Kill an enemy with a melee attack. Tips
The First of Many: Win your first multiplayer game. Tips
The Freightway: Complete mission 2: “The Freightway” Tips
The Harder They Fall: Defeat the Apex Warrior in “The Pipeline” Tips
The Pipeline: Complete mission 4: “The Pipeline” Tips
The Pit: Complete mission 7: “The Pit” Tips
The Source: Complete mission 10: “The Source” Tips
Train Robbery: Complete mission 6: “Train Robbery” Tips
Zones Starter: Win your first Zones game. Tips
CTF Veteran: Win 100 Capture the Flag games. Tips
Conqueror: Win 100 multiplayer games. Tips
Lone Wolf: Play a perfect Deathmatch game (top player, no deaths). Tips
Outlaw: Get 1,000 kills in multiplayer. Tips
Perfect Harvest: Win a Prospector game without losing any lives. Tips
Prolific Builder: Build 100 structures in multiplayer. Tips
Prospector Veteran: Win 50 Prospector games. Tips
Savior of the Spur: Complete the campaign on Hard difficulty or higher. Tips
TDM Veteran: Win 100 Team Deathmatch games. Tips
Team Leader: Play a perfect Team Deathmatch game (top player, no deaths). Tips
Zones Veteran: Win 100 Zones games. Tips
Only the Beginning…: Complete the campaign on Mercenary difficulty. Tips
Starhawk Veteran: Earn every single trophy in Starhawk. Tips

Source: PSMania

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Starhawk Beta Released to PlayStation Store, Upgrade Coming Soon

starhawk beta playstation store

Starhawk developers have made the beta for the upcoming strategic sci-fi shooter for PS3 available to all on the PlayStation Store. You can get on and download it when you’re ready.

Further features such as larger matches are coming to the beta soon as well!

“Beta patch 1.3 is not part of the download today. Its coming and we’ll let you know when its ready. 1.3 will include 32 player matches, new vehicles and bunch of other stuff.”


Source: Starhawk Facebook

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Updated: Full Starhawk Beta Schedule, Release Date Announced

PlayStation Plus members gained access to the Starhawk Public Beta yesterday! Now you can play the upcoming third person shooter with real time strategy mechanics and experience X-Play’s Best Multiplayer Game of E3 for yourself. You can look for Starhawk to hit stores May 8, 2012 (hopefully before the world ends). As for those of you holding Starhawk beta codes from the Uncharted 3 launch week copies, your access goes live January 31.

Beyond the private beta’s features the following have been added:

  • Classic Arcade Flight-Mode: Private Beta players asked for it and we’re happy to include the classic arcade flight from Warhawk.
  • Host Migration: When the host leaves the game, the hosting duties transfer to another player and gameplay will continue, provided the option is checked.
  • Language Support: European and Japanese languages are included. Korea, China, Latin America and Brazil will be in English…but these will include the appropriate languages for the full game.
  • Skills: Players will be able to collect unique Skills to use in gameplay based on their performance. PlayStation Network Friend Integration: Friends status, messages, and friend requests.
  • Bug Fixes: Lots and lots of bugs have been addressed.

Check out StarhawkTheGame.com for more details on the game and see below the official Starhawk Beta Schedule.

Check out Starhawk on Facebook to get more information on the game from the development team themselves.

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Starhawk Private Multiplayer Beta 1.0.2 + 1.0.3 First Impressions

The Starhawk Private Beta has begun. Invites started rolling out on Tuesday November the twenty-second. We were lucky enough to get a code before the masses arrived. The first thing you will get to do is spawn. Not a big deal right but wait, you don’t just spawn you get to drop from the outer atmosphere in a fiery pod. Select where on the part of the map that your team controls. This can also be used as a weapon by aiming for the enemy while getting ready to spawn and controlling your fall with a  target landing mark that moves with you as the pod gets closer to hitting ground.

In the beginning of the match after ‘podding’ down from space it’s a fast and furious race to get building. Identifying strategic choke-points in maps is essential to seeing every weapon and vehicle you will be needing. You will need to find out how many protection structures your flag will need as well so they can be built then used. This is the build and battle feature that has transformed this series into a strategically enhanced super fast action third person shooter.

Each build includes either a weapon storage location where your teammates can load up or houses a vehicle such as the Razorback – a futuristic version of a jeep that has a mounted 50 cal on the back and seats three. Don’t worry, the other passenger can also wield his rifle at the same time. Some of the other buildings house the jet pack dispensers, and the holy grail of weapons the Mech-Hawk.

The Mech-Hawk brings back the Warhawk flight style air battles with the twist of being able to transform back into an unmatched ground force in the blink of an eye taking all of the weapons from the aircraft with it and adding the power to just stomp people out as they run away in fear. This new hybrid vehicle is the ultimate weapon.

The maps we have seen so far are futuristic to say the least with everything from acid spewing oceans to outer space platforms hovering far above the planets sporting awesome visual details from every possible angle. After logging quite a few hours I would find it hard to believe anyone if they said they were not enjoying it.

In all other games you race out to gain position looking for the perfect spot to set up and get ready for the war. In this game you make your spot wherever you want including directly in the enemies camp. But don’t expect to be there long because they can destroy it just as fast as you can build it. Put up a sniper tower in any location you want climb up to the perch and your weapon and ammo are sitting there waiting for you.

Not only can you drop down and nail the enemy with your spawn pod but you can also decimate the enemy with any one of your buildings if your timing is right. Taking bases requires a beacon to be placed so that you and your team may spawn there and begin to build your fortress the whole time while pushing forward toward the enemy forces.

In this early beta only thirty-two structures are allowed for the eight player team. Not to worry, the structures also come with the ability to reclaim them in order to better enhance your strategy or to just build something you’re needing more than what’s already there. For instance, you have built a fortress of walls around your flag or in your base blocking all entrances and you need something for the forward bases. No problem, simply reclaim the stuff you’re not using and communicate with the team letting them know what you need and where you need it placed.

So far I have to say it has been a long time for many of us Warhawk veterans waiting in anticipation for this release, even when mum was the word for so long until the secret PlayStation 3 exclusive became a reality. The hardcore Warhawk fans knew that something was in the works all along. Dylan Jobe and his team over at Light Box Interactive have not disappointed with their latest installment and I have to say they have exceeded my expectations. Having logged over three thousand hours in their previous game Warhawk, I do not say that lightly.

The best part is there’s even more coming! I’m talking more vehicles, more maps, more modes, even the addition of a story mode will be in the mix before it’s all said and done. This is just the beginning of what players are going to get when they purchase Starhawk. Not to mention the unbelievable amount of replay value this title will have. I’m expecting the same, if not more than Warhawk which is still enjoyed online daily after its release in 2007.

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Starhawk EULA Updated: Gameplay Videos Sanctioned Officially (Again)

Starhawk’s EULA agreement has been updated with the recent 1.0.3 update to the Starhawk Private Beta reminding testers that they are not only allowed, but also encouraged to record their gameplay, discuss their opinions on the game, give feedback on balance, points, gameplay mechanics, or just get the word out there overall.


This is a great chance for Starhawk to become seen by a larger mainstream audience than predecessor Warhawk was able to capture the attention of. While Warhawk lived on to become an icon in multiplayer gaming for those who stuck with it, many were turned away by the game’s steep learning curve and overall domination over new players before the implementation of ‘noob servers’ a.k.a. Rookie servers.

Most beta tests will have their testers agreeing to an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement clause in their EULA that would discourage any gameplay recording or even critical discussion of the game in the general public media. Starhawk’s developers at Lightbox have decided to take a more open approach to feedback and footage distribution and seemingly opened the floodgates!

If you have yourself a way in to the Starhawk beta and have been wanting to record gameplay videos, you’re in the clear!

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Starhawk Beta Stats

Game Stats

As many Warhawk players get ready for their Starhawk beta code today, the first player stats from Lightbox Interactive have surfaced on the web. Yesterday, Full Frontal Gaming gave the first public analysis of these stats which boil down to weapon effectiveness. All of this has been summarized in an easy to read graph. Be sure to hit up the post to figure out which weapons to grab and why.

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