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Fox Asks “Do You Believe Video Games Cause Murder?” 98% Say No; Data Supports

FOX POLL Violence vs Video Games

The FOX News public has spoken. In response to a poll put forth by FOX, 423,556 votes have been cast. 98% of these voters have said that they do not believe video games can be to blame for mass murders. Only 1% said yes while the remaining 1% were not sure. This should be no surprise since any fair amount of logic applied tells you that underlying mental issues and bad parenting are to cause for mass homicide incidents. Violent film, books, and video games are consumed by hundreds of millions of Americans and yet the murder rate continues to go lower and lower over time according to the FBI’s publicly released records.

In fact, if you do the research the release of PlayStation 2 marked a major crime rate drop which was dropped even lower once Grand Theft Auto 3 released for the system. Both of those events can be seen correlated with the FBI’s own data in the graphs shown below. Next time somebody tries to tell you that there are studies or facts to support this absurd claim, link to them to this post so they can get some factual data on the situation.

Violence vs Video Games - Part 2

Violent Crime Decreases When GTA Releases

Violence vs Video Games - Part 1

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The State of the Modern Gamer (An Open Letter)

GDC Protest

It’s been quite a remarkable year for gamers but not all things has been pretty. Of all the topics discussed, I believe gamers should be under the microscope this time. This is a letter to the gamer; an observation. A small one indeed, but one that I feel should be spoken. Gamers don’t realize how much their voices effect the industry and how it changes the landscape of it. While I do agree that we should voice our opinions, it’s how we do it that falls under great scrutiny with me and it should with the community.

For instance, comments concerning what console should be bought by a “real” gamer. This is such nonsense!! Whatever the gamer chooses, it is entertainment fitting to their tastes. However the gamer games, he / she is a gamer. Yes, a gamer can want to watch television through their console and game, or play an app on his phone and be a gamer. It is quite possible, you know. How can one say what is for “real” gamers and what is not? To hear gamers describe fellow gamers as “hardcore” or “casual”, with a completely negative opinion towards the mobile market is quite absurd. I would say it’s blowing some subject matters out of proportion.

A good example of a proportion being blown out to the high heavens was the Aliens: Colonial Marines fiasco. Hey let’s just get down to the nitty gritty. It wasn’t what we hoped for. We were promised a definitive, graphically beautiful piece of software. What we got was, of course, different. Gamers responded unkindly to them. A class action lawsuit was later filed. Aliens: CM, bottom line, was not that bad of a game. The graphics were dialed back, some of the atmosphere was just a little lost, but overall the game did alright for an Aliens game. It was more or less, more of the same stuff we’ve seen before, I mean really; what Aliens game ever did kick major azz? Tell me… I’ll wait. Yet, I enjoyed my time playing it. Saying that in a forum and you’re guaranteed to get stones thrown your way. So because of some graphic changes, you weren’t able to enjoy the game for what it was? You couldn’t find fun in three buddies fighting aliens alongside with you in dark corridors? You said they lied to you? Well in that case, every developer has lied to you when they presented their game at an exposition. Even your beloved BioShock Infinite is guilty of exaggerating graphics in its marketing.

R U Bout Dat Forum Jockey Life

The latest prime example really needs no introduction, you might have guessed it. The situation surrounding Xbox One, their former policies, pricing, and mandatory Kinect accessory. Now this subject alone is worth its own article discussion. In fact, many bloggers and journalists have done that for you, so I won’t go into a long talk about it. Or maybe I will. First of all, I have to say that it was rather silly to complain about the always online feature. Simply because I don’t know one gamer that unhooks their console from the network. Ever. My PS3 at home connects daily, every morning, to upload cloud saves to the PSN. The only time you can consider it “unhooking” from the net would be when I turn it off. Gamers already keep their consoles connected to the internet so what was really the problem with the policy? Like Neo discovered in the second installment of The Matrix, the problem is choice. But truly, was that something worth looking to crucify MS for? How about the dormant Kinect? In a camera-filled world, you now worry about the Kinect spying on you? Don’t be ridiculous.

Then gamers took to the forums again with negative energy spewing from their keyboards like volcanoes when a reviewer spoke out against The Last of Us. And why would the Sony president, Shuhei Yoshida even react negatively towards the difference of opinion? I read the review and it didn’t seem to be a nitpick. It was a subjective viewpoint of TLOU, experienced by an individual. Still, gamers bashed the reviewer relentlessly and praised Yoshida for tweeting about his disapproval of the review. The outcry was so harsh that the reviewer later retracted his review and in so many words offered a apology to the community, which was completely unnecessary in my opinion. Gamers can dish criticism about developers and publishers but they can’t take criticism on their beloved developers and publishers? Ah, can you say double standard?

It is ironic that gamers who once stood as a symbolism for individuality shared through the love of gaming have gotten to the point of having a class structure within a fixed social ecosystem. Now you either roll with the punches or “get punched” for being different or for having different tastes. We complain about the continuity of franchised games such as Assassin’s Creed and that other military game that we always bring up in a topic of that kind. But of course with our hands we support that because no matter what our mouths say, secretly we don’t like change. Just make our games look graphically good and we’ll forgive you. That’s where it seems to be, that line that is always drawn. If it looks good, we’ll take it. If it’s developed by a beloved developer, we’ll support and worship. If it’s the bandwagon, by all means don’t be a pink elephant and hop on it.

As we move forward gamers, we must realize the weight of our words with the industry, developers, publishers, and fellow gamers. Support your developers but constructively give opinions on their software. Understand and know that what you might declare as a fantastic game will be utter trash to another gamer. Digest information and judge objectively before you seek to crucify. Read the fine print. Understand that the industry is a business first and foremost. If the game beats you, find a way to get off your butt and master it instead of crying foul. We can do better than what we’ve been doing, gamers.

the buffet mentality gamer

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Shrooms LOL

his 4 skins

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our new League of Legends section! This article will be the first of many as we are launching both a LoL section and a MOBA section as well (for non-LoL MOBA titles) thanks to our new MOBA contributor team, coming soon exclusively to RealGamerNewz.

To all you Yordle loving people out there. In my opinion Teemo is the most powerful little champ on League of Legends. Now I’m not just saying this because I’m a total fan girl, and it’s certainly not because hes my main. Nope, it’s because of his invisibility-passive which makes him quite fun to play. By using this you can skip, hop, or fly (depending on which skins you own) down the lane and simply hit the ‘S’ key (for still) and poke, poke, poke. Now mind you, I do not by any means mean that you should just stand there. Your ‘W’ key will enable a movement speed boost allowing you to get away while you ‘Q’ blinds there attack damage. The ‘E’ key on the other hand is always active and is a steady stream of poison darts.

Teemo’s ult (the ‘R’ button) on the other hand, would be his explosive shrooms ;). By placing them all over the map (preferably only where enemy champs would be) you will slow and damage your opponent when they run over them. You may find it useful to place your shrooms in locations like this (http://leaguecraft.com/strategies/gameguide/1271-warding.xhtml). That map was made to help people that play the support role. Although there was a rumor for some time that Teemo was a support champ I find that when you try to build that way, the player playing as an ADC (Attack Damage Carry role) gets angry because of kill steals. So I manly solo the top lane with him because of that issue ;). Other than that Teemo is an okay mid and towards the end it is best to roam and shroom, shroom, shroom.

Until next time 🙂 -Gina

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DualShock 4’s Light Sensor Cannot Be Shut Off

DualShock 4 Light Bar Doesnt Turn Off

It’s been confirmed by Sony Computer Entertainment that the new DualShock 4 controller launching for the upcoming Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4) which launches this Holiday 2013 season will not feature an ability to shut the light sensor on the controller off. Similar to how the PS3 works, the light bar sits at the top of your controller and indicates which player it is (player one, player two, etc.).

However, the DualShock 4 also incorporates PlayStation Move technology and uses the light bar to also communicate with the (sold separately) PS4 Eye. This may be part of the reason why the feature is permanent at the time of this writing.

This is a very minor detail of a great looking next-generation launch for both Microsoft and Sony, but as the saying goes “haters gonna hate” and this is likely going to end up a detail in someone’s console war/fan-boy checklist.

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Santa Monica Says No God of War 5 Yet, Dedicated to Ascension Multiplayer Community

Despite the announcement of the PlayStation 4 and all of its potential for next-generation advancements, Santa Monica (the team behind many Sony titles including God of War and PlayStation All-Stars) will not be jumping straight into development for the next God of War title. The company will remain focused on listening to player feedback with the release of God of War: Ascension and is dedicated to fixing any multiplayer issues that arise as the franchise takes its very first foray into both competitive and co-op online game modes.

 “We haven’t touched it [PS4]. We’re not even concentrating on it. All we’re concentrating on is we know we release in a week. I imagine we’re going to be on our forums talking to players about the stuff they’re experiencing in multiplayer and trying to address that stuff immediately. We’re going to have half of our team ready to go for that stuff. We’re going to continue to tune and balance and create new content. We still get to think about and imagine how cool it would be, but we’re still working on this game on the PS3.

I’d be excited if I was a PS3 owner because, I’d know Sony is not just leaving me hanging or waiting until the next-gen comes out, that they’re still kicking out really awesome games for me. There’s the future, and you’re like, oh cool! But there’s a whole spring, summer and fall to get through. “It’s like Kratos finishing off a god, you know what I mean?” Santa Monica Developer Mark Simon laughed, “it’s like he’s putting the final touches on the console or something.”

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PlayStation 4 News: Media Molecule’s New IP Takes UGC to the Next Level

Today’s PlayStation 4 event saw host to a volley of news from Blizzard taking the stage to the confirmation of a Final Fantasy title for the next generation PS4 hardware by Sony. However, perhaps one of the most exciting projects debuted today was from a first party developer.

Media Molecule didn’t give a name to their creation but they did give an outstanding and unique demonstration of the title. A new IP will be delivered which will surely bring animated 3D worlds and experiences to a new level never before seen in the User Generated Content space.

All who enjoy embarking on new creative journeys that allow one to express themselves exponentially will surely want to keep an eye on this PlayStation 4 exclusive from Media Molecule. Sculpt your own reality.


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Will Steam’s Nex Gen Console Compete w/ PS4 & Xbox 720?

Steam has all but revealed they are working on what is said to be a state-of-the art home video game console set to compete with the industry at large. Does this mean Steam will go up against Sony and Microsoft’s upcoming creations, currently dubbed PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720? If so, what exactly could this entail?

1. Graphics and Gameplay – The graphical and gameplay of Steam’s console will depend on the parts that are included in the SDK kits as well as consumer finished units. If you don’t have the power you can’t do certain things, as Nintendo’s limitations in hardware have taught us along the way. If Steam is meant to compete with the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 then it will have to be rocking multiple core processing units and serious graphics setups.

2. Online Infastructure – Steam’s network of social and competitive gaming already exists on the PC and is a huge hit bridging the gap from players on Desktops, Laptops, even Macs together for gaming. This online infastructure can be a huge plus for Steam. Imagine being able to play against friends on other platforms. If this feature is not put to good use it will perhaps be harder for Steam to stand out and compete with the strength of existing brands PSN and XBL (PlayStation Network and Xbox Live).

3. Quad HD and 3D HD – Will the Steambox take advantage of the fact that many of Steam’s computer games (in its digital retail marketplace) already utilize high graphics resolutions and 3D capabilities? This will surely be a great selling point, as if to say that you have the PC graphics without using the PC! With the coming standardization of HDMI 1.4a through next generation hardware this will have to remain cutting edge. The Quad HD standard in the not-too-distant future (better known as 4K) will also need to be implemented with this machine at some point as well.

4. Exclusives – Indie titles, PC classics, up and coming exclusives otherwise relegated to the Steam PC experience will have to shine their hardest as a Steam home console would be in need of many exclusive experiences to compell people away from their existing third party and exclusive content. Valve has an advantage here because they utilize smart business practices of hiring mod developers from within their own game communities. If they are willing to take risks, invest in upcoming technologies such as User Generated Content, not only could they come away with some pretty amazing and unique games but also the online environment could be full of creativity.

5. Third Party Support – With a huge existing relationship with many publishers and developers already, one might think third party support for a Steambox would be a no brainer. However, this is where it’s going to get tricky. Just getting games to release on your system isn’t enough anymore. As seen in the current generation of PS3 / 360 / Wii U there needs to be some sort of exclusive content offering, and/or exclusive spin-off titles and approaches to development to allure the consumer into a unique feeling product. Valve will have to think long and hard about exactly how they want their brand to feel and function before releasing their next generation console and they will want to have a natural fit for developers eager to participate in Steam’s movement.

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Top 5 ‘WTF?’ Moments in Gaming Innovation this Generation

Correct me if you feel I’m wrong, but I’ve seen so much let-down, missed opportunity, generic/vague washover, and flat-out devolution as a gamer this gaming generation that I feel the need to speak up. How many of you out there can relate to me? When you are such a big fan of a franchise, it is nearly impossible to be satisfied with the evolving progress of said franchise.

Yet generation after generation we have seen Super Mario move into 3D, we’ve seen Resident Evil move to over-the-shoulder camera angle, we’ve even seen Final Fantasy go from being all about gameplay and story, to all about cinematography and story, and we’ve seen shooters redefine the online play-space over and over… until this generation, when the standard of innovation fell off a cliff for some blockbuster names.

Here is my personal Top 5 Smallest Advances This Video Game Generation based on my own personal bias and interests as well as my reactions to events in the game industry. I don’t expect everyone to agree (especially not with all five) since we all have our own viewpoints and opinions surrounding these largely popular titles, but hear me out.

5. LittleBigPlanet 2 – Looking for love in all the wrong places, LittleBigPlanet was rejected as an Xbox 360 exclusive and found its home on the PlayStation 3 where custom network solutions and User Generated Content are championed, not shunned. After the original’s huge success, many people found themselves playing endless community levels inspired and created by everyone from 3 year old geniuses to bored adolescents spending a few minutes on something they will never complete. The true gem of LittleBigPlanet was definitely its creation system, but did they have to give up on the rest of the game?

LittleBigPlanet had Story Mode levels that were truly unmatched by their User Generated counterparts. The sequel might not be able to hold that same achievement, for better or for worse. Before the beta was even complete for LittleBigPlanet 2 we saw gamers trying to recreate Final Fantasy VII just to prove how advanced their ‘LBP2 skillz’ had become. This is truly great, but somewhere along the line LittleBigPlanet needs to re-define itself before it loses its soul to random vagueness that User Generated communities can sometimes cause.

The little sack-boy story took a good evolution but if the creation mode insists on being the most important, we are going to need to see an adult version of this game with guns and more realistic graphics. Playing with sacks all day gets old, and this sequel came very fast and very disappointing for me. Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m asking for too much in the post-Guitar Hero era. Don’t get me wrong, LittleBigPlanet 2 is an amazing game that’s probably one of the best throughout the year it released, but it could have been so much more if it wasn’t rushed out for a cash-in.

4. Final Fantasy XIII – Just like the other franchises mentioned in this post, this game strikes in my heart as a very important moment in gaming. Upon the release of Final Fantasy XIII I found myself intrigued, mystified, and very curious. The greater half of vocal majority players online and die-hard FF fans voiced their internet rage (and in some cases in person) over what is probably going to go down as the “worst Final Fantasy of all-time”. Even being worst in such a series as Final Fantasy still doesn’t mean the game is automatically horrible. I found enjoyment in it and feel like I understand the system that was put in place for the battle to shift from individual actions to over-arching strategies.

However, this game really brought to light the issues that the fan-base has with Square Enix and their new direction with the title that has been ever-distant from the original FFVI + FFVII styles that made the franchise so popular in the first place. Like with Resident Evil’s progression over time, we see increased focus on graphics, increased invasion of Action elements at the sacrifice of Adventure and Role Playing ones, and worse – a failure to respond to the fans’ needs for innovation. Just when I thought things were going to be saved, the ‘Gestalt mode’ made me cringe as I found it to be a never-ending Chinese torture session of missed opportunities for amazing gameplay design.

Final Fantasy is a game that has always pushed the envelope. It makes a point to be different every time, so asking for it to bring back some of its roots into the formula might be a little out of line. However, I do think its worth noting the similarities between the largely beloved Final Fantasy X and the largely hated Final Fantasy XIII. Both games sacrificed a lot to bring what is essentially a linear experience to the gamer world in which Final Fantasy is still well represented. It worked the first time, but maybe it’s time to learn while you are ahead and keep FF an RPG game with a more believable illusion of freedom than was presented in FFXIII.

3. Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3 Version)  This game could have been a masterpiece, especially the PlayStation 3 version which was a timed console exclusive by Epic Games (though no one would know that thanks to their $0 advertising campaign supporting that factoid). The exclusive features on the PS3 to justify this? Oh no big deal, just MOD SUPPORT, and FREE MAPS from the UT3 ‘modding’ community. This was an amazing feature to include, in fact revolutionary to an industry that now champions DLC as a way of selling every little enhancement, map, and feature that gets added to a game after release.

Why then, was it never implemented in full? Epic Games seriously dropped the ball in a way that is unforgivable this time with the failure to make the maps and mods smooth to play on and share on PS3. If you head over to UT3Mod.com right now you will still see new mods and maps being released periodically for the 2007 FPS game. However, despite Epic Games teaming up with the creator of this website which hosts maps and mods across the entire, massive UT3 Mod community, the “mod browser” offered in-game (and released a long time after the game) is a joke at best, doing almost nothing to simplify installing these mods and maps.

The pinned “2020” post of how to install maps using the PS3’s Web Browser should be a testament to how useless this feature truly is. The game also claims to “auto-download” custom material from servers running this content, however it never seems to be that simple and installing is always a must anyways. Unreal Tournament 3 should have taken the world by storm, but it was missing that ease-of-use LittleBigPlanet had when it comes to accessing User Created Content.

Those of us patient enough to actually roll with the archaic system got to see everything from UT3 snowboarding to playable characters like Cloud Strife and Marcus Fenix on the PlayStation 3. You have a lot to learn from Sony and Media Molecule on this one Epic Games. But you should have already known better having already had a successful and alive mod community. Another case of dollars over innovation, disappointing and definitely a ‘WTF?’ moment for this generation of video games.

2. Resident Evil 6 The game is still not here, so the verdict is out of course. However, from the looks of what we are being shown so far, I have to be honest – I’m a little disappointed already. With Resident Evil 4 on the GameCube came the first major re-draft of the Resident Evil series since the original trio debuted to huge popularity on the original PlayStation system. Gracefully done, RE4’s formula brought a lot of Action elements into the series which seems to have been necessary due to hardware limitations that were introduced by pushing graphics to the limit for the generation of consoles it debuted for. RE5, while a beautiful looking game, should no longer have been pushing those limits on current hardware.

Rocking a GUI nearly identical to RE4 though we saw RE5 rise to great popularity amongst a typical amount of negative fan feedback (you can’t always please everyone right?). I personally relate to people who miss the more survival-horror, exploring roots of the franchise. However, I do feel RE4 and RE5 were done very well, and thus acceptable evolutions of the series. But for Resident Evil 6 to continue making minor tweaks to this formula without re-defining the game again causes me to feel slightly robbed.

I take a jog down memory lane and realize that we are playing the same original concept that debuted on the GameCube so many years ago. At this rate it seems Capcom is never going to give us that mystical, fantasized balance between Action and Survival Horror that all true RE fans crave. Instead they want to try and bring us that same compromise but with the same UI we’ve been playing since RE4.

Many fans are okay with the small tweaks Capcom is bringing to the table with this new installment, I just pray we see a new engine and facelift to the game and aren’t doomed to keep playing RE4 re-arrangements generations into the future.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 To break down an exhaustive list right now about everything that innovation junkies find troublesome with the COD franchise would be redundant; that’s what google‘s for. That being said, some of the worst points that can be pointed out are the maps, the greedy DLC structure that ELITE didn’t make better as promised, the lack of acceptable bullet tracking and hit detection (that the Kill Cams prove as well as YouTube), and best of all a major lack of change while game after game was presented.

That sure was a mouthful, and if you love this franchise still then you won’t feel my pain on this and will probably see my view as that of a hater. Either way, the fans of Call of Duty are sectioned off to so many different segments. There’s COD4 killers out there still believe it or not, even as COD9 (Black Ops 2) approaches. More importantly there’s MW2 players with and without the DLC, MW3 players with and without ELITE, Black Ops players that don’t know up from down anymore, and World At War players screaming “I’m still here!”, but nobody can hear them.

How are we supposed to be interested in this as online multiplayer veterans of the gaming industry? How many times will people be willing to buy the same thing over and over again? I suppose we will have to wait and find out when some real competition surfaces, since currently no shooter is able to challenge good ole’, all American COD.


Love it or hate it, every game has its pros and cons. That doesn’t mean we should lie down and accept “good”, “okay”, “decent”, games that are “straight” at best and only called the best by those who are following the dollars. Most of these games are not completely garbage, and actually some of them are very high quality productions. The reason these games were chosen is because they have all given the feeling that much more could have come of this. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if every game company worked with Mod developers and Indie designers and threw all of the corporate complications out the window to go beyond the mainstream redundancy we see today.

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PlayStation Vita 1st Party Accessories Trailer Released

Check out the latest trailer to surface regarding the PlayStation Vita’s upcoming release in Japan. Many eyes have been hot on the trail of this handheld which sports rear and front cameras, high-resolution graphics, dual analog thumbsticks (not nubs), and of course front touch screen and rear touch pad. Anything less than first party accessories for such a beast of a game system would just be uncivilized. And so, here we are with a trailer revealing some of the tech you can pick up by Sony for accessorizing your Vita with.


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