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TesserΔct Kickstarter Needs Your Help – 13 Days To Go!


This puzzle-based first person title needs your help. We first debuted a vision of PropelledBird’s TesserΔct in our TesserΔct IndieSpotlight. The game has some serious promise and now with the crew using Kinect to motion capture animations of characters as well as staffed up with Voice Actors on the ready, all it needs is a little bit of support from the community to the tune of $3,000 in Kickstarter backing.

They’ve already achieved $391 in pledges from 17 backers (at the time of this post) and now PC Gamers, this game needs your help. Give it a backing if you want to play it, give it a share if you can’t afford to back it – tweet it, fb it, you know the drill. Post it on a forum if you can and take a look at the Full 1080P High Definition video below of the work-in-progress game:

Kickstarter Link HERE

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