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The Game Awards 2018 – Full WrapUp & Videos

Worlds Will Change…

With a full orchestra, dozens of world premieres, and world famous presenters from within the entertainment industries, The Game Awards 2018 took place in the Microsoft Theater (Los Angeles, California) and is one of the most digitally distributed products of all time and was streamed live in 4K HDR resolution as well as VR formats around the globe on more platforms than any other industry event or live awards show in history. In this article we will cover the play-by-play as well as provide coverage of the awards, world premiere announcements, game trailers, some commentary, and the full high definition replay footage of the event in case you missed the incredible ride.

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New IP from Obsidian Entertainment said to be a Fallout-style RPG

[Update: This title has been confirmed and announced as The Outer Worlds at The Game Awards 2018 but may or may not be published by Take-Two Interactive as previously expected although the game will be developed by Microsoft-owned Obsidian Entertainment and remain multi-platform.]

You may have heard that the team over at Xbox has been purchasing big name studios in an effort to increase the output and quality of their first party lineup of games next-gen. As part of these high profile acquisitions Obsidian Entertainment is now a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios Global Publishing and has been promised an unlimited budget as well as creative freedom for its projects.

While this should lead to some very exciting releases during the next generation of video game consoles, there was already a nearly finished product getting ready to prep for reveal and subsequent launch in the works at Obsidian. The game appears to be an RPG title which Obsidian has begun teasing and will release under publishing and distribution by Take-Two Interactive.

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