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Real Gamer Wish List – Infamous 3 (Second Son)

Just a while back Sucker Punch Productions announced Infamous 3 (also known as Infamous: Second Son) for this year’s upcoming Sony PlayStation 4. Here’s my wish-list of the Top 5 Fan Requests I have for Infamous 3.

5.) (Actual impactive moral choices). Infamous has a bad case of giving you choices that honestly don’t have much impact on the overall story other than the black in white of evil and good. I would love to see more choices that drastically change the story if Sucker Punch is still leaving the moral choice system standing for Infamous:second sun.

4.) (Better moral choices) Infamous i have to say has some of the worst moral choices i have ever seen. Like for example in Infamous 1 you go underground to power up a part of town and their is a man named Brandon in the sewer’s. Cole asks him to open the door to access the generator of the sewers, but is too afraid and refuses to do it. Cole’s choices are:

Good: Tell Brandon that his wife is dead, and that Cole promises to take out every reaper on the Neon. That then convinces him to open the door.

Evil: Shock the door apart which also kills Brandon in the process of opening the door.

Is it just me or does this seem a little strange of a choice? Usually when you have a moral choice the “Bad” option  is a simpler one that gives you something through means of violence. Cole does not gain anything more through frying him and it seems easier to just tell him his wife is dead in the first place. These kinds of choices do not make a lot of sense and i hope they improve upon this.

3.) (Gun based attacks) Although it would of seemed strange to of seen Cole pick up a rifle and shoot back at enemies, i feel like now that our new protagonist isn’t a walking Tesla coil that guns could work very well into the combat. Maybe some gun channeling were you could charge up shot with fire and unleash a fiery barrage of bullets.

2.) (online Co-op) This may or may not break the way the game is meant to be played but i would love to see a co-op system implicated in Infamous: Second Sun. If i would break the flow of the game then a side-campaign could make that all possible.(Ex. Farcry 3’s co-op)

1.) (Stealth mechanics) I know infamous isn’t a stealth kind of game but ever since i saw that our new protagonist had the ability to turn into smoke,stealth just seem’s like it would work incredibly well and would be a nice change of pace. Just imagine smoking through an air duct and dropping down behind an unsuspecting enemy, the possibilities are endless.

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Top 5 Reboots the Game Industry Needs Next Gen

Red Faction

With THQ out of business, and Volition purchased by Deep Silver, Red Faction was left behind with a cloudy future, which is a shame since Red Faction: Guerrilla was the best in the series in my opinion, set in a open-world Mars landscape with competent over the shoulder shooting mechanic, vehicular mayhem and an impressive GeoMod 2.0 engine that created spectacular explosions and destruction and never created the same result twice. Despite a paper-thin story, the awesome gameplay and variety of side missions saves it, not to mention the fun as hell Wrecking Crew Mode that lets you create chaos and damage with friends in Multiplayer. I still see potential in this 13 year old (yikes!) franchise. The obvious choice I see first for doing the second reboot would be Rockstar Games, a master in open-world games to take on Red Faction but Sci-Fi settings doesn’t seem to strike their fancy. But I see Crytek UK (formerly Free Radical) taking this series look and play beautifully with CryEngine 3 running the reboot. They’ve proven over and over that they know they’re way around a shooter (TimeSplitters series on PS2 (which fans also want a reboot to; but that’s another discussion for another day, console versions of Crysis series on PS3 / 360) so what’s one more?

Mega Man Legends

A cult favorite, Mega Man Legends was a fun game for its time, a departure from its 2D side-scrolling days. This game was and still is pretty incredibly charming, being a quirky action-role playing game with a unique take on the Mega Man Mythology. Sadly, Capcom pulled the plug on the game and any hope of it releasing was vanished. But there is hope, in the form of a reboot and I can’t think of anyone better to hand the series over to than Insomniac Games. The Ratchet & Clank series carries Mega Man’s DNA pretty obviously to me, with their fun boss battles, brilliant and varied level designs, and of course, quite possibly the best, most fun, and incredible array of weapons of all time. Insomniac’s take on the blue bomber would be like Pixar making a Super Mario Movie: a match made in heaven.

Resident Evil

This survival/horror/action/drama/whatever the fuck has been Capcom’s bread and butter throughout the years and for good reason: people just like killing zombies. Plain and simple. But with the release of Resident Evil 6 releasing last October to mixed reviews, it could be a sign of stagnation. The game seems to alter the gameplay mechanic to compete with other popular shooters but it’s execution was less than impressive. Horror elements was few and far between and that made up the bulk of gamers’ complaints. Few can balance action and horror quite like Visceral Games but unfortunately, they’re owned by EA so there goes that option. Maybe with a little guidance from Shinji Mikami, Double Helix (Silent Hill: Homecoming) can do for Resident what Mercury Steam did (with a little help from Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima) for Castlevania and Return Capcom’s flagship series to its horror roots.

Final Fantasy

I’m not a regular fan of FF, but I’ve played enough to see that this series could definitely use a facelift. Its formula hasn’t seen a huge change in the past 2O+ years, and even hardcore fans will admit to this. But change is inevitable and a new direction from CD Projekt RED, developer of The Witcher series. I know, they both are drastically different, but come on! NEW DIRECTION. With a series like Final Fantasy, this means more than just a reboot. Final Fantasy represents the majority of the Japanese game industry: it’s stuck in its own traditions and if they ever hope to appeal to western audiences, a drastic change in formula is required. CD Projekt RED could be the answer (or gamble) Square Enix needs.


Ah, a great series from the days of the PlayStation 2 Era. Beautiful Pre-rendered backgrounds, badass hack-and-slash combat, thrilling boss battles, Cool weapons, all set in a Feudal Japan riddled with ancient demons is what makes Onimusha what it is. Like Mega Man Legends, Capcom doesn’t have this series on a high priority list. It’s not dead, just inactive at the moment. In my opinion, the only two developers to call upon a reboot for this classic series are Platinum Games and Ninja Theory. PG could introduce us a re-imagined Feudal Japan with Samurais performing even more over-the-top, nigh incomprehensible combat in the same vein as Bayonetta, and huge set pieces. Ninja Theory can take a drastically different aesthetic, set in modern day Japan, with a bigger emphasis on story. Either one will do, because honestly, who DOESN’T like Samurais? They’re awesome! Every one of you wanted to be one at one point and Onimusha is still one of the best Samurai games around.

Well that’s all I can think of. If I missed any or you think I’m wrong and I’m a fool or something for writing this, PLEASE…say so in the comment section below, I look forward to all of the feedback and I know some of you will feel the same as me, especially for Onimusha!

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The 6 Best Myths About Gamers

1. All Gamers Are Geeks.(Not true gamers are actually some of the coolest people on earth.)

2. All Gamers are anti-social – Actually, Many gamers are the opposite, you just have to talk about a topic that interests them( Hint, Video games).

3. All video gamers do not have life’s- Incorrect again, Gamers juggle families, work and life while still leaving time to escape reality.

4. All gamers live at home in their parents basements…… :0 wrong.  Some Gamers can have their own pads too. Even though you may find a section dedicated to video games.

5. All Gamers are broke. Wrong again. Some gamers have their own bank accounts, and are able to purchase the latest releases.

6. All video gamers do not keep up with the latest clothing trends. Not True. Gamers embrace various styles of clothing. You have some who prefer Urban wear, while others prefer to be more casual. It all depends on the person.

Could you think of anymore? Share them!!!!! Has anyone ever assumed any of these about you?

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