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The Escapist returns to gaming journalism, vows to avoid politics

Politically charged reviews, news, and gaming articles are a plague to the industry which has become disturbingly one-sided as the years go on. But enough of that, we here at RGN have dabbled in the topic throughout the past – especially during more tumultuous time periods of gaming. However, fans tell us that one of the best attributes of RGN is that we are more focused on gameplay than anything else. Politics are not always appropriate and often times are used as a way to click-bait users into rage commenting to drive up views rather than genuinely believing the toxic nonsense they’re spouting.

One website which was heavily involved in the political gambit during a darker time in games journalism is The Escapist. With slowly losing many of their creative talents who fled to YouTube among the sinking popularity of gaming websites, The Escapist eventually had to close its doors. This week we received word that the website will return in the form of Escapist Magazine Volume Two, but this time they’ve promised that they’re “leaving politics at the door”.

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Isn’t Sony Obligated By Law to Help Gamer Who Was Hacked for $600 Because of PS4?

PlayStation 4 Hack 600 Dollars

When people are hacked in this world the banking system has a very specific formula for how to deal with it. For example, one very popular method hackers use to steal your money is taking credit card information to buy flight tickets with and then scalping those to desperate vacationers / frequent travelers with less scrupulous purchasing standards. By the time the FBI catches up with the person who bought the ticket, the hacker has already gotten away with the money and it’s like just some innocent traveler who should have paid full price for their ticket through official channels.

In this situation, or any other similar situations where money suddenly is missing from your credit card, the banking system recognizes your quick report (hopefully you were quick) and completely returns the money back to your account. This is regardless of whether or not they catch the people behind the attack.

The reason I told this story, which has happened to family members of mine and happens day in / day out to others worldwide, is to illustrate that when somebody is hacked and has money stolen from them – they are not subject to normal refund policy.

As you may or may not be aware, Sony and Microsoft claim a “no refunds” policy on all digital sales through PlayStation Network and Xbox Live much like many other digital marketplaces worldwide such as Steam, Origin, UPlay, and even some larger non-gaming digital stores. The legality of this is questionable, and often times they will extend a refund if you complain enough or if they just want to show they value your business. It’s also because they want to keep the Better Business Bureau complaints to a minimum. Sure, they can just tell their fanboy communities that the complaints are not legitimate, but that excuse won’t work in the court of law as seen by the many cases that have been lost in situations like this.

However, once this person had their account accessed by somebody else maliciously and had their bank account drawn for over $600 of product, the entire situation was no longer subject to refund policy regardless of how questionable that policy might be. I cannot stress this enough.

PS4 Hack RealGamerNewz

In what has fast become one of the biggest stories of the day, a PlayStation User has been hacked thanks to Sony’s impeccable server security and instead of doing everything in their power to catch the culprit and restore the funds to the user, who has had their bank account drawn for over $600, Sony has instead decided to bully them into silence – an act that has apparently failed thanks to Reddit and Gamespot broadcasting this far and wide. I feel bad for those who are going through the same exact thing but don’t get this attention, but it’s important to look at this one case in the spotlight and let Sony know how we feel about it as consumers spending billions a year on games.

Sony have told this gamer that in addition to not helping with the bank draft, they will only give $150 of PSN credit and if this is refused and the user goes to their bank for help getting their hard earned money back (not credit card money) then they will be banned from PSN with all of the games they’ve ever bought digitally completely removed from their library.

Nobody wants the world’s #1 video game console seller to be acting like this, we don’t want their head on a stick either. We want them to do what is right and lead by example. It’s honestly sad and sickening to see Sony maintain this monolithic, uncaring approach to customers who spend so much on their products. They worked so hard as a company to re-throne themselves in this industry, and now that they’ve reached the top of the mountain, king of the hill position – they are just showing their true colors to us and taking us through a downward spiral of consumer abuse.

Sony owes it to the gaming industry consumers to do what is right and not just in this one instance but overall.

Even the person who was hacked simply wants to see them do better with their new-found position of power claiming “My goal here is bring attention to a few of Sony’s bad customer service policies in the hopes that they’ll change them,”

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