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Microsoft finalizing deal to acquire Obsidian Entertainment

Phil Spencer inherited a mess from Don Matterick when he took over the Xbox brand after their famous failure in marketing at the beginning of this game console generation back in 2013. Long term damage occurred to the brand from the aggressive and confusing messaging of Microsoft’s later cancelled “always online DRM” system for the Xbox ONE. In addition to this, a mismanagement of publishing deals and lack of foresight in studio investment has led to an unmistakable lack of exclusives on the console throughout this entire games console generation.

Excellent games take a long time to develop, and with Phil Spencer steering the Xbox brand back towards the right direction behind the scenes, the fruits of this labor have yet to materialize. In order to ensure that such a problem won’t happen again, and gamers know that Xbox takes this situation seriously – Microsoft announced at E3 2018 that they’ve been acquiring a number of respected game development studios and even creating some of their own.

Ninja Theory (best known for Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice) is one of the studios Microsoft has acquired as well as Undead Labs, Playground Games, Compulsion Games, and more. This week we also received the news that the final stages have been entered in a deal between the Xbox team and the development house behind Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity. Obsidian Entertainment will become a subsidiary of Microsoft if this deal goes through, further bolstering the company’s commitment to Xbox and gaming overall.

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Microsoft announces Project xCloud for the future of gaming anytime, anywhere

Today, Microsoft has announced their plans for investing in the future of cloud gaming. While they recognize that this new service is unlikely to be any gamer’s main platform of choice for the foreseeable future, Project xCloud is more about working out the kinks and glitches to be prepared for when that day comes that cloud streaming video games are a viable option. Using their massive Azure server platform (which was also offered as a source of dedicated servers for Xbox ONE games), Microsoft will deliver cutting edge cloud gaming through Project xCloud to devices like PC and smartphones. Unlike other cloud gaming services, Microsoft’s xCloud has custom features and controls built for each game.

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RuneHeads discusses their expectations with PS5 and Xbox Scarlet

In a recently published interview with GamingBolt, Matteo Sciutteri of RuneHeads has revealed a few expectations for next-generation hardware currently in development from Microsoft and Sony. As many may know, Microsoft openly announced the Xbox Project Scarlet family of consoles to be in development at this year’s Xbox E3 2018, though no details were yet provided. Sony has been vague about details as well, merely stating that a next-gen console can be expected from them around 2020 or 2021 with a possible name of ‘PlayStation 5’ given by the leading game industry giant.

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