Halo 4 “Champions Bundle” DLC Announced, Includes “The Pitt” Remake

halo the pit

Three new DLC packs are headed to Halo 4. Each pack can be purchased separately, or in a discounted bundle. Eighteen exclusive in game items can be received only by purchasing the bundle, according to the announcement.

The three DLC pack include the “Bullseye Pack”, featuring two new maps, sports-themed armor, and the new “Ricochet” game type. Included in the map pack is pit fall, the long awaited remake of the Halo 3 classic map, the pit. The “Infinity Armor Pack” delivers “Legendary new armor”, while the “Steel Skin Pack” introduces steam-punk skins.


The bundle will be available for 800 Microsoft points on August 20. Separately, The “Bullseye”, “Infinity Armor”, and “Steel Skin” pack will be available for 480, 240, and 240 Microsoft points respectively.