**UPDATE Winners Announced** Anno Online Rubies Giveaway Contest

Anno Online Rubies Giveaway

Below sits the unedited contest details, scroll to bottom for winner names:

Hey RealGamerNewz crew and Anno Online players! We are giving away some Rubies for the game, and this is thanks to Ubisoft Blue Byte and their promotional teams. All you have to do to enter is RT the tweet below and leave a comment on the site naming your twitter account. Winners will be chosen randomly until we run out of codes! NOTE: Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter so we can DM you back the winning promo code. Thanks so much.

Also, be sure to check out our Anno Online Review HERE. 🙂

Prize Info: Provided by Ubisoft Blue Byte, Codes are worth 500 rubies each and are sent via DM.

To redeem the code:  log in to the web site; go to “My Profile” on the right hand side; Click “Redeem Vouchers;”  enter your code and click “Redeem Voucher.”


WINNERS Announced:

@savbookkeeper @HermanJedidiah @kyleasher @SilverDragarian @xtreme9000

@Rhys_Kitikion @stconquest @islandtrek @fan_anno @harglbargl @skywolfnet @Scott1470

@rubiesareluv @Lucifer6879 @fanofanno @Mizuho9000 @RubiesAreLife

@Silvermink1 @johndoe28179229 @balloongal247

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