Xbox Scorpio Revealed


Microsoft has unveiled it’s new platform in the Xbox One family, Project Scorpio or Xbox Scorpio. It features 6 teraflop GPU, a 2.3 GHz custom CPU, 12 GB GDDR5 Memory, 326 GB/s Memory Bandwidth. It also promises true 4K gaming along with a 4K blu ray player and 1 TB of storage. Microsoft promises that all Xbox One games will be able to run at 4K 60 fps with the power of the Scorpio. It’ll be interesting to see if this vision of a true 4K console gaming platform comes true. Below is Forza running at 4K 60fps, with all it’s assets boosted to up to 4K through the power of the Scorpio, so it’s a promising first look. Stay tuned at RGN as we continue to cover the Xbox Scorpio.

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