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Tristans Twisted World: Army of TWO:The Devils Cartel Demo Impressions

By Tristan Werbe in Impressions

I recently have downloaded the Army of TWO: The Devils Cartel demo. Now before we get into this I pulled out my Army of TWO: The 40th Day and got a new Army of TWO. I wanted to do some comparisons in terms of the evolution of the series since the first game. They all run off the same idea of you and your partner wither the smart AI teammate or an online player (random or friend) of how you will work together.

But each game has changed in different ways which is a good thing for series. Most gamers really want to see improvements or changes made in there series so they will get something different from each. That is pretty much as what it seems to me is what Army of TWO: The Devils Cartel is doing. The demo starts off with a awesome action packed video that shows stuff you will see in the mission ahead.

Off the back you can tell that the graphics are well polished. You see enemy’s that look I believe Mexicans which would make sense with the Cartel in Mexico but I may be wrong. Then you get to jump into the action it feels similar to other EA published third person shooters in a way. It is by far not a bad thing, but I did sorta the cover system and weapon firing is the only real similarities. The sounds are like real weapons the AK-47 sounds very real more so than others.

The true partner CO OP working is what Army of TWO fans love. I got one of my friends to do a run through with me and to be honest it was one of the funniest CO OP games I have played in a while. Having to adapt to situations to keep your partner alive is something I personally love. For example one part of the demo whoever tries to go on the other side of this wall thing will fall through the floor and the other player has to keep help him get up there from long distance which would be and ideal time for a sniper rifle. The breach sequence in the demo was awesome as well I have enjoyed parts like that in many other shooting games. Then you have to decide who stays on the ground and who provides air support.

I was air support which the turret and realistic flying pilot AI made it feel very real to me if that is what it would be like in real life. Then I crash and my teammate has to run over to me and help survive then after after shooting the pilot in another helicopter in crashes and the demo ends. After the level of partner work and adrenaline game play I am very excited to get my hands on Army of TWO: The Devils Cartel. Stay tuned for a review on Army of TWO: The Devils Cartel in coming from RealGamerNewz and Tristan’s Twisted World keep it real.

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