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Tech Round Up: Darbee Vision DVP-5000S

RealGamerNewZ DVP 5000s

Have you ever wondered can you get better quality from your devices, can I squeeze just a little bit more graphics from it ? Now you can with the Darbee Vision DVP-5000S. When you are playing any game be it on the PC or console you may not notice any changes in the image if you upgrade your HDMI to a more expensive and better quality one. But as soon as you plug in the DVP-5000S you can tell the difference and it’s HUGE! The quality jumps by 110%, you can see more of the image depth and at a better quality then running it off the regular screen be it TV or PC monitor. I did a test where with the standalone HDMI cable and the GPU at max then I compared the images one with the device on and one with the device off and honestly I don’t see why people aren’t getting this device for their gaming in particular!

This gives anyone the quality the want from a graphics card with it being the most expensive one out there. When I first started using this device I was skeptical about it. I was like “I don’t this is going to make that big of a difference to it at all.” But after playing Overwatch for 3 hours using this device I can honestly say you’d have to be crazy not to get one of these with your gaming rig. Even if you just want better quality videos this device has you covered. I hope that you guys will give it a shot and please let me know how it looks on your end!!! I can tell you for a fact that you won’t be disappointed. In the package you get the DVP 5000S , an HDMI cable, the power adapter and the remote. All in a sleek compact box. When you first connect this device you automatically see the difference and you won’t want to play with out this device.

The only problem with this is that when you first connected the device it bugs just a little but within the first ten minutes of tinkering with it the minor glitch goes away and you are ready to play to your hearts content. When you pair this up with a good monitor and a great graphics card you get a great streaming combo that beats out anyone else’s build to the ground. You can see this quality even when being streamed, hope to prove this later down the road. The real stress test will come in a few weeks when I do a 72 hour live stream to see if the device will hold ups and still functions under those conditions.

If the DVP-5000s holds up to the test then it will definitely be a device to have in your arsenal of tech!

SOL Republic Relays

tmp_8853-SOL-REPUBLIC-Relay-Earbuds-9-1094409742If you are looking for quality in product and sound the you have found the right headphones. They’re for active wear as well as sweat resistant and no matter what you are doing the quality still stays the same. They come in a variety of 4 to 5 colors, so that you can choose the one that best suits you. You are paying $80 for these sweet headphones that will last you through your thoughest excersise regiment. With that being said these have been one of the best active headphones that I have used. These headphones were comfortable to the point where you don’t even feel them. The microphone on the headphone picks up the voice of the person and then isolates the outside noise. Which is very important when you are skateboarding or doing regular exercise. These headphones are virtually invisible when you’re wearing them. But no matter the size, the performance of these headphones adding par with beats. These headphones are high quality and can withstand any form of light abuse. If you want a pair of headphones that are lightweight and can be hidden in plain sight. These will be good for the everyday consumer who is willing to pay the $80 price point will have themselves an excellent set of headphones. These headphones are shaped in a way that they are really comfortable , they will not brother you in anyway. When you turn them on you get a nice crisp sound that you will fall in love with, these are small enough that they could be kept away safely without them damaging or fraying. These are one of Sol Republics best headphones where I would recommend these to anyone.

Audio Technica CKX5iS



Nicknamed SonicFuel these headphones have great quality, both in sound and looks. With a 360 degree rotating ear tip adjusts to the unique angle of your ear canal, for a personalized fit and better sound. With an in-line control with mic for calls , music and video playback. As well as controlling volume on certain devices, which includes music and video audio. These headphones has nice crisp and accurate sound. These headphones can withstand moderate abuse and still function. With these headphones they feel comfortable for everyday use and is always good to have.

These headphones are available in black, blue, green, red, and white. With different sizes of the ear buds you are certain to find the best one to fit your style. With my daily usage of these headphones I can definitely I can say that these are good for the everyday consumer on a budget looking for great sounding headphones. I recommend these.

New Monster DNA Pro – Tech Review: Better Than Dr. Dre Beats

Monster DNA PRO

Have you ever wanted a pair of headphones that make you feel that you are right in the middle of everything? Then these are the headphones for you! The Monster DNA PRO are the highest quality headphones that Monster has on the market crisp sound and the best of all it gives emphasis on the bass of any song. Great quality durable and are the greatest design of headphones blows the competition away.

I have used many noise canceling headphones but these take the cake and blows it away. The first song I tried these out with was the new Iggy Azalea – “Black Widow” and as you know the first 5 to 10 seconds have one of the best bass lines of any song out there. When you put these on you automatically eliminate all of the outside noise and can get into your music without outside interruptions. These headphones are stylish that will go with anything you want to wear plus with any other tech that you may have (i.e. Tablets, phones, ect.)


When you connect a PlayStation Vita or a Nintendo 3DS you get better sound quality out of the system then playing with regular headphones or with the speakers that are on there already. Right now, from my perspective, the DNA PRO are even better than the DR. DRE BEATS. I have tried it out with different genres of music; Pop, Rock, Metal, IPOP, KPOP, and with all of these different genres out there I thought that it would make a difference when you play different types of music – but it doesn’t. The DNA PRO continues to have a nice crisp bass pounding sound no matter what genre you throw at it.

These are way better then the Sols that I have been using for over and I honestly haven’t gone back to them at all for anything. What I could say is that for the best sound from any of your smart devices, you won’t want to use any other set. I would keep you posted on what developments come out of Monster for the holidays. I don’t think that this company will disappoint this holiday season. From my personal use of these headphones I haven’t been able to take these off my head that’s how great these are.

Review Copy Info: This product was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

Viacom inks deal with Sony


A recent report states that Sony is currently meeting with Viacom a potential content partner. It is said that last week Sony signed a contract to stream over 20 of their channels, including nickelodeon and MTV. At this moment there isn’t any further information about which of Sony’s platform it will be included on if all or what content is going to be included from their vast library is still up in the air. “A streaming based approach needs to happen on a wide funnel of devices, and that means a broad and manufacturer -agnostic approach”. House said of the companies approach. With this being said if this goes through it would make it make it a great content deal to come to any of the major consoles. The details are still coming in about this so when it becomes available.