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Metal Gear Round-Up


There’ve been a few tidbits of info released regarding the Metal Gear series as a whole. First up, we have the series’ art designer Yoji Shinkawa discussing his favorite characters from both the upcoming new chapter in the series, ‘The Phantom Pain,’ and also his favorite version of Solid Snake throughout the entire series, and also his favorite character other than Snake. He’s a little cagey, as seems to be Kojima Production’s modus operandi before the release of a Metal Gear, but he expresses an affection for the four commandos seen in the sandstorm during the E3 trailer, though he’s not allowed to publicly name them yet. It’s an interesting interview to a real Fox-Hound like myself, but it would probably be lost on a series-newcomer.

And speaking of newcomers, the other little tidbit is from the man Himself. Series creator Hideo Kojima said this week that he believes the best game for newcomers to the series to start with is ‘Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater,’ because it was the first installment of the series that featured the modern control scheme (albeit less refined than the most recent console chapter). He feels that after playing MGS3 players should move on and play ‘Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.’ This makes sense from a purely gameplay standpoint, but I’m frankly surprised he wouldn’t want newbies to start from the beginning. Half of the enjoyment of MGS is its story presentation, so my advice to anyone who hasn’t played the series (shame on you) is to get your money ready for next week’s release of ‘The Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection,’ and start from the only logical place TO start: The Beginning.

Confirmed: New Metal Gear Online To Be Included In ‘The Phantom Pain’

Just as we predicted here at RealGamerNewz, after the announcement of Kojima Production’s upcoming Metal Gear, ‘The Phantom Pain,’ a new iteration of Metal Gear Online has been announced. We don’t have many details yet, such as how the new version of online play will be affected by the main game’s shift to an open world setting, but the announcement furthers the anticipation of one of gaming’s most storied franchises. The new online component is being developed at Kojima Production’s Los Angeles studio. ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ is expected some time in 2014.

And The New Snake Is…


Earlier today, Konami held a Pre-E3 event in which it was revealed that Keifer Sutherland would be assuming the mantle of Snake in Kojima Production’s upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Sutherland will not only be voicing the iconic character, but has also provided the facial-capture animations which are now being integrated using Kojima Pro’s new FOX engine. What do you think of the casting? Will you miss the iconic voice of David Hayter in the role?

GTA V: The 12 Goals of Epsilon

Rockstar has released a new video espousing the tenants of the Kifflom religion.  Watch the video below.

I was wondering if we’d see Rockstar’s version of Scientology with GTAV coming back to its Los Angeles proxy Los Santos, and this video definitely provides the answer.  We can only speculate on how the science/religion will be incorporated into the game, whether it will be more of Rockstar’s traditional background satire or if the church will play a larger role in the story.  But for now, we can all agree with Tenant V, right?  I mean it’s a FACT.

You can find out more about Epsilonism at their website here.

Light in the ‘Dark’: Pre-Order Loot

Realmforge Studios’ upcoming XBOX360 game ‘Dark’ has received some enticing pre-order bonuses. Included in the digital treasure trove is an “extensive” digital strategy guide, a digital version of the game’s theme song (along with the remix), digital wallpapers, and a digital poster. In order to receive the bonus materials, customers must pre-order the game from Amazon, Best Buy, EB Games, or Gamestop. The game is set to be released this summer for $49.99.

[Source: Polygon]

Star Wars! Nothing But Star Wars! Give Me Those Star Wars! Every Year!

Disney has announced that starting in 2015, they plan to release a new ‘Star Wars’ film every year. Following the planned release of JJ Abrams’ as yet untitled ‘Episode VII,’ they plan on producing films every year, with core installments to come every other year, and the gaps to be filled with the announced spinoff films. No indication has been made as to how many years in a row we should expect new adventures into George Lucas’ universe. Hopefully they won’t let the quality suffer with so many new films.


Confirmed: Konami Announces ‘Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection’

Speculations from last week have been confirmed: Konami has announced the June release of ‘Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection’  for the PS3. The collection includes the ‘Metal Gear Solid HD Collection’ versions of MGS2, MGS3, and Peacewalker, along with a “trophy edition” of MGS4. The real treasure inside is the new edition of PS1 title ‘Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions,’ which hasn’t had a previous rerelease. Also included will be two digital graphic novels by Ashley Wood. All of the content will be wrapped up in a new fancy package. Konami has yet to announce a price.

[Source: Joystiq]

‘Spec’ulation Continues on Xbox 720


Some on the Internet are already speculating that Microsoft’s new and upcoming Xbox will set the standard for next-gen gaming.  While no official specs have been announced for the tentatively titled Xbox 720, currently still under the standard Microsoft codename ‘Durango,’ we have heard from several developers that the specs for rival Sony’s announced PS4 are going to be impressive enough that even PC developers will have to have a catching up period.  As we know, the current generation of consoles were fairly evenly matched in terms of processing power, with the slight edge going to Sony’s PS3.  Will Microsoft reverse the situation in its new console? Or will Microsoft’s rumored focuses on being “always connected” and a “replacement for the cable box” hold it back from being the pure gaming machine that Sony hopes to release in the PS4?  We’ll have to wait for official announcements before any comparisons can be made.

‘Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection’ revealed?

Reports have surfaced that the title ‘Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection’ has appeared on the Korean Game Rating Board’s website. This discovery, coupled with a photo tweeted out by Mr. Kojima seems to indicate a new collection of the series’ past titles. As you can see in the picture, (above) all previous editions of Solid Snake and Big Boss since the PSone era are present. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement to find out which games will be included, if it is in fact another retrospective collection.

[Souce: VG247]

The ‘Defiance’ of Fireflies

The new SyFy network series ‘Defiance’ premieres tonight at 9pm Eastern, and already some are wondering if the show is poised to be the next ‘Firefly.’ The comparisons aren’t hard to make; there haven’t been any sci-fi series produced of this scope since ‘Firefly’ was prematurely cancelled. Joss Whedon’s (aka Nerd God) space western aired on Fox over a decade ago, but was cancelled after a single, abbreviated season due to a low viewership. However, the show found new life on DVD, and through high home-video sales and strong fan letter writing campaigns, a film of the series, ‘Serenity,’ was produced in 2005. While similarly marketed, ‘Defiance’ has a few unique qualities that ‘Firefly’ did not in its time. Firstly, the show is being produced by the SyFy network, and not one of the big five networks. This should allow for a smaller, more dedicated fan-base to keep the show going, as cable networks don’t usually need the higher volume of viewers that broadcast networks do to justify their ad sales. Secondly, and most interestingly, is the Trion Worlds’ MMO which was created in conjunction with the series. To my knowledge, this is the first time that a game and television series based on the same property have been produced together, especially when one considers that these are not separate stories set in the same world as some other licensed games have done, but rather, an opportunity for a viewer of the show to play in the world they just watched on television. They get to interact with the same characters that are scripted on the show. It’s a new and interesting property model, and we’ll have to wait and see if it is a successful one. There are all kinds of possible outcomes to this. Will the game drive the success of the show, or vice-versa? Will they drive each other? And what will be the value lost to the series when someone watches it in ten years but cannot play the game alongside it? Will it stand up on its own?

‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Announced by Warner Bros.

The next game in the popular Batman: Arkham series has been announced by Warner Bros. “Batman: Arkham Origins” will be released on Oct. 25 this year on PS3, 360, PC, and Wii U. Following the tradition of ‘prequel/sequels,’ the new story will apparently take place long before the stories of the previous Arkham titles, following a green Batman as he encounters many of his foes for the first time.

It’s important to note that the series’ original developer, Rocksteady Studios, will not be developing the game.  Instead, the game will be produced by an in-house team at Warner Bros. Montreal. It’s unclear what impact this will have on the game overall, but the team is utilizing many of the assets used by Rocksteady, including its customized Unreal engine to try to avoid any disparities in the franchise’s aesthetic.

There’s no word on whether the game will appear on next gen consoles.

In further Batman news, Warner Bros. has also announced the upcoming handheld title “Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate.” To also be released on Oct. 25, on the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS, the game is being developed by Armature Studios, and is described as a “2.5-D Metroid-style exploration action game.”

Update: Also check out GameInformer’s exclusive video featuring development commentary and serving as the trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins:

Sony President: “FPS… or very photorealistic… are not the only kinds of games that people can have fun with.”

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, in an interview with EDGE magazine, has revealed his reasoning behind showcasing ‘Knack’ at the February 20th Playstation 4 reveal.

“Yeah, we hate to see all the PS4 games being FPS or action-adventure or very photorealistic… you know, big-budget blockbuster games.” He goes on to say, “We know that people like these games, but these are not the only kinds of games that people can have fun with.”

This is satisfying news, inasmuch as we can hopefully expect a fostering of a certain type of artistry at Sony. While we all enjoy looking at pretty graphics, and marvelling at how “real” something looks rendered in the newest, flashiest game engine, one of the advantages of telling stories in the gaming medium is the fact that the art style can help not only set the tone, but also tell the story. Just remember “Okami.” It’s good to hear that this new console will not just be used to push games deeper into the uncanny valley.

[Source: GamingBolt]