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Dying Light Hard Mode + Free DLC Content Update Released for PC, XO, PS4


Techland has now brought a new patch to the Dying Light (our review here) introducing Hard Mode. This new level of difficulty has been added totally free and is meant for the extremely hardcore survivors who want the best experience out of the game with an enabled night gameplay that is twice the length and double the difficulty seen originally. Intensity is at an all time high. Other things included in the free content update made available through a patch on Steam, PS4, and Xbox ONE including new outfits across the game world some are national and some are reward outfits.

If you’re a user looking to try out some new weapons, well, you’re in luck because the development team has added a bunch of new weapons such as the Rune Hammer and the Bone Splitter. Techland has also added a new weapon level which is set at Gold which is now the highest level of rarity. Be sure to check out the video below and get back into the game if these new content updates sound interesting or check out our review if you haven’t already started playing. Editor’s Note: If you’re not in North America / South America, expect to see this content on March 11, 2015 for XO / PC while users outside of North America / South America on PlayStation 4 have to wait until March 14, 2015.

Battlefield Hardline Only 16 Days Away – Here’s Every Developer Diary In One Place


Battlefield Hardline is just 16 days away from coming out and developer Visceral Games, famous for the Dead Space series, will have their first fully featured Battlefield game launching. This won’t be the first time Visceral Games has worked within the Battlefield series as they created the expansion End Game for Battlefield 3. Below is a series of developer diaries for their upcoming game Battlefield Hardline launching on March 17, 2015.

Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Developer(s): Visceral Games
Release Date (NA): March 17th, 2015

Dying Light Review

Dying Light Review - RealGamerNewz

Dying Light comes from Techland who has made high budget games for every platform out. They’ve also had some great experience in the survival genre making games such as the Dead Island series as well as the Call of Juarez series. Since inception as a company in 1991 Techland has opened up five offices around the world and now put their absolute best foot forward with the exemplary effort Dying Light.

Dying Light is a first person action survival horror game. The game is set in Harran where there’s been a terrible outbreak and survivors are fighting to make it up against a seemingly unstoppable threat, the infected undead. Players will take upon the role as Kyle Crane an undercover operative that works for the GRE (Global Relief Effort). Crane is sent on a mission to retrieve stolen files from a seemingly ‘bad’ guy named Rais who went against the GRE and stole a bunch of sensitive materials that contain items about the breakout. Upon arriving by plane Crane is hurt and is rescued by Jade, a local, and someone you will get to know better as the story progresses.

Dying Light has two main factions; the runners and the bandits, with everyone fighting for control of the city, and the secrets woven into the story unraveling as Dying Light continues. Players find themselves being introduced to The Tower first. This is the main stronghold in the game where most of the missions will be staged from as well as the main location where very important characters will be revealed to the player. One of the most important things that the user will always be searching for is Antizin which is a viral suppressant that acts as temporary cure to the Harran Virus. Unfortunately, Antizin is not a permanent cure though, and though rumors are one is being developed by a scientist Dr. Zere, Crane will end up working with lots of different characters in the storyline to help them in any way he can in hopes of a cure as well as staying in alive and staying in contact with the GRE. All of this goes on while the main character also has to remain undercover to not let anyone know about the files he was sent to get.

Dying Light - RealGamerNewz Zombies

To players, finding a cure and helping out the people they meet may be a very important and rewarding experience. To the main character Crane though, getting those files is the real mission, the real purpose, the only thing that matters. This successful cinematic narrative shows how video games can provide players with a moral motivation in real life while at the same time engaging as a character they just might disagree with fundamentally. This becomes more so towards the middle and end chunks of the game, but we will avoid spoiling anything in the story beyond the early moments in this Review. If you’re this far reading in, you may want to consider picking up Dying Light to find out more for yourself.

The gameplay in Dying Light is very different from what you would expect if you have played any of the Dead Island games. The core of the game revolves around always keeping Crane moving and this is thanks to the parkour movement as well as more intense encounters with enemies. Each swing feels like it has more weight, more meaning, perhaps even more importantly the statistic grind of upgrading weapons now feels equally solid and stable.

Adapting to the terrain is crucial if you want to survive in Dying Light. There are several different behaviors that players can benefit from turning into habits including transitioning from running to jumping movements like silk, gaining access to higher ground as well as garbage bags useful for breaking a long fall. Stealth becomes an optional way to avoid a lot of damage in between missions as well as keep the noise down, since the infected are attracted to loud noises. Users will find that they need to open up and secure safe houses around the city. These might range from safe places to go to if hurt to critical laboratories. Players also need to find safety and rest if they have spent all of the daytime hours to be secured from night time droves of ravenous zombies before becoming one themselves.

Getting items from crates and lockers is essential in upgrading weapons as well as making other useful items such as medkits. The combat is primarily based on melee combat, there are guns in the game, but ammo is extremely rare to find. Supply Drops are something to always be on the lookout for as they have different types of drops in them. These can be very helpful, some contain anything from Antizin to medical supplies, as well as combat items that can help you out.

Dying Light - Night Time Gameplay - RealGamerNewz

One of the biggest gameplay elements put into Dying Light is the day and night cycle. This essentially makes the experience and is a game-changer for the survival genre overall. In the daylight, it’s easy to find your way around and zombies can be difficult but are overall not too hard to take down. When the sun goes down though, and the night comes, zombies become twice as strong and can overtake even the most skilled player. There are several that also have increased powers at night, for example the ones called volatiles. Volatiles can bite and attack quickly so your best case scenario is to run as fast as you can or if they get close hit them with UV light to stun them and then continue to run. These creatures can of course be killed, but players will want to be wary of large hordes grouping up on them at one time. One of the most important keys of mastering Dying Light, and a noticeable upgrade from the Dead Island formula is that the RPG skills now come in three categories: Survivor, Agility, and Power. Each of these skills will be upgraded as the game continues and this is where the user can really tailor the experience to the way they enjoy playing.

Controls for Dying Light feel fluid and easy to get used to, since during the review process both the Xbox One and PS4 versions were being played. I could compare the two for controls. On Xbox One the button mapping for Dying Light didn’t seem the best. The PS4 has the same layout on the buttons, but it feels a bit more natural for the platform if it weren’t for minor touches such as the touchpad on the controller having one of the most annoying implementations and essentially holding it back from greatness. Since this would always get hit by mistake mid-combat. The PC Version also supports keyboard and mouse or controllers and our Editor-In-Chief Jon Ireson says he enjoys the PC Version with his Xbox One controller plugged in (no charge kit adapter required, just download the free drivers from Microsoft Official Website) and sees no major issues with the controls. The new parkour system is great as well, and is integrated in a way that works very well with the gameplay and artificial intelligence zombies display.

Characters in Dying Light all have different back-stories that can be found out by either paying close attention to the main missions and/or during completion of the game’s many side-quests. Major characters of course include Kyle Crane, Jade Aldemir, Rais, Brecken, Rahim Aldemir, and Dr. Zere. In addition to these characters there are additional characters with quests that can be completed to receive additional skill points as well as to help players ultimately find more loot.

Dying Light - RealGamerNewz Xbox PC PS4 - Review

If I haven’t mentioned it before, Graphics in Dying Light are downright gorgeous. Everything from the high landscapes to the detail in the buildings as well as the character models are expertly sculpted, textured, and detailed – especially the infected. Enemy Design is interesting and gives enough push to the genre to feel fresh and new. In terms of engine performance, the game operates around 30 frames per second on console (occasionally reaching higher) while performing 35 – 45 on most current-gen, low-end to average gaming computers. This is complained about by some, but looks crystal clear the majority of the time and shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying this great game. That being said, there are a small amount of frame dip moments in the game and a few technical issues were encountered. For the most part, these didn’t hinder the gameplay experience overall and only costed a few moments of time compared to the tens of hours of fun achievable with the game. For the record though, Dying Light has crashed twice on the Xbox One, once during the tutorial in which the character jumped off the map and then floated in the air, and once more when the character got stuck in a wall while free climbing. But, these are not major issues, and only happened a rare amount of times. I haven’t had any of these issues on the PS4 as of yet. Techland also confirmed that they will be re-enabling mods in the PC Version of the game and that they were only temporarily taken away from the community in order to quell cheating issues in PvP mode.

Dying Light does have a co-op option in the game and nothing is better than joining a buddy and slaying lots of zombies together. There is also “Be The Zombie” mode that has been added to the game where it’s zombies vs humans, part of the player base plays as humans and the others play as Night Hunters. The Night Hunters are of course a breed of very intelligent infected. After a small tutorial is provided for players to learn how to move incredibly fast and agile, they are shown that their weakness is the UV light. I’m looking forward to continuing to play this mode a lot more with my group of friends in the near future.

Final Verdict:

Dying Light has to be one of the best games in the survival horror genre. With lots to do in this bloody city, there’s never a boring moment. Lots of quests seem to repeat the same themes, but if users get sick of that there is a lot of areas to just explore and lots of infected to kill. Dying Light has a very high replay-ability factor especially with or without the DLC being added from the Season Pass in the next couple of months. Upgrading and crafting weapons while experiencing a cinematic survival experience gave us hope for Techland’s future endeavors and we hope Dying Light has now been birthed into a franchise we see evolve in major ways going forward. Techland has introduced a new level for others to reach for in the industry making anything to do with the undead. Dying Light is a must play.

Official Trailer:

Official Gameplay / Dev Diary Livestream Replay:

Your First Week in Harran:

“Be the Zombie” PvP Multiplayer:

Overall Score: 8.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Techland

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Available On: PS4 | XO | PC | Linux

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Windows PC

Review Copy info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Dying Light - Valentine Day

Xbox One Deals Of The Week

Spotlight Sale

This Week in the Deals with Gold on Xbox Live users will find lots of great deals from EA  as  well as some from Ubisoft they are included below:

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Dragon Age: Inquisition$40.19$35.99
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Madden NFL 15: Super Bowl Edition$30.00$24.00
NBA Live 15 Digital Edition$24.00$19.80
Need For Speed Rivals: Complete Edition$19.80$15.00
NHL 15$30.00$24.00
Peggle 2 Magical Masters Edition$6.00$3.96
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare$13.20$10.00
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Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition$7.99$4.00
Just Dance 2015$49.99$29.99

This Sale runs from January 27 through February 2

Aaron Greenberg Confirms DirectX 12 Increases Xbox One’s Power

Fable Legends

On January 22nd Aaron Greenberg (Microsoft Marketing Team Lead *across 1st & 3rd Party Game Studios) confirmed that DirectX 12 will be coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One and will have an effect on both systems. This will only be seen if developers make use of it. This is optimizing the power of the Xbox One with power that it already has, opening up more possibilities with games to come in the future.

The first game to see this performance enhancement that has been brought up is Fable Legends since this game will be merging players who are playing on Xbox One and Windows 10. In Fable Legends, players will be brought into the fantasy world of Albion for some of the best exploration and adventure found in the series, the adventure doesn’t have to be played alone it can be played with up to four friends who can be playing on either Windows 10 or Xbox One. Players can play as a hero with four separate hero’s and a fifth player can play as the villain where they control from a top down view and plays more like a strategy game.

Personally, I’m hoping that more games with take use of DirectX 12 and can’t wait to see what the future has to bring with the gamer experiences crossing Windows 10 and Xbox One.

All Points Bulletin: Reloaded Coming To Xbox One And PS4 This Spring

APB: Reloaded

Today the combination of Deep Silver, The Workshop Entertainment, and Reloaded Games have announced they are bringing their hit PC game All Points Bulletin: Reloaded to Playstation 4 and Xbox One. All Points Bulletin is a Free2Play Action MMO that has gathered quite the community of over 5 million gamers. When All Points Bulletin: Reloaded comes out in the spring it will be free to play and will be a free download for owners with Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One and for Playstation 4 owners. In the game players can earn items in game for free and they will also have the ability to buy in-game gear, items, vehicles and customization for characters depending on what play style the choose.

All Points Bulletin: Reloaded takes place in the urban city of San Paro in the near- future where users will be able to choose between two different factions. They can choose to play as the Enforcer who uphold the city’s martial law or they can choose to be a Criminal and cause mayhem. APB: Reloaded features extensive character and vehicle customization. The game supports up to 100 users characters in a match and also features missions of up to 50 vs 50 player matches.

Keep an eye out for APB: Reloaded coming to Xbox One and PS4 this spring.

Final Horizon PlayStation 4 Review

Final Horizon PS4 Review - RealGamerNewz Josh PR Editor

Final Horizon comes from Eiconic Games who were founded in 2006 in Oxford, England they primarily develop using their own proprietary software called Moai. Eiconic Games has also developed games for iOS, Android, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox Live Arcade. Some of these titles include: Arctic Adventures, Polar Panic, Squeeballs party, mercury, pulsAR, Brain Freeze, Total Recoil, and of course Final Horizon.

Final Horizon has a campaign that is very light on the story and more about the gameplay. I bit of the story is told through little typed clips in between the levels so it leaves a lot to be desired. Final Horizon is being touted as a two minute strategy game and that is pretty much the best way to sum up the gameplay since a match can be played in just under a few minutes. Each level in Final Horizon introduces different towers to use in combat usually by starting out in a VR training levels and then switching to the actual combat a few levels after that so the user can learn to control their towers. The user will get to take control of a few towers and seeing that this game can be played on vita and PlayStation TV its a good thing that this isn’t much more than that since the towers would likely get out of control on a small touch screen.

Final Horizon takes place across 3 different galaxies and there is 50 levels to conquer as well as 100 objectives to complete. The game also released an expansion pack the Dark Galaxy with 1 galaxy and it features 20 levels to complete. If all of the objectives in the game are completed the user will unlock a Platinum Trophy which is really awesome for a $15 game. Final Horizon features all kinds of towers that a normal user would find in a tower defense game as well as some new ones to take on the alien lifeforms. Towers need to be adapted and upgraded in order to beat each of the levels and this comes with more time spent playing the games.

Final Horizon Review RealGamerNewz

Final Horizon can be picked up easily by anyone since the controls on the PS4 are easy to use and master. The game was definitely built really well since never while playing the game is there a need to look down at the controller since the game flows really well together. Final Horizon has the controls down to a T easy to add units as well as destroy them in a quick pinch so that others can be added this game was meant to be played fast and the developer really took this into consideration when putting the controls together for the PS4. Final Horizon has a lot to offer besides beating the campaign users can go back and do score challenge where they can go back and replay levels to get the best possible score.

Final Verdict:

Final Horizon is a great strategy game that has come to PS4, Vita, and PlayStation TV its a great game that has great combat that can be sat down and played in quick two minute successions allowing any user to enjoy this great title. While this is a great game it does come with some flaws, the difficulty in the game isn’t the best at times and enemies are extremely easy to pick off. The game has to be one of the better strategy games on the platform and can’t wait to see what comes from this developer next.

Overall Score: 7/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer / Publisher: Eiconic Games

Available On: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV (AKA VitaTV)

Played On: PlayStation 4

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Adds Ciri As Playable Character


Today  CD Projekt Red the developers of The Witcher 3: Wild hunt revealed a new playable character in the game. This new character goes by the name Ciri, she is a descendant from the long lost eleven-blood lineage she is also from an ancient prophecy. Ciri is a powerful, living weapon capable of both destroying and healing in the world she lives in. In Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Geralt will be looking across the open world to find Ciri before the Wild Hunt or the Empire of Nilfgaard does. CD Projekt Red decided that by adding Ciri to the game allows there to be more narrative possibilities with her as a playable character, they have noted that she is playable but the story line is still about Geralt. Ciri have lots of great skills to unlock as players will find as they play the game she also has great sword-fighting ability as well as she is extremely fast and agile. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on May 19, 2015.

Razer Bringing Razer Kraken To Xbox One

Razer Kraken Stereo Gaming Headset

Today Razer announced that they are going to be bringing their favorite PC headset to the Xbox One. The Razer Kraken Stereo Gaming Headset is joining the Razer Atrox Arcade stick on the Xbox one. The Kraken features 40 mm drivers that are tuned so that users can hear clear highs and mid ranges as well as immersive  bass for great gameplay. The Razer Kraken Gaming Headset features an ergonomic design with plush padding that creates great sound isolation for the best gaming experience. The Razer Kraken Gaming headset comes with unidirectional flip microphone that had crystal clear audio and can be flipped out of the way when users are not using it, the headset also comes bundled with a audio unit that plugs into the Xbox One controller which makes it a complete audio package. The Razer Kraken Stereo Gaming Headset can be purchased on the RazerStore today worldwide in December 2014 for $99.99.


Headphone Features:

  • Optimized weight for extended wear
  • Closed ear cup design for maximum comfort
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance 32Ω at 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity (@ 1 kHz, 1 V/Pa) 110 ± 4 dB at 1 kHz Max
  • Input Power: 50 mW
  • Drivers: 40 mm with Neodymium magnets

Microphone Features:

  • Frequency response: 100 – 10,000 Hz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 50 dB
  • Sensitivity (@ 1 kHz, 1 V/Pa): -42 ± 3 dB

Audio Control Unit Features:

  • Proprietary port for connection to the Xbox One Controller
  • Dedicated volume control and mute button
  • Individual controls for game and chat volume

Americana Dawn – Kickstarter Reveal

Americana Dawn

Americana Dawn is a recent kickstarter game that is going to attract a lot of attention since its a classic JRPG set in Colonial America. Americana Dawn is a Suikoden game that has elements from great titles like Fire Emblem, Grandia, Chrono Trigger and also have the writings of the classic Mark Twain. Americana Dawn take place over two centuries of American history where the player will get to journey across three wars which include: the French and Indian War, and the American Revolution. They will travel the entire eastern seaboard of North America from the colony of Georgia to Quebec City. Players are taking the role of Foster who is a spirit of the sea, he is a gentle and innocent being when he arrives in America with no heritage and no home he gets lost in the wilderness of the Shenandoah Valley which is between Virginia and West Virginia where is has been by himself for one hundred years. Foster is found and recruited into the Virginia colonial militia by Colonel George Washington. The player will begin their journey as Foster where he will get to see how the world can change a man with loyal English becoming American rebels, he will have to fight friends who have turned to the enemy, he will also witness events that would create the United States of America.


The combat systems found in Americana Dawn are turn-based there are several different types of combat as well. Microbattles are a much smaller combat system where players take control of up to three characters. The combat system is based on utilizing cool downs instead of using ability points, this will force players to strategize their own approach to each battle. Enemies in-game have huge blows that can knock a character out of battle in just a few hits so the game uses DIS (Dynamic Interrupt System) to keep enemies fair, using this and using powerful timed abilities to emerge to victory in battle. Each main character in the game has different weapon types each with their own strength in battle, each weapon has 15 levels to master per item. The game’s progression is based upon skill acquisition unlike other games in this genre there will be no: EXP, no random battles, or statistical improvements offered. In addition to microbattles the game also offered macrobatttles which are large-scale battles that are based on historical battles. Players will control historical figured and large number of units that include: cavalry, infantry, brave, ranger, rifleman, and sapper. The music for Americana Dawn is a custom engine that has been inspired by the sound of classic Super Nintendo RPG’s, the sound is lower resolution instruments which is found in the first part of the game where the user will reflect Foster and how innocent and naive he is. Another part of the game the Super Nintendo instruments will evolve into a very rich high quality soundscape as Foster is understanding the world around him.

Americana Dawn can he funded up to Tuesday December 23, 2014 at 1:59AM CST, they are looking to gain a pledge goal of $70,000. Of course with Kickstarter there are several different tiers to donating to a game of this magnitude the all have different rewards. To get a copy of Americana Dawn they are asking for a pledge of $15 and this will get you a copy of the game for PC and Wallpapers and Icons, as the tiers go from $1 dollar to $5,000 there are many different tiers for donating and everyone can find something they are looking for and the rewards are placed all across the board.


Never Alone Review

Never Alone PS4 Indie Games realGamernewz

Never Alone comes from development studio Upper One Games which started back in 2012 and is known for being the first indigenous owned company in the United States. They have teamed up with E-Line Media to publish Never Alone. Never Alone is the first game of its own kind in the aspect that it combines the culture of the native people of Alaska known as the Inupiat with action and adventure to create a truly great gameplay experience.

Never Alone is a story that takes place up in the cold icy lands of Alaska where players are in for a story told like no other. The user will be playing as two different characters, one is a young girl Nuna and an arctic fox which is where the game starts they stumble upon each other outside in the snow and they are together for the whole journey together. Nuna is out to discover the source of a terrible blizzard that is threatening the survival of all of her people. Along the way Nuna and the Arctic Fox will battle all kinds of conditions that can be found up in Alaska including dangerous beasts, dangerous weather, the dangers of the ice and the unknown will be revealed as the story continues on.

During the duo’s adventures they will come across Sila, which is known by the natives as weather and it also is where spirits will show the way and help the user through several different challenges the game has to offer. Sila can be shown as different animals in the game that can help the user climb to higher areas of the game or as different NPC’s that can give advice or items to help the user through their journey. In the game Nuna will need to acquire as Bola which is also known as a Kilauwitawinmium its a weapon that is usually used for hunting since its very quite and made from resources found in that area. The Bola can be used for catching various spirits in game as well as splitting objects open such as ice to go to a new area as well as to distract enemies from killing one of the characters.

never alone realgamernewz 2

Gameplay for Never Alone is at its core a side scrolling platformer. The player will have all the skills they will find in any other platformer but with all the stories added into Never Alone everything blends together really well. The cutscenes in the game unfold using a scrimshaw which is the way stories are told by the Inupiat they are carved or drawn on whatever they have and they are told just as a storybook. The scrimshaw is made by the person telling the story and then the story is passed down as time continues. Throughout the course of the game there is all kinds of video’s that pop up under a section called cultural insights and this is where the developer and the Inupiat have where stories from over 16 different people. Each of these people share different things from the game that bring more light from their culture and really brings the user on a deeper level to the game. One of the biggest takeaways that comes from watching the cultural insights is that the Inupiat are very community driven everything they do is for the greater good of their kind and for the people that live and breath around them.

The controls for Never Alone are very basic with the standard W, S, A, D, Space Bar to jump, R to interact, using the mouse to control where the Bola is being thrown, Q to switch between characters and CTRL to brace the ground during big gusts of wind. From what the controls look like and feel like on PC its probably very much like this on Xbox One and PS4 which is good it keeps the mechanics very simple so that the user can take all the immersion in. The characters in the game are Nuna and the Arctic Fox, these are the two main characters along with these the user will encounter several others such as: the little people, polar bears, enemy characters, spirits and several others. Each of these has a background to them and can be found in cultural insights or can be pretty much discovered as the user continues throughout the game. Never Alone is not just a single player experience it can be played with a second player so each person is controlling one of the characters. This makes the game very enticing for people looking to play a couch co-op experience.

Final Verdict:

Never Alone is really a game of its own merit. Yes, it has platforming. and great gameplay with a great story. The culture behind this game is fantastic with all the different insights and different points of views and including all of these together for a one of a kind experience that isn’t really seen in many games today. Never alone has a medium replay ability since the game is very linear and straightforward after playing it all the way through one it doesn’t give much incentive to go back through but the journey to get there is really well put together.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Upper One Games , E-Line Media

Publisher: E-Line Media

Available On: PS4 | Xbox One | PC (Steam)

Played On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

Valve Adds New Rules For Steam Gift Trading


Valve is changing the rules when it comes to Steam gift trading for the better. For the first part it still remains the same – for Direct Gifting , a user can buy a game directly for another user, which they can redeem and start enjoying right away. The change is when a gift is purchased and put into the purchaser’s inventory as an Inventory Gift , that game will now be subject to a (30) thirty day wait before the game is available to trade. Valve is doing this so that trading games can be a much better experience, it also lowers the number of times games are traded then being revoked because the purchaser payment option didn’t work such as a credit card not working properly or fraudulent trades. This seems like the right way to go so that no longer will someone be gifted a game and then it later being revoked since the payment was part of a charge-back scam or the payment didn’t work.