Will the Next Xbox Experience Overtake PlayStation 4 Next Gen?

Where is the industry headed in the Next Generation of gaming? How will this generation end? What strategies will the “Big 3” take over to them from this generation and what new ones will they employ going forward? RealGamerNewz tackles these issues and more in a larger-than-life podcast consisting of 3 parts. Crank it up while you’re getting your game on or while you hide from your boss at work.

We will also get into the detailed debate over whether or not Microsoft can overtake Sony in the Next Generation as the complete market leader. In addition to this we discuss what Sony and Microsoft need to do to improve their game plan going into the future. Welcome to the “Where Is The Industry Headed?” Podcast.

Will it be the PlayStation 4 or The Next Xbox Experience? Who will claim the throne?

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Steam Has Been Hacked: Credit Card Info and More

Worldwide industry source GamaSutra reports that Steam has been hacked via an announcement made by Gabe Newell directly. While the cause of this breach and the exact amount of effected accounts remains unseen, it is confirmed that Credit Card information (and more) has been compromised. Steam makes up a huge segment of the PC Gaming market and is a newfound mecca of gamers across the globe.

Here are the official statements:

“Valve’s games-on-demand Steam service has been hacked, the company said Thursday, saying that a database containing private user information has been stolen.

That information includes user names, hashed and salted passwords, game purchases, email addresses, billing addresses and encrypted credit card information, according to an email sent by Valve managing director Gabe Newell to Gamasutra.”

Source: GamaSutra

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Cheaters Will Be Banned Soon

Robert Bowling has announced via public forum that Modern Warfare 3 players who find themselves cheating, glitching, exploiting, and most of all “boosting” will be subject to being banned from the game soon. The first round of what could be a never ending wave of player bans is said to be rolling out in the near future. As for how exactly they planned to stop cheaters in the first place, this is where things get interesting.

Whereas we were told in the past that Treyarch was able to learn from Modern Warfare 2’s mistakes meaning that Black Ops wouldn’t have the same exploit problems. The Modern Warfare 3 team have painted an entirely different picture as to their approach to the problem. In fact they are relying on banning rather than coding away the exploits, or so their public statements would lead us to believe.

The attitude that you can’t ever stop hackers and cheaters, only hope to control them, is a very logic-based approach with widespread support. We had just hoped that possibly this conversation of cheaters and hackers numbering in the thousands and millions would have been over 3 or 4 CODs ago.

Walmart Using Battlefield 3 Features To Sell Modern Warfare 3

In this image discovered by FingerSports you will see what is either a innocent mistake or Walmart take to desperate measures to move more units of Modern Warfare 3. The way we see the Call of Duty: MW3 poster directly above the Battlefield 3 banner and showcase of MW3 copies seems to be a pretty obvious mistake that couldn’t have gone unnoticed by accident, but who are we to judge. Take a look for yourself and see what you think by clicking HERE for the full image.

You Know You Were Thinking It!

This is a new section I will be doing to expose those hidden thoughts that are in the back of every gamer’s mind. You know you were thinking it!

1. Why does Princess Peach always need to be rescued? After all, the moves she has in various Mario games shows she’s capable of defending herself!

2. Was I the only person to think that Link was actually named Zelda? Talk about confused.

3. Will Sonic The Hedgehog ever die? It’s like the Energizer battery he keeps going and going.


4. Where is Shenmue 3?

5. How Many Mushrooms Can One Man Eat? aka Mario?

6. Did Dom from Gears of War go to Heaven or Hell?

7. Killer Instinct reboot? I hope and pray.

8.How many cakes can a Fat Princess eat?

9. Did MW3 steal all the Zombie’s glory? Uh oh, Zombie Revenge is imminent, or is it just DLC? Just kidding.

10. Finally, wouldn’t it be cool if Cat Women and Ryu from Ninja Gaiden shared a game together? Claws and Heads would be flying. Priceless.

Modern Warfare 3 Launch Day Sales Revealed

In North America and the United Kingdom we are already getting back launch day numbers for Call of Duty 8 (also known as Modern Warfare 3). Despite the widespread outcry from gamers on internet forums throughout the recent years the COD franchise has once again set itself on the path to making history.

In just 24 hours (according to Gamasutra) MW3 has sold 6.5 Million Units in these regions. We await the full launch week sales numbers which will likely be equally impressive as these from a business standpoint.

Modern Warfare 3 First Impressions Podcast

Check out our first impressions from the launch day of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (also known as Call of Duty 8). With the launch of Call of Duty Elite and COD: MW3 happening at the same time there is a lot to talk about. We get our feet wet in the game and spill our initial reactions. Look out for more involved opinions rising up on RealGamerNewz as we have more time to get deeper into this title.


Modern Warfare 3: Gameplay Footage Kill Confirmed (Riot Shotty)

During the release day Hitman of RealGamerNewz tests out the riot class shotgun in the new game mode “Kill Confirmed”. In Kill Confirmed you will play like a regular deathmatch but with a slight twist. Only the kills you manage to retrieve dog tags for count! Anytime you die you leave tags on the ground as well. Your team mates can save you by grabbing them before the enemy, or you can all die in a pile and provide a huge dog tag reward for killing sprees.


PlayStation Vita 1st Party Accessories Trailer Released

Check out the latest trailer to surface regarding the PlayStation Vita’s upcoming release in Japan. Many eyes have been hot on the trail of this handheld which sports rear and front cameras, high-resolution graphics, dual analog thumbsticks (not nubs), and of course front touch screen and rear touch pad. Anything less than first party accessories for such a beast of a game system would just be uncivilized. And so, here we are with a trailer revealing some of the tech you can pick up by Sony for accessorizing your Vita with.


Uncharted 3 Gameplay Footage: Co-Op Session #1

Join Hitman with friends Mike and Jay for our first co-op session on the newly released Uncharted 3. This gameplay video will show you a quick glimpse of one of the ways you can enjoy the game online together with your friends. This the start of good things to come so keep your eyes on RealGamerNewz.com the Alpha Version of the newest video games website on the net.

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Battlefield 3 First Impressions – Frostbyte What Point What?

From the author of the first article to warn you all about the downfalls of Battlefield 3 on the modern gaming consoles comes a first impression Podcast featuring the RealGamerNewz crew. Once upon a time we were all to be wowed, amazed, and excited by the PC footage of BF3 and sworn testimonials of hundreds of game journalists and PR departments clamoring that BF3 on consoles was something to behold. Check out the results in this show which begins to delve into the final product presented at launch day.

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