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Interview with Writer of Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, Derek Padula

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The pilot episode of Robot Underdog’s new live action Dragon Ball Z web series Light of Hope was released on Tuesday. The episode has been a smash hit so far with most Dragon Ball Z fans having nothing but good things to say about it. At the time of this writing, the episode already has 1.8 million views and is climbing fast. I had a chance to sit down and talk with Derek Padula, the writer of Light of Hope, to talk about his work on the episode.

Haven’t seen it yet? You can watch the 13 minute episode on YouTube here:

Also a shameless plug before we jump into the interview, if you’re a DBZ fan and like online role-playing be sure to check out my online RPG: http://www.alexsdbzrpg.com. It’s been running since June 2000 and is currently the most active play-by-post RPG in the genre.

Alex: So how did you come to be the writer for Light of Hope?

Derek: I was approached by Robot Underdog in late 2013 because they wanted to create a live-action Dragon Ball Z series and weren’t happy with their current script. They found me online and felt I’d be a good match, since I’m the world’s only professional Dragon Ball scholar, at The Dao of Dragon Ball.

At first I wasn’t sure if I should do it, because Dragon Ball Z has never been done properly in live-action before, and it’s a difficult project to achieve. Most consider it impossible. But I thought, “What would Goku do?” The answer was that he’d see the challenge as an opportunity to improve himself. So I said yes.

I rewrote the script from scratch, and penned all three episodes in about a week. I had never written a screenplay before, but the idea’s appeared in my mind while I was meditating, in inspiration. I know these characters so well that it was easy to write natural scenarios, and I believe, fitting dialogue that rings true to who they are.

That makes it sound easy, but writing a Dragon Ball Z project is extremely difficult. It requires decades of fandom to truly understand these characters. You have to watch every single episode countless times, read all the manga, and study these characters until they feel real to you. Then, you have to somehow express that on a page, and show them in contrast to one another. That’s a challenge unto itself, but then to bring it to the screen with real people? That takes a lot of hard work, determination, and sacrifice. It’s why people say it can’t be done. But I feel like we did it, and the fans agree.

Alex: The pilot episode surpassed a million views on YouTube in just the first day alone. Were you expecting such a massive reception?

Derek: No, but I am glad to see that result. We missed our projected release date by a full day because of technical errors with the sound, so I wasn’t sure how that would affect the reception. But the fans have spoken, and they feel it’s worth sharing. I think the reason why is three-fold.

The first reason is because of the common conception that Dragon Ball Z just cannot be done properly with real people. This was established by Dragon Ball Evolution and the other fans who have attempted such a project, to different degrees of success. So we had to go above and beyond and really show that it is possible. This was achieved through the right balance of martial arts choreography, special effects, and costuming, along with a genuine and original story, instead of just doing a shot-for-shot recreation of a trailer. We had to walk the line between anime and reality, and I think we succeeded.

The second reason is that we stayed true to the source material. Dragon Ball Z fans across the world can see from our work that we’re also fans. The quality speaks for itself, so they want to share it.

The third reason is that it touches a part of their hearts, reminding them of their youth, and just why Dragon Ball Z is such a powerful force in their lives. Fans have said to me that Light of Hope moved them to tears. The high amount of views is nice, but I wrote this to touch people’s hearts and inspire them to tap into their potential. When I hear from fans that it made them cry tears of joy, it’s the greatest reward.

Interview with Writer of Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope Derek Padula 2

Alex: What made you guys decide on doing The History of Trunks in live action as opposed to some other story arc?

Derek: The History of Trunks is the most realistic arc in the Dragon Ball Z story. There are no aliens, talking pigs, or magical dragons. It’s just three humans against two pseudo-humans. So even though it’s still extremely difficult to do well, it’s the most achievable.

The other factor is that it’s an emotional story, it’s self-contained, and it has a darker tone that appeals to a modern audience. So we felt this would be a good one to start with.

Alex: Fan reception thus far has been almost all positive. What were some of the challenges that you had to overcome to make live action DBZ work as compared to Dragon Ball: Evolution which pretty much everybody hated?

Derek: If the Hollywood executives had bothered to watch or read Dragon Ball, then they would’ve realized they were on the wrong track from the beginning with their adaptation. If you don’t stay true to the source material, you’re doomed. Did they not bother to ask themselves why Dragon Ball is so popular? It’s because of the writing of Akira Toriyama, the characters, the conflicts, the deeper message that’s inherent in the series. 20th Century Fox took everything that’s great about Dragon Ball and threw it in the trash.

In contrast, everyone at Robot Underdog, the actors, crew, and myself, have been devoted fans of the series since we were kids, so we stay true to the source material. True fans can see the details, from the color of the Androids’ eyes, the way Bulma foreshadows that she’s working on the time machine, how Gohan jokes about Trunks’ dad having pride, the mentor to disciple relationship, the Super Saiyan transformation, the list goes on. There are so many details to get right, and we tried the best we could with the budget and time that we had available. With more than $10,000, it could have been even better. So if your readers want to see an Episode 2, please donate to http://robotunderdog.com/donate

Alex: How is a fight scene created? The choreography and pacing of every shot really makes them stand out.

Derek: The fight choreography is done by a talented group of martial artists and stuntmen called Creative Action Development (http://www.academyofmovementarts.com), led by Tim Storms, in collaboration with Lohan Buson, founder of Z-Team films (http://www.zteamfilms.com/lohan.html). Here’s a couple behind the scenes videos that you can watch that go into the details: http://youtu.be/g_eqB9AtwyQ, and http://youtu.be/mN2_adoe2wU.

I write every aspect of the scenarios, the environments, and all of the dialogue, but for the intricacies of the fight, I leave it to the professionals. What I do is set up the key moments for them to follow. For example, such as when Gohan prepares to fire the kamehameha, and it gets negated, followed by his transformation. Then they fight for a while, and that’s all done by the other team members. This is followed by the fight between Trunks and 18, which I also set up, but they choreograph. Then the moment where Gohan head butts 17 in the face, shoots into the ground to create a dust cloud, saves Trunks’ life, and they fly away. I write that into the script, but they make it real.

So I set up the pivotal moments in the timeline, and then the professional’s add their awesomeness to it. At that point in the script I write, “Insert awesome fight scene.” And then they do!

Interview with Writer of Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope Derek Padula 3

Alex: Aren’t you actually a martial artist in real life?

Derek: Yes, I trained in Shàolín gōngfu for several years, along with Tàijí-quán and sparring. Then I studied abroad in Beijing, China and trained with a Shàolín monk and Tàijí sword master. At the same time, in 2003, I started practicing Fǎlún Dàfǎ meditation. And that’s what led to a much better understanding of East Asian culture, because I had to actually put the principles into practice and become a better person.

The martial arts are not about fighting. They’re about improving your character. This aligns itself with the concepts in Dragon Ball, where the characters are always trying to reach the next level. So that’s when I started to see the parallels, and began writing my book series, The Dao of Dragon Ball (http://thedaoofdragonball.com).

The idea I want to express in Light of Hope is that they’re fighting for a reason. Gohan and Trunks would prefer not to fight at all. But it’s the only way they know how to keep everyone alive, and they’re fighting for a hope that maybe, if they work hard enough, they can change their future.

Alex: Where was the episode filmed?

Derek: In Los Angeles, in a mountain setting just outside of the city. There were also some scenes shot indoors, but we tried not to show the specific locations in order to maintain the believability of that world. So I don’t know where they are in real life.

That said, I can tell you that the Capsule Corporation headquarters is located on the same cliff face as Tony Starks’ mansion in the Iron Man films.

Alex: Who is your favorite DBZ character?

Derek: Goku. He inspires me to rise higher and to endure. He’s always focused on what is most important in life, takes the world lightly, and is pure-hearted. Great inborn quality, excellent enlightenment quality, and a heart of great forbearance. He’s an ideal to strive for.

Of course, his eating habits…

Interview with Writer of Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope Derek Padula 4

Alex: Tell me a little bit about your books.

Derek: The Dao of Dragon Ball books reveal the true culture of Dragon Ball. They help you better understand your favorite series, and in turn, yourself. I use them as the vehicle to explain higher concepts, such as the energy that they fire out of their hands, the supernormal powers, reincarnation, multiple dimensions, and the East Asian answer to the meaning of life.

At the same time, the books also reveal the origin of the Dragon Ball series, giving you the first unofficial biography of Akira Toriyama that has ever been written. The books are filled with thousands of detailed facts that I’ve spent 12 years researching, compiling, and transmitting back to you in a way that’s easy to understand. I do this work upfront so that you can just sit back and enjoy your adventure with Goku.

If you think you know everything about Dragon Ball, then these books are for you. They’ll show you more about Dragon Ball, and yourself, than you ever thought was possible.

Alex: As a Dragon Ball scholar, why do you think Future Gohan wasn’t strong enough to defeat the androids? I mean the dude had been training/fighting for thirteen years!

Derek: There is no official answer, so it’s something a lot of fans wonder about.

I believe it has to do with his struggling to survive, rather than a quest for power. Trunks on the other hand, is the son of Vegeta, and believes that more power is the only solution. Gohan doesn’t have a master who pushes him harder, so he’s doing enough to make a difference in the world, while still growing in strength with each battle. But without a master or being forced to near-death situations, he can’t reach the next level.

A longer answer involves a lot of speculation about the effect Trunks has on the main timeline after he goes back in time to save Goku. This leads to a butterfly effect that causes the Androids in one timeline to be stronger than the other. It’s complicated and would require a long time to explain. There are a lot of DBZ forums that discuss it to death, back and forth.

So instead I’ll just say that the Androids in the future timeline are so strong that Gohan can’t catch up to them, even after all those years of fighting. When he’s a Super Saiyan he can go toe-to-toe with one of them at a time, but when they gang up, well… You’ll have to see what happens in Episode 2.

Why I Quit #GamerGate by Alexander Hinkley

Why Alex Hinkley Quit GamerGate on RealGamerNewz

I recently quit GamerGate because GamerGate has become everything it alleged to fight against. I was one of the pioneers of the movement. Hell, I had been fighting corruption within the video game industry for well over a year before the infamous “Zoe Post” that set this whole thing off was even an idea in Eron Gjoni’s head. I got fired from my four-year column at Examiner for actually reporting on the industry and not just playing ball (check out my appearance on the HipHopGamer Show talking about this).

After GamerGate began, I had a game review taken down from another site I contributed on after mass complaints from SJWs who were offended over a tweet I made where I called a friend of mine a bad name on Twitter WEEKS earlier. I also got permanently banned from Wikipedia, where I had been a respected editor since 2006, for merely mentioning Anita Sarkeesian’s work history with Bart Baggett on her talk page and asking if it should be included in her article (I even sourced her old archived website and his current website both saying this information – but you’ll hear more about that in TheSarkeesianEffect). My history of fighting corruption to my own peril speaks for itself.

Does anybody remember when it came out that TechRadar’s William O’Neill joked “Who here hasn’t slept with a PR person or game developer? #AMIRITE”? That’s the kind of stuff I wanted to get out of the gaming industry and I thought GamerGate did, too. I was wrong.


So what happened that helped me recognize GamerGate for what it really was? Back in September of last year I applied to be a video game contributor on a fairly well known gaming website after one of their big name people left. I’m not even going to be bother naming the site here but I’m sure once the story is finished you’ll know exactly where I’m talking about anyway. After some emails back and forth with the Founder, he told me that they were not currently hiring but would add my name to a list of people to contact/consider once they were. Fine.

Then in January that site fired another of their major personalities. Surely with two people gone now they’d be looking for replacements right? I decided to once again take the initiative and follow up with another email seeing if they would be looking for a new video game contributor now. No, said the Founder (calling him that sounds really Deep Space Nine-esque), unfortunately they were downsizing rather than expanding and were not hiring any new writers. He assured me again that my name was on the list of people to consider if and when they made new hires. That sounded unfortunate but hey what are ya gonna do?

That’s when things went downhill. Less than a week after that, it was announced they had hired new video game contributor – a well known female GamerGate e-celeb. I found it strange that for months I had been told they weren’t hiring. Stranger still was that the new hire had absolutely no professional writing experience whatsoever. She is a former amateur alternative model. That is fine but how exactly would she be more qualified than someone with over six years experience in the industry, thousands of articles written, and tens of millions of views? It didn’t make sense to me why they would hire someone objectively less qualified than other candidates. Could it be because she was an attractive woman?

When I brought this up on Twitter, I expected GamerGate to be outraged. After all, GamerGate claimed to support a meritocracy when it comes to job positions. They claimed they would like hiring to be based on objective qualifications and not simply to hire someone because of their gender or their looks. SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) on the other hand want women to be hired simply because they’re women and we need more of them in the industry, actual qualifications of the applicants be damned. What happened next was shocking.

Many GamerGate supporters began spamming me the exact same tired old lines that SJWs have so often used. For example, they asked me why I hated women. They called me a misogynist. Some asked for proof of what I was saying and when it was given to them they pretended it hadn’t been. They simply blocked me instead.

Be Strong - End Gamer Gate - Be Yourself - You Are Free Now

A few others did see what I was saying and agreed. They were immediately spammed as well. One poor girl was dogpiled by GamerGate supporters calling her an “anti-GG cunt” for echoing my concerns about hiring a less qualified candidate. This girl had actually been a GamerGate supporter since the movement began. Guess this didn’t matter to them because it got so bad for her she contemplated deleting her Twitter altogether. She ultimately ended up just scrubbing it with a bot that deleted everything and went on as if the whole thing never happened.

The incident becomes stranger still when I talked to the newly hired person in private. She confirmed that she had been hired after I had initially emailed the site (she didn’t know when I applied but I asked her when she got hired and it was after my emails) so it’s not like I emailed them too late and they had already locked her up or something. That would have at least been a rational explanation. She did say they had been in “talks” for several months, though.

What makes this part interesting is that she actually “quit” GamerGate last month after some trolls doxxed her. She said she was quitting GamerGate and deleting Twitter forever in order to keep her family safe. Less than a month later, she was back, and her new job was announced.

I asked her, “You quit GG to lay low after you got doxxed. Doesn’t this put you back into the crosshairs?” A fair question, I thought. Her response: “There’s a difference between actively participating in a heated discussion and attempting to gain experience for a potential future career. Although I don’t see why any of this is of any concern to you.” (Editor’s Note: This post has been edited to reflect word for word reproduction of the conversation, originally this conversation was paraphrased. No other edits have been made)

Oh. So apparently the risk is acceptable because now it’s benefiting you? Should GamerGate really just be a stepping stone to further people’s careers? I thought it was about ethics in journalism.

None of this mattered to the vast majority of GamerGater supporters. They stood behind her anyway because “one of theirs” had “stormed the trenches.” They made every excuse under the sun as to why she “deserved” the position over me. They said she was some sort of dynamo writer that wrote really, really interesting things so she doesn’t need to have any experience. Or maybe my writing just sucked so that’s why she got chosen.

Never mind the fact that I had contributed several articles to The Ralph Retort that some of these very same GamerGate supporters now criticizing me loved and tweeted out links to at the time. Then they tried saying we didn’t even apply for the same type of job, that I supposedly wanted a full-time job. Never mind the fact that the very title of my email was “Video Game Contributor.” They asked for proof. I showed them. They pretended it was photoshopped and either blocked me or spammed me with “salty” memes. Apparently they couldn’t let evidence destroy the narrative.

Be Strong - End Gamer Gate - Be Yourself - You Are Free Now 2

This opened my eyes to what the movement had become. Perhaps GamerGate started out with good intentions of fighting corruption. It is absolutely true that many SJWs really aren’t good people and they really do want to achieve power and control through surreptitious means. This should not be allowed.

It’s a shame GamerGate has become just as dubious now. GamerGate is NOT misogynist so let’s get that out of the way right now. But GamerGate definitely no longer cares about ethics in journalism. GamerGate supporters now only seem to care either about 1) benefiting themselves or their friends or 2) simply hurting people they personally don’t like – namely SJWs.

Neither of those things have anything to do with ethics in journalism. Trying to take down SJWs for the sole reason that you don’t like their political opinions isn’t ethics in journalism. Not all SJWs act unethically after all.

GamerGate has the same messed up double standards its supporters accuse SJWs of having. When something unethical benefits GamerGate, they look the other way. How is that any different from SJWs looking the other way on their shady dealings?

Imagine if the person who had been hired instead of me were not a beloved former pro-GamerGate personality but instead a well known and despised SJW. I am confident that GamerGate would have been in an uproar about how this is a prime example of nepotism and gender-based hiring. The fact this didn’t happen because they liked the beneficiary proves GamerGate doesn’t actually want to fight those things.

There’s also something to be said about the fact that the whole time I was pro-GamerGate, I never got spammed with hate on Twitter. Yes I did have complaints emailed to sites I wrote for and got unfairly banned from Wikipedia for pointing out Anita Sarkeesian’s hypocrisy, but my Twitter didn’t get hundreds of insults and hateful messages from SJWs. Most of them have me blocked, actually. My notifications only started blowing up when I began to question that girl being hired over me and her cult-like followers took exception to it.

Gamer Gate Is Not A Hate Group - But It Is A Cult - Leave Now And Free Your Mind

Come to think of it, GamerGate is pretty cult-like. It meets at least ten of the points on the International Cultic Studies Association’s Cults 101 checklist (found here: http://www.csj.org/infoserv_cult101/checklis.htm).

For example, dissent is discouraged and although there is no one leader, people are zealously supportive of the e-celebs within it. Supporters feel there’s no life outside of the group. Just look at their Twitter feeds. Many GamerGate supporters have been obsessively tweeting about it 24/7 for MONTHS. GamerGate is also unhealthily preoccupied with bringing in new members. You always hear about how “we need to get the neutrals.” These are just a few points to highlight from the checklist that GamerGate fits exactly.

GamerGate has become an “us” versus “them” (which ironically is another point on the aforementioned checklist) battle to see who can grab the most power in gaming media. Sorry, but I won’t support that. Power grabs aren’t ethics in journalism. I am against corruption no matter who it benefits. Unfortunately, that means I can no longer support GamerGate.

It seems that GamerGate would now agree with Leigh Alexander’s ethics policy of “get money, fight bullshit, and make sure that those I love stand the longest. That’s it.”

Mass Effect Indoctrination Dark Energy Illuminati 2

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Why the GameJournoPros Secret Mailing List is Important

video games

Earlier this week journalist Milo Yiannopoulos exposed a secret mailing list between top gaming journalists called “GameJournoPros” in an article published on Breitbart titled Exposed: The Secret Mailing List of the Gaming Journalism Elite. The article exposes leaked messages as well as emails that showed beyond any doubt there was collusion between various game journalists on major publications in which they determine what should and should not be reported on.

This article is going to explain why this revelation is important and not about the specific details of the messages/emails so I’m not going to re-publish a bunch of them here. You can already read them on Breitbart and Milo’s site. But there are a few quotes that stand out as especially ridiculous and if you don’t read any of the other messages, you need to at least see these two:

Who here hasn’t slept with a PR person or game developer? #AMIRITE -William O’Neal, U.S. Editor-in-Chief of TechRadar.


This is barely a game-industry story, no matter how some people want to frame it. This is a story about a person who happens to be in the game industry and their personal relationships (no matter how it may weave back into “the industry” and however poor the person’s judgments may have been) and public expose of private materials by that person’s partner as revenge, so I don’t think we, as games press, should support furthering the story by commenting, editorializing or even allowing others to ruminate on it. – Andy Eddy.

The last few words of the second quote are almost heinously shocking. Andy does not even want to “allow others to ruminate” on this story. Andy literally wants the power to control what gamers can and can’t think about! Talk about thought police. What’s this guy think he’s living in George Orwell’s 1984?

Milo has since dumped the entirety of the leaked emails which you can sift through on his website here: http://yiannopoulos.net/2014/09/19/gamejournopros-zoe-quinn-email-dump. Milo has also pointed out some of the other shocking quotes in another article on Breitbart titled The E-mails That Prove Video Games Journalism Must be Reformed.

So why is this important? First of all you should keep in mind this isn’t just some conspiracy theory. Several of the journalists exposed as part of the mailing list have already confessed and simply hold to the position they don’t think it is wrong. “I regret nothing,” Tweeted Kyle Orland, the founder of GameJournoPros. He then tried to innocently pass it off as just a place they go to chat. It’s natural for people of the same profession and with the same passion to just chat about things they have in common right? Right?!

Well as a game journalist myself for over five years now, I can tell you that game journalists already have a place to “just chat.” There is a website called GamesPress that you need to be a verified member of the media or PR to join. The site has a very active forum including two sub-forums named Games Industry and Journalism where members of the gaming industry and media go to OPENLY discuss the video game industry in general, details about upcoming video games releases and events, and to get in touch with specific PR people for review requests or game details among other things. The difference between the GamesPress forums and the GameJournoPros mailing list is that one is out in the open and transparent while the other is secret. People weren’t supposed to know about the latter. The fact GameJournoPros operates like some sort of secret society in of itself makes you wonder about its legitimacy. What is more likely? That Kyle Orland completely forgot that game journalists already have a well-known place to chat about stuff called the GamesPress forums which has 26,000 registered members and 98,000 total posts or that his excuse is a load of bull? Orland is either completely inept at his job or is completely lacking in journalist integrity and ethics. Either way you slice it, he probably shouldn’t be the Senior Gaming Editor of such a large website.

Unfortunately, some gamers have accepted the excuse and believe this isn’t important. One user on Twitter using the #gamergate hashtag wrote, “…many companies have internal mailing lists among their employees why is this a big deal? It’s not.”

That’s just the thing. The people on this mailing list don’t work for the same company. Therefore, this by definition isn’t an internal mailing list. The people on this list are supposed to work for COMPETING websites. See in the real world, journalists compete with one another for scoops. They want to be the ones to break something faster than their rival news site. Sure it’s okay to be friendly with your competition. You don’t need to be an asshole to people. But on the same token that doesn’t mean you invite them over for sexy parties either. This secret mailing list exposes that is not how gaming journalism works.

The messages on the mailing list and subsequently leaked emails prove that gaming journalists aren’t actually working for separate entities. They are colluding with one another to determine what is newsworthy and what is not. Which games get coverage and which don’t.  They want to manipulate how people perceive events in the industry and control what their readers are even allowed to think about. In short, this means that the various websites involved in this scandal are all actually operating under one entity – GameJournoPros. Kotaku isn’t actually different from Ars Technica which isn’t actually different from WIRED which isn’t actually different from…etc. etc. They could all just be re-branded a site called GameJournoPros.

No wonder most of the major sites almost always either universally hate a game or love it.

Another reason this mailing list is important is because not only do journalists collude with one another, but the line between reporter and subject being reported on is virtually nonexistent. The problematically close relationship between game journalists and publishers, developers, and public relations people is already pretty well known. Most gamers have seen that picture of Geoff Keighley surrounded by Doritos and Mountain Dew. Gamers had an inkling that some review scores probably can’t be trusted because journalists love getting free games. But most people expected this was an issue with journalists on an individual basis. They didn’t realize just how deep it goes.

In one of the emails Milo exposed Andrew Groen, a contributor to WIRED, writes “There is an ocean of distance between ‘hi we’re strangers and we’re aware of your dirty laundry’ and ‘Hi, we’re your colleagues, and we appreciate the work you do for our community. Illegitimi non carborundum.”

Milo points out that Groen is “seemingly unaware that Quinn is not a ‘colleague,’ but the subject of reporting. Describing Quinn as a colleague shows how paper-thin the barrier between reporter and reported has become.”

So the corruption is actually several levels deep. Game journalists see themselves as part of the game industry, which they are supposed to be objectively reporting on. They view developers, publishers, and PR people as their personal friends which further discourages objective reporting. This would be bad enough if it were done on an individual basis as gamers used to suspect but the fact that game journalists themselves then get together to spread the corruption makes it that much worse.

To see just how damaging this kind of collusion in the media is, imagine if it were to happen in the real world with mainstream news outlets. Imagine if CNN, CBS, Fox News, MSNBC, and all the other mainstream media had a secret mailing list where their top journalists and reporters discussed what stories they should all report and what stories they should all ignore. Then imagine there was a scandal implicating President Barack Obama in some treasonous misdeeds that could result in him being impeached. Obama, however, is good personal friends with all the reporters from these major news outlets (as game developers, publishers, and PR people are often good personal friends with game journalists. William O’Neal wrote, “Who here hasn’t slept with a PR person or game developer? #AMIRITE”). So the mainstream media obviously doesn’t want their friend Obama to go down in flames. Using this mailing list which enables them to talk with one another in secret, all the major news outlets collude about how together they can spin this Obama story and make it into a non-issue. They could all decide to refuse to report on it (like the game journalists that refused to report on the Zoe Quinn story) and they might even decide to pledge their support for Obama in the form of a signed letter to let him know he’s not going through this alone. The mainstream media therefore never reports on the story or if they do, it’s in SUPPORT of Obama. The news of the scandal never accurately reaches the American public.

Imagine if that happened in real life. That is called a conspiracy. So why is it okay for gaming journalists to do it? The answer is, it’s not. Everybody involved on that mailing list needs to be fired immediately. These so-called “game journalists” have forgotten they are supposed to be working for gamers, not themselves and not the industry. Their job is simply to inform people. Not to push their friends’ games or protect them from public backlash. Gaming journalism is corrupt and needs to be cleansed.

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this article are that of the author and may / may not represent views of the rest of RGN Staff / our audience. This article will not be removed and all takedown requests will be ignored.

Pinball Fx2 The Walking Dead DLC Review

The Walking Dead

Pinball FX2 was released on Xbox 360 way back in 2010 which makes it kind of ridiculous that new downloadable content is still being released for the game.  The newest table is based off Telltale Games’ and Skybound’s award winning The Walking Dead games at a cost of $2.99.

This table is really a lot of fun. It seems to be a quite a bit easier to wrack up huge point totals compared to any of the other tables in the game. This is definitely a good thing because it gives you a feeling of accomplishment. You don’t get many drains down the sides of the table which avoids a lot of frustrating problems plaguing a few other tables in the game. Even if you aren’t very good at pinball in general you should be able to run this table for at least several minutes per ball. Missions are easy to start and complete and the table is highly dynamic. Sometimes the entire table turns dark as nightfall comes and the zombie hordes come out en masse. One of the other missions you literally leave the table and snipe zombies peeking out of buildings through the crosshairs of a sniper rifle. There’s nothing else like that in Pinball FX2. Missions are also based off the name of each episode from the first season of Telltale’s series (A New Day, Starved for Help, etc).

There’s a lot of choices during the missions which affect how the table plays each time. For example you can choose who to save and who to leave behind, whether or not to hide if you’ve been bitten or attempt first aid, and whether to leave food supplies for other survivors or take it for yourself just to name a few things. The new table features Clementine and Lee as the central characters with other characters from the games making appearances as well. As you can probably imagine, the table features plenty of “walkers” to fight off and sometimes other not-so-friendly survivors. Other times it’s better to just run and hide.

Pinball FX2 was recently released for Xbox One but the continual DLC keeps the game relevant for Xbox 360 owners as well. Although it may have fallen off your radar, Pinball FX2 is worth firing up once again for the new Walking Dead table whether you are a fan of the show, games, or even if you are just a pinball fan. It may be the most well made table in the game.

Overall Score: 10 / 10

Developer: Zen Studios

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Available On: PC | XO | 360

Played On: Xbox 360

Review Copy Info – A copy of the DLC was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Maud

Maud Suicide

This week’s SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week is Maud Suicide. Maud has varied tastes in video games and is a big online gamer as well. RGN sat down with Maud to talk about some of her favorites and what it’s like playing Call of Duty online as a SuicideGirl.

What made you chose the name Maud Suicide?

I chose the name Maud after several straight weeks of researching and constant name changes. I knew that I was going to channel more of a vintage vibe because I have a passion for the olden days. I think a lot has been lost throughout time and with the help of SG I have found something that supports my pin-up passion and love for the old classic beauty. So what I did was go through a book of names from 1930s-1950s so I could find exactly what I was looking for. After some process of elimination I came across the name Maud. Maud Suicide. It was perfect; I fell in love almost instantly. Just recently I was getting tattooed and the name Maud came up, a tattoo artist had named his dog Maud and told me why – Maud Wagner was considered the most tattooed lady / best female tattoo artist in the 1940s. She was famous for her American Traditional work and brought a whole new dimension of the art of tattooing. Which is possibly the most perfect unintentional thing ever and I’m ever so happy to carry on the name and the belief of traditional work.

Tell me about some of your tattoos.

I have seven tattoos in total but my favorites have to be my giant crawling panther on my side, my lady head that represents the spirit of my first car (1994 Dodge Shadow ES, rest easy), my rabbit hole (I am such a sucker for the universe), and my Great Great Grandpa’s self portrait. Most people think it’s either just a man, some celebrity that I admire too much, or my boyfriend, and he is AB-SO-LUTELY none of those things! He was an incredible artist and he meant something to my dad and my dad means a lot to me. I’m madly in love with all of my work but those four pieces in particular reach out to me.

I also have a letter on my shoulder blade, script below my collar bone, and a dagger with a rose through it. The letter represents my love for writing, I write letters for the people in my life everyone loves receiving a love letter everyone appreciates that gesture. So I decided to write letters to everyone and anyone. I pour my little heart and soul out onto paper and seal it up for those who deserve it most. The script is for my mom, she has the same exact tattoo on her wrist. On both my dad’s and mom’s side I have Native American Cherokee and we all have been through so much, so she got “Strength” in Cherokee Native American. I decided to get it for my mom.

I love my dagger too, it’s so classic and clean. I’m looking forward for way more to come!

Maud SuicideWhat was the very first tattoo you ever got?

My first tattoo was like the script but I don’t consider that my first real real tattoo. I got this lady head on my arm when I first turned 19 I believe. Dawn Cooke is the master in disguise here and I give her all credit for my amazing work. Shout out to Depot Town Tattoo for being top of the line! Their staff is incredibly talented and it’s a great experience.

When I got my lady head done I brought Dawn a photograph of my car and said “make something out of this.” Her name is Cherrie and she was the absolute best. She rusted out from underneath but looked stunning from the outside in. Love that car.

What are some of your all-time favorite video games?

Very good question! It’s always so hard to say because we’ve all played so many games but if I had to pick in any order would be Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3, Red Dead Redemption, BioShock 2, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 ( I’m actually a die-hard L4D fan and prefer 1 over 2 but 2 has great online play), Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Gears of War 1-3, Grand theft Auto V, Tekken, Soul Calibur 4, and I am killer at Peggle. But that’s only some of my favs, and that’s just only for Xbox!

I have a PlayStation, GameCube, Xbox, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and a Game Boy Advance as well as an interest in computer games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, and my old internet game RuneScape. Most importantly, however, I play Sims. I spent so many hours on that game everyday. I had it completely mastered. I had all of the expansion packs for first generation, all of the expansion packs for second generation, then finally my Sims obsession died down. RuneScape was pretty intense for me too. I’d sit there for days trying to improve my magic or trying to make my online character look great.

I love Kingdom Hearts for PlayStation, it blows me away every time I play it. It’s so beautiful and the storyline draws me in more than anything. I used to play a lot of Tomb Raider and Max Payne back in the day on my PlayStation as well.

GameCube had me on Mario on the daily. I couldn’t stop playing Super Mario Sunshine for years. I’m so serious, YEARS. I was so determined to get all of the Shine Sprites but I cannot for the life of me find the last four! Also I beat Animal Crossing with flying colors.

Mario World 64 is fantastic. It’s always nostalgic to play nowadays.

I’m sorry if I am talking way too much about how awesome these games are! If you haven’t played any of these yet I recommend them all to you.

What games are you currently playing these days?

I’m currently playing GTA V, Red Dead, always and forever COD2, and L4D. I love video games so much I play one game for a little bit then switch, then switch again. They’re all so great. I want to find you all in the GTA V online world and do missions with you! Nothing is better than to come home, take off your pants, and play some video games. Almost therapeutic!

A Call of Duty fan eh? Do you ever rage when you die? C’mon be honest.

Oh god yeah, I’ve noticed that I rage the most online. I can’t help myself when someone has a kill streak and is taking out everyone. I find a way to trap them and make a comeback. Sometimes rage is a good thing. It almost takes out all the steam in me / frustrations I’ve had that day or week. I just get online, then rage. It really is a great feeling. Maud Suicide

What is the worst/best pickup line someone has ever used on you when playing a video game online?

Most of the time it’s just hard for them to grasp the concept that a girl is actually doing well in a match. I can start hearing them getting frustrated so I put my headphones on and tune in / respond. I think the most frequent line used would be “You’re a girl? You’re probably really fat” or “I bet you’re so ugly.” Mostly it’s, “You’re a giiiiirrl?” YES I’m a girl, clearly I’m a woman! Little do they know they’re having a conversation with not only a girl but a SuicideGirl.

Are people in real life ever surprised when they learn you’re a gamer?

Come to think of it yeah I suppose they are! But once they get me going, or if the conversation is brought up, I will tell them everything. I think being a gamer is great and I suggest my peers to become one if they can! It’s nice to just kick back and fly a helicopter in GTA V sometimes. I mean come on, who wouldn’t!

Would you ever consider getting a video game-related tattoo and if so what would it be?

Honestly I’ve never even considered it!  I don’t have anything in mind that would stand out to me/ be traditionally done. I think that it could very well be done but it’s not my cup of tea! HOWEVER, if i did have to choose it might be sweet to have a Red Dead Redemption sleeve or piece on the back. That would be so cool.

Your profile says you’re into UFO hunting? How did you get into doing that?

I am very pleased you brought this up. Aliens and UFOs are my favorite subject. I started “UFO hunting” about three years ago I’d say. I started seeing them more than hunting for them maybe a few times a year now. I love the sky, I love looking up at the sky, staring into the sky oh gosh and stargazing I love it all very much so I’m always looking up and observing what’s in my surroundings. Sometimes you’ll see something you’ve never seen before while other times you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

So… you’ve actually seen UFOs?

Four in total. I know they had to have been. I’ve had some very strange experiences. Once I was driving down 94 with my ultimate best friend and as I was talking about my UFO experiences I couldn’t believe my eyes what was in front of me I immediately pointed and said, “There’s one now!” There were three in a row and one kept blinking in and out randomly. Next morning my other ultimate best friend was listening to the radio then the subject of UFOs came about and they said “People all around Metro Detroit claim to have seen a UFO!” I wrote the news channel that did the story and told them I saw it too. That was just one experience. I swear I’m not from this planet sometimes.

Where can fans find more of you?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaudSuicide

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaudSuicide

SuicideGirls: https://suicidegirls.com/girls/maud

Maud Suicide

SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Prurient


This week’s SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week is SG Hopeful Prurient. Prurient’s status as a lifelong gamer can never be questioned as she has several video game related tattoos including a pretty sweet one of Samus on her arm. I sat down with her to talk about tattoos, video games, anime, and how awesome it is to be a nerd.

How long have you been a gamer?

I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. If I had to actually place an age for when I started playing, I’d say when I was able to comprehend the functioning of a remote along with how to work it with a character/video game. So I’d say at least six or seven. When I first started, I used to play on a Nintendo 64. I would play WWF No Mercy with my family, and of course I’d always be one of the girls. I’d be Trish Stratus or Lita. Since then I’ve always dreamed of being a WWE Diva. My other favorites were Clay Fighters 63 1/3 and Mischief Makers. Once I got older I started playing the more classic games like Super Mario.

Do you still follow wrestling at all?

I actually just watched it recently after Wrestlemania 30 happened! The last time I watched it before then was when Kane and Lita had a thing and got married on the show. I miss Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero and my all-time favorites, The Hardy Boys and Sting. I watch it now and it’s so much is different! I must say though, the guys from “The Shield” are probably my new favorite part of the show. And the new WWE Women’s Champ, Paige, is a kick ass chick. I saw that she’s been in wrestling since she was 13! Respect!

So what are some of your favorite video games?

Oh my, I have so many favorite games. I already listed a few but some of my other favorite games are Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories in particular but I got Silent Hill HD so I can play those again, Metroid, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the Gears of War Series, Borderlands… I freaking LOVE Borderlands 1 and 2 and I’m thrilled for the prequel that’s being talked about, Tekken Tag Tournament, the Assassin’s Creed Series, the House of the Dead series, the Hunter the Reckoning series, and Mario Kart for both N64 and Wii.

I am also a huge fan of Just Dance. I own 1-4 and 2014. I still rock out on Guitar Hero all the time as well, but the only songs I’m really good at on expert are Parabola, Schism, and Vicarious by Tool. I may be just as avidly into music as I am into my games!

Prurient 4What are you playing right now?

I haven’t actually been playing too much lately since I haven’t purchased myself a new game in awhile. I’ve beaten every game that I own basically, but I’ve been playing Gears of War 3. It’s been hard to play since people spoiled the whole game for me and let me tell you without spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t heard what happens… I am pissed and heartbroken.

Your profile says you’re also into anime, what is your favorite?

I first started reading manga before I got into anime. The first series I ever read was Peach Girl along with the Change of Heart series. But anime wise I LOVE Death Note. I know that it started as a manga series but I love being able to watch it. I actually watched the Peach Girl series on YouTube. That was interesting. A lot of people have told me about Neon Genesis Evangelion as well but I haven’t looked much into it yet. As a kid I also used to watch Sailor Moon English dubbed on Cartoon Network.

Tell me about some of your tattoos/piercings.

This is a good gamer question for me because a lot of my tattoos are based on some of the questions you’ve already asked! My whole left sleeve is gonna be filled with video game tattoos. My favorite tattoo is my Samus tattoo. Samus is such a freaking awesome female video game character and I love how in the beginning you have no idea she is even a female until you beat the game and she takes off her helmet. But just the whole aspect of her is awesome. She’s so bad ass. I fell in love with her all over again playing Corruption. I won this tattoo for free in a contest held by Kendall Orlando, who works out of a shop in Saint Clair Shores called Wonderland Tattoo.

I also have a Resident Evil tattoo that’s based off of the movies’ main character Alice. I also added a Licker from the games to the idea of my tattoo by making Alice part Licker. She has Licker feet and the long tongue that wraps around the Licker’s neck behind her. The Licker itself has his tongue wrapped around her arm. I had my friend Emily Daugherty draw me up the Alice idea and an artist named Darl Papple, from The Shop in Fowlerville (who I also won this tattoo from as well), drew me up the whole piece with the Licker added in the back and the tongue wrapped around. I had to give it a personal touch and add the kink factor into it. The name Prurient suits me well!


Prurient 2

I have lyrics down my left arm that say, “This is not the end this is my rebirth into something I can comprehend,” which are lyrics by my close friends in SycAmour who have recently been signed to Hopeless Records! And I have a Sailor Moon piece on my thigh which I did myself. I have a tattoo in memory of my dad on my back that my older sister and brother have as well as my cousin. I have Deftones lyrics from “Lucky You” on my inner right calf that I also did myself. I have a cat whisker tattoo on my finger. I have Letlive lyrics on my foot and lastly of my favorites, is my shoulder piece. It’s inspired by Maria Brink of In This Moment. She’s a total babe and I love stars so I just wanted something to represent that. Overall I have over twenty tattoos.

And piercings wise, I have quite a lot of those as well. I actually used to have a lot more. I have my navel, nipples, lobes (which used to be stretched to an inch but have shrunk down to 3/4 of an inch), a helix orbital in my top right part of my ear, labret, nostril and septum piercing. I used to have the “venom” piercing in my tongue which I do miss. I’ve actually had many other ones but those are what I still have now. I did pierce my nostril, nipples, and labret all on my own.

Have you ever dated a hardcore gamer before?

I can’t really say that I have. I think that I’ve been the bigger influence on guys towards video games than they have towards me. I mean all of my relationships did have video games involved in free time, but my current boyfriend is the biggest gamer I’ve dated. I get him into video games and he gets me into comics and everything Marvel and DC related. It’s awesome.

A lot of guys wish they could get their girlfriend into playing video games with them. As a girl gamer yourself, do you have any advice for guys looking to do that?

To be quite honest, I don’t think you could make a girl who doesn’t play video games actually play them. It’s kinda like being born with it. I do play some games with my older and younger sisters and try to get my girl friends to play with me but the coordination of a remote and just keeping up with the game isn’t easy to teach someone who hasn’t done it before. But if you want to try, and I hope you can succeed fellas, the key is to warm her up with a game fitting her style. I mean if you really wanna make her feel special go buy her Lollipop Chainsaw and let her just destroy some stuff. I honestly had quite a fun time playing a game with such a provocative female character. I liked that it was kind of funny and not so serious.

I wouldn’t start her off playing multiplayer with you on Call of Duty or Halo, that’s for sure. I mean I personally wouldn’t object to a co-op game of Halo, but I’ve been doing this for awhile. Maybe take her to the store and get her a game. Maybe she might like a Wii game or something more pPrurient 5hysically interactive. But definitely as a first step, take her to a game store and see what would fit her style of gaming or personality best, and just keep going from there!

If you could create your own video game, what type of game would it be? What kind of story would it have?

Good question, and I must say it’s not one I’d ever thought about. I know it would have equal male and female roles, because I hate playing as male characters all the time, but I’m happy with the diversity you see nowadays with female characters in games. I think I’d kind of want a girl version of God of War. I don’t really know what I’d have the story be in detail, but something along those lines would be killer in my opinion!

Have there ever been any instances in which you felt embarrassed by your nerdiness?

NEVER! I love that I wear a cat kigurumi around and play video games in it. I love talking to people about games and science fiction. I love getting super geeked on anything new that has to involve video games whether it be sequels or new systems or new games… OR NEW MOVIES that are being planned like the new Assassins Creed movie! Video games, “nerdiness,” and just being my own person has been my whole life. I love reading books and falling into another world and video games do that for me on a visual and more interactive level. It’s soothing, its fun, and it connects me with people. Whether those people are my family and friends or people I don’t even know but then become cool with just because we both love video games. Games bring excitement and adventuring into other worlds into my life, and I would never and will never be embarrassed of something so awesome.

Where can fans find more of you?

Instagram: instagram.com/prurientsuicide

Twitter: twitter.com/getshitty_

SuicideGirls: suicidegirls.com/girls/prurient

Facebook: facebook.com/prurientsuicide

Prurient 3

SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Linx


This week’s SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week is SG Hopeful Linx. Linx has been playing video games since an earlier age than probably anybody else you know and nowadays works at GameStop. She is also a huge Resident Evil fan. Linx recently sat down with RealGamerNewz to talk about everything video games.

Why did you choose the username Linx?

I chose Linx because it is the alias I use a lot when roleplaying online and I also ended up naming my daughter that. Someone on the site already had part of it in their name so I started thinking about my last name and ended up having a list of choices between Lynx, Lynux, and Linx. I guess what the deciding factor in it all was I started signing stuff and found which one was easier to sign and which one I liked better when I signed it.

When did you first start playing video games?

I would have to say I started playing games as early as two years old. My parents would hand me the gun to the NES and leave the game Duck Hunt on the main menu and I thought I was playing it! I grew up playing NES and Super Nintendo then moved on to the PlayStation family. My dad and I would sit up all night and play together or I would make a pillow fort on the couch and watch him play. I really got into gaming though when I was a preteen and older. I would go to a friend’s house with my PS2 in tow and we would spend all night trying to beat a game. Even now I kinda have my daughter into playing games because she will walk around with a nerf gun and yell “die, die!” Haha. I think she has watched me play Resident Evil way too much.

What are some of your all-time favorite games?

Hmm some of my all time favorites… well I guess I can start with my obsession with the Resident Evil series. I love those games! It all started when Resident Evil 2 came out on the original PlayStation and my dad was playing it. I even had a lil’ crush on Leon for the longest time, hahaha. I own Code Veronica through RE6 on my Xbox 360 and plan on trying to get one of every one there is. I also plan on getting the Umbrella logo tattooed behind my ear. If I had to pick between which one was my favorite I would have to say it’s a toss up between 5 and 6. I love the over the shoulder style and the fact they brought back my favorite characters from when I was a kid.

My second all-time favorite game would be The Last of Us. I just loved the story and the gameplay, plus the scenery was amazing too. I can’t wait until they do more with it. My other favorite games would be a toss up between the Devil May Cry series, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and the Jak and Daxter series. Honestly I have too many favorite games to really choose just one of these. I grew up playing Crash, Spyro, and Jak and Daxter so those are just a given when it comes to the classics and great games with good stories. I think I loved the Devil May Cry series so much because the stories were unique and the main character, Dante, was hot and a smart ass. I was kind of obsessed with this series for awhile and named my chinchilla Dante after it. If I had the time and money I would defiantly cosplay Clair or Jill from Resident Evil, and possibly Lady from DMC.

linx4Playing anything currently?

I am playing Call of Duty: Ghost right now, mostly Gun Game on multiplayer online. My PSN is fallenangellinx. Look for me I may just play with ya sometime! Honestly I have started so many games that I really need to finish them. The list includes for PS3: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Dishonored: GOTY, Infamous one and two, and on Xbox 360: Deadspace, L.A. Noire, American McGee’s Alice, and going back over Resident Evil 5 and 6 to completely beat them.

So if 5 & 6 are your favorites, which Resident Evil game do you think is the worst in the series?

That’s really a easy question I absolutely HATED Operation Raccoon City. I am not the best at FPS games and so you mix that with bad A.I. and no online play (I didn’t have internet at the time) it was a really crappy game. I tell people who buy it when I’m at work at GameStop that it’s basically Call of Duty but with Resident Evil people.

Do you get some cool video game related perks for working at GameStop? I have heard of some people getting to keep old promotional items after they are no longer useful. Have you ever gotten anything like that?

Working at GameStop gets me a discount which I have bought a couple gaming shirts with and my boss gave me a CoD: Ghost shirt that no one other than who was at conference will have. I’ve also gotten to take home posters too. I have a 3D Devil May Cry poster from the newest one in my closet. Although you would think a pretty girl at a gaming store would get hit on a lot, it doesn’t happen much until I open my mouth and spout off stuff about Resident Evil or a few games I’m obsessed with. I am proud of my Resident Evil, 5 it is the closest I’ve gotten to completely beating a game.

CoD: Ghost actually received some pretty bad review scores and wasn’t received well by fans either. What do you think of the game so far?

Well I am not a Call of Duty fan in general other than the zombies on Black Ops, but I like it as something to play and yell at the screen haha. As far as a story I didn’t really get to see it much since my boyfriend played it whenever I wasn’t. But all in all aliens don’t beat out Nazi zombies ever.

Which would you rather own a PS4 or an Xbox One?Linx

Ugh the infamous question I get asked everyday at work haha. I honestly don’t know. I like both systems as upgrades from the older ones and the graphics are equally awesome looking, but it’s a toss up really. If I wanted to not spend a lot of money I would get the PS4. If I had the money, I’d buy the Xbox One. Either way though, the games I want, like Dying Light, are already coming out on the older systems which I have both. If it depended on games, the only game for the One so far that I want is Dead Rising 3. I have both of the other ones and the Zombrex Edition of two. I’m leaning more towards the PS4 though because of Infamous: Second Son and anything that may come out for The Last of Us, Plus it’s cheaper and I’m very bad with money hahaha.

What’s the one game that you have spent the most amount of time playing?

Well other than The Sims which is a given because who doesn’t lose their lives to that game haha. Other than that though I would have to say Resident Evil 5 or probably the Jak and Daxter series. I would spend hours and hours trying to get every lil’ thing I could on those games. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my games. I have every achievement besides the multiplayer and DLC ones, and the professional difficulty one on Resident Evil 5. I’m a revil through and through. It’s sad haha.

Getting all the non-multiplayer/DLC achievements is still really impressive. What have you gotten your gamerscore up to so far?

My gamerscore on Xbox is up to 22,486.

What are some things that you like to do for fun outside of video games?

Aside from working and being a full time mom to my beautiful 18 month old girl, I read a lot of books and play with the newest edition to my family Miss Hariot the cat. I know it’s a boring life but I love it because there is nothing better than coming home and having a lil’ girl come and wanna sit on your lap and talk gibberish to you. She will come and sit next to me while I’m gaming or reading and bring her own lil’ book, it’s too cute. That and she loves to cuddle with the kitty on the floor. She loves animals just as much as I do and I think I will have to take her to shelters like I do and socialize the animals when she gets older.

 Where can fans find more of you?

SuicideGirls: https://suicidegirls.com/members/linx_/

Instagram:  linx_jesse

SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Shark


This week’s SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week is Shark. Shark is a SuicideGirls Hopeful who has been gaming for a very long time. She’s what you might call a PlayStation fangirl but even Xbox fans can agree that does not detract from her exceptional beauty! RealGamerNewz recently sat down with Shark to talk about video games, modeling, and prepping.

So why the username ‘Shark”?

Well I chose the name Shark because I think they are beautiful and amazing creatures who can attack at any moment if necessary which I feel as though also describes me in many ways.

So are you one of those people that actually likes when the Discovery Channel has Shark Week?shark4

Well no. I am Australian and I don’t watch much TV, haha. I just play games and watch documentaries.

What made you want become a professional model? 

I don’t see myself as a professional model. I do it for fun. I’ve always been interested in arts and this is my way of expressing my female eroticism artistically.

When did you first get into gaming?

I stated gaming when I was only about two or three years old. I used to play Sonic with my dad and would win most time, haha. I can’t really remember a time when gaming wasn’t prominent in my life. It was during my childhood and is still a strong passion in my adult life.

What are some of your favorite games?

My favorite games are all first person shooters. In order of favorites: Borderlands, F.E.A.R 3, Rage, and Killzone 3.  Some of the only non-FPS games I really play are LittleBigPlanet and The Sims.

Xbox One or PS4?

PlayStation forever! I actually have a PlayStation tattoo behind my ear. My blog name used to be shonyplaystation, haha. Shony is actually my first name, and yes I plan on changing my last name to PlayStation.

That is actually a perfect name for a gaming blog! How come you stopped writing it?

I stopped blogging because I posted a picture of myself that got like 17,000 notes in a few days and a whole bunch of swag yolo’s started following me and asking me stupid questions.

shark2Speaking of tattoos, that’s an interesting piece on your stomach. Is there any significance to the time on the clock?

No there isn’t, which I regret as my life numbers are 308. The numerals on the clock are all backwards and some are even switched around, which I got for the reason that time is not real. It is a fabricated system that we all live by, not by choice but by force. The principle of time in relation to time and space have relevance but I believe for our daily lives all we need is night and day. The time on the clock is 12:27 which my tattooist chose. I guess I should ask him why next time. It may have relevance to him.

Let’s say I didn’t fancy anything on next-gen consoles so I bought a PS3 for the first time instead. What’s the very first exclusive I should play in your opinion?

The Killzone series, the Resistance series, the Infamous and the LittleBigPlanet series. In order of significance.

Are you in the middle of playing anything right now?

Yeah I’m in the middle of a few games; Crysis, Ghost Recon, and I started replaying Resistance 3.

Is there a genre of video game you absolutely hate?

If any I would have to say MMO’s and magic games. They just seem too immersive if that is possible. They’re also a tad evil in the way that in order to keep enjoying many of the games, you have to pay more and more money and play constantly.


Do you have a lot of female friends that are gamers?

I actually don’t have a single female friend that is a gamer, most of my friends are males. I have a dark sense of humor and most women are scared of me. Plus guys are usually better gamers.

What do you like best about living in Australia?

The thing I like best about Australia is the fact that I’m not living my life in constant fear of societal collapse and war attacks. I am a prepper so I have been planning for a long time to be almost completely detached from society and even though that is still incredibly difficult in this country, it is much easier than others.

What are some things outside of video games that you like to do for fun?

As I said previously, I am a prepper and so research takes up quite a lot of my time. In terms of research, I study motor mechanics, automotive engineering, science in many fields, agriculture, law, and music. I don’t pay for study, I believe knowledge should be free.

Where can fans find more of you?

SuicideGirls: https://suicidegirls.com/members/shark_/


SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Cheri


Cheri seems like one of the more “normal” SuicideGirls names on the site. Is there any special meaning behind it?

Yes Chéri [SHER-EE] in French means “darling.” The characteristics of the name from what I’ve read are: mystical, wise, eccentric, intuitive, imaginative, philosophical, and solitary – which basically sums up my personality.

Your newest set on the site shows you holding a PlayStation 3 controller, when did you first start playing video games?

I got my first PlayStation (PS1) system like 13 years ago. I always liked gaming and the internet, and spent a lot of my time in the wintertime stuck indoors because I grew up in Alberta. Me and my sister used to have Dance Dance Revolution (aka DDR) battles on our PS2 and then there was Sing Star Karaoke. I used to play Mary Kate and Ashley Magical Mystery Mall back then too, haha. I play more games on the iPad these days when I have time.

What game were you actually playing in that set, anyway? Do you remember?

The set was shot in June 2012 at the photographer’s apartment (SGMillioux). That was her gaming system. I didn’t really understand the point of that game was. Haha I don’t even remember what it was. I was probably on that Cali ganga. I tried to figure out how to play for the first little bit then I said, “to hell with this lets just shoot a quick set before I head back to Canada cause YOLO, right?” and then she started snapping, it worked out nicely. Something like that.

What would you say areCheri Suicide some of your favorite all-time games?

Among my favorite games to play were Frogger, Tony Hawk, Driver, WWE wrestling, Age of Empires, Grand Theft Auto, and Sims 2.

As someone who is into skateboarding in real life, how realistic would you say the Tony Hawk games actually are?


Can you pull off any sweet skateboarding tricks?

Yeah some, but I’m no pro. It’s just a pastime. I’ve been skateboarding for about four years or so.

Any iPad games occupying your free time currently?

Vampires Live. Join my coven! @Cheri

What is one video game that you could whoop anybody in?

Probably Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero eh? Do you have a favorite/best song?

“Barracuda” by Heart.

So how did you first get into modeling for SuicideGirls?

It was kind of random, late in 2010, I was eighteen. A friend referred me to the site so I checked it out and ended up buying a membership immediately. I was into doing photo shoots just for fun because I was into acting in high school. I applied and they said I looked perfect for their site. Shorty after I shot my first set titled “Longing” by Lavonne, a staff photographer from Calgary. It was a hit and then before I knew it I was on a plane to LA to shoot the Belle and Sebastian video for the Suicide Girl song with SG model Carrina by my side.

Every one of your sets has been named the “Set of the Day” at some point in time. What’s your secret to success?

There is no real secret; I just work hard to make these photo shoots happen. I go out of my way to show up. I just try to keep it real and natural and pose in comfortable settings. I like to put thought into the details so that each one of my pictures is tastefully taken and it captures how I’m feeling at the time. I guess I’m just lucky because everyone loves a tiny girl.

Which one of your sets do you think you had the most fun during shooting? Cheri 2

The video in LA was a blast filming. I got to spend time on Venice beach and saw sights I could have only dreamed of. It was the first time in my life I felt like, damn, dreams really can come true. I never looked back after that. I wanted to shoot as many sets as I could and try to make each one better than the last. Ever onward.

Tell me about your tattoos. You have a very interesting chest piece, is that a cat?

I get asked that an awful lot, hahaha. It’s a black lamb in between the rose and thorns. It’s about being the sensitive one in my family and represents sacrifice to me. My tattoos are all pretty personal, and everyone perceives them differently, but I put them there so I don’t forget the message behind the image.

You were in the SuicideGirls movie UK Holiday last year. What was it like living in a house with a bunch of other SuicideGirls for awhile? Did you ever prank each other during the stay?

It was really chill, everyone was just relaxing and having fun. It was humbling for me too, being around so many gorgeous women! I’ve never met another SG who wasn’t a rad chick. No pranks, just a whole lot of girl power. Haha.

Your site profile says you are also into movies. What is the most recent one you have watched?

‘The Great Gatsby’ and ’11th Hour’ with Leo DiCaprio, and ‘World War Z’ starring Brad Pitt.

Where can fans see more of you?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cherivontease

SuicideGirls: www.suicidegirls.com/girls/cheri

My personal blog: http://tinydancercheri.blogspot.ca/

Instagram/Twitter: @CheriSuicide

Cheri 2

YouTubers Are Getting Exactly What They Deserve


Earlier this week YouTube went live with a new algorithm that checks peoples content against known copyrighted material and automatically flags it if and when matches are found. This updated algorithm hurt YouTube personalities in the gaming division because a lot of the content was for music and video (such as cut-scenes or even gameplay) in video games. When a video is flagged, that YouTuber can no longer receive ad revenue from that specific video. They can appeal the copyright notice, claiming fair use, but the dispute process can take an unspecified amount of time and they still can’t earn revenue from the video during the dispute. There’s also no guarantee that the dispute will even work and if a YouTuber disputes and loses three copyright claims, their channel gets shut down so simply disputing every claim is a little too risky for most people considering lots of “big name” channels have been reporting upwards of 60 copyright claims against old videos.

Lots of people have been complaining about this “new” policy saying that it’s killing YouTube and will kill off a lot of the popular gaming channels because they will no longer be able to make a living off what they are doing. The community reaction to their complaints has been less than supportive of them as lots of comments have told them to “go get a real job.” This sentiment forced popular YouTube vlogger boogie2988 to make a whole video about why YouTube is a real job and Kotaku to write up a whole article about the video backing him up. They’re wrong.

Before we delve into the legitimacy of these copyright notices, let’s first talk about YouTube being a job. YouTube isn’t a real job for most of these so-called “personalities.” For someone like boogie2988, you could actually make a case that his serious videos are equivalent to someone touring the country and giving motivational lectures to people. He does have a lot of helpful videos talking about his upbringing and how he overcame challenges in his life. Vlogging could be potentially seen as a “real” job so he gets a pass. Even his skit videos with his characters like Francis could be seen as legitimate because they are unique and creative content. But let’s be honest people, playing video games and talking over them is not a job. It’s not hard work. It’s almost like making free money because you were obviously going to play the game anyway. What’s the difference if you record yourself playing or not?

The Kotaku article goes on to say, “Not everyone can make a living off of producing videos and hosting them on YouTube. It’s not as simple as pointing a camera at your face or turning a capture box on and throwing it up all willy nilly online.”

Actually, yes it is that simple. Let’s take a look at one of my personal favorite Call of Duty commentators El Presador (http://www.youtube.com/user/ELPRESADOR). El Presador has said on record that he puts absolutely no work into any of his videos. Truth be told, it does show in the production quality. All he’s doing is playing a video game and then talking over it live as he plays. Then all he has to do is sync the audio, uploads the video, and boom. His “job” is done. What’s that like 20 minutes of “work” per video not counting upload times? Yet despite this low effort and low production value, El Pres still manages to earn between 10,000 and 30,000 views per video because he has an entertaining personality. At the time of this writing, his channel is pushing 70 million views. He quit his job years ago and makes his living from YouTube ad revenue. If El Presador can make a living off how many views he gets per video with NO EFFORT WHATSOEVER, imagine what someone like Angry Joe makes (http://www.youtube.com/user/AngryJoeShow) who gets hundreds of thousands of views per video.

Or what about PewDiePie? With over three BILLION total views, he’s one of the most watched YouTube channel in history. Anybody who has seen any of his videos can tell you they are pretty much thrown up “all willy nilly online.” Just look at this video of him literally just randomly messing around with Photoshop, something that tons of people do everyday, which got over 3.5 million views and counting. Yeah…that was such hard work wasn’t it?

I’ve already said though, that vlogging technically can be considered a job because at least you’re providing some sort of unique content and entertainment to fans. Channels that do Let’s Play and gameplay commentaries are not. When you upload a Let’s Play or gameplay commentary you ARE using copyrighted material as the core of your content. Footage from video games is copyrighted just like footage from movies is. Imagine if someone tried doing a “Let’s Watch” where they uploaded a full movie with their commentary. Yeah, that wouldn’t fly either.

In most cases, the reason anybody even watches these videos is for the gameplay – not for the commentary. Wings of Redemption (http://www.youtube.com/user/WingsofRedemption) is another popular CoD commentator. Look at some of his videos, though. He doesn’t even talk about the gameplay on the screen. A lot of the time he just talks about random things over gameplay. If he is going to just talk about random life subjects, why can’t he do that as a vlog sitting in front of his webcam? He is just using the gameplay in order to draw in fans of that game as viewers. Why should someone like him be able to profit off using footage and/or music from a game they didn’t help make? They shouldn’t, and that’s why people don’t have any sympathy for them getting hit with copyright claims.

These YouTubers probably won’t even be able to use the Fair Use defense either because they are making money from the content. If you look up the Fair Use on the Cornell University Law School website you will see the very first factor in determining Fair Use says, “the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes.” Well right away these videos are disqualified because YouTubers are are clearly not using it for nonprofit educational purposes. They are making money off the videos. This is what they do for a living. Perhaps if they uploaded such videos with no advertisements and didn’t want to earn any money off them but only to educate people on what the gameplay looked like, perhaps they would have a case for Fair Use. But that’s not what they are doing, now is it?

Despite the fact he doesn’t do gameplay commentaries, someone like Angry Joe shouldn’t be complaining either. If he doesn’t like YouTube’s policies, why doesn’t he just host the videos on his own website? He can pay the server costs and pay the bandwidth costs. He can go secure his own advertisers for videos. Now that would make what he does a “real” job. YouTube just makes his job easier by doing all this for him. All he has to do is upload the videos and not worry about getting advertisers or paying server costs. When you upload videos to YouTube you are making a trade-off. You are trading security of your videos for the ease in monetizing them. When you rely on YouTube to make your living, it means you are putting your fate in the hands of a third-party, YouTube. You are subject to their whims and rules changes. In exchange, they do half your job for you.

In fact, maybe they do more than half the job. YouTube provides a lot more to video creators than just bypassing server costs and worrying about how to get advertisers. YouTube videos show up highly indexed in search engines like Google, whereas videos on your own site probably would not. According to their statistics page, over one billion unique users visit YouTube per month. Uploading videos on YouTube helps you to tap into this already huge community, a community you would need to build up from scratch if you were to run your own site. People complaining about how hard it is to make YouTube videos just take all this for granted. Don’t like putting your livelihood at the mercy of a massive company like YouTube? Then make your own site. It makes your job harder to do, but gives you the security and peace of mind that YouTube can’t change their rules and ruin your day.

Welcome to the world of business, YouTubers. How you react to these rule changes will determine just how much of a “real job” making YouTube videos truly is. If you can’t survive the new algorithm, then perhaps you don’t have the business acumen you thought you did.

Disclaimer: This article is solely the opinion of the author and may or may not represent those of RealGamerNewz and the rest of their staff.

SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Palette Suicide


Why did you choose the name “Palette?”

I chose Palette after a long period of not having any idea what I wanted to use. I had a few options, but none of them stuck, and all my friends that I asked always seemed to prefer Palette. It refers to an artist’s palette that is used to hold and mix paints. I’ve been studying art for as long as I can remember, and went to school for it as well. It’s been a passion of mine and I hope that one day I can show more people that side of myself. The other reason that I chose Palette was that it’s a homonym for Pallet which is a reference to the town in Pokemon! I don’t play it as much as I used to, but that game and the TV series shaped my childhood. The name Palette seemed to just fit.

Tell me about your tattoos. Is that an Umbrella logo I see?

Yes it is! I’m a big Resident Evil fan, so I got this tattoo as soon as I saved up enough money. I also have a tattoo of the companion cube from Portal right next to it. My arm was a collection of random designs that I got mostly from Friday the 13th tattoo specials at my favorite shop, Three Kings Tattoo in Brooklyn, until pretty recently. I had my half sleeve started with Jason June in August. It’s a wolf skull with lotus surrounding them based off artwork from John Dyer Baizley. I have an Eye of Horus set in a flying scarab on the nape of my neck, and little ankh on my forearm because I was obsessed with Egyptian history as a teenager.

My legs are something that I never really thought I would get tattooed, but now I have two large pieces on them! My left thigh was done by John Sultana who created my tattoo based on a natal reading he did for me. Basically, he reads how the stars and planets are aligned on the moment you’re born, and how that corresponds to your life. My reading dealt with transformation, and I was also born on the most central solar eclipse in nearly 800 years. So he created a piece with an eclipse in the center, and a moth with blooming roses to represent transition. My right leg has a skull and rose done by Zac Scheinbaum at Saved Tattoo. Otherwise, I have a few badly done stick and pokes I did on myself, finger mustache, cat whiskers and the symbols for the sun and moon.

You also have pierced nipples. Does that hurt as much as one would imagine it does?

It totally does! Anyone that said it doesn’t hurt is lying. I got both of mine done at the same time and I was miserable. It didn’t help that the shop I was at was playing Toy Story 3 in the background and the movie was at the part where the toys are all screaming for their lives. I was so on edge the whole time. The healing process is a nightmare, but they’re worth it in the end.

palette2So how did you first get into video games?

I honestly don’t even know. As a kid, I always just had whatever consoles were available to me. I was spoiled in that way. I grew up having a Game Boy, Nintendo 64 and SEGA Dreamcast, and when I got older that turned into a PlayStation, then an Xbox and so on. It was something that was always there for me to entertain myself with. I didn’t have a lot of friends in school, so I spent most of my time online or playing games. I guess video games were something like second nature. Instead of watching TV or getting into sports, I sort of just played video games. I’m sure that sounds super lame!

What would you say are some of your all-time favorites?

Well, I without a doubt can say my favorite series is Resident Evil. I watched the movies, read the books, played through the games and learned everything I could about it. I even run a little blog on tumblr about the series (resident-evil.tumblr.com), though I’m guilty of not updating it lately because I’ve been so busy. Aside from that, I love the Silent Hill series and the Devil May Cry series. I’m not the kind of person to play every new game that is out, so I like to spend my time with certain ones and pay attention to the stories too. I enjoy a good online session in Halo every once in a while, but I’m not too big on shooters because I have terrible vision and can’t see anything half the time haha. Right now I’m just playing through Deadpool and started up Diablo III on Xbox 360 (even though I already definitely wasted a hell of a lot of time playing it on the PC…)

Resident Evil went from being a horror franchise with a focus on survival and puzzle solving to one that is pretty much just action based now (e.g. RE4, 5, & 6). Which type of gameplay do you prefer?

I first fell in love with the survival aspect, and I loved the puzzles (most of the time, because we all know they were super frustrating sometimes). Most of all, though, I love the story. I love the cheesy cut scenes, the silly dialogue, and the zombie and BOW action. All of that really drew me in. So, the earlier games in the Resident Evil franchise hold a really special part of my heart. The more recent titles I haven’t been that enthused about, particularly 5, 6 and the Operation Raccoon City games. They just felt out of place and didn’t have the things that made the older games special. It’s all action, guns, running, big explosions and this Call of Duty state of mind… not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just not my cup of tea. I like taking my time. I like that building anticipation, that sense of mystery and terror walking down an empty hallway to only be ambushed by Cerberus. So, I’m all about that survival horror.

Which Resident Evil game do you like best and why?

Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4 are my favorites. I’m a little bit of a Leon Kennedy fan girl and I also love Ada Wong, so that’s a little bit of explanation. But I liked the parallel story line dynamic in Resident Evil 2, and attempting to survive around the infected Raccoon City. I think Resident Evil 4 was the clear shift for the franchise, but it did it so well that it was an improvement and still felt like a Resident Evil game. It perfectly combined everything I liked about the first games, while also modernizing the game play and picking up the pace. The newer Resident Evil games tried too hard to be action games set in the Resident Evil universe. I will always see Resident Evil 4 as the peak of this little world Capcom has created.

If you could make your own video game, what would it be about?

Oh man! I don’t even know… zombies? Horror? A little action? Maybe even hack and slash?! I would like to make something that is sort of like the earlier Resident Evil games. Some mechanism like in Silent Hill or Amnesia where the darkness is safe, but difficult to see in… while light allows better movement but attracts enemies. I’m a sucker for an underdog main character, and maybe a seductive yet mysterious female counterpart. A plot that has to do with saving the fate of humanity. I love cinematic cut scenes. I’d want a ton of interactive objects and customization in terms of weapons, healing items, and armor. I have too many specifics and no big story idea!

Are there any upcoming games you are looking forward to getting?

I literally just got Animal Crossing on the 3DS because I was absolutely obsessed with it on the GameCube! So that’s going to be consuming a lot of my time in the next few weeks. Otherwise, nothing upcoming is making me too excited. I have no interest in buying the new generation of consoles and all the new games are pretty much launch titles for the Xbox One or PS4. I might have considered buying Dead Rising 3, if that wasn’t the case.


I heard you went to Comic-Con, how was that?

It was a lot of fun but super tiring! I grew up in San Diego, so I was privileged enough to attend the huge Comic Con there almost every year since I was young. When I moved to New York, I was sort of disappointed at the size of NYCC. However, this year, it was a lot bigger and there was way more interesting vendors. They still need to work on picking up better panels and guests, but that’s going to happen in time. Since SuicideGirls didn’t have an official booth this past year, I organized a meet up with myself and a few other girls at the Manic Panic booth.

It was really nice to see some New York, New Jersey, and Philly based SuicideGirls and SuicideGirls Hopefuls come together. We all wore costumes and hung out during the day. My costume was Morrigan from the game Darkstalkers; it was super uncomfortable to wear but I loved it. Over all, had a wonderful time, met so many awesome fans, and can’t wait to figure out what’s going to happen next year. I’m sure it’ll be another adventure!

As a veteran of SDCC, have you cosplayed before dressing up as Morrigan recently at NYCC?

At SDCC, I’ve dressed up as a zombie, Cassie from Hack/Slash. I didn’t dress up a lot at SDCC because I was pretty young and was with family most of the time. When I turned 18 and started attending or visiting, then I started cosplaying more. I went to PAX East a few years ago as Pikachu, and my first time at NYCC I dressed up as Lucy from Elfen Lied. Hopefully next year I can work on my costumes and get to wiggle my way to more conventions.

Outside of video games what are some of your other hobbies?

I try and create artwork as much as I can, although I’m guilty of procrastinating hardcore. I work a lot, so much of my time after I get off work is spent being really lazy and then sleeping. Most of the time I just watch TV or movies on Netflix, have a drink and crash. I’m really boring and I don’t really like to party or go out too often. I’m a homebody haha.

Where can fans see more of you?

Instagram: @palettesuicide
Twitter: @sicknessnsleep

Girl Fight Review

Girl Fight

Girl Fight is a new arcade fighting game that was recently released on XBLA and PSN. As the title implies, it features an all female cast of characters. Unfortunately, the game just falls short in many respects.

The premise of the game is that an organization known as “THE FOUNDATION” has been training female warriors by pitting them against each other in Virtual Reality deathmatches. In addition to physical attacks, characters can also perform psychic abilities. These abilities can have a variety of effects such adding a health leech to your attacks for a short time, vastly increasing your defense while active, or just plain old hurting your opponent. You start off with a few basic psychic abilities and new ones must be purchased with earned points and then equipped for subsequent battles. In order to actually pull off a psychic attack in a fight, you also have to first build up your “PSI” meter.

The graphics are about what you would expect from an XBLA/PSN game so there is no complaint there, but the controls feel stiff and clunky. Combinations are easy to pull off since the only variation in what type of attack you perform is based on what direction you are holding the analog stick when you press the attack button, but movement is incredibly clumsy and awkward. The whole game just feels very unpolished.

The roster of playable characters is pretty sparse with only eight to choose from. To make matters worse, you actually have to clear the campaign mode with each character in a specific order – you can’t just choose who you want to be straight away. Why should the game force you to keep playing over and over again just to be who you want to?

Girl Fight is similar to Skullgirls in that it uses the sex appeal of its scantily clad characters to build interest in the game. But unlike Skullgirls, it’s just not a very good game itself. Although Skullgirls costs $14.99 and Girl Fight is a little cheaper at $9.99, you are better off spending the extra few dollars and picking up Skullgirls instead.

Overall Score: 2 / 10

Developer: Kung Fu Factory

Publisher: Majesco Entertainment

Played on: Xbox LIVE Arcade

Available on: Xbox LIVE Arcade / PlayStation network

Review Copy Info – A copy of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.