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A Hip Roguelike You Wouldn’t Want To Miss Among The Pile… #IndieSpotlight

Crypt of the NecroDancer - RealGamerNewz

Crypt of the NecroDancer — Early Access Launch Trailer

Windows PC / Linux / Mac OS X

Now Available On Steam Early Access


  • Single-player
  • Local Co-op
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Steam Cloud
  • Full controller support
  • Includes level editor
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Steam Workshop

RGN Hands-On Preview Coming Soon

Mordheim: City of the Damned’s Early Access Phase 3 – Gameplay Trailer [HD 1080P]

Mordheim - City of the Damned’s Early Access Phase 3

Games Workshop and Focus Home Interactive present the latest Gameplay Trailer for Mordheim: City of the Damned’s 3rd Phase on Early Access as presented below in Full 1080P High Definition.

Now Available On Steam Early Access

RealGamerNewz H1Z1 Steam Early Access Impressions

H1Z1 RealGamerNewz Preview Impressions Steam Early Access PC Gaming SOE Sony

[Image Credit: F2P]

Hello RGN Readers, my name is John Clark and I’m part of the RealGamerNewz Community. I’ve been playing H1Z1 for the few weeks now that it’s been available on Steam Early Access and in my opinion if you’re into the survival horror meets action genre of video games then this is the game for you. Here are my thoughts and impressions of the game thus far at the timing of this post.

I must say, H1Z1 is phenomenally well put together. There are two types of gameplay I see on it that are on the forefront but this is only minimalist compared to what others can do with a little time and creative ingenuity. Of course, creation is limited to what you can also defend since this is a persistent world game with plenty of PvE but also PvP elements that can often be brutal and unforgiving. In that sense, H1Z1 is very straightforward, kill or die!

At the start of the game all you really have as a survivalist player is a back pack with some rags and a flare. From the start players must go around the map looking for food, wood, metal, and water, and in the midst of doing this have zombies running after them not to mention wolves. If you’re the type to delve into PvP moments either on purpose or by accident, you’ll end up with over players trying to kill you for your lot or sometimes they team up with you and make a group to help you out and get better / stronger in both PvP as well as PvE.

To get good at H1Z1 players have to just stick with it, the zombies and wolves are there for killing and you have to adapt every 30 minutes or so to find food currently plus drink some type of clean water before you die of hunger and starvation. In my opinion, the air drops that players can pay for in the game are perfectly fair except I don’t see them often enough as a person not paying for them – I was promised the chance to shoot them down or steal them from other players if I’m in their vicinity. Hopefully I get to live out that promised experience soon. If you ask me, there are too many campers who use a campfire as a friendly fire warning but then shoot you anyways in the back of the head. One time a few people picked me up and brought me around and then spoke to me about teaming up with me. Suddenly, one departed from the group briefly. He then proceeded to kill me. This kind of thrill is exhilarating and fun but there needs to also be an equal way for players to team up together. Giving each other just 2% of what you get isn’t seeming fair to me.

If you play H1Z1 and want to meet up and level up with me or go into towns, villages, and camp sites together make sure you are ready and add me. My in-game name is John1989

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Written by John Clark of RGN Community

I Am Bread: Diary of Developers Behind Steam / iOS Title of Same Name

I am Bread RealGamerNewz

No you aren’t imagining things. I Am Bread smashed on to the scene originally for Windows PC and will soon be reaching out and asking for finger pokes on your iPhone screen. Check out the latest developer diary to hopefully gain some insight on the madness behind this.

Rise of Incarnates’ Early Access Date + Details Revealed


Bandai Namco Games has announced when players can partake in the Early Access, for their upcoming free-to-play fighting game. Beginning February 4, 2015, Steam users will be able to download Rise of the Incarnates and play it for free.

Eight characters will be playable in the game’s Early Access. Players will be able to duke it out across the NYC and Paris maps, with three modes to choose from; Versus mode, Arcade mode and Bot matches. Steam users can expect regular updates for the title — containing new maps, characters, customization options and features, as time goes on.

Signing up for their email newsletter before Feb 4th, will net you a code for the Early Registration Gift set. The gift set will contain a customization outfits for each of the eight debut fighters.

Source: Riseofincarnates

Sony’s Upcoming H1Z1 Gets Mixed Beta Feedback, Is It Pay To Win?

H1Z1 Sony Pay To Win Steam PS4 RealGamerNewz

Named Most Anticipated Survival Game of 2015 by GameHaunt, Sony’s got a lot vested in H1Z1. They’ve grabbed a proven formula fresh off of ArmA II’s DayZ Mod (and subsequent title DayZ Standalone) and have manufactured their own flavor of said formula. With the promise of seeing a new twist on the zombie survival genre, Sony Online Entertainment has gained the attention of gamers worldwide.

Hz1Z will be released for PlayStation 4 “eventually” (most assume this year) and is currently available for Windows PC through the wildly popular Steam platform, but on their Early Access section meaning that this is simply a Beta and not final product. It would be easy to say “this game is getting bad reviews,” or “the computer version has mixed reviews so far,” but this would be fundamentally irresponsible as this is an Early Access release.

However, that being said, mixed Beta Feedback is what we can confidently say is being presented by the Steam community of PC gamers who have given it a shot in the 2 days that H1Z1 has been open to Early Access users for $19.99 – $39.99 of kick-in. The final product will be made available Free-To-Play on PlayStation 4 and Steam, which actually brings us to the meat of this topic.

Sony had claimed early on that they were aiming to make H1Z1 fair, fun, and balanced for all players – regardless of their pay-in level or if they were just playing completely for free. In short, they promised not to break the game for profit’s sake through a Pay-To-Win formula, while at the same time criticizing some games that did so in the genre. Since the particular game they chose to model H1Z1 after began as a free mod, it is pretty obvious that in-app purchases are going to be hard for PC gamers to tolerate if not placed in the game gracefully by Sony Online Entertainment.

H1Z1 RealGamerNewz PS4 Free To Play

Hopefully Sony is still open to feedback, Steam users are speaking right now about the current Early Access release – and most of them are not happy. Here are a few of the key points touched on by Steam Reviews:

  • “Pay to win // Air drops containt weapons,ammo and back packs which they said they wouldn’t do”
  • 957 of 1,069 people (90%) found this review helpful

Then there’s the case in which a Steam Review actually paraphrases Sony Online Entertainment’s quote:

“We will NOT be selling Guns, Ammo, Food, Water… i.e. That’s kind of the whole game and it would suck in our opinion if we did that.”

Only to also quote their later backtrack and going back on their word, doing exactly what they said they would not:

“We have made the decision to allow paid for airdrops into the game with things like guns and other things being randomly selected as part of the airdrop. We’re making them highly contested and building a whole set of rules around this, but you should be aware that our goal is to make this a way to keep things interesting on the servers but still be contested. If these offend your sensibilities just know that they are going to be there. We have gone out of our way to make sure the airdrops are contested in-game and that you can’t simply expect to easily walk about to the airdrop and grab it. Even if you paid for it. “

  • 2,006 of 2,318 people (87%) found this review helpful

H1Z1 Early Access Steam

Based on these two Reviews alone, and the amount of people who have expressed agreement with them, it seems Sony Online Entertainment has upset their fans and left them feeling like they were lied to. Was this false advertising? Do you feel this is enough evidence to say the game is really Pay-To-Win?

Update: H1Z1 refunds being offered by SOE for limited time

Please leave your comments below for us to share with Sony Online Entertainment.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. This article reflects the status of the game at the time of its publication and may not indicate updates rolled out later. As always, do your own research and try out games for yourself before making a final judgement.


Endless Legend – Early Access Preview [PC]

Endless Legend Logo

Endless Legacy is the 4X RTS game from Amplitude Studios coming soon for the PC.  The game is set in on the planet Auriga and four factions, the Valters, The Wild Walkers, The Broken Lords and The Necrophages all fight to control the land. The Player is given the ability to control on faction at a time, found and run their kingdoms, expand and evolve their civilization by inventing new tech, weapons, machinery and more. While maintaining their chosen faction you can choose to live in peace with the other fractions or start a war and take over their lands. Endless Legend is a grand crossover of the RTS, Simulation and RPG genres for a brand new gaming experience.

endless legend pic 1

In this early access preview of Endless Legend there is no tutorial mode leaving the players to explore their vast landscape of Auriga while learning the controls all on there own. This is a both good and bad thing depending when the player that sits down with the game. If players get in on the early access beta and do not figure out the controls they may be turned off by the experience however there is an added challenge in not knowing what to do right away  and learning as you go. The tutorial mode will most likely will be unlocked in the final version of the game. When the player does get the hang of the controls, it would be a good idea to establish a base or a castle to contain your factions people then scout there area for treasures, other areas to build on and material for your  faction to expand and grown. Players can jump in and attack but at the beginning of the game it will be futile as the other factions are vastly more powerful the player’s faction and end their game. Endless Legend is shaping up to a grand RTS game with hours of exploration, expansion and action but the developers should take the time to make sure the game is fully accessible to players of all skill levels if they want to stand apart from the ever growing RTS genre.