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RGN Podcast – Xbox ONE Vs Gamestop – Whos The Real Threat?, Two HDMI Ports on Xbox ONE

In the following RGN Podcast episode we take today’s sunlight on our backs and reflect the Xbox ONE Vs Gamestop debate that has just rocked the video game industry. RealGamerNewz assesses the features that we will be losing out on as well as who is the real threat to the video game industry out of these two, often villainous portrayed corporations. We also talk about the back of the Xbox ONE and why there’s more than one HDMI port in it, once and for all we solve the mystery for gamers worldwide.

Real Gamer Wish List – Infamous 3 (Second Son)

Just a while back Sucker Punch Productions announced Infamous 3 (also known as Infamous: Second Son) for this year’s upcoming Sony PlayStation 4. Here’s my wish-list of the Top 5 Fan Requests I have for Infamous 3.

5.) (Actual impactive moral choices). Infamous has a bad case of giving you choices that honestly don’t have much impact on the overall story other than the black in white of evil and good. I would love to see more choices that drastically change the story if Sucker Punch is still leaving the moral choice system standing for Infamous:second sun.

4.) (Better moral choices) Infamous i have to say has some of the worst moral choices i have ever seen. Like for example in Infamous 1 you go underground to power up a part of town and their is a man named Brandon in the sewer’s. Cole asks him to open the door to access the generator of the sewers, but is too afraid and refuses to do it. Cole’s choices are:

Good: Tell Brandon that his wife is dead, and that Cole promises to take out every reaper on the Neon. That then convinces him to open the door.

Evil: Shock the door apart which also kills Brandon in the process of opening the door.

Is it just me or does this seem a little strange of a choice? Usually when you have a moral choice the “Bad” option  is a simpler one that gives you something through means of violence. Cole does not gain anything more through frying him and it seems easier to just tell him his wife is dead in the first place. These kinds of choices do not make a lot of sense and i hope they improve upon this.

3.) (Gun based attacks) Although it would of seemed strange to of seen Cole pick up a rifle and shoot back at enemies, i feel like now that our new protagonist isn’t a walking Tesla coil that guns could work very well into the combat. Maybe some gun channeling were you could charge up shot with fire and unleash a fiery barrage of bullets.

2.) (online Co-op) This may or may not break the way the game is meant to be played but i would love to see a co-op system implicated in Infamous: Second Sun. If i would break the flow of the game then a side-campaign could make that all possible.(Ex. Farcry 3’s co-op)

1.) (Stealth mechanics) I know infamous isn’t a stealth kind of game but ever since i saw that our new protagonist had the ability to turn into smoke,stealth just seem’s like it would work incredibly well and would be a nice change of pace. Just imagine smoking through an air duct and dropping down behind an unsuspecting enemy, the possibilities are endless.

SimCity Friends Community Launched by $K!L Clan / RGN Affiliate

Head over to @SimCityFriends the newly launched SimCity community (Created by $K!L Clan and RealGamerNewz Affiliate / PlayStation Network Member zyggy32). This is a new community feature on the rise from the gamers for the gamers of SimCity who want to get a crew to run with in the hugely popular EA and Maxis simulator which sold over a million in the first week of sales.

Resident Evil: Revelations Gets Exclusive Features on Wii U

Much to the dismay of Resident Evil fans who may be hoping for an equal multi-platform approach with the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations port from Nintendo 3DS to the current gen consoles (360, PS3, Wii U) the title will be featuring exclusive capabilities on the Nintendo Wii U system. Perhaps it was inevitable that given the unique controller and hardware configuration of the Nintendo Wii U that the title would get its own unique features on the platform.

Many gamers who grew up playing the series on Sony’s PlayStation consoles will probably feel a little left out that the PS3 / Vita won’t be getting the same love, however the innovative controller Nintendo has placed at the forefront of Wii U’s design will shine bright with this title. The Wii U Version of Resident Evil: Revelations will be playable off-screen using the Wii U tablet game-pad controller. You can pick up RE: Revelations May 21, 2013 in North America and May 24, 2013 in Europe.

Wii U Soon to Video Chat with Mobile Devices, Some Features In-Game

Nintendo has announced the expansion of its web conference and mobile video chat features. Instead of just using the video chat available in the Mii Verse app, users of the Wii U will now be able to experience video in their games as well with a social twist. Beyond that, Wii U owners now get multiple-person video conferencing features for their system allowing them to talk with more than one person at a time in realtime video and audio calls. But perhaps the most exciting addition for Wii gamers will be the ability to chat in live video with mobile devices.

It is currently unclear which of these features work in-game and which don’t, however it has been confirmed by Satoru Iwata that some of the features being added will work in-game.

UK Retailers Want to Sell PlayStation 4 for £299 This Holiday

PlayStation 4 has been revealed by Sony and the price speculation has begun. Not only speculation, but in some cases demands. Although a global launch has not yet been discussed in detail, the PS4 is on target for a Holiday 2013 release window.

Some retail partners Sony will soon be considering in making their decision for the United States and Europe prices of their product have begun to speak out about their expectations for a successful launch.

“Obviously there is a balance to strike between building an installed base for the great games to follow and losing too much on each box, but £299 would be a good price,” said Green Man Gaming’s Darren Cairns.

The Hut Group’s games buyer Paul Cannings added:  “I thought the games looked awesome and I am excited about the streaming functions. £250 to £299 would be good for entry level and a singing and dancing SKU for £350 to £375.”

PS4 News: PlayStation 4 Supports Free Cross-Game Party Chat

PlayStation Vita was the first Sony console to be able to host cross-game chat conversations. For years Xbox 360 gamers have cherished the feature as one that gives its system a unique edge on PlayStation 3’s PSN network. It was often included in lists of reasons why Xbox gamers felt comfortable paying Xbox Live Gold’s fee.

Although there will be PlayStation Plus optional subscription service (and possibly a multi-tiered one), many features of PlayStation Network on the PlayStation 4 will not require any fee at all. Among these features is the ability to play online multiplayer games you own on the system as well as Cross-Game chat.

These features being free on PlayStation 4 will prompt Microsoft to either change their formula for online pricing or face skepticism from some gamers arguing their actual value. Of course this issue is just one of the many factors being calculated by gamers on the fence about which console manufacturer to invest with in the next generation of gaming.