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GDC 2014: GameMaker: Studio Engine Free For Licensed PS4 Developers

GDC 2014 RealGamerNewz Xbox

YoYo Games’ GameMaker: Studio engine has been announced that it will be free for all licensed PlayStation 4 Developers. This partnership between Sony Computer Entertainment Inc and YoYo Games will allow developers a much simpler way to get their games out there and onto the consoles. Another asset to this news is that the PlayStation community will now have easier access to outstanding indie games. GameMaker: Studio is in open beta starting directly after GDC is over. Public availability for GameMaker will begin on April 30th, for PS4 and PS Vita, and on June 30th for PS3.

Unreal Engine 4 Video Released – ‘Inside Unreal – Character Aesthetics’ [1080P HD]

Unreal Engine 4

Epic’s Jordan Walker and Zak Parrish discuss how artists crafted the look of characters in the Unreal Engine 4 “Infiltrator” real-time demonstration. This includes a brief walk through of the UE4 art pipeline and layered materials.

TGS 2013: Deep Down Is Free-To-Play On PS4


Capcom’s Demon Souls look-alike title Deep Down on their new Panta Rhei game engine will apparently be free-to-play on the Sony PlayStation 4 as announced by Capcom at the Tokyo Games Show 2013. The game will also be going into open beta on the PS4 and will be produced by one of gaming’s most excitable personalities – Yoshinori Ono.

EA Games Getting Ready to Drop PS3-Quality Games on Tablets

EA Games

Electronic Arts, the maker of many, many, many games (is that enough many’s?) has announced today that not only are the next-generation tablets we are about to see debut on the mainstream market capable of great things, but they will already have catalogs of games prepared for them before they arrive. Next-generation tablets EA Games currently has early access to and is developing games for are being compared to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in terms of graphical and processing power.

This, EA Games says, will open the door for a whole new wave of re-imagined existing AAA franchises and new games as well. In addition to this, many PS3 / 360 game engines will now be able to run on mobile platforms, especially tablets. This opens up the doors for the booming mobile gaming industry to grow even larger in 2014 and beyond.

Are you a mobile gamer? Are you ready for a “next-gen” to occur in that market? Let us know and we’ll tell EA Games what you think, raw and uncensored, RealGamerNewz style.

Europa Universalis IV Release Date and Latest Video Released

Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV has a new video released for it today by publisher Paradox Interactive. This upcoming grand-strat title will hit the PC for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X on August 13, 2013 and will run on the Clausewitz 2.5 Engine. You can also “Pre-order Europa Universalis IV and receive: 100 Years War Unit Pack , The Purple Pheonix and one additional unannounced DLC“. Europa Universalis is developed in-house by Paradox Development Studio.

Company of Heroes 2 – Developer Diary: Multiplayer [HD 1080P]

The following Company of Heroes 2 Developer Diary has been released by developer Relic Entertainment. This Real Time Strategy Sequel’s Multiplayer is shown off in today’s video released in high def. You can get your hands on Company of Heroes 2 on PC June 25, 2013. Company of Heroes 2 uses the Essence Engine 3.0 and is exclusive to Microsoft Windows. The designer for this game is Quinn Duffy who developed the game with Relic Entertainment for publisher SEGA. This game will be available worldwide at launch.

NHL 14 Enforcer Engine Gameplay Trailer Released by EA Sports

Today EA has released the following Enforcer Engine Gameplay trailer in anticipation for the upcoming release of NHL 14 by EA Sports. NHL 14 will launch on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 10, 2013 in North America, and on September 13, 2013 in the rest of the world. If you’re already fan of the NHL experience then you know what this means. It’s time to get dirty, see you online.


FUSE possibly could end up on Wii U

Fuse is looking like it could possibly have a Wii U version of it coming out. Bandwidth is one of the reasons it is currently not on the schedule for release as Ted Price of Insomniac games presents the game which is on Insomniac Engine 4.0 and Insomniac wanted to polish it and limit the number platforms at the moment to give gamers the best experience possible. Currently this is considered rumor since their plans for the game are diminished for the Wii U due to the “bandwidth restrictions” they encountered during development of FUSE. It isn’t clear whether they are talking about internet, graphical, or data processing bandwidth or just the metaphorical bandwidth of their company’s manpower and ability to complete games to their high standard.

FUSE releases on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 exclusively May 28, 2013 for North America and a couple days later in Europe regions.

New In-Game Elder Scrolls Online Footage Released by Bethesda

In the following video gamers are going to see the in-game engine gameplay video footage of an enemy within caves of the world of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO for short) which will serve as a behind-the-scenes sneak peak of the title being developed by Zenimax Online for Bethesda Softworks & Zenimax Media and is set to release at an unannounced date.

GDC 2013: Activision Shows Photo-Realistic Next Gen Game Engine

At the Game Developer Conference 2013 Activision revealed the following next gen graphics renders from a new game engine focused on photo-realistic graphics. The rumor of Call of Duty: Ghosts still stands as the possible breakdown and details to how the Call of Duty franchise will inevitably make its debut on the upcoming PlayStation 4.

Take a look and see for yourself below (click the first picture to see full size, click again to progress to the next image):

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“The Phantom Pain” and the Pleasure of Pageantry

So now we all know what we’ve suspected since its announcement in December: “The Phantom Pain” is Metal Gear Solid V. Now, full disclosure, I am a bona fide Metal Gear Solid freak (One of my criterions of friendship is how a person responds to “Who are the Patriots?”) and while I am positively giddy about the prospect of not just one, but TWO new Metal Gear Solid games, I am a little melancholy at the revelation. Not because the trailer isn’t amazing (it is) but because I’m going to miss the speculation that came from all the little tastes Kojima gave us. Or rather, Joakim Mogren gave us. Now that we have the news of a new Metal Gear, we can start anticipating just what it’s going to be, but that won’t fill the void of what is gone: pageantry.

Kojima is exactly what a game designer should be, and if there are any in the industry that could safely be labeled an “auteur” he is the one. He is a singular voice amongst a sea of undecipherable noise. His game announcements are nearly as entertaining as the games themselves. But here is where he truly excels as an all around mandarin of the gaming world: his announcements themselves are interactive.

It would be one thing for him to tease us with a countdown clock (which he’s done in the past), and then simply release a kick-ass trailer that gets your blood pumping and turns your agony up to eleven at the thought that you’ll have to wait to play this game. But this whole “Phantom Pain” cycle has truly elevated him to the level of magician. The man has showmanship.

Has there ever been a more dissected bit of gaming intrigue? Even though it didn’t take more than a few hours (or maybe even minutes) for the speculation to be right about “The Phantom Pain” really being MGS5, that didn’t lessen the impact it had on all of us. After all, everyone knows that the magician doesn’t really saw the woman in half, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to figure out how he did it. At one point, speculation about the game reached such a fever pitch that there were some who questioned the reality of an interview with the so called “Mogren.”

Some thought that the bandaged figure might have been a CG creation made to show off Kojima’s new FOX Game Engine. The magician’s work is to simply allow people’s imaginations to run wild, and then sweep the rug out from under them. And in the greatest move of all, Kojima proved us right, and we feel validated and proud of ourselves that “we knew all along.”

Showmanship is a dying art. Viral marketing, while sharing some of the characteristics, is an inadequate replacement. Orson Welles had showmanship. Alfred Hitchcock had showmanship. Stanley Kubrick had showmanship. The David O. Selznicks and the Louis B. Mayers had showmanship. And Hideo Kojima has showmanship. His name belongs among those names, for what he does is just as relevant and memorable. And it is also a hell of a lot of fun. That it has come to an end hopefully does not portend a phantom pain of the pleasure that has gone.