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SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Cigno


This week’s SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week is the absolutely gorgeous SG Hopeful Cigno. Cigno started playing video games when she was little but then lost interest in them. That is, until she met her now-fiancé who got her back into gaming now more than ever. So there you go guys, it is possible to get your girlfriend into gaming as much as you! I sat down with Cigno to talk about her favorite games, her tattoos, and what the best show on Cartoon Network is.

How did you become interested in the SuicideGirls?

I was always the one that was different and didn’t really fit in. I’ve always had my own way of thinking and expressing myself which always made me the outsider and the nerd who got good grades. I always felt that the SuicideGirls community is a place where you can just be yourself. I started following SuicideGirls even more when I got into tattoos and piercings which was around five years ago. I see my body as a canvas with a lot of space for art such as body modifications and tattoos. I also like to express my personality through my own style. I love everything that is colorful and different.

I tCignohink this quote of SG summarizes it well, “What people think makes us strange or weird or f@#ked up we think makes us beautiful.” When I was younger I was very insecure about myself and SG definitely helped me to accept and embrace myself for who I am.

After following SG for a couple of years, I took part in a selfie contest on Facebook and didn’t get picked but some weeks later the SG girl and model coordinator Rambo got back to me via email asking me to apply with a Hopeful Set. She hooked me up with Waikiki, the Staff Photographer, and I flew all the way to the Netherlands to shoot with her. Now that I’m in the US, the country where SG was founded, I identify even more with the community and there is much more going on for Hopefuls and SuicideGirls. I shot two new Sets for SG here in the US which will go up in five months.

When did you first start playing games and what are some of your favorites?

I grew up in an environment where it was said that new media, TV, video games, and so on were bad for the development of the child so I spent most of my childhood outside which is not a bad thing. We got our first TV when I was about eight years old and then one day I got a SEGA Mega Drive from the thrift store with a couple of games. My favorite game back then was Sonic the Hedgehog which came out 1991 where I had to defeat the evil scientist Dr. Robotnik. My favorite character was actually his best friend Tails who is able to use his two tails to propel himself into the air like a helicopter. I also liked to play The Lost Vikings and World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck where Mickey and Donald must work together in order to find a way back home from a magical world a evil magician sent them.

I lost interest in video games when I grew older but recently found my way back into gaming through my American fiancé who is a total geek. I love how video games make you dive into a fictive magical world – where you can forget about time and space. We spend nights playing our Xbox 360 taking turns and drinking a couple good beers. At the moment we’re playing Bungie’s new game Destiny. I just hit level 27 yesterday. I am a female Warlock and Voidwalker and my super ability is the Nova Bomb. I love playing the Vanguard and love to kill with my melee attack – it makes me feel like I really punch them in the face. The game I got hooked on first when I started playing again was Borderlands 2, where you are one of four Vault Hunters on the planet Pandora. I love the Hyperion CL4P-TP or better known as Claptrap and his funny way. After that I played BioShock Infinite. I was more focused on the story where Booker DeWitt has to rescue Elizabeth, imprisoned in the flying city of Columbia, for a clean slate.

I noticed you described your fiancé as American. Where are you originally from? cigno3

I am German but haven’t lived in Germany since 2010. I moved to London first and then to Sweden where I was able to study a couple semesters at the partner university of my German one. Then I graduated in Educational Science and Psychology and decided to stay longer in Sweden where I met my American fiancé who was working there for an American company. Sweden was a nice experience but also very cold and dark during the winter, short summers but wonderful landscapes, lakes and endless forest. Sweden has a very low population and is very rural so it is a paradise for outdoorsy people. The language was very hard to learn but I managed after two years. Pennsylvania is a good contrast to my life before and you get both the big city life and nature.

Are you going to get the new Borderlands game that was released earlier this month?

I think so. I like the fun factor of the Borderlands games. The pre-sequel will include four new playable characters, a bunch of new weapons and my favorite character Claptrap.

There was a recent controversy about Destiny when someone found downloadable content already existed on the disc but was hidden and locked implying Bungie already finished the content when the game shipped but is simply going to charge gamers extra anyway. What are your thoughts about downloadable content for games?

I think it is ridiculous to ship a finished game and then charge people extra for stuff already on the disc. Not to mention that the content of the game is already very limited. I like to play the Vanguard for example but there are only four different strikes to play and sometimes you get put in the same one multiple times in a row. It sadly gets a little bit boring sometimes. But I still like the game a lot, though!

Have guys ever given you a hard time for being a gamer?

I met guys who believe they are the better gamers just because “playing video games is something for boys.” When I was a teenager it was really more a boy thing to play video games which were mostly focused on action and shooting – society and stereotypes I mean how we are brought up and what we are supposed to do/like according to our gender.  Well I love action and I love fighting people in video games and have many hobbies where guys give me a hard time sometimes. I’ve heard more than once stuff like “are you having fun running in circles shooting the sky?” or guys making fun that my armor is purple and pink. I am also a rock climber which is dominated by guys and there is a lot of competition going on. They call me “she hulk” at the gym. Guess it’s hard for guys to deal with a strong girl!

What’s the tallest thing you’ve ever climbed?

I used to do a lot of sports climbing with a rope and me and my friends went from Germany to Italy every spring for rock climbing. My tallest climb was a route in Italy probably about 1,500 feet tall. I’ve gotten more and more into climbing without rope, though. It is called Bouldering and means that you climb short but more technical routes and fall or jump on a big pad when you want to come down. If I don’t climb, I actually love riding my new long board or drink coffee.

Tell mcignoe a little bit about your tattoos

I have the dandelion tattooed twice at different times. This flower symbolizes my restless nature and my urge to always move on to broaden my horizon. I drift away like one of those little parachutes/seeds in the wind. By now I’ve lived in four different countries and love discovering cultures and studying their language. My most recent tattoo is Princess Lumpy Space from Adventure Time saying in a banner “Love your Lumps” which stands for love yourself for who you are. I got this one after I became a Hopeful on SuicideGirls. I also love Cartoon Network and all their shows.

I’ve debated a friend on which is better, Regular Show or Adventure Time. What are your thoughts?

What I love about Regular Show is that it takes you back to the 80‘s, the fashion, the rock stars, the music and also all the old school video games Mordecai and Rigby are playing.

Adventure Time is still my first pick, though. I am just very much in love with the characters. BMO for instance, the little Game Boy that strives to “BeMore” or the brotherhood between Finn and Jake. Aside from all of the very different characters, this show also really makes you think and has a lot of inspiring and motivational wisdom about life in it such as, “Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something” –Jake the Dog.

Sometimes Adventure Time is just bananas, especially the episodes about Lemongrab or Lemonhope. I also like the “science” in it and Princess Bubblegum’s laboratory. Well that show is, as Finn and Jake put it, just MATHEMATICAL!

Where can fans see more of you?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007303752541

SuicideGirls: https://suicidegirls.com/members/cigno/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/cignohopeful

Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/3534379



SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Sairyn Suicide


The SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week this week is Sairyn Suicide. Sairyn has been playing video games forever and loves them so much she’s even applied to work at a video game store. I sat down with the beautiful Sairyn recently to talk about some of her favorite games, tattoos, and whether or not Hello Kitty is a girl or a cat. She also shared some pretty good gaming pickup lines that may have a chance of actually working on the right girl gamer.

What made you choose the name Sairyn?

I chose the name Sairyn because I love mythological creatures. The siren has always been one of my favorites along with mermaids. A seemingly beautiful woman, reeling in her prey for the kill. I’d like to think I’m alluring, but also semi-dangerous, or at least can take care of myself! The original spelling “Siren” was taken on the SuicideGirls site, so I decided to make it my own by spelling it different. I broke the word down to “si” and “ren”, decided to spell it “sai” (as in the Japanese dagger weapon) and change the ending to “ryn.” Sairyn!

When did you first start playing video games?

I’ve been playing video games since I can remember. I was always watching someone play something; Mario, Zelda, Ecco, Tetris, or Qbert. When I was around six or even years old my mother started working at a movie rental store. I would come with her to work when I didn’t have school and I would get to hook up the PlayStation, Sega, or whatever to check to make sure games worked before and after rental. One of my fondest memories is my mother forcing me to play Mario Party for so many turns and it being like 5:00 am. I was falling asleep and then definitely didn’t wake up for school. She let me skip school because we were up so late playing Mario Party. She rules!

What are some ofsairyn4 your all-time favorite games?

My favorite games would definitely have to be Tomb Raider, Katamari, and then Pokemon for Game Boy! Oh and Ecco the Dolphin and Donkey Kong!

What game did you play most recently?

Honestly I play Tomb Raider once a week. I just love the puzzles, mazes, artifacts, everything. But recently my boyfriend and I have been playing this weird arcade-like game Super Meat Boy? I’m also always playing a stupid farming game on my phone like Tiny Village or Tiny Zoo.

I noticed your Hello Kitty tattoo. What are your thoughts on the debate between whether she is a cat or a person?

I haven’t really read up on it, just heard things. I mean yeah it’s a girl character, but she’s definitely a kitty. Her whole family are kitties! Her sister Mimi, her parents, and boyfriend Dear Daniel! Their defense was she has a pet kitty. I just don’t think a lot of people understand Japanese culture sometimes. There are so many silly cartoons with personification of animals. It’s just cute. Mickey has a pet dog, Pluto, for space sakes!

Tell me a little bit about some of your other tattoos.

Most of my tattoos are traditional style and bright. I’m pretty pale. I have a few “nerdy” tattoos. A heart with a bust of Cynthia, Angelica’s doll from Rugrats. I have a small Pokeball filler on my calf. I also have a few Native American inspired tattoos; an Indian lady head, a feathered arrowhead, and my deceased chihuahua, Topange Jane, as an Indian with a headdress and everything. She’s beautiful! I would really love to get a Lara inspired pin up!

Which version of Lara Croft do you like more, the old-style original version or the younger Lara Croft from the new remake?

I will always have a love for the original triangle-boobed, blocky Lara. But as a huge fan I’d have to say the new Tomb Raider was so bomb. Even the anniversary game that they remade of the original first one. After you beat it you could turn on commentary to hear the original developers talk about each level like what they were trying to do in the first one and how they were able to do it in the remake. I think they’ve always done a great job in reinventing Lara for each games needs.

You’ve mentioned Pokemon a few times now. Do you have a favorite pokemon and which game is your favorite?

Haha, for some reason I’ve always loved Psyduck and he sucks! But probably Mew! My favorite game would have to be Pokemon Blue. I still have my original Blue and Yellow games. There are so many games and new pokemon now! I could probably ramble off quite a few names from the original 151. I still have all my cards, and the trading card game for Game Boy is so awesome. Just picked up a copy!

How do people usually react when they learn you’re a gamer, are they surprised?

Yes. Always surprised. I don’t see how in 2014 people are still surprised to see a girl gamer. I’m usually being stared at from down the game isles in stores. Also, I’ve still never been hired at a video game store.

What are some of your other hobbies outside of gaming?sairyn2

I am a crafter! I love to make jewelry, and to sew! I would love to one day have my own shop, or line of my own designs! I’m a bartender so I also drink a lot in my spare time. Hahaha.

Being that you like to sew and you also love video games have you ever considered doing any cosplaying?

I would really like start to doing cosplay! I actually dressed like Rikku from FFX-2 for the first anime convention in West Virginia! My mom and I sewed and put together the whole thing.

Your profile says you’re a Walking Dead fan?

Yes I do, but I’m also a fan of not having cable so you can usually find me watching something on Netflix. I’d much rather enjoy the whole season all at once. Spoiled by technology! So I must admit I’m behind by a season. But I couldn’t wait for Breaking Bad so I went to my mom’s house every week for that. I do love The Walking Dead, how they started it, and how they made their own type of zombie “disease.” But I heard it came from comics? I haven’t read them yet, probably should.

Give me a good gaming-related pickup line that has a chance of actually working.

Are you a Hitmonlee? Cause your body is kickin’.

Or is there something wrong with your auto aim? You can’t keep your eyes off me. Hahahahaha.

Or… something about being a pokemon and that you’re a pokemon master! Gotta catch em all!

Where can fans see more of you?

SuicideGirls: https://suicidegirls.com/girls/sairyn

Instagram: @SairynSuicide

Tumblr: @UnravelTheFlesh

Storenvy/Etsy: UnravelTheFlesh

SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Maud

Maud Suicide

This week’s SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week is Maud Suicide. Maud has varied tastes in video games and is a big online gamer as well. RGN sat down with Maud to talk about some of her favorites and what it’s like playing Call of Duty online as a SuicideGirl.

What made you chose the name Maud Suicide?

I chose the name Maud after several straight weeks of researching and constant name changes. I knew that I was going to channel more of a vintage vibe because I have a passion for the olden days. I think a lot has been lost throughout time and with the help of SG I have found something that supports my pin-up passion and love for the old classic beauty. So what I did was go through a book of names from 1930s-1950s so I could find exactly what I was looking for. After some process of elimination I came across the name Maud. Maud Suicide. It was perfect; I fell in love almost instantly. Just recently I was getting tattooed and the name Maud came up, a tattoo artist had named his dog Maud and told me why – Maud Wagner was considered the most tattooed lady / best female tattoo artist in the 1940s. She was famous for her American Traditional work and brought a whole new dimension of the art of tattooing. Which is possibly the most perfect unintentional thing ever and I’m ever so happy to carry on the name and the belief of traditional work.

Tell me about some of your tattoos.

I have seven tattoos in total but my favorites have to be my giant crawling panther on my side, my lady head that represents the spirit of my first car (1994 Dodge Shadow ES, rest easy), my rabbit hole (I am such a sucker for the universe), and my Great Great Grandpa’s self portrait. Most people think it’s either just a man, some celebrity that I admire too much, or my boyfriend, and he is AB-SO-LUTELY none of those things! He was an incredible artist and he meant something to my dad and my dad means a lot to me. I’m madly in love with all of my work but those four pieces in particular reach out to me.

I also have a letter on my shoulder blade, script below my collar bone, and a dagger with a rose through it. The letter represents my love for writing, I write letters for the people in my life everyone loves receiving a love letter everyone appreciates that gesture. So I decided to write letters to everyone and anyone. I pour my little heart and soul out onto paper and seal it up for those who deserve it most. The script is for my mom, she has the same exact tattoo on her wrist. On both my dad’s and mom’s side I have Native American Cherokee and we all have been through so much, so she got “Strength” in Cherokee Native American. I decided to get it for my mom.

I love my dagger too, it’s so classic and clean. I’m looking forward for way more to come!

Maud SuicideWhat was the very first tattoo you ever got?

My first tattoo was like the script but I don’t consider that my first real real tattoo. I got this lady head on my arm when I first turned 19 I believe. Dawn Cooke is the master in disguise here and I give her all credit for my amazing work. Shout out to Depot Town Tattoo for being top of the line! Their staff is incredibly talented and it’s a great experience.

When I got my lady head done I brought Dawn a photograph of my car and said “make something out of this.” Her name is Cherrie and she was the absolute best. She rusted out from underneath but looked stunning from the outside in. Love that car.

What are some of your all-time favorite video games?

Very good question! It’s always so hard to say because we’ve all played so many games but if I had to pick in any order would be Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3, Red Dead Redemption, BioShock 2, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 ( I’m actually a die-hard L4D fan and prefer 1 over 2 but 2 has great online play), Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Gears of War 1-3, Grand theft Auto V, Tekken, Soul Calibur 4, and I am killer at Peggle. But that’s only some of my favs, and that’s just only for Xbox!

I have a PlayStation, GameCube, Xbox, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and a Game Boy Advance as well as an interest in computer games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, and my old internet game RuneScape. Most importantly, however, I play Sims. I spent so many hours on that game everyday. I had it completely mastered. I had all of the expansion packs for first generation, all of the expansion packs for second generation, then finally my Sims obsession died down. RuneScape was pretty intense for me too. I’d sit there for days trying to improve my magic or trying to make my online character look great.

I love Kingdom Hearts for PlayStation, it blows me away every time I play it. It’s so beautiful and the storyline draws me in more than anything. I used to play a lot of Tomb Raider and Max Payne back in the day on my PlayStation as well.

GameCube had me on Mario on the daily. I couldn’t stop playing Super Mario Sunshine for years. I’m so serious, YEARS. I was so determined to get all of the Shine Sprites but I cannot for the life of me find the last four! Also I beat Animal Crossing with flying colors.

Mario World 64 is fantastic. It’s always nostalgic to play nowadays.

I’m sorry if I am talking way too much about how awesome these games are! If you haven’t played any of these yet I recommend them all to you.

What games are you currently playing these days?

I’m currently playing GTA V, Red Dead, always and forever COD2, and L4D. I love video games so much I play one game for a little bit then switch, then switch again. They’re all so great. I want to find you all in the GTA V online world and do missions with you! Nothing is better than to come home, take off your pants, and play some video games. Almost therapeutic!

A Call of Duty fan eh? Do you ever rage when you die? C’mon be honest.

Oh god yeah, I’ve noticed that I rage the most online. I can’t help myself when someone has a kill streak and is taking out everyone. I find a way to trap them and make a comeback. Sometimes rage is a good thing. It almost takes out all the steam in me / frustrations I’ve had that day or week. I just get online, then rage. It really is a great feeling. Maud Suicide

What is the worst/best pickup line someone has ever used on you when playing a video game online?

Most of the time it’s just hard for them to grasp the concept that a girl is actually doing well in a match. I can start hearing them getting frustrated so I put my headphones on and tune in / respond. I think the most frequent line used would be “You’re a girl? You’re probably really fat” or “I bet you’re so ugly.” Mostly it’s, “You’re a giiiiirrl?” YES I’m a girl, clearly I’m a woman! Little do they know they’re having a conversation with not only a girl but a SuicideGirl.

Are people in real life ever surprised when they learn you’re a gamer?

Come to think of it yeah I suppose they are! But once they get me going, or if the conversation is brought up, I will tell them everything. I think being a gamer is great and I suggest my peers to become one if they can! It’s nice to just kick back and fly a helicopter in GTA V sometimes. I mean come on, who wouldn’t!

Would you ever consider getting a video game-related tattoo and if so what would it be?

Honestly I’ve never even considered it!  I don’t have anything in mind that would stand out to me/ be traditionally done. I think that it could very well be done but it’s not my cup of tea! HOWEVER, if i did have to choose it might be sweet to have a Red Dead Redemption sleeve or piece on the back. That would be so cool.

Your profile says you’re into UFO hunting? How did you get into doing that?

I am very pleased you brought this up. Aliens and UFOs are my favorite subject. I started “UFO hunting” about three years ago I’d say. I started seeing them more than hunting for them maybe a few times a year now. I love the sky, I love looking up at the sky, staring into the sky oh gosh and stargazing I love it all very much so I’m always looking up and observing what’s in my surroundings. Sometimes you’ll see something you’ve never seen before while other times you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

So… you’ve actually seen UFOs?

Four in total. I know they had to have been. I’ve had some very strange experiences. Once I was driving down 94 with my ultimate best friend and as I was talking about my UFO experiences I couldn’t believe my eyes what was in front of me I immediately pointed and said, “There’s one now!” There were three in a row and one kept blinking in and out randomly. Next morning my other ultimate best friend was listening to the radio then the subject of UFOs came about and they said “People all around Metro Detroit claim to have seen a UFO!” I wrote the news channel that did the story and told them I saw it too. That was just one experience. I swear I’m not from this planet sometimes.

Where can fans find more of you?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaudSuicide

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaudSuicide

SuicideGirls: https://suicidegirls.com/girls/maud

Maud Suicide

SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Prurient


This week’s SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week is SG Hopeful Prurient. Prurient’s status as a lifelong gamer can never be questioned as she has several video game related tattoos including a pretty sweet one of Samus on her arm. I sat down with her to talk about tattoos, video games, anime, and how awesome it is to be a nerd.

How long have you been a gamer?

I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. If I had to actually place an age for when I started playing, I’d say when I was able to comprehend the functioning of a remote along with how to work it with a character/video game. So I’d say at least six or seven. When I first started, I used to play on a Nintendo 64. I would play WWF No Mercy with my family, and of course I’d always be one of the girls. I’d be Trish Stratus or Lita. Since then I’ve always dreamed of being a WWE Diva. My other favorites were Clay Fighters 63 1/3 and Mischief Makers. Once I got older I started playing the more classic games like Super Mario.

Do you still follow wrestling at all?

I actually just watched it recently after Wrestlemania 30 happened! The last time I watched it before then was when Kane and Lita had a thing and got married on the show. I miss Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero and my all-time favorites, The Hardy Boys and Sting. I watch it now and it’s so much is different! I must say though, the guys from “The Shield” are probably my new favorite part of the show. And the new WWE Women’s Champ, Paige, is a kick ass chick. I saw that she’s been in wrestling since she was 13! Respect!

So what are some of your favorite video games?

Oh my, I have so many favorite games. I already listed a few but some of my other favorite games are Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories in particular but I got Silent Hill HD so I can play those again, Metroid, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the Gears of War Series, Borderlands… I freaking LOVE Borderlands 1 and 2 and I’m thrilled for the prequel that’s being talked about, Tekken Tag Tournament, the Assassin’s Creed Series, the House of the Dead series, the Hunter the Reckoning series, and Mario Kart for both N64 and Wii.

I am also a huge fan of Just Dance. I own 1-4 and 2014. I still rock out on Guitar Hero all the time as well, but the only songs I’m really good at on expert are Parabola, Schism, and Vicarious by Tool. I may be just as avidly into music as I am into my games!

Prurient 4What are you playing right now?

I haven’t actually been playing too much lately since I haven’t purchased myself a new game in awhile. I’ve beaten every game that I own basically, but I’ve been playing Gears of War 3. It’s been hard to play since people spoiled the whole game for me and let me tell you without spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t heard what happens… I am pissed and heartbroken.

Your profile says you’re also into anime, what is your favorite?

I first started reading manga before I got into anime. The first series I ever read was Peach Girl along with the Change of Heart series. But anime wise I LOVE Death Note. I know that it started as a manga series but I love being able to watch it. I actually watched the Peach Girl series on YouTube. That was interesting. A lot of people have told me about Neon Genesis Evangelion as well but I haven’t looked much into it yet. As a kid I also used to watch Sailor Moon English dubbed on Cartoon Network.

Tell me about some of your tattoos/piercings.

This is a good gamer question for me because a lot of my tattoos are based on some of the questions you’ve already asked! My whole left sleeve is gonna be filled with video game tattoos. My favorite tattoo is my Samus tattoo. Samus is such a freaking awesome female video game character and I love how in the beginning you have no idea she is even a female until you beat the game and she takes off her helmet. But just the whole aspect of her is awesome. She’s so bad ass. I fell in love with her all over again playing Corruption. I won this tattoo for free in a contest held by Kendall Orlando, who works out of a shop in Saint Clair Shores called Wonderland Tattoo.

I also have a Resident Evil tattoo that’s based off of the movies’ main character Alice. I also added a Licker from the games to the idea of my tattoo by making Alice part Licker. She has Licker feet and the long tongue that wraps around the Licker’s neck behind her. The Licker itself has his tongue wrapped around her arm. I had my friend Emily Daugherty draw me up the Alice idea and an artist named Darl Papple, from The Shop in Fowlerville (who I also won this tattoo from as well), drew me up the whole piece with the Licker added in the back and the tongue wrapped around. I had to give it a personal touch and add the kink factor into it. The name Prurient suits me well!


Prurient 2

I have lyrics down my left arm that say, “This is not the end this is my rebirth into something I can comprehend,” which are lyrics by my close friends in SycAmour who have recently been signed to Hopeless Records! And I have a Sailor Moon piece on my thigh which I did myself. I have a tattoo in memory of my dad on my back that my older sister and brother have as well as my cousin. I have Deftones lyrics from “Lucky You” on my inner right calf that I also did myself. I have a cat whisker tattoo on my finger. I have Letlive lyrics on my foot and lastly of my favorites, is my shoulder piece. It’s inspired by Maria Brink of In This Moment. She’s a total babe and I love stars so I just wanted something to represent that. Overall I have over twenty tattoos.

And piercings wise, I have quite a lot of those as well. I actually used to have a lot more. I have my navel, nipples, lobes (which used to be stretched to an inch but have shrunk down to 3/4 of an inch), a helix orbital in my top right part of my ear, labret, nostril and septum piercing. I used to have the “venom” piercing in my tongue which I do miss. I’ve actually had many other ones but those are what I still have now. I did pierce my nostril, nipples, and labret all on my own.

Have you ever dated a hardcore gamer before?

I can’t really say that I have. I think that I’ve been the bigger influence on guys towards video games than they have towards me. I mean all of my relationships did have video games involved in free time, but my current boyfriend is the biggest gamer I’ve dated. I get him into video games and he gets me into comics and everything Marvel and DC related. It’s awesome.

A lot of guys wish they could get their girlfriend into playing video games with them. As a girl gamer yourself, do you have any advice for guys looking to do that?

To be quite honest, I don’t think you could make a girl who doesn’t play video games actually play them. It’s kinda like being born with it. I do play some games with my older and younger sisters and try to get my girl friends to play with me but the coordination of a remote and just keeping up with the game isn’t easy to teach someone who hasn’t done it before. But if you want to try, and I hope you can succeed fellas, the key is to warm her up with a game fitting her style. I mean if you really wanna make her feel special go buy her Lollipop Chainsaw and let her just destroy some stuff. I honestly had quite a fun time playing a game with such a provocative female character. I liked that it was kind of funny and not so serious.

I wouldn’t start her off playing multiplayer with you on Call of Duty or Halo, that’s for sure. I mean I personally wouldn’t object to a co-op game of Halo, but I’ve been doing this for awhile. Maybe take her to the store and get her a game. Maybe she might like a Wii game or something more pPrurient 5hysically interactive. But definitely as a first step, take her to a game store and see what would fit her style of gaming or personality best, and just keep going from there!

If you could create your own video game, what type of game would it be? What kind of story would it have?

Good question, and I must say it’s not one I’d ever thought about. I know it would have equal male and female roles, because I hate playing as male characters all the time, but I’m happy with the diversity you see nowadays with female characters in games. I think I’d kind of want a girl version of God of War. I don’t really know what I’d have the story be in detail, but something along those lines would be killer in my opinion!

Have there ever been any instances in which you felt embarrassed by your nerdiness?

NEVER! I love that I wear a cat kigurumi around and play video games in it. I love talking to people about games and science fiction. I love getting super geeked on anything new that has to involve video games whether it be sequels or new systems or new games… OR NEW MOVIES that are being planned like the new Assassins Creed movie! Video games, “nerdiness,” and just being my own person has been my whole life. I love reading books and falling into another world and video games do that for me on a visual and more interactive level. It’s soothing, its fun, and it connects me with people. Whether those people are my family and friends or people I don’t even know but then become cool with just because we both love video games. Games bring excitement and adventuring into other worlds into my life, and I would never and will never be embarrassed of something so awesome.

Where can fans find more of you?

Instagram: instagram.com/prurientsuicide

Twitter: twitter.com/getshitty_

SuicideGirls: suicidegirls.com/girls/prurient

Facebook: facebook.com/prurientsuicide

Prurient 3

SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Elliott Suicide

Elliott Suicide

Is there a story behind the name Elliott?

I chose the name Elliott for SuicideGirls because of my undying love for poor deceased Elliott Smith. He’s always been one of my favorite musicians, and that’s pretty much it!

How did you first get into modeling?

I had always been interested in the fashion and modeling world. When I turned 18 I started dating an aspiring photographer so I started to pose nude in photographs for her. Since she was just starting out it was great for her portfolio, and for me it was just really fun getting all these pretty photographs of me. That very same year I discovered SG (via Myspace lol), and got a membership. I sorta lurked for a long time on the boards and the groups before I decided it was something I wanted to do, too.

What are your favorite video games?

This one is tough! Let’s start with my absolute favorite game of all time, which is Final Fantasy VII. It’s the game that turned me from a casual gamer into a serious one. I was ten when that game came out and I can’t imgine anything more epic and amazing for a kid of that age to get involved in. The reveal of Sephiroth blew my mind apart. But I won’t go divulging spoilers. Other favorites include The Legend of Zelda series (especially OoT, Majoras Mask, and Windwaker), though sadly I never got a Wii so have yet to play all the latest Zeldas. The first two Resident Evils (and Code Veronica of course), a little known gem called Parasite Eve, Arkham Asylum, Kingdom Hearts, the Fallout series (especially 3), Dragon Age, aaaaand most recently THE LAST OF US (Game of the year IMHO). That was a long list… haha sorry.

EliottHow long have you been gaming?

Well I have an elder sister who got a Nintendo when she was six and I was three. I guess that’s when I started! I sucked, and used to cry every time I died in Mario, but now I am far superior to my noob sister in all things video games. Mwahahaha! However as I said earlier I only became a serious gamer around 10, when I discovered RPGs.

What are you currently playing?

Right now I have been playing GTA V. I’ve also been playing The Walking Dead DLC and the latest Dishonored DLC.

So being a fan of FF7, what do you think of the other Final Fantasies? Do any of the others stack up?

I think the Final Fantasy franchise is lucrative for a reason, there is so much love and talent poured into the games… but in all honesty… no! None of them are close to the level FF7 is (to me, at least). I am sure a lot of people will disagree with me or accuse me of trolling, but for me FF7 was the last really amazing Final Fantasy game. I enjoyed 8 well enough, but after that it sorta took a turn into a place I wasn’t interested in. I played FFV and VI/III though, and those are definite favorites of mine as well!

One of the best parts of FF7 was it had so many plots and sub-plots. What would you say was your favorite plotline?

Yes! I completely agree the subplots were so well put together and fun, and each one seemed to reveal more about the characters but without being too drawn out. Midgar is a great example; as I remember starting off the game thinking the Shinra were to be the main and most evil antagonists of the game. And then Sephiroth came into play. My mind was blown! Besides the Midgar storyline my favorite sub-plot would probably be the return to Cosmo Canyon with Red XIII. Meeting Bugenhagen, exploring the underground Gi cave, and finding out Seto was actually a true hero was so beautifully done. Plus! The Great Warrior song only plays once in the entire game and it’s during that part. Epic. Just epic.

Which characters did you use for your party?

Cloud (duh!), Yuffie, and Red XIII. I used Aerith a lot until the end of disc 1 as well. Bummer.

ElliottYou mentioned The Last of Us was another favorite of yours. What did you like most about it?

Well first off, I think Naughty Dog is probably the most successful games company when it comes to making cinematic type games. They just have that feel and touch done so perfectly (lighting, camera, dialogue, etc) and the Last of Us is no exception. The characters are beautifully developed, the landscapes gorgeous, and the whole horrible apocalypse really felt real, the dynamic between Ellie and Joel… and everything you see them go through… I can’t pick just one thing!! Besides (for me) it has one of the best game endings of all time. I guess if pressed I’d have to say I liked how much of a movie experience the whole game was for me. It made me feel emotional, it made me feel angry, sad… everything. It’s a masterpiece and it made my insane crush for Nathan Drake disappear into a Joel shaped poof of smoke. 😉

What about Kingdom Hearts. Do you think Kingdom Hearts 3 will live up to the hype?

I hope to God it does! Hahaha I haven’t played any of the in-between games, so for me it’s basically been a ten year gap since my last KH experience. That’s a lot of time to build up expectation…

Being such an avid RPG fan, do you think RPGs with turn-based combat (such as FF7) are better than RPGs with action-based combat (such as Dragon Age)?

Ooh tricky one. It really depends on the type of game I reckon. Although referencing DA as the action-based RPG is funny for me because when I played DA I’d play it on the hard setting which made it so I would have to play it Baldur’s style, pausing every time I wanted to make a move. Thus essentially transforming it into turn-based! However I think things like fighting in RPGs while moving can work too (ala the KH series)… just sometimes it’s not necessary to the story, and is poorly done. And strategy is more fun than button bashing to me any day. So gonna go with turn based!

If materia were real, and you could have any materia to use in real life, what would it be and why (also Knights of the Round isn’t allowed as answer!)

If I could use any materia IRL, I guess it’d have to be Phoenix. Not only is it a badass summon I could take out any of my enemies with, it’d also basically make me a necromancer. No one I love would ever have to die, whilst enemies would crumble beneath my giant Phoenix! Is that creepy? Whatever! 😛

Where can fans find more of you?

SuicideGirls: https://suicidegirls.com/girls/elliott


SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Liya


This week’s SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week is SuicideGirls Hopeful Liya. Liya likes many types of video games, but seems to be especially partial to ones that allow her to sneak up on unsuspecting prey and BAM. I sat down with Liya to talk about video games, cosplaying, and that awesome chest tattoo (don’t cover it up!)

What made you choose the nickname Liya? It seems like one of the more “normal” usernames I’ve come across.

I know, right? Actually, it’s a modified version of my real name, and a tribute to one of my favorite top models – Liya Kebede. That woman is a goddess!

What are some of your favorite video games?

Don’t even get me started! Haha. I am an avid fan of stealth so my top picks are Hitman, Deus Ex (Human Revolution is one of my favorite games of ALL time), Assassin’s Creed, Thief, and Splinter Cell. I am also fond of shooters and adventure games, but stealth is a bit closer to my heart. Among those, I really enjoyed all Bioshock games (Bioshock Infinite is easily game of the year, there was not a single second of gameplay when I was not amazed/impressed/astonished by how incredible the game is), Dead Space, Resident Evil, and Tomb Raider.

The last Tomb Raider was an incredibly amazing game, although I was not exactly happy over how they changed the character of Lara Croft. If you go back and play Tomb Raider Chronicles, the part where young 15 or so year old Lara explores a mysterious Irish island, you would see that Lara BACK THEN has a completely different attitude (she seems more psychologically mature) compared to a 21-year old Lara in the 2013 game. Also, 15-year old Lara seems to possess more solid acrobatic skills. Personally, I don’t care much for the change, as much I am concerned about the way women are portrayed in video games. It sends a message that says “if you want to have a strong female character, you have to witness how she is broken before she becomes strong.” I disagree with that.

LiyaBeing a fan of the Hitman series, what did you think of Hitman: Absolution?

I greatly enjoyed the game, but there were a few points I found a bit annoying. I found the new checkpoint system a bit awkward, I wish they stuck to the “classic” Hitman save system, where you can save whenever you want, with the number of save slots allowed decreasing as the game difficulty increases (with no saves whatsoever on the hardest difficulty).

Also, latex-clad nuns with guns in a Hitman game? I mean, come on! Hitman has always been known for its realism, and now these nuns come out of nowhere. Who in hell would want to disguise a squad of professional assassins as latex-clad nuns? It seems like someone in the development team has a sexy fetish.

What are you currently playing?

Right now I’m finishing up Assassin’s Creed III and about to start Remember Me. So stoked for this game!

How long have you been modeling for?

My first attempt at modeling was when I was 15 or 16. I tried to get into fashion modeling, but couldn’t accomplish much because of my height (I’m barely reaching 5’7 and fashion models are required to be 5’8 or 5’9 at the very least). I quit modeling for a while and just said “screw it!” Then, when I was 20, I found out about SuicideGirls (I have heard about SG before, but didn’t have much courage to try nude modeling back then). And I said to myself, “this is exactly what I want to do! Strong, independent women who are not afraid of showing off their skin – that’s what I want to be a part of!” And then I also got involved with communities like Zivity and Cosplay Deviants. I am not officially a SuicideGirl yet, but I will keep trying!

So what is Cosplay Deviants? It seems I’ve been hearing about it a lot lately.

It’s an amazing online community that features photosets of models who dress up as their favorite video game/anime/comic characters, and then take their costumes off! It’s like a pure paradise for gamers and comic and anime enthusiasts. I mean, you get to see hot girls (and we have a few male models, too) dress up as your favorite characters, and then you get to see them strip down to nothing! What else can a nerd ask for? I recently shot an Assassin’s Creed set, something I’ve been planning for a long time, can’t wait for it to be released!

Do you have any plans for future character cosplays?

Oh yes! I am planning to cosplay Lara Croft, Violette Summer from Velvet Assassin, Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, and my ultimate dream is to cosplay the Big Sister from Bioshock 2 (although putting up the costume for this one would be quite a challenge, so I’ll probably need some help from professionals).

Is your hair naturally red, or do you dye it?

I highlight it a bit. My natural hair color is somewhere between red and brown.

1583292Tell me about that giant spider tattoo you have on your chest.

Actually, I have plans to cover it up! It was one of my first tattoos and now that my tastes have changed a bit, I want a full chest piece. But I still like it, so I am not gonna cover it up until next year or so. People ask me about it all the time, and they think it’s a tarantula, but it’s not. It’s the Australian funnel web spider, one of the most dangerous spiders in the world. 🙂

Do you play games online much or are you more of a single player type girl?

I’m more of a single player type. If I played online, I would never leave my house! I was playing online when I was in middle school, and guess what, I started skipping school and ignoring everything that was around me, it’s just so addicting!

Hahaha I’m sure a lot of gamers can relate. Has anybody ever called you a “fake gamer” because you were a girl?

No, not that I know at least. I have actually noticed that many guys, upon learning the fact that I devote most of my free time to playing video games, usually become a bit more friendly with me. Some guys even say “wowza, a girl that plays video games, I wish I had a girlfriend like that”. But I’m taken, and for a long time, so sorry guys!

What is one game that you could beat anybody in if they challenged you?

It’s gotta be Hitman: Blood Money. I have easily figured out every single possible way to accomplish every single mission and achieved the Silent Assassin (highest) ranking in every mission on the hardest difficulty. I know, I know, I’m bragging now 🙂

Outside of video games and modeling, what are some of your other favorite hobbies?

I enjoy long-distance running (I hope to run a marathon one day), classic literature (Dostoevsky for the win!), cooking, and reading articles on psychology/observing people around me (I just got my degree in psychology, hehe).

Where can fans find more of you?

SuicideGirls: http://suicidegirls.com/members/Liya/profile/

Zivity: http://www.zivity.com/models/liya

CosplayDeviants: http://www.cosplaydeviants.com/profile/Liya

ModelMayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/1996172


Suicide Girl Gamer of the Week: Gadgette


This week’s Suicide Girl Gamer of the Week is SG Hopeful Gadgette. I sat down with her to talk about her favorite video games and how she got into modeling nekkid.

What made you choose the name “Gadgette”?

Well, when I awoke one morning to a magnifying glass dangling out of my noggin’ I knew it was time for a change. This was confirmed when my two puppies Gizmo & Gromet suddenly had acquired new red talking collars (plus the three went together – the name was for the critter I never had).

Do you happen to be an Inspector by any chance?

But of course. I am an (un)official employee to ensure that (un)official regulations are obeyed, in all things regarding boobs and beards. It’s quite a serious matter really, you’d be shocked to know the mayhem that regards facial hair and sweater kittens. Utter chaos, I tell you.

What are some of your favorite video games?

Ah! Down to the goods. Let’s see…I’m in love with all of the Fallout series, with New Vegas probably being my favorite of the bunch. I have a knack for detail, and prefer an adventurous open-world to a monotonous combat game any day. I recently discovered Skyrim (where have I been?!), which is essentially Fallout’s medieval older brother, so obviously that’s on my top ten as well. Army of Two, Splinter Cell, Saints Row, and Hitman are all series’s I’m a fan of, and this last Tomb Raider was killer! I’m still searching for my “ultimate” horror game, but for now Alan Wake will have to do.

GadgetteAlan Wake is a really underrated game. Did you ever play the XBLA title they made, American Nightmare?

Is it really? Ha, it’s one of my favorites! You know I heard about the LIVE Arcade game they made last year, but have yet to download it. A couple buddies of mine said it was pretty challenging, although I must admit now I’m itching to check it out.

You mentioned you are into the Fallout games. Do you go evil, or do you fight for good?

Aha! Despite being known for my signature smirk and mischievous look in the modeling world, I actually played 100% good for the entire trilogy! Although, after playing Skyrim with the Pickpocket perk at 100 and seeing a noticeable difference in loot, I’ve been wanting to play through New Vegas as a stealthy trouble maker. I love those kind of games, they’re like the “Choose Your Adventures” books when we were kids, you never run out of stories!

Are you more of a guns-blazing or stealth play style type gamer?

It depends on the game! Although, in general, I’d have to say I like to try to stay stealthy (silence is a monster, after all). I’d much rather make a run through Hitman or Splinter Cell without any kills, than go through murking the field.

What made you decide to get into nude modeling?

Well, I’ve been doing promotional modeling for roughly six years, and have turned my attention fully to modeling just this year.  A photographer posted a casting call for an artistic nude shoot, and I figured “Hey, I love modeling, I love being naked, so why not?” After my first shoot, I knew it was for me. That, and this way my exes don’t get any satisfaction of posting naked photos of me on the internet, hahaha.

Do you ever play video games naked?

I try to do most things naked, with the exception of cooking bacon and going to the bank.

What does it mean to be a “Hopeful”?

To me, or in general? I’ll answer both. The literal definition of being a Suicide Girls Hopeful is to be a model with a set in Member Review, awaiting to go “Pink” (AKA have their set bought) to become an official SG. To me, it’s been an amazing and creative experience; I love the networking platform that SG provides and I’ve really met some awesome people through the modeling site. Suicide Girls really is like one large family, and it’s lovely to be welcomed into such a unique group of folks.

GadgetteSo how long have you been playing video games?

Since my tiny little paws could punch the buttons on the grey slim plastic brick that was the first NES controller. And that orange gun. Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros were definitely my first games.

Favorite console?

I got started out on the original NES, so I definitely have to show it some love. Out of current material, I’d have to go for the Xbox 360 (soon to be Xbox One!). I think it has the best graphics.

What are some upcoming games that you are really looking forward to getting?

Just like the rest of the world, I can’t wait to slide into GTA5! Also alongside the rest of the globe, I always wanted to be a pirate so you know once the next gen consoles come out I’m going to be snagging AC4 Black Flag! Admittedly, I’m just a *wee bit* curious about the South Park RPG too.

If you could hang out with a video game character for a day, who would it be? Where would you two go? What would you do?

What a question! Hands down, Lara Croft. I mean, lezbehonest…girl’s got a BODY on her, and you know she’s down to adventure the world. (Can you say BFF?) I’d take her to Vegas and we would put The Hangover crew to shame. I’m going to make my dreams a reality, and you’ll know when it happens too, because as everyone knows, what happens in Vegas….ends up all over Instagram.

Where can fans find more of you?

SuicideGirls: http://suicidegirls.com/members/Gadgette

Instagram: http://instagram.com/gogadgettego

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gogadgettego

Twitter: @gogadgettego

Gadgette 1553006Gadgette


SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Ryker Suicide

Ryker Suicide

The SuicideGirls are a group of alternate nude models perhaps best known for their tattoos and piercings. There are literally thousands of SuicideGirls and many of them are also pretty big gamers. The SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week this week is Ryker Suicide. Like many of us, Ryker has been playing video games ever since she was little. I sat down to talk with her about some of her favorite nerdy things.

What made you choose the nickname “Ryker”?

This is going to make me sound like a crazy cat lady, haha, but Ryker was the name of my cat that I had as a child. He passed away when I was 19 right after I moved into my first apartment. According to the vet, he died of a broken heart. It was really sudden, and he was only 12. I thought it would be a nice way to honor him, he was my baby boy!

What are some of your favorite video games of all-time?

Oh god so many. Sonic 2 (Sega), Mario Party (N64), Goldeneye (N64), Batman (NES), Bart’s Nightmare (Sega), Zelda: Ocarina of time (N64), and Kingdom Hearts (PS2) are probably my absolute favorites.

When did you first start gaming?

I have been playing video games as long as I can remember. My older brother and I used to play a lot of Atari when I was a wee little one. He taught me how to play computer games too, Duke Nukem and Beavis and Butthead games. NES was my personal first system that wasn’t my older brother’s. I was probably six or seven years old when I got it.

What are you currently playing at the moment?

Right now I am playing the Kingdom Hearts games again since they announced KH3 at E3. I am nearly finished with the first. I also play my Sega almost every day. Today I played Sonic and Knuckles, yesterday it was Virtual Bart.

Are there any Disney or Final Fantasy characters that haven’t been in the previous Kingdom Hearts games that you would like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3?

If you only knew how much thought I’ve put into this over the years! I am such a Disney nut. I would really like to see a Toy Story world. I mean, it’s such a classic, it blows my mind it hasn’t been implemented yet! I’d also really enjoy worlds for Finding Nemo, Brave, Robin Hood, Sword in the Stone (I know they include Merlin, but a full world could be pretty rad with the wizard duels and changing into animals), or the Rescuers. I even think Duck Tails could work! Remember the movie with the genie and the giant ice cream sundaes?! Come on, that would be so fun.

So I saw on your profile you also are into Magic: The Gathering? I gotta admit, I’m kind of surprised by that.

Ah you’re not the first person who has been surprised to hear…which makes me laugh a bit. A lot of cute girls I know dig Magic! I didn’t get into it until a few years ago and I am still working on my deck collections. I think my elf deck is my favorite. It’s always so underestimated and you can really deal some damage! I am going to be sad when we move, I will have to find new friends to have tournaments with!

Ryker SuicideA lot of girls don’t like nerds or gamers to begin with but as a girl gamer, you are obviously more accepting of gaming as a hobby in a significant other. That being said, what are the biggest turn offs to you when it comes to gamers?

I don’t like gaming snobs. I love to game, but I’m not so serious to the point where I feel like I need to judge people based on their abilities or interests in certain games. I generally just enjoy playing, especially with other people, and having a good time. I’m a big shit talker for certain games and I get really into playing against people so I probably turn people off more than get turned off myself, haha. My fiancée hates playing anything with me.  I really can be an a-hole to play with!

Has anybody ever questioned your “nerd credentials” because you are a girl?

Oh yeah all the time.  I have been a nerd since I was a kid, anyone who really knows me knows this.  But you know, I was a cheerleader in high school, homecoming princess, whatever… so there are a lot of a-holes out there that (ironically enough) really had trouble placing me outside of that stereotype. To this day, d-bags still question me. I had this guy as a bar guest one night quiz me on Harry Potter and Magic: The Gathering. Really, dude? I have Lord Voldemort and Lord Vader tattooed on my feet. I will end you! Hot girls can be nerds too, man.

If the Suicide Girls made their own video game, what type of game do you think it would be?

Oh man, a Suicide Girls game would be so cool! I think something like the Sims: Suicide Girls could be something that would be relatively easy to build and explore. Or a racing game! Think Sugar Rush (Wreck it Ralph) but with SGs! Oh! Wreck it Ralph! That would be another cool Kingdom Hearts world! Someone once compared us to Pokémon in a thread on a message board somewhere with the phrase “gotta catch ’em all.” A lot of us got a little peeved, so I think as long as they avoid that – pretty much any game would be cool.

What made you first become interested in becoming a professional model?

I’ve been modeling since I was a kid.  I started with runway shows for department stores, then commercials, then I started doing hair modeling (which was really fun!)  It sort of just continued from there. SuicideGirls is my favorite thing I have ever done, though.  Aside from really enjoying the style of alternative pin up modeling, the community is just incredible and I have a family of sisters I would have never had the chance to meet otherwise. It is kind of like being a member of a really, really, bad ass sorority!

You had a new set go up on the site a few months ago called “Game Day.” Prior to peeling it off about a quarter of the way through, you’re wearing a Miles Austin jersey. You live in Maryland, but are a Cowboys fan? How’d that happen?

If I had a quarter for every time someone asked me this, I would have a lot of quarters, haha! It actually kind of was the first rebellious decision I ever made.  My dad is a huge Redskins fan. Every year for Thanksgiving he would have me sit on his knee for the game on an important play, convinced I was his good luck charm. One year, when I was about six or seven years old, he kept interrupting me while I was trying to organize a play to put on with my cousin to come watch the game with him. Finally, I got so annoyed that I decided to root for the Cowboys. It just kind of stuck. It’s really funny too, because anyone who knows me knows how close I am to my father and he is probably the one person I never really rebelled against growing up. It was just this one thing – he still hasn’t really gotten over it either! At least I have been loyal, haha. God knows it hasn’t been easy… I am hoping this season is better. Though I really think we just need to get rid of Jason Garrett and get a coach a little more like Bill Parcels. These “nice guy” coaches aren’t getting us anywhere.

So who would you say is your favorite Cowboys player of all-time?

Well, Troy Aikman was my biggest crush growing up. I adored him. Did all of my biographies in elementary school on him. I even dressed up as him for Halloween one year. So he is technically my favorite, but there is no doubt that Emmitt Smith was probably one of the most exciting players to watch of all time.

Ryker Suicide

What about current? Keep in mind that if you say Tony Romo I will have to end the interview.

Hahaha! Aw. Poor Tony. You know, he catches a lot of grief for things that are beyond his control. We almost always have such big holes in our offensive line. It isn’t always his fault. But this is the last season I stick up for him, seriously. Either get it together or get a replacement. He is so good on paper, one of the best in the NFL. Just can’t ever seem to accomplish anything of relevance!

I really, REALLY love Damarcus Ware. Aside from the fact he is a f***ing (can I say that?) BEAST of a man, he is such a good guy! Always involved in charities, he works a lot with kids, and he is just a sweetheart. I really want a hug from that guy, haha. I am also excited to see what DeMarco Murray can do this year. Last year he just sort of exploded onto the field and then got injured. I was seriously online looking up a Murray jersey just before his injury. So, if he can continue with what he started last year, you will definitely find me sporting some new cowboys swag!

You probably get this question all the time also but I’ll ask anyway. When did you get your first tattoo?

I was 17! It was the shamrock on my left shoulder (just the shamrock at the time). My ex-boyfriend was an apprentice at a local shop, and I used to hang out all the time there. It was just before my birthday and they decided to don me with my first tattoo. The really cool thing about it, though, is my younger brother had the same tattoo traced off of my shoulder and placed onto his for his 18th birthday/first tattoo. Since then, he has gotten the same tattoo also in two other places. He was getting ready to go to Ireland and I guess wanted his shamrocks to be visible hahaha. He is just as much of a dork as I am, I love it.

Outside of gaming, what are some of your other hobbies?

I really love to cook. I actually recently dropped out of my psychology program to get myself enrolled in culinary school. I’m not sure if that counts as a hobby or not? But my favorite time of the day is pouring a glass of wine, turning on some Mozart and just getting down in the kitchen. I also read a lot of fantasy fiction; right now I am completely absorbed in the Sword of Truth series. I keep Googling the phrase “Showtime picks up Sword of Truth” in hopes that one day I will find that a real TV series will come out of it, and not just that nonsense ABC tried to do awhile back. I also really love needlepoint and puzzles. I almost always have at least one project going on.

Where can fans find more of you?

SuicideGirls: http://suicidegirls.com/girls/Ryker/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RykerSuicide

Instagram: http://instagram.com/rykersuicide

Twitter: @RykerSuicide

Ryker Suicide

Gamer Asks Wife to Marry: PlayStation One Marriage Proposal

RealGamerNewz.com finds beauty in all the right places. Gamers marrying gamers is something sweet that many of us can appreciate. If you had the chance to not only enjoy gaming with the lady of your dreams but also discover unconditional and eternal love then surely it would be heaven-like. With your two television sets side by side and your arms wrapped around each other, and then the hands wrapped around controllers, your days would be spent in bliss.

Check out how this Turkish gamer asked his wife to marry using a PlayStation One Marriage Proposal. He actually put the ring inside of a PS One and had her open it to find the shiny rock staring back at her as he got on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

How would you ask your wife to marry you if she was/is a gamer? By the way, she said yes.