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Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Will Support Oculus Rift VR Gaming Headset

Minecraft Oculus Rift Windows 10 Edition

Editor’s Note: After Notch (creator of Minecraft) announced that the game would never be on Oculus Rift because he found Facebook “creepy” (and they’re the new owners of Oculus), the indie development super star moved to sell off the franchise to Microsoft. At the recent industry trade event Oculus Connect 2  which took place this week in Hollywood, California and saw the announcement of several high profile Virtual Reality Gaming projects varying in nature. Mojang, the development studio handling Minecraft titles for Microsoft, phoned in the following announcement for a VR Minecraft to be released with Oculus Rift support for Windows 10 users.

Image Credit: Road To VR

Oculus Rift Announcement Trailer of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition.

Minecraft Story Mode : A Telltale Games Series Announced for 2015

Minecraft Story Mode - A Telltales Production

Mojang came to the rescue today with a cool ass game called Info Quest II on their own website (Click Here) which tells all about the newest announcement from Telltale Games and Mojang – Minecraft: Story Mode!!!

There will be an episodic release schedule for this series beginning in 2015 and intended release platforms include Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Windows PC, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android (with likelihood of Amazon Fire OS platform receiving it as well as it is primarily based on Android architecture).

This series will be a full collaboration with Mojang and Telltale, not just a commission, and Mojang are looking to include the Minecraft community at large in the decisions of development going from episode to episode. (We’ve all heard that before, but this is Minecraft, so it might actually be true this time).

Minecraft Realms Announced – Paid Service to Provide Stable Server Experience

Minecraft Realms - RealGamerNewz

Minecraft Realms has been announced and is described as “A safe, simple way to enjoy Minecraft with friends” addressing the issues of finding a decent server online that won’t contain ‘griefers’ (people who kick your sand castle down right in your face) , spammers, hackers, or other such Minecraft f***ery. First, a PC / Mac version of the Minecraft Realms service will launch and then other versions will get their chance to embrace this later down the road (including confirmed support for the Pocket Editions of Minecraft).

Hosts still get to use “most” admin controls, the size of terrain is “infinite”, and activity logs will soon show who does what when they log into a server in Minecraft. For just $13 a month many countries are able to join in some time during 2014 as Minecraft Realms rolls out.

Check out the following excerpts from the Official Press Release:

“Only the host of a Realms server needs to pay a subscription fee. They will be available via the Mojang account page or through a link in-game, and initially come in 1, 3, or 6 month packages. Realms servers start at $13/month, but you get a discount if you choose a longer subscription.”

“Playing Minecraft over the internet is a lot of fun, but it can be tricky to set up. To make things easier, we’re creating Minecraft Realms. It’s a paid service that lets users quickly set up an online world which can be accessed by an approved list of players.”

“Realms servers are available 24/7, even if the host isn’t logged in. Up to 20 players can be invited to a Realms server, and up to 10 of them can play at any one time. Inviting players and accepting invitations is a simple process that happens from within your Minecraft client.”

“Only invited players can join a Realms server, and the host can add or remove players from their approved list with a few clicks. Worlds gets automatically backed up at regular intervals, and the host can restore their Realm to a previously saved state at any point.”

Minecraft Realms - RealGamerNewz

Minecraft 1.8 Gets Custom World Generator and Minecraft Gets PS4 Release Window

Minecraft PS4

Minecraft will arrive some time during the officially confirmed release window of Q2 – Q3 of 2014 for the Sony PlayStation 4 platform. The PlayStation Vita copy of the game will also arrive around that time. There are experiments going on behind the scenes using Sony’s save-transfer, cross-buy discounts, and other programs but the team behind Minecraft is unable to confirm at this time which features will or will not make it into the final game.

In elsewhere news, Minecraft 1.8 for the computer has reached a new milestone as it introduces Custom World Generator and more features continuing the fan service that made the indie success what it is today. Take a look at the following clip to preview what can be done with the feature put into the hands of a Minecraft citizen.

Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition Releases Tomorrow

Minecraft PlayStation 3 Edition PS4 Vita

PlayStation fans will have their wish as the PlayStation 3 Edition of Minecraft makes its way to the PSN store tomorrow in the United States and the day after in Europe. The Xbox 360 version of the game and the PS3 version of the game contain the same content. Textures packs which were available on 360 will also be released for the PS3 version as well and the PS4 Edition and Vita Edition will be hitting at some point soon too. Check out the following release trailer Mojang put out to celebrate this occasion.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Will Be Getting Texture Packs in TU12


Everybody knows that Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has been not as complete as PC. Fans have been asking 4J for everything, but the most commonly asked question is about textures packs. Well 4J has announced via twitter that in the next update, TU12, there will be texture packs. At this time it is not known if 4J will add in texture packs for us to use, or if we will have to buy them or download them. Also it is not known when TU12 will be released.

Minecraft Creator Notch is Being Sued

Minecraft is the PC indie game that lets you create your own worlds via tunneling out caverns and building massive castles. In today’s news Minecraft creator Notch (and his company Mojang) is being sued, which you can read the full length of the case here.

Editor’s Note: I personally read all of the documents from many of Activision and EA’s cases and I’ve got to say I’ve never seen such a short legal document in my life. I am no legal authority on what this document says or means, yet it seems conveniently vague. The media would have us believing that this is a completely meritless suit against respectable developer by a “Patent Troll” (may need a geek wiki for that). And perhaps it is, or is it?

It is unclear exactly what this lawsuit is about but it is being said in a report by Slashdot that the lawsuit is a “troll” by Uniloc suggesting complete illegitimacy to the case.