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Rumor: New Resident Evil Will Be Revealed at E3 But Isn’t Resident Evil 7


A while back rumors began to spreading through the web like wildfire, claiming that Capcom would be announcing Resident Evil 7 at E3 and exclusively for Microsoft’s Xbox One. Now a brand new rumor has surfaced stating that a brand new game in the popular horror franchise will be announced at E3, but it won’t be Resident Evil 7. Instead fans will treated to another spin-off similar to 2012’s ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’.

This fresh and interesting rumor dropped on NeoGAF gaming forum by the highly credible News Bot, with multiple sources confirming the info.

Here is the details that NeoGAF member News Bot shared with everyone.

  • It is not Resident Evil 7.
  • It will feature three returning characters from the series. One male and two female.
  • Two of these characters haven’t been seen in a ‘decade’ and one of them never had an appearance in-game.
  • It will be revealed at E3 2014.

News Bot went on to offer a bit of clarity in regards to the one character who never made an in-game appearance before.

“Regarding the one who doesn’t appear in-game, I should be a little more specific (because I’m sure someone would call me a liar for being to general). They are mentioned in games but are a background character with no “active” appearance yet. It’s not someone from the canon movies/comics.”

I shouldn’t have to remind anyone to remember to take this all with a grain of salt. Unless we hear this officially from the horse’s (Capcom) mouth, this should be considered a rumor and nothing more. 

Based on Capcom’s track record when it comes to releasing numbered Resident Evil titles, a spin-off instead of Resident Evil 7 seems more likely. If you look back almost a decade you’ll see that Resident Evil 4 was released in 2005 while Resident Evil 5 dropped in 2009 followed by Resident Evil 6 in 2012. That’s a four years between 4 & 5 and a three year wait between 5 & 6. Since 2005 Capcom has also released other RE titles including the main entries.

  • Resident Evil 4 – Gamecube (2005)
  • Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles – Nintendo Wii (2007)
  • Resident Evil 5 – PS3, Xbox 360 (2009)
  • Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles – Nintendo Wii (2009)
  • Resident Evil : The Mercenaries 3D – Nintendo 3DS (2010)
  • Resident Evil : Revelations – Nintendo 3DS (2012)
  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – PS3, PC and Xbox 360 (2012)
  • Resident Evil 6 – PS3, Xbox 360 (2012)

As you can see Capcom doesn’t rush out next their Resident Evil sequels so quickly. Instead they give the fans spin-offs, what-ifs and prequels before they drop the next numbered entry in the franchise. Let’s not forget the HD remakes and re releases of past games like Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X. So one would expect to wait a little longer before the publisher delivers Resident Evil 7.

Another thing to consider is the criticism Resident Evil 6 received from critics and fans alike. Despite going on to sell over 5 million copies, RE6 failed to meet sales expectations and earned mixed reviews from both sides due to the game being a bigger and relatively unwelcome departure from its horror roots, feeling more like a third-person shooter or action title than a survival horror game. Capcom has gone on to state that they are taking fan feedback into consideration and Resident Evil 7 will go back to its survival horror roots. The publisher will make sure the developer delivers what they promised with RE7.

At the end of the day it is just speculation, the next Resident Evil game could in fact be part 7, it could be a spin-off, a sequel to ‘Revelations’ or they could be no E3 Resident Evil announcement at all. As I stated before, take it all with a grain of salt until Capcom confirms or denies it, or E3 comes and goes.

Via: NeoGAF and MCV.

PC Version of Dark Souls II Rumored To Include Various PC Graphical Settings

Dark Souls II Attributes

For Dark Souls fans awaiting the release of Dark Souls II on PC, there may be some good news (if it’s true) for you. According to rumors from a NeoGAF user the PC version of the game includes numerous settings options including:

1080p at 60fps

Several graphics options. Textures, shadows, effects, AA, AO, blur, anisotropic filtering, water quality, depth of field and etc.

There’s an option that will automatically lower your graphics to maintain performance.

Really fast loading times. Don’t even have time to read an entire tip.”

This is good knows for those who purchased the Games For Windows version of Dark Souls and were sorely disappointed that it didn’t play or look much better than the console versions did. If this news is true it’s good to know that the developers listened to fan feedback about the sub-par performance of the first game and are willing to try and optimize the game for PC players. What do you all think of these rumored features? Is it enough to make you want to hold out a bit longer to play the PC version? Or will you stick to the console version? Let us know in the comments below!


GTA V Files Get Leaked and Suggest Casino Gameplay, Indoor Races, and More Coming Soon


According to some of those sketchy (but usually correct) sources out there (via some respectable publications) we’ve been alerted to the fact that Grand Theft Auto V audio files have been leaked suggesting casino gameplay is coming soon as well as indoor racing and some other sweet stuff. We’re still out here in the cold waiting for online heists to join the GTA Online gameplay experience, but the North Yankton DLC rumors are certainly something appetizing while waiting. Follow the sources to hear these files for yourself, and judge for yourself what’s really going on. We just want our dang heists, and many agree! Hook it up Rockstar Games!

[Source: NeoGAF via EuroGamer and EGMNow]

RTX 2013: Halo Xbox One News, Halo 3 PC Announcement or Halo 2 Anniversary Reveal?

Halo 3 PC

RTX or Rooster Teeth Expo starts on July 5th, but the Halo 343 Industries Panel doesn’t start till July 6th where we will “Get an exclusive first look at 343’s next Halo announcement!”. This could mean several things, could we be getting information about 343 Industries next installment in the Halo franchise? Could the heavily rumored Halo 3 PC finally be released as all indications point to Certain Affinity to be developing it?

Or could we be getting a Halo 2 Anniversary for the XBOX One? My bet is on a Halo 3 PC announcement as there is a lot information that proves Halo 3 for PC on Steam exists. Back in February a NeoGaf user found a whole range of games that were supposedly coming to Steam in the future, one of those was Halo 3. A few months later, AMD released one of their drivers for their GPU’s and Halo 3 popped up again. There is even a Halo 3 Steam group on the Steam community page. Another source from 4chan gives a compelling case why Halo 3 will arrive on PC in the future, they quote on quote state:

  • “The servers for Halo 2 Windows Vista are being replaced
  • Game for Windows Live will be removed from Halo 2 for Windows Vista.
  • Halo 2 will drop Windows Vista and appear on iOS.
  • The Halo trilogy (Halo: Combat Evolved, a fixed version of Halo 2, and Halo 3) will be available on Steam”

Certain Affinity, a third party developer for 343 Industries was asked on Twitter, “If they were working on Halo 3 for PC”, their response was, “We plead the 5th ;)”. Obviously referring to the 5th Amendment but curiously not giving a definitive no and using a wink emoticon just to make us that much more curiously.

And lastly there is some leaked Halo 3 PC footage that was uploaded on June 26th. This video could easily be fake but the timing of the mouse and keyboard seem to indicate he is using a Mouse/KB. Interesting enough though, he showed a new map called Forge Globe in the Map menu. We’ll have to wait and see on July 6th at RTX to find out what 343 Industries/Certain Affinity are planning.


Fact or Fiction: Microsoft Bribing PS4 Devs to Not Show at E3 – Or More Fake News from PlayStation Fanboys?

Check out this post from Softpedia detailing a new rumor originating on NeoGAF which (as mentioned below) sometimes has truth to their rumors but it should also be known that they have purposely made false press stories and been caught doing so for “teh lulz” as well as possibly exerting its control over the gullible gaming media.


“Has Microsoft resorted to underhanded tactics by paying off third-party publishers to “not show” some PS4 games? (possible rumour)

Microsoft is allegedly paying many third-party publishers so that they won’t show off their PlayStation 4 games at E3 2013, according to a new report.

E3 2013, the most important games convention out there, is set to begin next week, and both Microsoft and Sony are expected to focus heavily on their next-gen consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, respectively.

In order to gain the upper hand on Sony, Microsoft is apparently resorting to some unorthodox practices, like paying a lot of money to third-party publishers so that they won’t show their PlayStation 4 games either on stage or at their actual booths.

The report arrives from a source on NeoGAF, which posted a lot of true rumors in the past, so it’s possible that Microsoft really is resorting to such tactics ahead of E3 2013.

The company emphasized that at the event it’s going to focus only on games for the Xbox One, so it could try to create a false sense that more games are coming to Xbox One than PS4.

[Source: Softpedia]”

Thanks and shout out to Shawn Pwnagraphic Stenberg for bringing this “rumor” to our attention.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Confirmed in Gameplay Video

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix details were announced not too long ago from publisher Square Enix, and at the time many were wondering and speculating about the release of Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 2.5 and if it would ever really happen.

Indeed proof of this has come from a NeoGAF user who reveals that the 1.5 Remix itself contains a hidden message in the credits / ending of HD 1.5 Remix in the format of video scenes selected from Kingdom Hearst 2, Birth By Sleep, and Coded suggesting that all three titles will be in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix. Take a look at the video below to see it for yourself:

Rumor: Diablo III to be PS3 Console Exclusive, 2013 Release Date

Diablo III PS3 Console Exclusive

UPDATE: Diablo III was revealed to be releasing on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in 2013. This news came at the PlayStation 4 reveal show and is the latest update on the title thus far. View our Diablo III on our website for more information.

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The rest of this article below is from 2012 and remains unedited since the Rumor was confirmed to be true at the later PS4 Reveal Show:

RealGamerNewz reported not too long ago that although Blizzard Entertainment was actively seeking a console solution to their PC exclusive title Diablo III (which released to much fanfare last month).

However, at the time it appeared that the Xbox 360 version of the game could have been holding this undertaking back in a big way. Further rumors speculated that Blizzard might be looking at the option of canceling the console version of the game, though a PS3 version has recently been revealed.

Aaron Alexander of Planet PlayStation reports on the late-breaking rumor just discovered due to a german listing for the game on PlayStation 3 to be released this year. As Aaron notes, Sony has been known for its open online network PlayStation Network.

Rather than paying Blizzard, Sony may be harnessing their ability to allow developers and publishers to take control of their intellectual properties for custom solutions such as user-generated content, cross-platform play, dedicated servers, and even SteamWorks support from Valve.

Source: PlanetPlayStation

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on PS3 #1 in Japan

Weekly sales numbers being discussed over at Gamasutra include the new entry to the Call of Duty series, however this entry paints a well-known picture of the industry’s differences from continent to continent.

While the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty is the highest selling in the United States, Modern Warfare 3 ranked in with over 210,000 units sold in Japan and the large majority of it was on the Playstation 3. The Xbox 360 version ranks in at 7th place in the Japan sales.

This story originally floated up from a NeoGAF forum referring to data from Media Create. Typically you should probably take numbers like this with a grain of salt, but in many cases there are some who swear by them for indications in trending market movement.

via GamaSutra