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RGN Daily News #78: Halo Online Beta Footage Leaks + RE: Revelations 2 for Vita

RGN Daily 78

Tristan and Jon hop on another RGN Daily News to run down some of the big stories of the day. GTA V has dropped on PC and we have a couple of stories related to that around the website as well (here) and (here), but it may have overshadowed some things so find out what you’ve missed below in the show! Today’s RGN Daily News #78 is for Monday April 13, 2015.

RGN Daily News #78 Video Podcast:

☪ Xbox One officially drops to £299.99 in “UK only retail promotion” (Source)
☪ Halo: Online Multiplayer Gameplay Hitting YouTube, Microsoft Banning Some
☪ USA Users Using Himachi and other Tunneling VPNs to Play Russia Only FPS
☪ Our Initial Show About Halo: Online
☪ GOG Games Starts DRM-Free Bundle Tower Deals (Source)
☪ Resident Revelations 2 Announced for PlayStation Vita (Source)
☪ Destiny – Expansion II: House of Wolves Prologue Cinematic Trailer (Source)

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Square Enix Brings Ultimate Action & Ultimate Stealth To The PS3 And Xbox 360

Square Enix Ulimate Packs

Square Enix will release two Ultimate Triple Packs  at the end of March  one titled ” Ultimate Action Triple Pack” and the other “Ultimate Stealth Triple Pack” for $30 USD each. The Ultimate Action Pack contains Just Cause 2, Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider. The Ultimate Stealth Triple Pack contains Thief, Hitman: Absolution and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. These two triple backs will be available for both the PS3, and Xbox 360 with none of the DLC content including but for $30 bucks this a good deal if you haven’t owned or played any of these games.

Some information in this article was sourced from Joystiq 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Looks To Be On Track For A Holiday 2015 Release



Art By jdcunard

Square Enix last year announced that Kingdom Hearts 3 was in development for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during the Sony 2014 E3 Press Conference. The game then showed up at Disney’s Japan event D23 with a short gameplay demo and then at the end of the Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD Remix trailer KH3 was teased again. Square Enix since then went quite on the title giving no further updates on Kingdom Hearts III. There have been two voice actors Haley Joel Osment and Bill Farmer have confirmed that they have done voice work for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Bill went as far as saying that he was told by Square Enix the game would be released this year. Bill later deleted those tweets and then stated that Square Enix has not announced the release date for the title.

What is interesting is that last week Sony & Naughty Dog made Uncharted 4 available for pre-order for $43 and Square Enix followed suit with a $40.99 pre-order price for Kingdom Hearts 3 on Amazon. The companies have since then changed the prices for both UC4 and KH3 back to their original $59.99 pre-order prices on Amazon but with the HD Remasters of the previous games in the Kingdom Hearts series both having a December release (2013 for Kingdom Hearts I.5 Remix and 2014 Kingdom Hearts II.5 Remix) we may see KH3 this December maybe after the release of Uncharted 4 which is slated to release later this year. Kingdom Hearts 3’s story will pick up after the events of Nintendo 3DS entry KH Dream Drop Distance and has been rumored to feature worlds from the Marvel  & Star Wars Universes as well as the Toy Story and Frozen Disney Universes. Check out the most recent KH3 below and be sure to check back to RGN for all your Kingdom Hearts related news.

The Resistance Franchise May Soon Make Its Return On The PS4

Resistance 3 Pic

Sony earlier today filed a trademark claim for “Resistance” which was previously being developed by long time Sony partner and now third party developer Insomniac Games. IG let go off the franchise after the poor sales of both Resistance 3 on the PlayStation 3 and Resistance Burning Skies which was PlayStation Vita exclusive and said the future of the franchise would be in the hands of another development team. There has been no further development as of right now of what this trademark could mean but its very possible that we may see Resistance return in some form or fashion to the PS4. Time will tell if Sony will remaster and re-package the Resistance Collection with Burning Skies for the PS4 or find/create another studio to develop another entry in the franchise. Check back to RGN soon for more on this story as well as for all your video game news.

Some information in this article was sourced from The Sixth Axis & NeoGaf

Groupon Puts The Last Of Us Remastered On Sale For $20 – Update

TLOURemastered Groupon Deal

Update – The Sale is live for two more days check the link below to grab a digital copy of the Last Of Us if you haven’t already.

Groupon Last Of Us Deal

If you are a PS4 owner and you haven’t picked up The Last Of Us yet for the PS4 or PS3 or you want to relive the adventures of Ellie and Joel without shelling out the full price, head on over to Groupon right now to pick up this amazing offer before it ends later this week. You will have until Midnight Thursday January 15 to pick up the digital download code before the deal goes off line or they sell out

GameStop Offers Exclusive Variant For Marvel’s Star Wars Issue #1 To Power-Up Reward Members


When Disney purchased LucasFilm LTD it gained all of its film properties most notably Star Wars they canceled all previous in-devours,business ventures and projects and started a new with all new projects related to those properties. This move ended the Dark Horses run with Star Wars and the rights to the comic book for the intellectual  property have been transferred back to Marvel Comics which hasn’t had the rights to the series for almost 3o years. It has been reported that Marvel Stars Wars  #1 (Vol 2) will sell well over one million copies when its is released when its released next Wednesday January 14 2015 and Gamestop has offered a Exclusive Variant for the first 10,000 Power-Up Rewards members to purchase with their Power-Up Rewards points. This maybe be a great opportunity for collector’s and Star Wars fans alike because comic variants tend to be worth more than the standard issue cover and will be worth more if the stand issue reaches its one million sales mark. Star Wars Fans that have Gamestop Power-Up rewards accounts with 8000 points saved up should head over to their website here log in and claim the issues before time runs out. If you have claimed the offer or intend or picking up Marvel’s Star Wars Issue when it is released next week let us know in the comments below and as always check to RGN for all your Video Game related news.

PlayStation Plus January 2015 Line-Up

Jan 2015 PlayStation Plus Line Up

Today Sony has revealed its full line-up for PlayStation Plus for January 2015 starting beginning next Tuesday January 5th for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita. The Games that will be included this month include Infamous: First Light, The Swapper, Prototype 2, Disney’s Ducktales Remastered, Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition, and WoahDave. Check out the trailer below and be sure to check back to RGN for all your PlayStation news.


Quiet On The Set: Razer’s Newest Mic The “Seirēn” Will Change Recording And Streaming Forever

razer seiren logo

Razer has recently announced via their website and official Facebook page the release of their newest gaming microphone the “Razer Seirēn” and has positioned it self as the best USB Mic on the market. The Seirēn has four dedicated HD recording channels for all of your recording needs, a built in headphone jack to eliminate recording latency as well as a built in stand for quick and easy set up. Razer has even thrown in a shock stand and a pop filler to help quite all the excess noise around gamers as their record their streams and artist as they record their songs. The Razer Seirēn is available via Razer’s Online Store and you can pick one up today for $179.99.


Take-Two Interactive Registrars A Trademark For Campfire Entertainment

campfire ent

Take Two maybe creating a new games studio according to a listing to the United States Patent And Trademark Office on November 19th the company registered a trademark for Campfire Entertainment. Little is known about the new found company but it will join likes of Rockstar and 2K Games if and when the company decides to develop and publish games. There are many possible roles that this company may play in the years to come such as continuing the BioShock Franchise as it rumored to be a re-branded 2k Marin or create and develop new IPS. Check to RGN for more on this story as it develops.

Some information in this article was sourced from Gamespot.

Did You Make It Out The Last Time? Outlast 2 Has Been Revealed


In a Interview with Bloody-Disgusting.com developer Red Barrels Games have revealed that their survival  Outlast 2 is in development.Outlast 2 still early in development but it  will feature a new story, setting, and characters different from the original  game. Check back to RealGamerNewz soon for more information on Outlast 2 as it develops and be sure to check out our review of the original Outlast here,


Some information in this article was sourced from Bloody-Disgusting.com,

Epic Games Grants Access To The New Unreal Tournament For Unreal Engine 4 Owners


Epic Games announced this year that Unreal Tournament would be making its way back to PC and it would be free to play. The company held a crowd funding event for title and has allowed for the game to open source from the gate allowing for maps, weapon mods, character models,game mode and more to be developed by Epic and the users’ in tandem. Today Epic Games has announced that Unreal Tournament is now available download Unreal Engine Launcher for Unreal Engine 4 Owners and anyone can purchase the engine from their website for $19 USD A Month to gain access. If you are strapped for cash you can still access have released online via a UT Form user, Raxxy who has been releasing Non-Epic sanction builds directly for all to play. Epic Games has not announced the release date for the final build of the game but be sure to keep it locked to RGN for more information on this title as it develops.

Some information this article was sourced from www.unrealtournament.com/ & www.pcworld.com

Gutting The Engine – Turn 10 Will Not Release Any DLC For The Xbox 360 Version of Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 2 360 box art

Today Turn 10 announced  that there will be no DLC released on the Xbox 360 version of Forza Horizon 2 and that any rewards gain in the game will not count towards their Forza Score on forzamotorsport.net and across the other titles. This may come as a shock to UK 360 owners who have purchased the game last week when in launched for both Xbox consoles in the region and it is viewed by 360 owners as a push to purchase an Xbox One and that system’s version of the game. In a similar fashion Evolution Studios has not released the PS Plus version of their racing game DrvieClub this week as originally planned and competing racing title The Crew has  pushed back its released date to December. Let us know in the comments what do you think about Turn 10’s move to cut the content from the Xbox 360 Version of FH2 and check to back to RGN for more news on all of this fall’s current and upcoming titles.

Some information in this article was sourced from Eurogamer .