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Star Trek: Bridge Crew – Launch Trailer


Star Trek: Bridge Crew is the new VR game coming from Ubisoft, set in the Star Trek Universe. It takes place during the Kelvin Timeline, which the new film series takes place during. The game can be played by yourself or in multiplayer with friends. You can be the bridge crew, be the Captain, First Officer, Helm Officer, etc. Work together to fly the ship safely. Star Trek: Bridge Crew comes out today on PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift for $49.99.

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Will Support Oculus Rift VR Gaming Headset

Minecraft Oculus Rift Windows 10 Edition

Editor’s Note: After Notch (creator of Minecraft) announced that the game would never be on Oculus Rift because he found Facebook “creepy” (and they’re the new owners of Oculus), the indie development super star moved to sell off the franchise to Microsoft. At the recent industry trade event Oculus Connect 2  which took place this week in Hollywood, California and saw the announcement of several high profile Virtual Reality Gaming projects varying in nature. Mojang, the development studio handling Minecraft titles for Microsoft, phoned in the following announcement for a VR Minecraft to be released with Oculus Rift support for Windows 10 users.

Image Credit: Road To VR

Oculus Rift Announcement Trailer of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition.

The Boycott Gamer – Time Rifters Review

Time Rifters Start Screen

Time Rifters is a pretty unique game in it’s own. Pick a gun, upgrade that gun, and destroy different types of cubes in the process, pretty straight forward huh? Well look at all that, and add the fact that you can Play with 3 other bots that replay exactly what you do. Time Rifters implemented what I like to call, the ghost play. In this you play the first round with one of your bots, Shoot some cubes and lets say, destroy half of them. Round 2 is the same, you play as a new bot, but along with your new bot. when you start the round your previous recorded bot for that level will do exactly what it did round one, and with your new bot you can destroy the other cubes your previous one didn’t. Pretty cool isn’t it. Well personally, I think that is a pretty awesome feature. It is definitely a feature I haven’t seen in any other game (that I know of). But this is where you can really enjoy the game, because you can create a tactic and then switch it up on the following arena round leaving your ghost to do what you prepared it for like flanking one way while you go the other to shoot down cubes and cube monsters to try to achieve higher completion points.

time rifter

And if one tactic doesn’t work then you can think of many different ones to use and have your ghosts perform them while you try different ones. It is definitely a unique game that strays from the normalcy of newer ones. The other cool thing is the music in this game, it is also something to behold. With every level comes a different song that is actually cool to listen to as well as upbeat and rythmatic. There are 3 arenas with 5 stages each, and each stage has it’s own unique soundtrack to it.  The game also allows you to use keyboard and mouse, game pad controller, or even the oculus rift to play the game. Now unfortunately I wasn’t able to play with one, but I saw gameplay for it and it looks pretty spectacular on the Oculus Rift.

Other than that the keyboard and mouse seems to be the more optimal choice as the game pad isn’t the best in terms of sensitivity. It felt like when i tried to turn with the game pad it wasn’t as smooth as turning with the mouse, and these cubes don’t make aiming any easier especially when they speed off on you. Now if you can look past the game pad issue, another cool feature is the record yourself feature. In this you can record 2 of your bots, and once done, your friends can use those recordings to help them in a level, sounds pretty sweet right?  Well not only your friends can use them, you can too! And once all is said and done you can play each level again, except in an experimental view, where you get infinite gold to test out each weapon to find which one works best in each situation.

Official Trailer:

Final Verdict: This game is definitely unique, the music is amazing and relaxing, you get to use a unique feature in order to play, and you can record yourself destroying blocks and send the recordings to your friends to aid them. Overall i had a great experience with this game and many should check this game out and try it for themselves.

Overall Score: 9.5/ 10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: Proton Studio Inc.

Publisher: N/A

Available On: PC

Review Copy Info: The author of this article received a digital copy of this game from the publisher for the purpose of this review

Lucky’s Tale for Oculus Rift Gets Gameplay Footage [HD 1080P]

Lucky Tales Oculus Rift

Third person, three-dimensional platforming games might not be exactly what you expect when Oculus Rift comes to mind – and yet here it is! Check out the following Gameplay Footage in Full 1080P High Definition below which was shown off as part of a showcase for future Oculus Rift games and Lucky’s Tale is currently being developed by Playful Corp. with a release date to-be-determined.


VR Gaming - Aliens, Trolls, and Dragons - RealGamerNewz - Oculus Rift

Gameplay footage of Aliens, Trolls, & Dragons by Kubold is presented below. This title will arrive in Autumn 2014 (with more episodes following after an initial installment) and is meant to be played on the Oculus Rift. However, non-VR gamers can still play this game on their Mac OS X and Windows PC computers. Take a look at the video below (either in VR or non-VR depending on your available gear).

Title: Aliens, Trolls, & Dragons

Platform: Oculus Rift

Genre: Third Person, Action

Developer:  Kubold

Release Date: Autumn 2014 (Episodic Content Schedule Begins)


Normal Version:

Oculus Rift Version:

VR Gaming News: Virtual Reality MMO XViREnt Successfully Kickstarted w/ Over $9 Thousand CAD

XViREnt - RealGamerNewz - Oculus Rift - RPG - Virtual Reality

The $8,000 CAD Kickstarter deal has been successfully funded for the new and upcoming virtual reality massively multiplayer online game heading out to Oculus Rift VR headset devices from InEvoWare Game Studios titled XViREnt. As of April 20, 2014 the campaign will be closed, meaning the game met its mark ahead of schedule. Click here to become a backer if there’s still a chance by the time you’re reading this (35 hours left at the time of post with $9,127 CAD raised).

XViREnt is a fantasy themed MMO that will be free-to-play with various classes including Vampire, Werewolf / Lycanthrope, “Agent” Class, “Inquisitor” Class, and more. Of course this MMO has many RPG elements listed including Careers, Experience, Skills, and Superpowers. UGC (User Generated Content) allows players to create their own character, go on their own quests, and perform their own missions, craft their own worlds, and even spawn their own custom creatures. Teased at the end of the preview / pitch video for this game is an advanced feature of Alter Ego to Super Ego Conversion.

Take a look at the Kickstarter Pitch / Preview Demonstration of this Work In Progress:


Tabletop Simulator Has Released Today For 20% Off – Steam Early Access

Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access

Tabletop Simulator is a title by Berserk Games which allows players to simulate multiplayer games over the internet for very popular games such as Chess, Dominoes, Mahjong, Piecepack, and many more with incoming Oculus Rift VR Support, Mod Support, an RPG Kit, Customizable Figurines, and more. Take a look at the high definition trailer for the product below and stay tuned for more developments on this Steam Early Access title. This game is compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux computer gaming platforms and utilizes Cross-Platform Multiplayer as well as Steam Cloud features, with a likelihood for more Steam features coming in the final release. Buying now is essentially pre-ordering and supporting the developers behind this, so go for it!

Currently 20% Off On Steam Early Access

Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 2 Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 3 Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 4 Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 5 Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 6 Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 7 Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 8

iRGN Episode #7 w/ Replay With Doc Discussing VR Gaming, RealityTV, E3 2014, and More

iRGN Episode 7 - Replay with Doc

Being part of the game industry in many various ways, the Guest star of tonight’s iRGN Episode #7 is Doc from Replay With Doc who discusses everything from the far-end future to Reality TV Shows, E3 2014, indie gaming, and a lot more. We even got on a personal level with Doc and talked about Project Morpheus, the result of Facebook buying out Oculus Rift, as well as the industry’s freedom of speech coupled with inner conflicts within our community. Some of the more scrupulous morals of Reality TV Shows are discussed, and an interesting never-before-released Shows are discussed which Doc was a part of in addition to being on Sony’s The Tester, part of the Sony MVP Program, and representing gamers in other various ways. Take a listen and look below at the full show which is presented in high definition for your viewing pleasure.

April Fools Debunked: NintendoLife Announces “Virtual U”, An All New Virtual Reality Gaming Experience

Nintendo Virtual U

In order to compete with the Oculus Rift, PS4 Morpheus project by Sony, and number of other emerging VR Gaming technologies Nintendo has announced (as an April Fools Joke) the Virtual U. The Virtual U is a (fictional) device that gamers can use with the Nintendo Wii U to experience their Wii U titles like never before, through virtual reality gaming.

Nintendo Virtual U - VR GAMING OCULUS RIFT

All props due to Nintendo Life for the concept. Take a look at their post for the full “specs” of this mythical creature.

And remember to be careful what you read today!

Comedy: Oculus Rift / Facebook Gameplay Footage [Parody] [HD 1080P]

Facebook Oculus Rift - April Fools

The following Oculus Rift / Facebook Gameplay Footage Parody is presented below in Full 1080P High Definition. For those who don’t get the joke, the VR Gaming technology company Oculus Rift was recently purchased by Facebook for $2 Billion and that is what has spawned the fears which are the subject of this creative and comedic presentation. No Zuckerbergs were harmed during the virtual pwning of this clip.