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Samsung Announces Price for Gear VR Controller, along with Availability


Samsung held it’s Unpacked event in New York and London, showing investors and consumers what to expect in the near future from the tech giant. The Galaxy S8 was of course announced, but they also shared some big news about their plans for VR. The new VR controller will launch on April 21st of this year at $39 price point. It can also be purchased with a Samsung Gear VR for $129 so you can have the full set. The plan is to have the VR controller widely available for consumers at launch, and throughout the year.

New Xbox ONE Bundle Announced w/ Assassin’s Creed: Unity + Black Flag

Assassins Creed Unity - Black Flag Xbox One

Xbox One Bundle Trailer of Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

This Bundle Includes: AC: Black Flag, AC: Unity, and the Xbox One console / controller.

Release Date (NA): November 11th, 2014

Retail Price: $399

*(or $499 version with same stuff plus the Kinect)

Genre(s): Action-adventure, stealth

Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 Gets Price Reveal on PSN Store

PS4 Grand Theft Auto V Price

The PlayStation Network Store has had a new update today as the PlayStation 4 edition of Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games has garnered a price reveal on the PlayStation Store itself, a digital marketplace provided on PlayStation Network by Sony. Check out the image above to see it for yourself. Shouts out to WorldsFactory for the find.

Anomaly 2 Releasing On PlayStation 4, This September, Right Around The Corner [HD Gameplay]

Anomaly 2 PlayStation 4

In just a matter of weeks Anomaly 2 the Tower Offense title by 11 bit studios will be hitting the PlayStation 4. Take a look at some high definition gameplay footage below, which was released today:

Additional Info:

GameStop Pre-Order Trade-In Bonuses Might Die Off; Radical Changes Coming This Month

GameStop More Money Program

It appears GameStop is ushering in a new level of “power to the players” by revamping their trade-in offerings as well as renaming them in the terms they use while speaking to customers. From now on, GameStop employees will tell you “Cash isn’t the only way to pay for games, you know” and then proceed to ask you “When’s the last time we bought a game off of you or you sold a game to us?” in order to draw attention to the demographic that they claim does not know trade-ins exist (2/3 of GameStop customers according to internal documents leaked through mainstream media this evening).

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

GameStop has used some pretty fancy wording here to make it sound like trade-ins are going to net gamers a lot more cash than ever before, and to some extent that is technically true. Take a look at the bigger picture though… With a bullet point reading off “Our average trade ranges from $7.20 to $14.00 with a base of $9.00. We are elevating the average base value up 20% or to $11.00.” which essentially confuses the issue that you’re looking at a two dollar increase for the average game – nothing major.

THE BIG NEWS THOUGH IF NEED TRUE is that there will allegedly no longer be anything extra for trading in your games towards a pre-order of the latest upcoming games you want (according to Kotaku). Perhaps all of those Last of Us: Remastered trade-ins finally caught up with them? It did sound too good to be true after all, leaving one to ponder ‘how did GS even profit off of that?’ and now we have our answer. They didn’t do too good off of it because now that type of promotional campaign is a thing of the past. On August 18, 2014 you’ll always get the same price trading in your games, whether it’s towards Far Cry 4, Destiny, Halo 5, The Order, or just some Steam Wallet. Of course, you’ll still be punished with a % removed from your value if you want to walk away with actual cash – which sort of makes the whole “When’s the last time we bought games off of you?” pitch sound pretty lame when you think about it.

GameStop More Money New Trade In

It’s easy for this so sound like a good deal, but I’m not the only one who’s less than impressed with a 20% increase on what is already pitiful prices. After all, 20% of nothing is still nothing (metaphorically speaking, since they are offering more than nothing).

Kotaku author Jason Schreier-

-who first broke the story tells us in plain English that his last trade in got him just 25 cents and under the new system it would be worth 30 cents. A trade-in worth 10 bucks today will be worth “maybe” 12 bucks after the August 18, 2014 update. Two bucks ladies and gentleman. That is the price GameStop loyalists will be paid for being stripped of their precious pre-order / upgrade bonuses. Jason broke the story from insider sources (complete with visual evidence and training notes on how employees will be coached to comply with these new procedures).

It always gets weirder in the comments section though…

It seems that even those involved with GameStop are unsure if they are really going to get rid of promotions entirely or just ease off them for a while. The author of the original source of this leak even seems unsure with GameStop employees confessing they know about all of this, but not about the dumping of the promotional pre-order bonus. It is even claimed that that feature in fact is not being removed or at least not just yet – since a promotion is scheduled to be revealed on the same day as the new trade-in program. Confusing indeed. Be sure to check out the very last sentence in the GameStop internal document beneath this conversation between the author and a GameStop employee currently briefed on the new program.

Decide for yourself, is GameStop hanging on by a thread? Or is this a major plus one for gamers everywhere?

Have a look at some of the feedback for yourself as well as the original source post below:

GameStop More Money Feedback

GameStop No More Pre Order Bonus Trade In

[Some Info Sourced: KOTAKU]


Prestigious Racing Wheel Accessory company Fanatec has announced the Formula Carbon Rim

fanatec realgamernewz 2

With a to-be-announced release date pending and a $249.99 price tag on its head, the following images have been released this morning by respected Racing niche publication Inside Sim Racing. Prestigious Racing Wheel Accessory company Fanatec has announced the Formula Carbon Rim today for their Clubsport Wheel and will run racers a good chunk of change. Take a look and let us know what you think, are you the type to accessorize to the max – or would you rather spend your money on games?

fanatec realgamernewz

[Some Info Sourced: Inside Sim Racing]

PlayStation Store Update – North America PSN – 04-08-2014

PlayStation Content Logo

For all our fell RGN Playstation fans, this week on the PSN gives us some fantasy, sci-fi, and stealth fun to partake in. Whether you want to enjoy a new Lego game, a new PS4 sci-fi title, or a free Indie game Sony has us covered!

Pricing will be updated as more information is provided. Until then… Sony please take my money!

New Releases

PS4 Games

King OddballCross-Buy PS Vita$6.99
LEGO The Hobbit$59.99
Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut$19.99
FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm RebornSubscription RequiredFREE

PS3 Games

LEGO The Hobbit$49.99
Sonic UnleashedDigital Re-Release$19.99

PS Vita

LEGO The Hobbit$29.99

PS2 Classics

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4$9.99

PS Plus Instant Game Collection

Stealth Inc. A Clone in the DarkPS3 & PS VitaFREE

Discounts and Sales

Regular PricePS Plus Price
Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut$19.99$15.99



PlayStation 4 Getting A $50 Increase In Canada


It seems being a late adopter of the PlayStation 4 won’t have any benefits for Canadian gamers out there who have yet to purchase a console. Sony Computer Entertainment Canada confirmed to Toronto Sun, that the PS4 will go up from its original price of $399.99 to $449.99. Additionally the console’s peripherals will also go; the PlayStation Camera and Dualshock 4 controller will be raised from $59.99 to $64.99. The price increase will go into effect on the 15th of March.

The consoles scarcity continues and the Canadian publication states that this is the case in Canada as it is very difficult to find one. Here’s hoping once there is enough supply to meet demand, the console and its accessories will drop back to their original prices.


PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset – Specs, Price, Release Date Questions Answered

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

With fans ready to gear up for the PS4 with Sony’s new PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset, questions naturally have arisen to the recently announced peripheral seen in video format below.


As for the price, Sony has confirmed the device will have a recommended tag of $99.99 in North America. It is compatible with the Sony PS3, Vita, PlayStation 4, and with Windows PC / Mac OS X operating systems. The lead platform the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is being designed for is PlayStation 4.


The full specs have not been released yet but we do know the device is capable of Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound to certain formats of programming (and does Stereo on others) and is capable of using exclusive audio tuning features with PlayStation 4 software including games and film. We also know that Sony has claimed to obtain 8 hours of “straight gameplay” for battery life vastly improving over previous models and even outlasting the DualShock 4 itself (which is rumored to be due for an optimization on battery power soon). PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset works the same way as its predecessor when it comes to PS4 and PS3 connectivity. A USB chip is plugged into the game system and communicates the sound as well as other information to the game system.

If players are using a VITA then an audio cable (which is supplied with the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset) is plugged into the VITA and the headset. The microphone quality is expected to be good based on previous models, with new technology for canceling background noise even better than before. The audio cancellation of others is also useful as players can manually adjust the volume of the player chat versus the gameplay in previous models and this is expected to remain as a feature in the new PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset.

In some cases, developers can literally create their own virtual surround sound tuning settings for the device to be used automatically such as in the PS4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son for the most innovative and adjusted experience possible. This news comes alongside the firmware update 1.60 for PS4 that allows old Pulse Elites and Wireless Headsets to work with the PS4 which originally did not. So this is thereby a luxury item for those looking for a new peripheral and not being forced on the public PS4 user-base as they can just as easily use existing Turtle Beach, SteelSeries, Gioteck, or Sony headsets that they’ve used all along on the PS3 now that the firmware has been updated on the PS4.

PlayStation 4 Gold Wireless Headset

Release Date:

As to when we can expect a release date for this device, announcements should be incoming during the next week or two. The PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is expected to release February 2014 (this month). Stay tuned to the RealGamerNewz.com Tech Section for more info on upcoming devices and gadgets of all sizes and sorts.

Charlie Murder Dev Studio Releases TIME VIKING!!!!!ANDSPACERAPTOR For Xbox 360

Time Viking And Space Raptor - Ska Studios - Xbox 360 - RealGamerNewz

Through the New Year’s Eve event many may have noticed a new title has been added to the XBLIG Section of Xbox 360’s Xbox Games Store. We reviewed Charlie Murder back when Ska Studios and Microsoft dropped the title on Xbox LIVE and it won a Gold Game RGN Rating from our team. Now the developers who brought you Charlie Murder present an interestingly titled TIME VIKING!!!!!ANDSPACERAPTOR (or Time Viking! And Space Raptor for those with the hard-of-reading). This title is an unusual looking $1 twin-stick shooter that even has a free demo available for it to aid in preventing buyer’s remorse – but for a dollar you probably can’t go wrong. Take a look at the Launch Trailer below.

Final Fantasy III Has Been Released For Windows Phone

Final Fantasy III Windows Phone 2

Gain Xbox LIVE Achievements on your Windows Phone in the newly released Final Fantasy III for Windows Phone by publisher Square Enix. This is the same 3D Remake Version of the 1990 game which has recently become available for DS, iOS, Android, and PlayStation 3 selling over 1 million copies thus far and allowing gamers to relive the classic turn-based role playing game series once again while on the train or on the toilet. FFIII is available today so players can check out the Free Demo or Buy The Game as we speak. The price of the full title is $15.99.

Final Fantasy III Windows Phone