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“Take it easy, it’s time to keep it GEEKLY, with DJedi, Tech Dre, and Melwheezy – SciFi to gaming, movies to comics, whatever your pleasure is they- they- they got it.” – Random AKA Mega Ran- Geekly Podcast Theme


Soul Veggies Breaks Top 25 Pre-Ordered Underground Hip Hop Albums

Mega Ran Announces Brick Records Deal Signed for Soul Veggies

If you haven’t heard yet, Soul Veggies has signed with Brick Records to present something fresh for hip hop heads around the world. With topics from the current state of hip hop to government surveillance, overcoming personal demons, and more, Soul Veggies opens with a casual and crisp introduction and takes you through solid tracks of quality that real musicians or passerby can equally appreciate.

Don’t miss this album. It’s already in the Top 25 Pre-Ordered Underground Hip Hop Albums on UndergroundHipHop.com alongside acts such as announced today by MegaRan and features production from Storyville, Lost Perception, The Symphony, The Cymatiks, Wann Sklobi, Mike Paris, Kid Icki, DJ Seedless, and featuring verses from Random AKA MegaRan + Storyville (the Soul Veggies group, brand, logo, identity, movement, what have you), featuring Russel Tate, PT Starks, D.O.E. Boy, Laura Zahn, and Wise Intelligent (of Poor Righteous Teachers).

Pre-Order Available Here

“React” (abridged) (Full Version + Music Video Coming Soon):

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Behind The Scenes:

Tour Mixtape / Preview CD:

Killzown Interviews – MegaRan

MegaRan Killzown InterviewsL

Today On Killzown Interviews I sit down with Random aka MegaRan. Ran is a critically acclaimed  Chip-Hop Emcee hailing from Philadelphia PA by way of Phoenix Arizona who’s lyrical prowess, top notch production and amazing performances has taken him to the corner offices of Capcom, to E3 to Japan and every where in between. Today on the show we will discuss the man behind the moniker, what inspired him to start gaming, when and where did he fall in love with music, how he brought both together and much much more. Check out the stream below, leave a comment and share to spread the word. Keep up with MegaRan by visit his websites  http://megaran.com/ and http://megaranmusic.com/ check out his official Facbook  Twitter & Youtube  today.  Keep up with Killzown on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and subscribe to his channel on Youtube

Richie Branson Unlocked!!! Ghouls N Ghosts 3 This December If Stretch Goal Met

Richie Branson Ghouls N Ghosts 3 MegaRan

So you might have heard,

MegaRan is Doing a Kickstarter w/ 18 hours left

The initial goal of $5,000 was met very quickly by tons of fans who supported the mission of this Kickstarter, to get Mega Lo Mania (the MegaRan Documentary) turned into a Director’s Cut DVD for purchase or rental through Redbox that’s also available on a number of digital distribution and streaming websites including Amazon, Netflix, and iTunes. That reality gave way to another moment in which MegaRan decided to start making crushed 8-bit versions of his instrumentals for Nintendo NES cartridges that backers could receive. Beyond that, a brand new Mega Man EP was revealed for release on Christmas Day to all backers in addition to a new Random AKA MegaRan 2015 album entitled “Wouldn’t Miss It For The World”.

Through all of these crazy awesome rewards, not to mention USB keys, Vinyls, Sweatshirts, Guest Spots on MegaRan Tracks, his own tie, the ability to Executive Producer a gamer rap album, and the yet un-revealed secret stage, there has been a new challenger entering the ring!!!

Richie Branson Ghouls N Ghosts 3 RealGamerNewz


If you’ve never heard of the artist known as Richie Branson then you definitely should.

His Twitter Bio reads, “Billboard Charting Rapper/Producer (worked w/ Adult Swim, Def Jam, Sony, etc) who once outsold some of your favorite rappers with an album about a video game.”

He’s a different style rapper that pulls off impressive lyricism on topics the world of gamers often can relate to in exact, or at least really close. I mean, who hasn’t been to somebody’s house that was more disgusting than a nightmare and had to stay there, or been trapped in a zombie apocalypse with murderous agents sweeping for leftovers. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’ll have to take a listen below and start getting caught up! What began as a TOUR-ONLY EP spawned into a full series from Random AKA MegaRan and Richie Branson called Ghouls N Ghosts (named after the awesome Capcom game by the same title) paying tribute to the gore and horror gaming scene as well as the overall spooky atmosphere of death and demons.

Donate to Help Ghouls N Ghosts 3 Release, But Guess What…

If The Stretch Goal of $18,000 is reached a number of things will happen. This album will get pushed up to December 2014 and finished / released whereas it may have been meant for a later date previously before this decision from the musicians involved. In addition to that, MegaRan has vowed to take a tattoo that the fans pick (out of a few narrowed down video game selections) if $17,000 stretch goal is reached. A Drew Wise World Map is being revealed for MegaRan reaching $16,000 already and beyond the Tattoo perk MegaRan will also be making MegaRan Lunch Boxes.

You Can Still Get NES Cartridges + Vinyls by Upgrading Your Pledge

That’s right, you don’t actually have to donate all over again. Backers can upgrade their pledge at any time. Funds will be withdrawn on Saturday at 3AM according to Kickstarter (Sat, Nov 22 2014 3:05 AM EST to be exact), so there’s still time. Really, anything can be bought on the list that is still available, but I personally recommend taking advantage of the fact that for just a $85 pledge, everyone will still get a Vinyl copy of the album or getting one of the really incredible NES instrumental cartridges – they actually work when you pop them into a Famicom or Nintendo NES system. The fact that Ran has provided the instrumentals to his MegaRan 2015 album in bit-crushed format on the 8 bit carts is really a musical one of a kind thing for fans of MegaRan.

MegaRan RealGamerNewz 8 Bit Xmas


You won’t want to miss out on that, so kill a hundred birds with 1 stone.

two birds with one stone

Awww, poor birdie!

Consider Upgrading Your Pledge!

Update w/ Disclosure: I decided to back the Kickstarter for MegaRan’s Documentary to hit Netflix and other distributors. As according to our new RGN Public Ethics Policy, I will no longer be reporting on MegaRan’s work in an Evaluative Manner (i.e. Reviews) and will have another author Reviewing the work whereas I will be allowed to continue Informative Reporting (non-evaluative, i.e. News). If you have any feedback on this Ethics Policy, please comment on this article below or on our Policy itself and we’ll be sure to take your feedback into high regard. – Jon Ireson, Editor-In-Chief at RealGamerNewz.com

Soul Veggies Revealed by Random & Storyville w/ More Info In Newest MegaRan Interview

Soul Veggies MegaRan Storyville

A new project from Random AKA MegaRan and Storyville of Writer’s Guild has been announced. Soul Veggies will soon see what happens when Random and Storyville REACT. Soul Veggies was first announced and talked about during the Rap Reviews Interview Radio Show which you can listen to by clicking on the hyperlink below this post. There was freestyle melee battle skill exhibited by Nerdcore talent Random as well who spoke of the inspiration behind this project hitting fans on the tail end of a Kickstarter already full of surprises which has yielded a new MegaRan – Mega Man album releasing December 25 but also a 2015 project from Random the lyricist behind Random Beats and Random’s House projects like The 8th DayHeroes, Volume One (Special Edition)River City Random, and more.

Tune in to the Full Interview to hear MegaRan’s Exclusive New Freestyle, And More Info first:

Click Here – RAPREVIEWS.COM Interview Radio Show


For now click on the link above to hear the latest info, More Info will be released as it becomes available.

New Music Video “React” Coming Next Month!

Mega Ran Storyville - React

MegaRan and Storyville

Mirandom – We Salute You (from the UK and Paris)

MegaRan UK Mirandom MR Miranda

We Salute You! footage from the first few shows and sightseeing on the Otherworld Tour.


<> Sept 8 @ Surya, London
<> Sept 10 @ Kawaii Cafe, Paris
<> Sept 11 @ SuperByte Fest, Manchester
<> Sept 13 @ Hootenanny, Brixton

Now Available: Mirandom – The OtherWorld EP

Get a Sneak Preview of the New #Mirandom UK EP!


The Otherworld EP

by Random and Mr. Miranda

Pre-order of The Otherworld EP. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released. Releases 03, September 2014
A special recording commemorating the UK/EU Tour. All proceeds go toward tour costs. This will release on the moment of Random’s birthday, September 3.The gang is also offering rewards for financial support on the road, check out the FundRazr campaign athttps://fundrazr.com/campaigns/aoiJ2/ab/5FuTe?

Tour Dates:

Sept 4 and 5 – ALCON, Leicester

Sept 6 – Centre for Computing History, Cambridge

Sept 7 – The Roxy 171, Glasgow

Sept 9 – Surya, London

Sept 10 – Kawaii Cafe, Paris

Sept 11-13 – Superbyte Festival, Manchester


releases 03 September 2014. Recorded by Raheem Jarbo at Random House Studios, Phoenix, AZ. Production by Lynx Kinetic of The Gentlemen Ether, Pac0Naut, M_Slago, DJ DN3 and Awkward.

  $5 USD  or more

Help Mega Ran + Mr. Miranda Get to the UK! 78% of Goal Raised, Exclusive EP Available for Donation

Mirandom The Other World Tour EP

Flying out to the UK this September, it’s Mega Ran and Mr. Miranda, who are responsible for a lot of projects including recent albums Honesty Is Not A Sin, The Call: 8 Bit, and more, and they need your help. Check out the video below which discusses some of the benefits. Namely, throwing at least $10 to earn a download of any one album from either artist or going above and beyond for a shout-out in the upcoming exclusive first edition of Mirandom The Otherworld Tour EP (pictured above). Listen to some tracks below, check out their campaign video, and hit that donate button for your free reward.

Donate to UK Tour – 78% of Goal Reached*

Donate to UK Tour – 78% of Goal Reached*

In Case You Missed Bit Gen 9 Gamer Fest, Watch MegaRan, K Murdock, Skyblew, and Soultron of D&D Sluggers Perform Live in 1080P

Bit Gen 9 Gamer Fest Mega Ran K Murdock SkyBlew DND Sluggers

Nerdcore, Hip Hop, Chiptune, call it what you want to call it but at the end of the day aren’t we all just fans of music that’s great and makes us feel something? If you weren’t fortunate enough to see the live performance that capped off the Odds N Ends Tour then check out this replay video from Down In Front Productions who were kind enough to capture this moment for the world in High Definition 1080P quality.

Some real classics were performed live at this show as well as fresh material, unexpected moments, and a completely random (no pun intended) freestyle from Random AKA MegaRan which really enforce the talent and fun-loving nature of this headlining artist who has come from a gamer no one knew to a world touring musician all thanks to his dedication to the blue bomber also known as MegaMan. Enjoy and stay tuned for more updates on gaming related music right here at RealGamerNewz.

Random AKA MegaRan Announces New TRAP 2 (Television & Radio Are Poison) Album Exclusive To Tours

Random AKA MegaRan - TRAP 2

You may remember that one of the most deeply profound albums from MegaRan released last June called TRAP (Television & Radio Are Poison) and was set to what we know in Hip Hop as “Trap Beats” which are heavy on the bass and whose producers have a certain affinity for rapid hi-hats. This is the melding of modern production styles with a focus on lyricism that contains a real message and interesting real life topics that listeners can relate to. This is Hip Hop about Life.

TRAP 2 will be available to purchase only on tour, so if you’re one of his die-hard fans this is a great time to start planning which show you are going to come out and see. MegaRan currently has shows lined up in Philly, Brooklyn, and even our own RGN hometown area Boston. But it doesn’t end there. Full tour details are available below and you can always keep up with MegaRan here or on his blog if you are needing to get this CD into your ears and just haven’t found which show to go to yet.

To make it up to those of you who felt this was a bit tough, pre-ordering tickets and sending proof directly to the artist will gain you a sample of this album. For a limited time if you type in the code SAFETRAVELS on MegaRan’s Music Store then you’ll get 25% Off Any Album. Since this money goes to supporting touring needs like food and beverage for the artist, as well as gas money to make it to each performance, a free bonus sticker is included of Barret Wallace the MegaRan version from Black Materia (FF7 Rap). Those MegaRan Snapbacks we showed off will also be exclusive to the tour now, so today is the last day to Order One From Home.

get tickets now (Click Here)

v June 27-29 Philly (Too Many Games Fest)*

v June 30 Brooklyn, NY @ The Fifth Estate

v July 1 Boston, MA @ McGanns

v July 2 Watertown, NY @ Flashback Lounge

v July 3 Ithaca, NY @ Just Be Cause Center

v July 4 Buffalo, NY TBA (will be announced probably tomorrow)

v July 5 Yellow Springs, OH @ Super Fly Comics

v July 6 Cincinnati, OH @ Chameleon

v July 7 Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor

v July 9 Chapel Hill, NC @ Chapel Hill Underground

v July 10 Bourgie Nights, Wilmington, NC

v July 11 TBA Washington DC

v July 12 Baltimore @ Ram’s Head Live (Bit Gen Gamer Fest)

The party doesn’t stop there though. MegaRan is also featured in a freshly updated indie title called Canabalt (Available Now On iOS Devices and Android’s Google Play Storeand K-Murdock and dannyB are part of the production as well. The game plays like a 2D version of Mirror’s Edge and the song you’ll hear is exclusive and tailored for this game, not just a Random selection (get it, see what I did there?).


Peace and don’t forget you can grab a MegaRan Beanie and get a free copy of Language Arts (that’s one of our favorites, very deep stuff with a lot of fun moments).

MegaRan Beanie