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Mega Ran Extra Credit Tour Hits Down South Winter 2017


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11/24 Birmingham, AL @ Saturn
11/25 Jackson, MS @ Offbeat
11/26 New Orleans, LA @ HiHo Lounge
11/27 Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor
11/28 Savannah GA @ Jinx11/28 Savannah, GA @ Jinx
11/30 Jacksonville, FL @ Nighthawks
12/1 Tampa, FL @ Lowry Parcade
12/2 Orlando, FL @ The Geek Easy

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SkyBlew Drops Another Music Video Laced w/ Lyricism

SkyBlew Journeys In 1st Person Backdraft Hip Hop

In the following Music Video from Spiritual Independent Hip Hop Artist SkyBlew a smooth and mellow beat sets the stage for a string of impactful lyrics. The song was produced by Backdraft with Director of Photography: Cappy Leonard and Director: Will Lee collaborating for the visuals. Check it out below.

Now Available: Free Download

League of Legends Gets Its Own Rap Song, This One’s Enlightening Though!

RealGamerMusic Logo 2

What up Real Gamers, Welcome back to #RealGamerMusic —> Check out Dr. Awkward’s League of Legends Rap Song – “One People” by Awk & Vandal. Insert Illuminati symbols here. Inspired by LoL the MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) video game by Riot Games.

illuminate real gamers

RealGamerMusic: Pac-Man Fever By Buckner & Garcia

Pac-Man Fever Logo

Pac-Man has been getting a lot of love lately with his  inclusion to in Super Smash Bros 3DS to his recent hit  TV Show Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures  as well as the shows video game spins offs; Pac-Man is doing quite well for himself.  In this edition of RealGamerMusic we bring you  Jerry Buckner &  Gary Garcia’s 1981 smash hit “Pac-Man Fever” to celebrate Namco Bandai’s mascots recent success.

Mega-Lo-Mania – Mega Ran Documentary – World Premiere Trailer

Mega-Lo Mania


Teacher, Rapper, Hero, these things all describe Mega Ran and inspire countless amounts of fans across the globe. Ran is teaming up with director Michael Cardoza and indie band “The Lo Classics” for Mega-Lo-Mania, a 35 minute documentary detailing the life of the Chip-Hop Emcee as well as following him through three cities on one of his most recent tours. Check out the trailer below and be sure to check back RGN for more info on the film and all things Mega Ran.

August 22, 2014 Random AKA MegaRan and his company Random Beats Productions will team up with The Film Bar and DJ DN³ to debut Mega-Lo Mania, a documentary about the nerdcore artist the world knows as MegaRan. This will take place in Phoenix Arizona and you can find details in the flyer below this documentary’s fresh world premiere trailer. Beyond that, The Opposite Of War Tour is still on track featuring K Murdock, Tribe One, and Doug Funnie (details here).

Mega-Lo Mania chronicles a weekend in the life of nerdcore artist MegaRan as he makes some noise with a live band touring through Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Vegas. Take a look at the World Premiere Trailer above.

Mega-Lo Mania MegaRan

Orlando Nerd Fest MegaRan

Check out the new MegaRan USB keys as well with up to 4GB of custom, pre-loaded nerdcore music available upon request.

And for perfect Ying and Yang balance, old school and / or audiophiles can grab the Vinyl of The Call: 8 Bit Anniversary instead.

MegaRan USB

MegaRan Vinyl

RealGamerMusic -$yrup & Hush: Super Smash Brothers Melee LP & Tiny Melee EP

$yrup&Hush Logo


$yrup and Hush are two up and coming TRAP producers who recently released their Tiny Melee EP which is the sequel to their Super Smash Bros LP from last year. The duo selected tracks from iconic characters in the game like Luigi, Fox, Kirby, Captain Falcon and others for a total of ten turned up tunes inspired by the Super Smash Bros series. Check out both projects below be sure to check back to RGN for more RealGamerMusic.



$yrup & Hush SSBM EP

$yrup & Hush Tiny Melee EP




Kemo Vee – Posted

KemoVee1 (1)

The Legendary Saint Louis Emcee Kemo Vee recently dropped his newest single “Posted” and yesterday released his official visual for the song via his Youtube page. The song details and solidifies Kemo Vee’s position in the STL Hip-Hop game and details his exploits since his last project. The song is also the first track of of Target Practice Mixtapes Vol. XII (or #TPMVOLXII for short) which will be released soon. Check out the video and the single for Posted below and follow Kemo Vee on Twitter @KemoVee

Posted – Official Music Video

Kemo Vee: Posted Single


Some info in this article was sourced from djkillzownjones.com

Target Practice Mixtapes Vol.9 – DJ KILLZOWN JONES


Originally posted on djkillzownjones.com

This is the ninth installment in the Target Practice Mixtapes series hosted by yours truly, DJ Killzown Jones. This mixtape features new music from Drake, Migos, Big K.R.I.T, Tre Casanova, Tektite Naga and more. Check out the mixtape below, comment with your favorite track below and share. If you music that you would like to submit for a future installment of Target Practice Mixtapes email me at djkillzownjones@gmail.com


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RGN Podcast: How to Start w/ Pack-A-Punch Weapon in Zombies + Hilarious Randomness

RGN Podcast Aug 9 2013

RGN Podcast of August 9, 2013 was recorded with a few zombie tips, a few debatable conclusions from yours truly, Deputy Editor Tristan Werbe, DJ Killzown Jones, and Associate Editor Pwnagraphic, as well as a lot of hilarious and random outbursts from all of us as we lay one down strictly for the fans. In this show we talked about a lot of great happenings behind the scenes which we will be able to reveal to all of you soon, and the current state of affairs in all things gaming. As always, this is completely uncensored you might not want to let your kids listen to us rant and ramble. Enjoy!

Some of the topics discussed include:

-New RealGamerNewz Giveaways Announced
-Project Spark Gets Detailed for Xbox ONE
-PC Gaming Vs Next-Gen Consoles: Which Is Really Cheaper?
-Pokemon Mega Evolutions and New Film Revealed
-New Zombies Bank Feature Added to Die Rise / Tranzit / Buried / Origins
-How to Start w/ Pack-A-Punch Weapon in Zombies
-Killzown Interviews Announced for New Exclusive RealGamerMusic Section
-Outro, RealGamerNewz Speaks to the Fans