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Pixels – A 2015 Film About Video Games Threatening Mankind Starring Adam Sandler

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In what is surely to be taken the wrong way, video games are invading the Earth and out to kill everything held sacred. What was intended to be a message of peace has now come back to bite humanity in the, well you know. An alien life force imitating video games as real life weapons against the species. Superstar talent like Adam Sandler, Kevin James (who frankly should have been listed higher on the film’s IMDB page), and a bunch of other Hollywood people you’ve probably never heard of but find strangely familiar face-wise fill out the cast.

Sony Pictures is putting this film out which will debut in theaters on July 24, 2015 in North America, August 12, 2015 in the United Kingdom, and kicks off their long line of films based on video games coming this year and over the next few. The creator of Pac-Man even gets a time to shine, somebody who I have met personally during an E3 open bar and certainly knows how to have a good time I might add!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 : Movie Review


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The Amazing Spider-man 2 is the sequel to the 2012 original starting Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Dane DeHaan, and Jamie Foxx. The webslinger returns balancing life in college, work, being Spider-man and his relationship with Gwen Stacey. Villains  rise, secrets are revealed, friendships are tested and Spider-Man’s world will be changed for ever. The film expands are the questions left at the end of the first film about Peter’s past while having him deal with the present all at the same time. Peter slowly but surely learns that all roads are leading back to Oscorp and with the return of his  childhood friend Harry Osborn things get real ugly, real fast. In the midst of all of this a Max Dillon a social outcast and overlooked Oscorp employee also undergoes his own transformation into the villainous Electro and he wants our hero out of the picture leaving the viewers to wonder can Spidey still save the day?

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This film is though better than some of its predecessors is a good but not great superhero film. The pacing of TASM2 is flawed and the story is all over the place. Peter is still trying to find out what happened to his parents, Gwen is refusing to give Peter up even though her father wants them to be apart The villains are given there set up and then rushed out into the fray. The acting in the film however is great. Peter and Gwen’s relationship is believeable partly due to the real life romance of Garfield and Stone. Jamie Foxx gives personality to Electro who’s personality is some what bland in the comics and proves he has chops to play other villains in other films. Dane DeHaan gives a great Harry Osborn performance besting his predecessor James Franco in the previous series. The other supporting characters take Aunt May for instance have very small and very annoying roles and if not necessarily needed for this film and all of them should have had less screen time than given.

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The action in this movie outdoes almost every other Spider-man film and not just because the visual effects. The fight and chase scenes are well choreographed and the computer generated effects feel seamless with the live action stunt work making Spider-man more true to life than ever before. The only down side to this is Peter doesn’t spend a lot of time in his suit which is a real drag because action is what the film audience came to see but with all of the exposition going on the film it has to be resolved. The ending of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is very jarring even if viewers are up on their Spidey history it is still a shocking to witness.

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The film is predictable but with the acting and incredible visual effects still makes this movie enjoyable to watch. It seems as if the studio and director seem to want to spread this story out and make this series longer than the previous batch of  films. People may either love the film, hate the film or leave the theater like I did, entertained but not fulfilled. The team behind The Amazing Spider-Man did a decent job with this film but they need to step of the quality of their work in future films because if they don’t this may make fans of the character and the movie-going public at launch stay far away from Spider-man. This movie is still a must see for fans of the series (if they can put up with the film’s hang ups), action movie fans even fans of romantic comedies can get a kick out of TASM2. The 3D/IMAX 3D takes the film visually to a whole other level as the effects pop out of the screen and the depth of field will make audience feel like they have taken a digital trip into NYC.


Final Verdict

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 continues the story from the previous film with great acting, and awesome action sequences and even with its sometimes spotty writing still makes it a fun movie to watch from beginning to end.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7.5/ 10

RGN Rating :Bronze Film

Directed By Marc Webb

Produced By Avi Arad & Matt Tolmach

Written by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner, & James Vanderbilt

Studios: Sony Pictures & Marvel Entertainment

Rumor: Bioshock – The City of Dreams Film In The Makings Again

BioShock - The City of Dreams

About one year after the game’s creator, Ken Levine, officially confirmed that he decided to kill the project after a disagreement and discomfort on both a budget and an R rating for the movie ‘Bioshock’ with the publishers of Universal, it seems like the movie might be pulled from the dust.

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Sony Pictures bought three different domains last month according to Kotakubioshock-movie.com, bioshock-movie.net and bio-shock.net, which may indicate for a second chance of the movie being produced.

The game creator Ken Levine had stated earlier that he has not ruled out the possibility of another attempt on the movie, only if “the right combination of people” were involved. Perhaps that a collaboration of Sony Pictures and Ken Levine could lead to one of the most gory, and epic RPG games of all time made into a beautiful movie for us all to enjoy.

[Some Info Sourced: ScreenRant]