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@Mastertronic Announces Speedrun Competition for The Weaponographist’s New Demo on Steam

The Weaponographist - Mastertronic

Starting Today players can enter The Weaponographist Speedrun competition by downloading the free demo on Steam (CLICK HERE) and sharing their result on Twitter with the hash tag #Weaponographist and/or posting their screenshot to the Community Hub of the game on Steam itself. This news comes ahead of the April 29, 2015 full launch of the title in which players must try to stay alive and take their enemies out all while their weapons degrade and must be swapped out for new ones.

This high stakes, jack of all trades simulator requires players to have some level of mastery for every weapon they encounter and keeps the gameplay experience fresh. If you’re into killing demons then you’ll want to find out more about it in the videos below. Winners of the contest get a free copy of the game, but you’ve got to make it into the top 3 so try your hardest! Puuba is the developer of the title while Mastertronic is publishing and the game is currently planned to be compatible with Windows as well as Mac OS X upon launch.

Official Gameplay Trailer:

Demo Speedrun Announcement Trailer:

The Escapists Steam Review (Time To Bust Out!)

The Escapist PC Cover

There are many indie games on the market today and whether that be on the PC, Xbox, or PlayStation each one has its own uniqueness and appeal to it.  Although, there are others that try to leech off of others successes, some do come out with their own originality. One of those games just happened to recently flip out of early access and bash into its own spot on Steam and it’s called “The Escapists.” The game puts you in the role of an inmate, who the player gets to lightly customize (i.e change his look, race, hair type) and name him whatever you see fit. You can also name other NPCs you interact with as well before you start each scenario. Once you start a new game it is definitely advisable to select the tutorial just due to the fact you can easily get confused about what your end goals are while playing.

After the tutorial is all said and done it is off to Prison. The goal of the game is clear, Escape. Pretty simple right? Well believe it or not it will actually get extremely complicated as well as pretty hard in the end so lets start at the beginning. When you start your first scenario (a.k.a Prison) you will notice things are pretty lax in this one, prisoners get free cable, good meals, and plenty of time for exercising, working, as well as eating, all with some free time on their hands in between. This scenario itself honestly is meant to test what you learned in the tutorial all while teaching you about the other things the tutorial didn’t touch on i.e jobs, skills, daily routine and many other things involving how you can work your big escape.

In order to get a good escape going one needs to study the daily routine of the prison, first is roll call, then breakfast, free time, lunch etc etc. The game tries to get players to study this routine so that they can use their time in game to plan and execute their escape. Be wary though because the guards around the prison do get suspicious of you more and more as you miss routines  i.e breakfast, exercising time, or shower time (just some of many examples to use). So it is up to the player to use there time wisely and look for a good opening if they are going to plan their escape during the day, and execute it during the night and viceversa.


This game also utilizes the ability to craft many items in game, some of which you can use for escaping or the bludgeoning and beating of other NPCs. Most of the items required to craft can either be stolen or bought from other inmates, or can be found in certain areas of the prison you are in. Most, if not all of these items will come in very handy in the future as well as the ability to craft these items as you progress into harder and more stricter prisons.

Along with the crafting implementation the game also features the ability to increase certain skill traits that you withhold in order to make certain things easier for you to do i.e crafting, fighting, and how fast you can run. These skills are Strength, Intelligence, and Agility. Each one of these skills can be increased as you go through each prison either by lifting weights, run on a treadmill, or browsing the web. These skills can be very crucial when it comes to trying to escape especially if the guards are extremely fast and very tough.

This game brings a lot to the table in terms of a game where you are trying to escape different high correctional facilities. One last major part of the game I thoroughly enjoyed was the fact there is not just one way to escape, there a more than a couple in each facility so you can always go back, check, and see if there is an easier way to do it, or a harder way that you may have missed on your first way out.

Official Trailer:

Final Verdict:

The Escapists is definitely a unique spin on older pixelated games as its own game. It was definitely well thought out and implemented in the best way possible. The use of the daily routines was definitely a really well done idea in order to give the player a bit more realism in terms of trying to simulate prison life. Obviously it isn’t perfect to the T but this game definitely puts a spin on indie titles and is well worth recommending to anyone out there with a PC, Mac or Xbox One.

Overall Score: 10/10
RGN Rating: Diamond Game

Developer: Mouldy Toof Studios
Publisher: Team 17 Digital Ltd

Available on: XO | PC | Steam OS | PS4 (Coming Soon)

Played On: Windows PC

Review copy info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Zombie Army Trilogy PS4 Review

Zombie Army Trilogy RealGamerNewz Review

The war is almost over and the Nazis have all but lost. Rather than accept defeat, Hitler orders the execution of plan Z. Now Germany is overrun by the undead and it is up to a group of survivors to put a stop to the madness. Like the name suggests, this third-person shooter is a bundle containing three games in one; developer Rebellion’s remastered Nazi Zombie Army 1 and 2, and the previously unreleased third episode. So does the Trilogy deliver, or is it dead on arrival?

For those of you who are familiar with the developers Sniper Elite series, this game plays the same, for better or worse. Your playable character is equipped with a sniper rifle for a primary weapon, a sub machine gun or shotgun as their secondary, a sidearm and several types of explosives. There are a total of eight characters (Four are new females) to choose from, but there are no differences between them other than appearance.

Killing the undead is incredibly satisfying and gory. Limbs fly off and heads explode as you snipe them. Since you are fighting zombies, you’ll find yourself going for a lot more head shots, as body shots won’t always result in a kill. Hell, shoot off a leg and the sick bastards will just crawl towards you determined to end your life. The sniper rifles are the best weapons to use in the game for multiple reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that they handle better; the secondary weapons feel kind of useless for the most part. The sub machine guns are only really helpful if the enemies get too close. Even then, you’ll find yourself missing shots when you know you shouldn’t, especially with the shotgun.

Another reason that sniping is the best thing to do in this game, is the X-ray kill cam. Line up the perfect shot from the right distance and you’ll be treated to the glorious visual of your bullet flying through the air before hitting and penetrating its mark in beautiful slow motion. Sometimes you’ll get to see an x-ray of your kill, as the bullet shatters bone before making its exit. It is gory and honestly never gets old. This feature can be turned off it does, or if you want it to happen more frequently, then you have the option to.


X-ray kills never get old. NEVER!!

However you choose to get your killing on, the game will score your performance. Head shots will obviously earn you more points than body shots, and going on kill chain (Multiple kills in a row without missing) will increase your score multiplier. The game features online leaderboards for each level, allowing you to compete with other players around the world for the top score.

When you are not killing the zombie horde, you’re completing mission objectives in order to progress through the game’s 15 campaign chapters. The third episode introduces optional side quests that ask of you to rescue scattered survivors, before they meet a grisly. There is a plot, but it quickly becomes an after thought as you progress. If you are looking for some deep emotional tale, you are not going to find it. All you really need to know is that there are zombies to kill, and I’m fine with that.

Speaking of zombies, the game thankfully features more than one type. You have your generic slow walking types (aka cannon fodder), and then you have the special kind; snipers who are deadly accurate and can leap from rooftop to rooftop, giant heavy machine gun toting zombies and even suicidal zombies who try to kill you by blowing themselves up. The suicide zombies were cool at first, comical even, but they soon overstay their welcome with how often the game tends to throw them at you. Still having a variety of enemies to kill is great for obvious reasons.


Oh yeah, there are chainsaw wielding zombies as well.

The game features very little boss battles and sadly, they lack variety and aren’t as fun as killing the horde. For those of you who care a big deal about a game’s length, each chapter takes a little over an hour to complete depending on skill level. So you are looking at roughly 15 hours of gameplay.

Editor-in-Chief Jon Ireson weighs in on the game’s remastered visuals and frame rate:

“On the PlayStation 4 Zombie Army Trilogy maintains a solid 60 frames per second with no visible screen tearing occurring even once. The art direction is dark and demonic as expected in a game about Nazis rising from their grave – lots of black, gray, and red broken up by glowing shades of orange and neon green where appropriate. The texture resolution is a full 1080P, seemingly native, and overall produces a feeling of immersion due to its high fidelity. Rebellion has done what many others cannot by bringing their game up to 1080P 60FPS standard on the PlayStation 4 and provides hope that the system can perform similarly with other Rebellion titles in the future.”

While there is fun to be had experiencing the game by yourself, playing with others is the way to go. If you have three other friends willing to take the fight to Zombie Nazis, you can play through the entire trilogy with them. If not, then the game features online matchmaking. On top of delivering a virtually lag free experience, the game’s level of difficulty scales depending on how many of you are playing together. The higher the player count, the more zombies you have to contend with. Which means more limbs to blow off and zombie brains to pop.

Certain sections can get a bit overwhelming when playing with more players — especially with those damned suicide zombies rushing you, but if you can’t handle it then you always adjust the game’s setting so you have less zombies to deal with. Still, having more enemies on screen makes for more intense gameplay and I recommend it. The game’s scoring system makes things competitive, as you try to see who gets the most points at the end of each chapter. Medals are also awarded to the player who pulls off the most head shots, earns the most kills etc.


Everything’s better with friends!

Outside of the fun campaign mode, Zombie Army Trilogy features an all new Horde mode. Your objective is simple; survive against increasingly tougher waves of zombies across 5 unique maps. Like the campaign, horde can be played with up to three others and you can still compete against one another for the high score. Just don’t forget to work together as Horde mode is tough. Sticking close to your buddies and reviewing one another is key to surviving.

Final Verdict: Zombie Army trilogy is great gory fun. Despite some annoying parts, killing zombies is a blast, especially with friends. With a challenging Horde mode and fifteen lengthy campaign levels, Rebellion’s Zombie shooter features just enough content to keep you entertained for a while. If you are looking for a new co-op experience, then give this game a go.

Official Trailer:


Overall Score: 8 / 10
RGN Rating: Silver Game
Developer / Publisher: Rebellion

Available On: XO | PS4 | Windows PC

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4

Review Copy Info: Four digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

Here’s a Look at Another New Enemy You will Encounter in The Evil Within’s DLC


Bethesda has released two new screenshots and concept art for The Evil Within: The Assignment. The pictures feature a downright hideous new creature that rookie detective Juli Kidman will have to contend with, if she hopes to survive.

This grotesque baddie seems to prefer to travel on all fours, before doing a handstand and impaling you with its ribs. Yes, you read that right.




Those look like brains inside its gut…thing!



The Evil Within: The Assignment will release on March 10th, 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC for $9.99. For $19.99 you can get the game’s season pass, which includes The Assignment, The Consequence (Part-two of Kidman’s story) and The Executioner (Starring the Keeper).

Bethesda will be hosting a livestream via Twitch, this Monday at 1 pm EST.

Rebellion: Zombie Army Trilogy Still Planned for a North America Retail Release


Rebellion’s Zombie Army Trilogy will be released in a couple days for current-gen consoles and PC. North American fans have come to notice, that the game will only be available digitally — while those over in the UK will see both a physical and digital release. You can import a physical copy through Amazon (Sold out at the moment), but if you would prefer to avoid that route, then don’t fret.

We reached out to the developer for information on a possible NA retail release of the game. According to Rebellion, they are indeed planning on releasing physical copies in North America. However this is the studio’s first time self-publishing a console title and they were unable to have it available for launch due to uncontrollable forces.

“We’re still planning on a retail release for North America, but unfortunately, this being the first time Rebellion have ever self-published a console game – especially at retail – a few things outside our control have prevented us from having it ready for launch,” according to Rebellion.

This is great news for those who still prefer to buy their games physical and do not want to import Zombie Army Trilogy from the UK.


Zombie Army Trilogy will launch for PS4, Xbox One and Steam on March 6th, 2015.

Stay tuned for our review and more info on the physical copies as it arises.

Castle In The Darkness Review

Castle In The Darkness RealGamerNewz Steam Review

An incredible new game paying homage to yester-year has been created by Matt Kap, who is responsible for a great deal of the artwork in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (among other titles). Castle In The Darkness is the definition of pristine in terms of polish for a Retro-Inspired Indie Platformer / Action RPG. The Kingdom of Alexandria’s fate rests on your tiny 8-ish-bit shoulders after your King has grown ill with a mysterious horde of monsters slaying every last guard in town… except you.

In addition to Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, the developer has also worked on 1001 Spikes for the same publishing house and this game strikes me as a bit similar at times but in all the right ways. Skills will be put to the test, or if they don’t exist, they will be forged in blood. The controls emphasize precision timing and maintaining a steady flow of motion while allowing for rapid speed at the same time. The result is a very satisfying platformer experience, but it doesn’t stop there. Castle In The Darkness features a great value offering with heart and soul exuding from each and every scene.

As armor and weapons are purchased by collecting gold coins throughout the journey, specialty abilities are acquired such as double jumping, the ability to destroy half-crumbled walls, elemental magic attacks and other spells, fireballs, axes, spears, a boomerang, and more. Experimenting with equipment can lead to unique results, so players won’t just abandon their gear once something new is obtained (yet another well thought out and refreshing mechanic). Levels are progressively more interesting as you go, but the developer has found a masterful formula of balancing aggravation, frustration, fun, and triumph into a package of feelings that is extremely addictive.

Castle In The Darkness Matt Kap

Attacks do very little damage to most enemies players will encounter, but can be performed rapidly. Conversely, players can barely handle a few hits from even the weakest of enemies. This causes a situation where dying is so commonplace the game actually counts your deaths in an ascending fashion rather than limiting you to just a few lives. You will literally die more times than succeed no matter how good of a gamer you are.

Precise hand eye coordination is needed to win this game, and it had me on the edge of my seat pretty much the whole time. The only thing we can say that’s slightly negative about the game depending on your taste is that playing on a keyboard and mouse seems highly impractical. Xbox ONE Controller support is solid, and buttons can be completely re-mapped, so we didn’t find too much issue with this. However, if all you had were a keyboard and mouse, the difficulty of this game will be artificially increased ten fold.

Right off the bat, the soundtrack to this game will have you bopping to the beat. If you’ve ever hummed the tunes to a Nintendo NES track then you’ll feel right at home with the atmospheric sounds of Castle In The Darkness. Graphically, the title is perfection for a retro art style that is only growing in popularity in the modern gaming world. Animation quality is a huge part of this game, and without the consistency provided would’ve been disastrous.

Castle In The Darkness RealGamerNewz Steam Review 2

The boss battles often hit randomly, and while save spots are well placed they are also not hand-holding. Players will get a bit of the Ninja Gaiden feel when re-spawning over and over again since they need to memorize their plan of attack even before they reach a boss. Exploring around will lead to bosses and areas players might have otherwise missed, and Castle In The Darkness very quickly reveals itself as an adequately sized game world with plenty to explore.

Nicalis has been criticized at times for taking too long to get games published, but I’m going to instead applaud them for excellence in the quality assurance department. Slow and steady wins the race, and I’m pretty sure this game was worth the wait. I have yet to encounter a bug in the game.

Fun factor has been solidified with a perfect balance of predictability and random happenings in the game overall. There are many secret areas (some of which require the collection of keys to access) and nods to the classic games we grew up with such as pipes that lead to spikes of death, tiles that can be bypassed, mid-air double jumps to get specific items, and of course a bit of back-tracking once abilities are gained that can make way to paths previously inaccessible.

Castle In The Darkness RealGamerNewz Steam Review 3

Final Verdict:

With content updates promised and a full, complete package currently on offer for retro gamers and newcomers alike, Castle In The Darkness is one of the most fun filled indie titles of the year. Easily more entertaining than some of last year’s top picks in the genre, this exploratory twitch-paced Action RPG meets Platformer never fails to satisfy. Players are able to pick up and resume where they left off without any stress since the game proceeds in the most logical of manners. In this day and age, there’s something to be said about a game that gets gameplay right, provides charming aura / atmosphere, and knows where its roots are.

Official Trailer:


Overall Score: 9.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: Matt Kap

Publisher: Nicalis

Available On: Windows PC (via Steam)

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

Apotheon Review

Apotheon RealGamerNewz Image

Are you ready for a story based upon Ancient Greek Mythology? Well don’t search too far because the game you are looking for is right here. Apotheon is a 2D Action / Adventure game based on Greek Mythology where you take the role of Nikandreos in his village which has been left to ruins due to the Gods giving up on mortal kind. As you start the game your village is still being attacked, and as you try to fend off the attackers you learn that the village is going through many struggles from lack of game to hunt, the death of many crops, and horrid skies from which no one can stand. So as the story progresses and you free your village you meet Hera, the wife of Zeus. She claims that Zeus himself has given up on the mortals and wishes to see them suffer and die out.

After your chat with Hera she decides to help you by sending you to Mt. Olympus where you must topple the Gods and defeat Zeus in order to become a champion so you can free your people of their plight. As you reach Mt. Olympus you will enter the Olympian Gate which leads to the area known as Agora which you can explore. So as you start you are given the task of finding three ancient deities; Artemis, Hades, and Apollo. Players can start with any of those three as they go or they can explore Agora. I chose at the beginning to explore Agora a bit which has a lot of areas to check out if you’re into that. As players are exploring they’ll notice soldiers in red walking around, minding there own business, doing their own thing. What are they there for? To make sure you don’t break the law of course! This game has a lot of what I like to call “Witness to Punishment” AI in the game.

Apotheon 13 RealGamerNewz Steam review

What I mean by that is if the AI witness you violating the law or basic rules then you will be given the option to either pay a fine or fight to the death. Some of the rules / in-game laws are obvious and the guards will become hostile if and when you break them. These can include busting into an area by picking the lock and gaining entry, breaking any objects in a guard’s line of sight, or by killing / attacking the guards or any other NPCs walking around, or if you loot/steal from certain areas like shops or locked houses. I like how this was implemented but it doesn’t really make me want to follow the in-game law as it’s pretty easy to get away. Either by escaping in a random house or by going into an objective area like the forest of Artemis.

Although there is one thing that does make me want to follow the in-game laws a little bit is the combat. The combat in Apotheon is horrifying. I can’t recommend this game to anyone stuck with just a keyboard and mouse but even with a controller it’s still almost just bad. Players are given lots of weapons to use, and that I like. It’s the actual fighting mechanics and how they feel which I hate, oh so very, very much.

When players fight they’re given three weapon sets: Melee, Ranged, and throw-ables; for example fire bombs. This game should not have had a melee weapon category since all weapons can be thrown, ALL OF THEM. From daggers to the axes and even pitchforks. As for the ranged weapons, they consist of (get this) javelins, hatchets, throwing knives, stones, bows and arrows as well as many others. But what gets me is there is a melee category where javelin type weapons exist as well. Why are there two separate categories for the same type of weapon. Ranged weapons should have consisted of just bows and arrows, throw-ables, fire bombs, etc. with stones and weapons that can only be thrown. Unfortunately though that is not how it is. Melee weapons can be both thrown and used as a melee weapon and this isn’t a good thing despite how it may sound.

Ranged weapons like the javelin, hatchets, throwing knives etc. can be used as a melee weapon too. Really. Why is there two separate categories for weapons that can be used the same way. It’s very annoying, especially having to switch from the melee category to the ranged one while in the middle of combat. That brings me to my next point. The AI in this game is severely lacking in terms of logic. It’s almost impossible to have a legit fight with the enemies whether you are trying to use melee or range attacks.

I say this because if you are a melee person the enemies will run everywhere. And with the time it takes to attack it is almost impossible to time your attack properly with the enemy dashing back and forth in front of and behind you. The only melee weapons that are reasonably reliable to get a hit with are the javelin / spear type weapons due to the fact that all you do is poke them with it and the time to attack is fairly short.

Apotheon Chimera Map RGN Steam Rewview

The weapons with the overhead strike though make it nearly impossible to get a nice clean hit. And even once you do, by the time you do it your out of stamina. Yes I said stamina, the thing that apparently means if you miss too much your screwed. Ranged weapon combat shouldn’t even exist. Want to know why? Because apparently the enemies are straight from The Matrix. When you throw a weapon at an enemy or use a bow against them they will literally jump at the last second and most of the time your shot will miss.

Yes, you read that right, enemies will jump to get out of the projectiles path. And this isn’t just once in a while. They literally jump at almost anything you throw at them. WTF, really? As if swinging at them wasn’t bad enough I got the agents in here jumping over all my projectile weapons. The enemies do have shields, although they rarely ever use them unless they see you about to launch an arrow at them. Either way they jump anyway though. So thanks to abysmal AI and combat, Apotheon is horrifyingly bad gameplay experience all around.

The inventory could use a fix because trying to navigate it is confusing and the crafting interface is so basic you could craft an item in this game while your asleep. I won’t really say too much about them though cause I rarely even touched the inventory screen through out my play through. I did fondle with the crafting but only to make health potions whenever needed. Overall this game lacks a serious combat and AI system. I can’t talk bad about the story though. It has a nice interesting story and the art detail in this game is pretty damn fantastic and had me in a lot of aw as I played through the game.

Final Verdict:

Apotheon is an alright game with a lot of very well drawn out art as well as a very nice in-depth story where a mortal becomes a champion among the Gods and deities of the Roman Era. The many downfalls of this game though include awful artificial intelligence, controls, hit detection, object collision detection, unforgiving design in a nearly impossible combat system, and tediously inconvenient weapon sets that ruin any semblance of flow that would have been left. So much in Apotheon has not been implemented well. Maybe if things were well thought out, this could have been a great experience. I do however recommend it  for anybody who made it to the Final Verdict and is still reading this Review because despite all of those issues it’s still playable and had a great story to tell bringing back many moments in Greek mythological history. Let’s just hope the development studio Alientrap can bring something more polished to the table next time.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 6.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Below Bronze

Developer: Alientrap

Publisher: Alientrap

Available On: PC | PS4 | Mac OS X | Linux | Steam OS

Played On: Windows PC (via Steam)

Review Copy Info: A  digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

Sunless Sea Review

Sunless Sea RealGamerNewz Steam Review Indie

Sunless Sea is a sea faring game that involves strategy and relationships between your crew mates. Balancing inventory management, and keeping your crew alive by keeping food stock in check while delivering cargo are major gameplay elements. In terms of engine performance, the game runs pretty well for a top down perspective giving it a old world feel with a new world look.

I found the controls were pretty sharp in terms of keeping the ship stable and keeping ammo under control. If you’re looking for a visceral battle system, then this isn’t the game for you. But if you’re at all familiar with the Victorian Gothic mythology theme then you’ll appreciate small touches it has to offer.

Unfortunately Sunless Sea seems to  lack graphical polish / luster and by being overhead it looks like a Nintendo 3DS game which is not necessarily a bad thing but most PC Gamers probably need to know that up front. Controls with W, S, A, D moving the ship through the sea are quite standard but the fun really heats up with the challenge of finding ports to drop off cargo whilst fighting random monsters. Keeping the crew alive and sane requires micro-managing fuel and an attentive eye to the goings on of minute by minute gameplay.

Sunless Sea RealGamerNewz Steam Review Indie Games

Players start off with two party members and get more over time. The combat system is a bit on the slow side making it hard to really get into combat and doing anything that would be remotely interactive as navel ship battles. If you have a good pair of glasses, break them out. This game’s writing is very in-depth and interesting. There’s a whole universe here with many ins and outs, and though this may seem a bit confusing at first players will appreciate it once they’ve given it the proper time and attention. The same thing won’t happen twice, so replay value is decent here.

I award this game 7 even points due to the art style and how well it portrays its story to the player, but can not give it any more points than that since most will be turned away by the gameplay or lack thereof. Those who can’t tolerate tons of menus, run away. Those who can appreciate a strategic experience with detailed systems behind it, check out Sunless Sea.

System Requirements for Sunless Sea:


OS: Windows XP or later // Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Processor: 2Ghz or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1280×768 minimum resolution, DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 700 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7 / 10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer / Publisher: Failbetter Games

Available On: Windows PC / Mac OS X (Steam)

Review Copy Info: RealGamerNewz received a digital copy of this game from the publisher for the purpose of this review

Written by Nicky S of GeekEssentials for RealGamerNewz

Homeworld Remastered (PC Exclusive) – Cinematics Trailer [Presented in 4K Ultra HD Resolution]

Homeworld Remastered Collection 4K HD - RealGamerNewz - Gearbox

The 4K Ultra High Definition version of Homeworld Remastered’s Cinematic Trailer.

Developer/Publisher: Gearbox Software
Platform: Windows PC
Genre: Space strategy
Release Date: February 25, 2015
Price: $34.99 (pre-order discount in effect on Steam)

Craft The World Steam Review

Craft The World RealGamerNewz Review 3

An amazing breakthrough! A portal to another world has been opened, but there’s only enough power to send 1 dwarf through. Players take control of aforementioned dwarf as they build in this new sandbox title for Steam. Craft The World’s very extreme amount of polish, stability, and intuitive design allow players to jump in right off the bat and enjoy. The development team has put together something totally new, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Craft The World differentiates from other sandbox games in many ways not the least of which includes a significantly higher grade of quality in engine performance, gameplay, graphics, and animation. But where Craft The World really shines is not its technical merits but rather its Gameplay Value. One of the ways Craft The World is different from other sandbox games is that a lot of what players need to accomplish is automated. You can manually control characters, and use keyboard controls to even walk around as them. But more important for strategic reasons: Simply telling your dwarf to chop down a tall tree results in him also picking up, carrying, and putting away every piece of wood or plant material that became available as a result of that action. There are recipes which require resources and result in crafting anything from a bed for your units to crash on to their weapons and armor.

Craft The World RealGamerNewz Review 2

A lot of the tedious nature of past sandbox concepts is removed from the formula while the best kept secrets in making a successful game for the genre seem intact. A fast forward button is included in this game. There’s also some pretty cool weather effects, night and day cycles, increasingly difficult enemy swarms at night beginning with ghosts, skeletons, and evolving as the game moves forward. Many have linked inspirations to various titles, the developers themselves admit influence from Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress, but I also see a tiny bit of Lemmings rearing its head again ( only the good bit, 🙂 ).

The fun really gets going once your population grows. As players level up, more dwarves come through the portal. 1… then 2… and before you know it there’s an efficient crew working on your behalf to mine and harvest the materials you’ll use to craft and advance gameplay, capability, story, and progression all at the same time while surviving waves of deadly foes, unexpected encounters, and what seems to be exterminating neutral wildlife for resources (optional, mostly snails and stuff at first). That last bit is a bit confusing, but these are beings on an alien world and often distinguishing plant from animal can be complex when relating to off-world alien life.

In Craft The World players can grow their dwarven empire in peace for only a short amount of time though before they grow to a great enough size that unseen forces gather in numbers to attack their units and pillage their bases. Other than a few slight added touches (God mode abilities like making nature grow faster), players will use a mix of Tower Defense and Real Time Strategy in this awesome 2D sandbox / survival experience. Gathering resources throughout the world feels great and players can naturally expand in any direction, but not without danger. There must always be a home base kept safe as well though, and though the perimeter of this can be expanded the underground holds plenty of dangers to account for when doing so.

Craft The World RealGamerNewz Review 5

Subtle touches like being able to interact with the world using “magic” as a god-mode type of player from outside the game or each dwarf having their own body temperature, health, and sleepiness, each level being different in its initial premise, and randomly generated worlds within certain parameters as players complete the campaign this game has to offer levels really go a long way to spice things. Players can do a lot in this game from making cool tunnels, bases, bridges, mining stations, being part of discovery events, deep elevator shafts, and continual progression towards better and more useful technology for their dwarven empire. It’s also a bit forgiving, so players can lose some of their units and not be completely doomed from making a comeback crafting and equipping better weapons and defensive armor as you go and give each dwarf their own equipment, levels, skills, unique attribute bonuses, tools, and watch them lead the pack in battle and in work. Being able to zoom out so far and the overall engine performance of this game are serious technical achievements and help keep gameplay continue uninterrupted.

The task management while surviving against hordes / waves of enemies both random and pre-warned / reinforced will start to get hectic as each of your units starts to have their own needs to attend to such as sleep, eat, maintain health, and so on. These needs have to be met by your strategic planning and the unit co-operating or being forced to co-operate with ceasing work. Good luck with that though, currently that was one thing I noticed – these units will work themselves to death without much of a complaint. They often like to resist your commands for them to rest, especially if your environment is not sufficient enough for their standards. Picky, picky dwarven miners indeed!

Steady streams of Free Content Updates are a great thing to see and Craft The World appears to still be getting some great ones. Players were recently granted the ability to catch animals in the wild and create their own farm with update 1.0.006 which could be an answer to my earlier comment about the game’s hunting system and its curious neutral wildlife. Players are now encouraged to catch chickens, hatch eggs, raise and sheer sheep and llamas, and more.

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Funny moments like when your units have an error or lapse in judgement or their strength gives out and they fall off ladders, or fail to climb on things take away the seriousness and show the developer isn’t trying to give a micro-management style, but rather a fun game that’s easy to get into and hooked on. I personally find myself having trouble exiting and can play this title for a while to come. Its rounded edges, polish, high grade systems under the engine, and well thought out gameplay concepts that mesh together perfectly all form a sandbox game I cannot stop playing.

As things get even more advanced, the game eventually opens up way more than expected. Defensive towers and cart railways are just a couple of the gems you’ll be getting your hands on as you proceed through the game’s actually fairly long campaign.

Final Verdict:

Craft The World gives the feeling of modern 2D sandbox games an executive upgrade. Being in control of multiple characters capable of attacking enemies, building structures, harvesting resources, altering terrain, leveling up, navigating, expressing themselves, and a bunch more is an amazing experience. The graphics of this game are charming and pleasant, and more importantly they don’t hurt your eyes after hours and hours of playing. The controls and menu systems found in Craft The World enable players to immediately start what will surely become an addictive and unique strategic sandbox gaming experience for anyone who picks it up. I commend the developers for making sure this game is a standout in its genre. My only small complaint is that the game can’t go any faster than 2x game speed acceleration, but feels like it should be able to. Despite its initial appearance, Craft The World doesn’t overlap with the games it draws comparisons and inspiration from. Instead, Craft The World does its own thing and it does it well.

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Overall Score: 9.5 / 10

RGN Rating : Platinum Game

Developer: Dekovir Entertainment

Publisher: Black Maple Games

Available On: Windows PC | Mac OS X

iPad Version Also Available on iTunes

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.