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First Look At Retail Version of Oculus Rift for Gamers & Finally A Release Date Window

Oculus Rift - Retail Version - for Gamers

As Unreal Engine rolls a new update for SteamVR development support and the HTC Vive endorsed by Valve approaches release this Fall 2015 (if all goes according to plan), it is expected that the PlayStation Morpheus for PS4 VR Gaming will be given some sort of further information at E3 2015. But what about Oculus Rift?

Oculus Rift was the first and strongest proponent of research & development during the recent modern wave of VR Gaming and will not be sitting this one out on the stands. It is unconfirmed as of yet if the device will ever work on consoles, but for many Windows PC and Linux users the Oculus Rift will likely remain the device of choice simply because of the large community surrounding it both of gamers and dev studios. Although it is good that a nebulous VR Gaming market is forming with multiple options such as the Vive, Rift, and platforms like Steam VR it is also great to see the original inspiration for all of this getting more info.

It’s not much to go on just yet but here’s today’s newest tid-bits for Oculus Rift:

The Oculus Rift’s Retail Version will launch some time during Q1 2016. Exact Date Soon.

Price will be above $199, but final price is still not revealed.

Detailed Specs of Retail Version Coming Soon.

Microphone Included – “Hidden In The Best Place”.

Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 Still Available (In Short Supply Currently).

Oculus Rift - Retail Version - for Gamers 2

Drop a comment and let us know which you’re most interested in: Vive, Morpheus, or Oculus Rift?


VR Gaming - Aliens, Trolls, and Dragons - RealGamerNewz - Oculus Rift

Gameplay footage of Aliens, Trolls, & Dragons by Kubold is presented below. This title will arrive in Autumn 2014 (with more episodes following after an initial installment) and is meant to be played on the Oculus Rift. However, non-VR gamers can still play this game on their Mac OS X and Windows PC computers. Take a look at the video below (either in VR or non-VR depending on your available gear).

Title: Aliens, Trolls, & Dragons

Platform: Oculus Rift

Genre: Third Person, Action

Developer:  Kubold

Release Date: Autumn 2014 (Episodic Content Schedule Begins)


Normal Version:

Oculus Rift Version:

Virtual Reality Game Ether One Confirmed for PS4 Morpheus, Being Developed in Unreal Engine 4

Ether One

Ether One is all about being John Malkovich, well sort of. Players enter the minds of the deranged and attempt to fix their outlook on reality, heal their mental conditions, and restore peace by experiencing the storm of their mind’s eye in a first person encounter representing this metaphysical space.

Once again Unreal Engine 4 makes it possible for games to more easily bring their titles to next-gen. The Oculus Rift / PC Game Ether One was announced to be in development for PlayStation 4 today via the official development studio behind the game who said that this title will “not be on all of them”  meaning there are currently no plans to make this a 5 console game like Battlefield for example (which doesn’t always go well dev-wise).

The PlayStation Morpheus device is a virtual reality headset formally announced by Sony a few times here and there including at E3 2014. For now it seems the focus of Morpheus is to gather developers and prepare releases, with a full blown sales campaign being pushed to a later date when the public is ready see the products that will drive next-gen users into the Virtual Reality (VR Gaming) spectrum.

Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Bundle

Tabletop Simulator Has Released Today For 20% Off – Steam Early Access

Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access

Tabletop Simulator is a title by Berserk Games which allows players to simulate multiplayer games over the internet for very popular games such as Chess, Dominoes, Mahjong, Piecepack, and many more with incoming Oculus Rift VR Support, Mod Support, an RPG Kit, Customizable Figurines, and more. Take a look at the high definition trailer for the product below and stay tuned for more developments on this Steam Early Access title. This game is compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux computer gaming platforms and utilizes Cross-Platform Multiplayer as well as Steam Cloud features, with a likelihood for more Steam features coming in the final release. Buying now is essentially pre-ordering and supporting the developers behind this, so go for it!

Currently 20% Off On Steam Early Access

Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 2 Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 3 Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 4 Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 5 Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 6 Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 7 Tabletop Simulator - RealGamerNewz - Steam Early Access 8

@Beatshapers Teases Unannounced Project Morpheus Title w/ Concept Art

Project Morpheus - RealGamerNewz - Beatshapers

Development studio Beatshapers has released Concept Art for an unannounced project they are apparently creating for Sony’s Project Morpheus (virtual reality headset debuted at GDC 2014 for Sony PlayStation 4). More information will be made available for this project as it surfaces, for now feel free to tweet your thoughts and feedback directly to the developer.

Project Morpheus - RealGamerNewz - Beatshapers


iRGN Episode #7 w/ Replay With Doc Discussing VR Gaming, RealityTV, E3 2014, and More

iRGN Episode 7 - Replay with Doc

Being part of the game industry in many various ways, the Guest star of tonight’s iRGN Episode #7 is Doc from Replay With Doc who discusses everything from the far-end future to Reality TV Shows, E3 2014, indie gaming, and a lot more. We even got on a personal level with Doc and talked about Project Morpheus, the result of Facebook buying out Oculus Rift, as well as the industry’s freedom of speech coupled with inner conflicts within our community. Some of the more scrupulous morals of Reality TV Shows are discussed, and an interesting never-before-released Shows are discussed which Doc was a part of in addition to being on Sony’s The Tester, part of the Sony MVP Program, and representing gamers in other various ways. Take a listen and look below at the full show which is presented in high definition for your viewing pleasure.

April Fools Debunked: NintendoLife Announces “Virtual U”, An All New Virtual Reality Gaming Experience

Nintendo Virtual U

In order to compete with the Oculus Rift, PS4 Morpheus project by Sony, and number of other emerging VR Gaming technologies Nintendo has announced (as an April Fools Joke) the Virtual U. The Virtual U is a (fictional) device that gamers can use with the Nintendo Wii U to experience their Wii U titles like never before, through virtual reality gaming.

Nintendo Virtual U - VR GAMING OCULUS RIFT

All props due to Nintendo Life for the concept. Take a look at their post for the full “specs” of this mythical creature.

And remember to be careful what you read today!

April Fools Debunked: Sony Posts Joke Ad For 4K Virtual Reality Headset

4K Virtual Reality - Sony April Fools RealGamerNewz

Sony has posted the following joke ad onto their SonyUK Twitter account in honor of the April Fools Joke ceremonies which will be taking place today across the Internet (especially on gaming news sites, since we are the fun industry)! Take a look below at some of the responses this has received so far.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/SonyUK/status/450922025012699136/photo/1