Further Gameplay Details Revealed as Spy_Watch Launches for Apple Watch Today

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Everyone in the agency has been killed except you and a spy data analyst who you must whip up into shape and teach to be an actual spy. You won’t be bothered constantly on your Apple Watch about his fumbles though, don’t worry, instead you’ll receive periodic updates throughout the day (every couple of hours or so) which will prompt your decision making in his actions. That being said we previously only had a few gameplay screenshots that conceptualized the idea of Spy_Watch for us. Now we’ve got a new trailer to communicate that concept to the masses as well as further information on how the title will play out. You can find the trailer below.

For a more detailed look at the game Bossa Studios gives us an example; employ stealth or charisma to wade through guards and gain entry to the target structure wherein the mission lies? Players will receive a quick notification on their Apple Watch giving them the ability to choose various behaviors quickly by tapping the screen and then check out the results later. But if you’re not there the agent will do what they think is best, hopefully not mucking up in the process! It is a watch of course, not a GameBoy Advance, so the developers are trying not to make things too tedious for you. However, there is some pretty cool technology at work here. In addition to the newly revealed plot twist kicking the story of Spy_Watch off, there will be procedurally generated levels as well for unlocking abilities and gaining more access to the rest of the story itself.

Think of Spy_Watch as your nervous routine of checking on the time, but also checking on your spy for fun. Checking on the fun!

Spy_Watch is Now Available for the Apple Watch on the iTunes Appstore for $1.99 as of today.

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