PlayStation NOW Reaches Over 100 PS3 Games for Rental Streaming Service

How To Play PS3 Games on PS4 - PlayStation NOW

The following new games are being added to PlayStation NOW which allows users to broadcast PlayStation 3 games from Sony servers to their PS4 consoles and play them through there. The service remains controversial and not a particularly good deal, but if you got rid of your PS3 foolishly then you may want to take a look. Do note that a good internet connection is absolutely necessary for this to work and still might cause a delay for input latency. Beyond that, the trailer does not represent the quality of actually playing these games on PS NOW (the trailer admits this).

The quest for backwards compatibility isn’t a great thing when it comes at the cost of the experience itself, but if you must do the PS NOW then at least do your research first before jumping in. Here are the new games being added to the service for May 2015, me personally I still have a PS3 so I have no use for this. Call me when you start renting out PS4 games Sony.

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