Nintendo Reveals E3 Plans: World Championships & Tons of Gameplay Footage

Nintendo World Championships - E3 2015

Last year’s Nintendo E3 2014 Digital Event + Press Conference took a lot of time for making jokes that were actually pretty funny and had no problem bringing in some classic characters to take things to the next level with game announcements and fan-service skits. There was a Treehouse Live @ E3 show which streamed non-stop information and gameplay in-depth of new titles as well as an envisioning of Nintendo as Robot Chicken characters which was hilarious.

Nintendo wants you to know that this year they are taking their E3 2015 very seriously as well. In the video Reggie gets hired and fired all over again and eventually decides that this year’s E3 2015 for Nintendo is going to be a big one. In addition to the Treehouse Live event returning with an expanded scope, the Nintendo World Championships will be held again for the first time in 25 years!! Check out the video below, you’ll at least chuckle a few times and it’s only 3 minutes of your life spent. I’m sure you’ve watched less interesting stuff before that’s longer than that on YouTube, let’s be honest.

Bonus: Mario Maker (Wii U Exclusive in which you create your own Mario levels using the classic retro graphics or the New Super Mario Bros. visuals interchangeably) will be playable at certain Best Buy stores around United States while E3 2015 is going on. This will happen specifically from 4PM – 9PM on June 17, 2015 and 12 Noon – 5PM on June 20, 2015. More Info will be revealed about the Nintendo World Championships 2015, but it will also be held at Best Buy stores with players from different regions selected as winners to compete in the next round.

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