SOL Republic Relays

tmp_8853-SOL-REPUBLIC-Relay-Earbuds-9-1094409742If you are looking for quality in product and sound the you have found the right headphones. They’re for active wear as well as sweat resistant and no matter what you are doing the quality still stays the same. They come in a variety of 4 to 5 colors, so that you can choose the one that best suits you. You are paying $80 for these sweet headphones that will last you through your thoughest excersise regiment. With that being said these have been one of the best active headphones that I have used. These headphones were comfortable to the point where you don’t even feel them. The microphone on the headphone picks up the voice of the person and then isolates the outside noise. Which is very important when you are skateboarding or doing regular exercise. These headphones are virtually invisible when you’re wearing them. But no matter the size, the performance of these headphones adding par with beats. These headphones are high quality and can withstand any form of light abuse. If you want a pair of headphones that are lightweight and can be hidden in plain sight. These will be good for the everyday consumer who is willing to pay the $80 price point will have themselves an excellent set of headphones. These headphones are shaped in a way that they are really comfortable , they will not brother you in anyway. When you turn them on you get a nice crisp sound that you will fall in love with, these are small enough that they could be kept away safely without them damaging or fraying. These are one of Sol Republics best headphones where I would recommend these to anyone.

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