League Championship Series Starts back up this weekend!


League of Legends competitive circuit begins this weekend for North America!

LCS has really grown since the last time we saw it when TSM defeated Cloud 9.

New rules have been set as long as the addition of 2 new team slots bringing the total up to 10 teams now! The 2 major rules that have been placed are 1. “All Players must have a set of peripherals to leave at the LCS studio” this means they are really cracking down on any forms of cheating and tampering with equipment used to play. Apparently there has been some cases of cheaters in the game being involved with equipment having “bot like” programs installed on them. Imagine a mouse that has macro’s on it and practically plays the game for you! Unfair. Hopefully this can be avoided for such a large competition though.

The second rule is that all coaches must be dressed in appropriate business attire Because they are representing a huge organization and League of Legends itself. This rule isn’t really a big deal but the Koreans who professionally game have been doing this from Day One. This is probably because the organizations pay big money to the players and the coaches. In Korea, Video Games are widely accepted as a sport (even more so than in USA despite Obama and The White House declaring Competitive Gaming as a Sport in America.

There was also another minor rule that was established saying that sponsorship for teams can be pretty much anything but a competitive game. This event was brought up around last split when the ever so famous porn site Youporn wanted to sponsor one of the LCS teams and there was a huge controversy about this. Many in the MOBA community thought it was highly inappropriate even if Youporn was bringing a lot of money to the table. However, under this rule Youporn can now sponsor a LoL team. Any brand except for other competitive MOBA games can sponsor a LoL team in theory under this new rule.

Last Year: TSM defeated Cloud 9 below:

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