The Boycott Gamer – Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition Review!


For those of you who have played the Gabriel Knight murder mystery series this remastered version is sure to hit home with some of you who played the original back when it released in 1993. Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers was an award winning murder mystery back in 1993 and now Pinkerton Road has released the remastered 20th anniversary edition.  The remastered edition features many upgrades from it’s original counterpart including new high resolution 3D graphics, new puzzles and scenes, a remastered soundtrack, and a bunch of behind the scenes goodies for those of you really into the Gabriel Knight series. Now personally I have never played a Gabriel Knight game and was very skeptical since it was a point and click murder mystery. But playing the remastered anniversary edition was actually quite enjoyable.

The Graphics were definitely a step up from the original, and from what I saw the original definitely didn’t have the graphics this one does now. I saw only a few comparison pics of the original and this one as I unlocked the bonus content while going through the story, and I have to say , I was very impressed with how different and more crisp the anniversary edition looks compared to the original game. I also saw quite a few major changes when it game to how the different areas looked within the game. As you can see in the pictures below the book store that Gabriel Knight owns definitely saw an upgrade from his predeceasing bookstore from the original.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             gabriel knight before


gabriel knight after

As you can also see the HUD display also got an upgrade. What was once grey and blocky is now colorful and from my view, a little more organized as well. The atmosphere in the original wasn’t all that, but the remastered version adds all the detail and realism into the game, from the glare in the windows, down to the books and lights. And what adds on to the atmosphere is the re-imagined music.  The music in the remastered version definitely goes with each scenario,from creepy to spooky, to upbeat and happy, all depending on where you are that is. The characters of course got a re-model as well, but what didn’t get a remodel was Gabriel’s attraction to the women in the game. And what I really found funny was whenever I selected the eye icon on a female, Gabriel would make a silly remark to himself involving the female. It was quite funny.

Final Verdict: The Game play in Gabriel Knight remains the same except for some new puzzles. You go around trying to find clues in order to figure out who the voodoo killer is, and while doing so gaining access to new areas to continue your explorations and gaining points. The remade edition was definitely a step up in terms of better graphics and a smoother story. All in all I recommend this especially if you were a fan of the classic Gabriel Knight game as well as a fan of the series.

Official Trailer:       

Overall Score: 9.0/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Pinkerton Road

Publishers: Pheonix Online

Available on: PC| IOS @ Android Coming soon

Played on: PC

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