You Can Play As a Zombie in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Recently is was revealed (leaked!!!) that Sledgehammer Games’s upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, would feature zombies in some form. It turns out you can also play as an undead soldier in the game’s multiplayer modes but there are requirements.

According to reddit user, lookbehindyousir, players can unlock the ability to play as a zombie through Advanced Warfare’s survival mode. Below are the details.

“Survival mode in COD: AW has 4 tiers, 4 maps in the first 3 tiers, 1 map (Riot) in the last tier. To unlock the 2nd tier, you need to complete 50 rounds overall in the 1st tier, to unlock the 3rd tier, you need 75 rounds overall in 2nd tier, for the 4th and final tier, you need 100 rounds completed in the 3rd tier. You receive 2 pieces of zombie equipment for unlocking the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tier.

To get the final 2 pieces (‘zombie top’ and the zombie player head) you need to reach round 10 on Riot (the 4th tier) at which point a DNA bomb drops, and you then have to fend off a single wave of zombies for about 3 minutes before evacuating and getting shown that cut scene that leaked earlier. There is no ‘zombies mode’ or any extra reward for doing this. These are permanent items.”

So a full on zombie survival mode in a Call of Duty title, will continue to be exclusive in the Treyarch developed games, it seems. It also looks like you will really have to earn this special reward, as survival mode looks to be very challenging. Here’s a better look at the zombie character.


Bullets and brains make for one happy zombie soldier

So does the option to play as a zombie, get you even more excited for Advanced Warfare, or could you really care less?

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launches on Nov 4, for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. November 3rd for those who pre-ordered the Day Zero Edition.

Source: Reddit

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