RUMOR: Nintendo’s Next Portable System, “New3DS” Could Be Region-Free (Import-Friendly)

Nintendo New3DS

***UPDATE: Nintendo has confirmed that the New3DS will NOT be Region-Free and in fact will have the same Region-Lock technology as the Nintendo 3DS, disappointingly. The original unedited rumor follows below:

Nintendo recently revealed to the world that they will be releasing a brand new Nintendo 3DS called “New3DS” that has more RAM, a better CPU (Processor), more trigger buttons, a directional right analog nub, and exclusive game “Xenoblade Chronicles for New 3DS” coming alongside it this October in Japan but not until 2015 in North America. There will be a large LL (XL) version as well as a normal sized one both of which are bigger than 3DS and 3DS XL respectively by a small margin. New3DS also comes with a better 3D viewing screen according to Nintendo which will allow the display of higher resolution graphics and more wide viewing area for the 3D effect gamers on Nintendo handhelds currently enjoy.

A new Rumor has arisen, regarding the fact that New3DS could be the gateway to traveller’s getting the best of both worlds. Those who travel between the Americas, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc. on business may want to be able to purchase games on the go that work in their unit. Even more so, Import-Friendly gamers may want to pay the extra fees and shipping to get a game that only came out in Japan. Nintendo might be allowing a Region-Free setup for New3DS according to whisperings on Wall Street. If this turns out to be true, any New3DS game from any country could be played in a New3DS of any origin. Games and Handhelds would be universal for this transitional-gen of Nintendo New 3DS.

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