ScreenCheat – Beta Impressions

ScreenCheat - 5

ScreenCheat is a new first person shooter from SamuraiPunk and Surprise Attack Games where 4 players can “Screen Cheat” but can’t see each other. ScreenCheat has a bunch of wacky weapons, a pop-gun, a cannon launcher, a four-shot rifle and a candle stand, yes you read that right a candle stand. The action is fast and frantic with each character being one of four colors Red, Blue, Green and Yellow but you only see them when they are fragged. The gun and knife play is fun as the game is very cartoony in nature; players will not see any blood, guts or entrails while playing ScreenCheat. The game supports both control pad and Keyboard/Mouse so PC and Console FPS can both play together in harmony.


ScreenCheat -4

There are currently two modes available in the beta Deathmatch and King of the Hill with more to be added when the game is released. The only problems presented within ScreenCheat is  its collision detection, players will flash through walls and other obstacles in the environment but this may be the result of the beta at large as there we’re glitches present. SamuraiPunk definitely has a hit on their hands  and it will be interesting to see how finish product will turn out with all of the modes and hopefully more weapons. Check out the trailer for the game below and be sure to purchase ScreenCheat when its released later this year.

ScreenCheat - 2


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