H1Z1 (PC / PS4) Is The New Survival Zombies MMO Announced By SOE

H1Z1 Zombie MMO - RealGamerNewz - Sony Online Entertainment

In a world rocked by a zombie virus 15 years past, H1Z1 takes place entering the Massive Multiplayer Online genre with a mix of Survival Horror and Sandbox elements. The following MMO is meant to feed on your primal horror as well as bring forth new aspects to gameplay that have been seen in multiplayer but never taken to this level.

John Smedley of SOE compares this title to other zombie experiences on the forefront such as DayZ but with a massive multiplayer emphasis and confirmed that the title will arrive on the Windows PC platform and is free to play. The title truthfully did look similar to DayZ but bigger and with more of a focus on objectives as seen in tonight’s exclusive Livestream (Sony will likely provide RealGamerNewz and our video partners with Full 1080P footage in the coming days, as of right now the footage is under embargo). A PlayStation 4 version of the game is also completely confirmed by SOE and will arrive at a later date that has yet to be decided. Here is a quote below about this.

RealGamerNewz will have more info on H1Z1 as it releases. This title is based on the H1N1 virus which carried with it a deadly and dangerous amount of toxic flu shots untested by the FDA (almost reaching full approval for mandatory deployment on the public) and the urban legend that H1N1 could cause a zombie virus – like apocalyptic outbreak, neither of which happened of course.

“The main thing that differentiates H1Z1 from the other great games in the genre is the emphasis we are putting on player ownership and building. We want you to be able to form roving gangs that are headquartered out of an abandoned warehouse that you’ve taken over… or a house you’ve built from scratch after having cut trees down and secured the resources to make it.” – SOE


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