Global Sales Update: PS4 Sold Over 400% More Consoles Than Competitor; Knack Outsold New Donkey Kong [Data]


According to the latest industry numbers being tracked by VGCharts, among others, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Global Sales for the Nintendo Wii U (for the week ending in February 22, 2014) have racked up somewhere in the neighborhood of 198,292 units (bringing the lifetime sales total for the title to 236,557 units). Knack for PS4 on the other hand has made a significant jump during the same week ending Feb 22 and has achieved 329,036 sales in one week (bringing the lifetime sales total for the title to 908,682 units).

The rest of the list also tells a pretty interesting story of how various demographics are spread out to mainly the Sony PS4 and PS3 in addition to the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and MS Xbox 360.

Global Sales - Knack Outsold Donkey Kong

But of course players really want to argue, sling mud, debate, analyze, and get ‘giddy’ over the Global Hardware Sales for the week. So here it is. According to the numbers, The PlayStation 4 has achieved just below 4X as many sales as the Wii U did during the same one week period and the PS4 has surpassed selling 4X as many units as its competitor consoles. The PS4 sold 449,705 units bringing the total to 5,847,194 lifetime global sales of the next-generation gaming console from Sony already.

The Nintendo Wii U sold worse than the Xbox ONE and only achieved a move of 44,503 units versus the XO’s 56,769 units in the same one week period. The global lifetime sales total of the Xbox ONE is currently sitting at 3,544,947 while the Nintendo Wii U has only moved 5,765,484 units globally in its entire lifetime despite coming out a full year before the PS4 and Xbox ONE systems. Sadly the PlayStation Vita remains barely more relevant than the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo Wii while Xbox 360 sales are definitely on a decline and see PS3’s sales lead over 360 distancing further away. Take a look at the hardware charts below and draw your own conclusion.

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[Source: VGChartz]

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